Hanna’s Depravity

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Hanna is a devout Christian. She attends church three nights a week and Sunday school. She is active in all the church charity functions. She is 25 years old. 5 ft tall. She has D cups and an ass to die for. She sees men look at her with lust in their eyes and feels disgusted. Her pastor preaches a lot about the original sin and she takes it to heart. She thinks sex is dirty because of this. Her mother has indoctrinated that it’s her duty to have sex with her husband, but only to have children. She dreads the day that she may have to get married and have sex.

One of the charity groups she is involved in requires her to go to different business and ask for clothing donations. Because she is so pretty, she gets lots of stuff the others wouldn’t. On one occasion she meets with the manager of the store. Bill is a handsome 28 year old. He looks her over and is impressed. He inquires what church she is with. He tells her about the one he attends. He is not as hard core about religion as she is. He has no idea. He decides he will go to her church and see what develops with her. He sees her as marriage material. He thinks about getting his hands on her big tits and getting her beautiful legs open.

He pursues her and all the people there see it. They are so happy for her. Her mother encourages her to date him. The only go to church functions together. After a few months he proposes to her. She tells him she will think about it.

“Hello, mother. I need to talk to you.”

“Oh course. What’s on your mind?”

“Bill asked me to marry him. I don’t know what to do. I told him I would think about it.”

“Well, he is a nice young man. He goes to church and has a good job. I would say he is good husband material. And another thing. I am looking forward to having some grandchildren, and you’re not getting any younger. I think you should do it.”

“I suppose you’re right, mother. I’ll tell him yes.”

“I’m really happy for you. I’ll plan your wedding. Some of the ladies at church will be happy to help.”

Two days later she tells Bill she accepts. He is as happy as clam. Two months later they are married. The take a short, one week honeymoon. Their first night together is not what Bill expected. She came to their bed in a long shapeless flannel nightgown. She gets in bed and hugs her. She just lies there, not returning his hug. He puts his hand on her breast and she doesn’t move. He slides his down and pulls her gown up. His hand moves up and he feels her granny panties. He pulls them down. She still doesn’t move. He wonders what is up with her. Did he get a cold fish?

“Do you have a condom. I don’t want children yet. We need to wait.”

“No, baby. I don’t have one. I thought we would start a family right away.”

“Oh well. If you must. Take me without one.”

He pulls her panties down and mounts her. She opens her legs to let him in. He tries but she is dry. He gets some lube and rubs some on his cock. He tries again. His cock slides in. He strokes in and out and finally cums in her. She never moves. She has done her duty.

‘What have I done. I married the coldest woman on the planet. I need to do something to get her to respond.’

Over the next few weeks, she does her duty. She immediately runs to the bathroom after every time and douches. She doesn’t want that nasty seed in her. She avoids getting pregnant. Bills is beside himself.

He doesn’t know what to do. He is thinking of getting an annulment. This is not the life he wants. He decides to wait a while and see if she loosens up.

One day their pastor decides they should help the homeless with a food give away. He asks Hannah to organize it. She gladly accepts. She organizes it, getting all the food ready and sets up the place. Bill agrees to help.

The set up on a corner in a rundown neighborhood. A crowd soon gathers and they start handing out the food. She notices one man in the back. He catches her eye and smiles at her. His grubby looking and needs a shave. It’s obvious to her he hasn’t had a bath in while. She sees his eyes go to her breasts.’

‘Oh my. He is looking at me with lust in his eyes.”

She quickly looks away, noticing her nipples got hard and her pussy muscles tightened up. She is shocked and horrified at her reaction.

“Oh god. What happened to me. He looked at me like that.”

That night, she tells Bill about it.

“Bill, I can’t do any more of those food giveaway meetings. A man looked at me today. I was so disgusted. He had lust in his eyes. I can’t do that anymore.”

“That’s ok, dear. You don’t have to go. I’ll go in your place.

That night it’s time for her to do her duty. Bill lifts her nightgown and pulls down her granny panties. He lubes up and gets ready. She opens her legs for him and he mounts her. As he slides in her he was astounded. Her pussy was wet. He reaches up and feels her breasts. Her nipples were like bullets. He starts stroking in and out and he feels her pushing up against him. He strokes in her and pinches her nipples. kartal escort bayan She moans as he strokes in her. He pinches both nipples hard and pushes in her. Her pussy muscles clench on his cock and she moans. He comes in her hard, spewing his cum deep in her. He gets off her and she gets out of bed and goes to the bathroom.

