Happy Birthday, Jason Ch. 03



Chapter 3 Threesome

After his second big birthday present (Jason’s stepmother and therapist essentially raping him) the three of them were left exhausted and spent in Jacqueline’s office. The two women gathered their clothes and made for the bathroom, leaving him a box of tissues to clean himself up.

Getting dressed, he had a few minutes to think. He opened Jacqueline’s laptop again and found there were multiple video files with names like, “DP” and “Stuffed”. Holy shit, they were nymphos. Then he found a folder marked “Jason” and opened it. His birthday video was there as well as the one Jacquline showed him earlier – as she was giving him the best head of his life.

One video was new to him. It just said! “Open Me”.

He did.

“Now you know mommy likes big dicks in all her holes. You should also know that I like yours, in particular.” she was sitting on the very couch where he was now watching the video. She and Jacqueline were next to each other, legs spread wide sliding immense dildos in and out of their glistening cunts.

“Are you getting aroused again, son? Do you want to cum in mommy’s mouth, in her heels, on her bras, and cover her massive tits?” her voice sounded dirty and guttural.

Quietly, he whispered, “Oh yes, mommy.”

Just then, he heard them coming down the hall. He quickly snapped the lid shut and tried to act as if nothing happened.

They walked into the office. Sophia spoke first, “Jason, let’s talk.”

“Yea, let’s. It’s not that I’m complaining, but what the fuck is going on?”

“I know this must be totally unexpected and bizarre, but Sophie and I have been lovers since shortly after your father’s accident. You see, she is a very sensual and sexual woman. When her intimacy with your father, Paul, abruptly stopped, she came to me.”

“One thing after another happened and Jacqueline became much more than my therapist. Much more,” Sophia added.

“And when you came “of age” we knew that oral yapan gaziantep escort we wanted you to join in our love-making. You do love Sophie, don’t you?” Jacqueline continued.

“Well, yeah, but isn’t this incest or just plain wrong?”

“What’s wrong with two beautiful and horny women hooking up with a well-hung, handsome, adult young man?” Sophie innocently asked.

Jason was actually feeling aroused again, talking like this and after what he just saw on the new video. He shifted in his seat to conceal his growing wood.

“Uh, well, when you put it that way…but what about dad?”

“Paul is a very understanding and loving man. He only wants Sophie to be satisfied. He likes knowing that she’s getting her needs met. It’s more than okay with him, trust us,” Jacqueline purred.

“Wait, you mean dad knows about you two? And he’s okay with it?”

“Like I said! He likes knowing Sophie’s satisfied. He’s seen some of our videos…and he likes them.”


Sophia jumped in, “Jason, don’t worry about your father. This is about us.”

Putting a hand on his growing manhood, ” I see you watched some more video. You like what you see, don’t you? You’re ready for more, aren’t you?” She sat next to him and pulled him into a passionate kiss. “You do like to see me happy, don’t you?”

He could hardly believe how soft and seductive her lips felt against his, “Well, yes but this is…”

“It is hot and nasty and it’s exactly what you want,” Jacqueline’s warm mouth was now on his neck as he was sandwiched between these two very hot older women…again.

“You see, we can enjoy each other as much as we want now,” Sophia breathed. “You’re old enough and we have so much we want to do with you.”

Jacqueline reached for his cock too, “Ooo, he’s nice and hard again and I don’t have any clients all afternoon.”

Sophia kissed him again and pulled gaziantep oral yapan escort her top off, “I got a new bra just for you, wanna feel it?”

When she came into the office earlier, she wasn’t wearing anything. Now as he felt the soft satin holding her ample tits he, her hard nipples punching out. The bra had holes in it to expose and make them more available to him.

“It’s all for you, sweetie. Do it. Suck momma dry!” her breath getting heavy.

His fetish for her bras and lingerie got the better of him and Jason locked on to his stepmother’s glorious tits.

“Yes, baby do it for mommy,” Sophia pulled him into her.

He was immediately lost in the softness of her breasts and the feel of her hard nipples in his mouth.

“Now, up on your knees so Jacqueline can have at you.”

“Have at me?” he thought.

Before he knew it, his pants were down and Sophia was jerking him while he held her breasts and sucked, “You’re gonna love this, honey, as much as I do.”

Next thing he knew, Jacqueline introduced a finger in his ass. Sophia pulled him in closer nearly smothering him.

“Honey, relax and let her.”

“Mmffgh..” was all he could get out.

“Lube him good Jackie, he’s a virgin.”

Then, something much bigger than a finger was pushed against his sensitive hole.

“Here’s another surprise, sweetheart, Jackie’s going to fuck you silly with the strapon she uses on me. You’ll learn to love it.”

His eyes bulged. Jason had never been so confused, debased, and turned on before. Sophia’s tits in his mouth, her hand on his cock and his ass about to be filled with an immense rubber dick was so bizarre that all he could think to do was to let go and submit to these two seductive sluts.

The woman he’d only known as his therapist pushed her strapon fully into him. It burned as he felt like he was being split in two. Somehow, amidst the gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan pain and violation, he wanted this. He was in heaven and hell simultaneously.

Sophia whispered in his ear, “Now tell her how much you like it and ask her to fuck you harder.”

He wasn’t sure…

“Do it!”

Jason found himself compelled by lust, “Yes, I love it. Fuck me harder!”

With that Sophia slipped under him and guided his precum-covered cock into her wet pussy.

“Oh yes, make your slut mommy happy. Fill me with that nice dick while Jackie reams your ass.”

Her cunt was so hot and wet that he was fully in her in a second. Every thrust from Jacquline telegraphed to his cock burying deeper into his stepmother’s pussy. Jason looked down to see Sophia’s nipples red and hard pointing up at him while a look of sheer ecstasy showed on her face.

“Oh honey, I’ve wanted this for so long,” Sophia pulled him into her. “Now come inside me again with all you’ve got.”

Jason caught hold of her nipples as they jutted through the holes in her satin bra.

“Yes! Pull, pinch, and slap them, Jason, she really likes that, ” Jacqueline encouraged from behind as she pounded him.

Not needing encouragement at this point, he did just that. Sophia shrieked, “Oh god, please. Do it cruel and hard.”

The feel of slapping her fleshy breasts brought Jason to a new level of arousal. He couldn’t stop himself from punishing her tits more and more as he shoved his cock in and out of her. Sophia squirmed and writhed below him when an even more wicked idea popped into his mind.

Jason pulled his now raging cock out of his stepmother’s pussy, lifted her legs, and slammed into her asshole.

“Do you like it rough, mommy?” he twisted a nipple between his fingers while smacking her other tit hard.

The feel of her tight ass gripping him along with the pounding he was getting from behind, put in motion an uncontrollable urge to fuck his stepmother’s ass like a piledriver. Over and over, he slammed into her.

“Jason, fuck your mommy’s ass and make her come,” she wailed.

Jacquline was the first to begin shuddering in orgasm. Jason and Sophia followed suit as he gave her shot after shot of his fevered load deep up her ass. Soon they were all shaking and spasming together. One wave after another took them as they filled the office with their

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