‘Did she have an orgasm. He suspected she did. He wondered what was going on. Then it hit him. The talk about the homeless guy looking at her got her turned on. His mind started working. Over the next few days their sex life goes back to the normal unresponsive routine. He finally stops. He would rather take care of it himself.

The next day they are driving down the street. He sees a guy pushing a shopping cart. He is obviously homeless.

“Look honey. A homeless guy. Isn’t he the one that was at the food giveaway the other day?”

She looks at him.

“Why yes, I think it is.”

I decided to go for it.

“I’ll bet he wants to fuck you. How would you like to take his dirty cock in your pussy and let him cum in you. Wouldn’t that be fun. You might even get pregnant.”

“Bill, shame on you. That is so disgusting. How can you talk to me like that. You know how they disgust me. The are so dirty and gross.

“I’ll bet he would like to cum in you. He could suck on your tits and make you cum.”

“Bill. Please stop talking to me like that. You are so disgusting. Just stop it.”

The seed was planted in her mind.

The next food giveaway day rolls around and Bill has to beg off. He tells Hannah he has some work at the store he needs to take care of. He tells her to take his place. She reluctantly agrees.

It’s a warm day so she wears a light blouse and a long skirt. It comes just below her knees. She loads the food she has collected in her car and drives off. She is busy handing out food. She looks up and that guy is looking at her. He smiles and walks up to her. She looks away trying not to make eye contact.

“Hi, how are you today.”

She looks at him and sees his eyes drop to her breasts. She blushes and her nipples perk to the size of grapes. He notices. She doesn’t answer.

‘She is turned on. She wants to fuck.’

“Our camp is just down the street across from the auto parts store. Why don’t you bring some food for us. We would really appreciate it.”

She is so thunder struck she can’t answer. How could he suggest such a thing.

He grins and takes the food. He looks at her tits again and walks away. She feels her pussy juice soaking her panties.

“Mary, I have to go home. I’m not feeling well.”

“OK, Hannah. I hope you feel better.”

She rushes to her car and quickly leaves. Her panties are soaked. A thousand thoughts run through her her mind. She has trouble driving. He mind is elsewhere. She is thinking of him fucking her. She imagines his dirty cock in her. Her pussy twitches at the thought. She imagines his cum squirting in her

and going in her womb. She sees each little sperm swimming in her. She gets so turned on she has to pull over. She grabs some tissues and reaches up her dress and pulls her panties aside. She dries off her wet pussy.

‘Oh god. What is wrong with me. I can’t be thinking like this. I’m a married woman. Satan must be taking control of me.’

Far back in her mind she wants to fuck him. She won’t admit it consciously, but she does. She wants his dirty cock cumming in her. The forbidden fruit and lust is consuming her. She knows she will burn in hell for her wicked thoughts.

Over the next two days, she tries to forget it. It keep running though her mind. She knows she is going to take the food to him. She rationalizes it in her mind.

‘I’m just going to take them some food. I won’t let anything happen. I’ll just drop off the food and leave. I can do this. God will be with me. He won’t let me sin.’

The next day she takes some canned food out of her cupboard and puts it in a bag. She gets in her car and drives to the camp. She sits in the car, thinking. She finally gets out and walks down the trial into the bushes. She follows the trail about 50 yards and comes on a cardboard shack. She looks inside and sees it empty. She goes farther and turns a corner. She sees him. He looks up at her and smiles. She just stands there. He walks up to her. Her pussy clenches and gets wet.

“Hello, I see you brought some food. That’s so nice of you. Come over here and sit.”

“No, I can’t stay. I have to go home. My husband is waiting for me.”

He takes her arm and pulls her toward his shack. She follows him. He pulls her up next to him and puts his arm around her shoulders. She gasps and shivers. His touch make her nipples perk up and her pussy gets wetter.

“Nice nipples you have there. I like when they stick out like that.”

He reaches and tweaks one. She gasps but doesn’t pull back. He tweaks both and she cries out softly. He unbuttons her blouse slowly. She doesn’t stop him. Her panties are soaked and she yakacık escort is lost in her lust for him. He pulls her blouse off and reaches behind her. He unsnaps her bra and lets it fall.

“Are you wet for me? Is your pussy dripping?”

She whispers. “Yes.”

He cups her breasts and she moans.

“Do you like that?”


“Louder, I can’t hear you, do you like that?”

‘Oh god, yes”

“Take off your skirt.”

She unzips her skirt and lets it slide around her ankles. She thinks about what she is doing.

‘I’m going to let him in me. He will cum in me. I can’t resist him.”

“Pull your panties down. I want to see all of you.”

She obeys.

“You’re going to hell for this. Do you care?”

“No, I know I am, but I can’t say no. You can have your way with me.”

He pushes her in his shack. She fall on his dirty sleeping bag. She looks at him with lust and passion in her eyes.

“Tell me what you want. Tell me you want me in your pussy.”

“Yes. I want you in my pussy. I want you to cum in me. Please, take me. Have your way with me”

He undresses as she watches. He kneels in front of her.

“Suck my cock. I want to feel your mouth on me.”

She shudders and takes his cock in her hand. She sees a drip of precum and touches it with her tongue. She licks it up. She can smell his unwashed odor. It make her pussy drip. She is lost in her lust. She takes his cock in her mouth. She licks and sucks on it.

“Do you like that? Does my cock taste good?”

“No, but I want it anyway. I’m such a sinful slut. I want you.”

He pushes her on her back and kneels between her legs. He puts his cock head on her pussy lips.

“Help me get it in. I want you to take it in your pussy.”

She takes his cock in her hand. He stops her. He wants her to take him willingly.

“Get on top of me and fuck me. I want you to take my cum in you. I want my seed in you.”

“Yes. I’ll do anything you want.”

He lays on his back and she sits on his legs. She takes his cock in her hand and jacks it. She rises up and lines it up with her pussy.

“Take it. Slide it in your pussy. You know you want it. Take it all the way in.”

She slowly lets herself drop and it slides in her. She gasps and cums. He pulls her down all the way. Her clit hits his pelvis bone and she cums again. Everything but her lust for his cock fades into the background of her mind.

“Oh yes. God help me. It feels so good.”

“Squeeze it and slide up and down. Make me cum in you. Take my seed in your womb. Put my seed on your egg.”

She slides up and down, stopping to grind her clit on his bone. She goes faster and faster. He flexes his cock and she cums. Her head falls back and she moans and groans.

“Yes. Yes. I’m so bad. I am cumming on your cock. Yes. Yes.”

He pulls her down and holds her on his bone. He grinds her on it and makes her cum and cum. She is crying out each time she cums.

“Are you ready for my cum. Hold me deep so it goes in your cervix. Put my seed on your egg.”

“Yes. Cum in me. Fill my womb with your cum. I don’t care what happens. Just cum in me.”

He pulls her down hard and spurts his cum in her. Her cervix dips in his cum and it flow in her womb. She screams and cums with him. Her pussy milks all his cum into her open cervix. She falls off and his cum runs into her ass crack.

“Lick my cock off. Clean our cum off it. Swallow it.”

She obeys.

“Put your clothes on. I want you to come back tomorrow. I’ll have some friends here for you. You can take their cum too. I want you to just wear a long t shirt, no panties or bra. Do you understand. You will do what I say.

“Yes. I’ll do what you say. I want more cum in me. I’m such a sinful slut. I want more and more.”

She gets dressed and leave without another word. She gets in her car and drives home. He mind is in a whirl. She can’t believe what she did, but it was wonderful. She knows she will go back. She can’t resist the lust raging in her mind.

She walks in her house and runs to the bathroom. She gets in the shower and washes and washes, trying to wash the sin from her body. Finally she gets out and dries off.

She goes in her bedroom and gets on her knees beside the bed. She prays to God to forgive her sins.

Bill comes home as she is getting dressed. She says a quick hello and goes in the kitchen. She briefly thinks of confessing to him, but decides not to. She knows he would leave her. She makes dinner for him. He doesn’t notice any change in her behavior. They watch TV for a while and she goes to bed. She falls into a fitful sleep.

The next morning, Bill gets up and goes to work. She wonders if she can resist going back to the camp. In the back of her mind, she knows she will go. Her lust is too strong for her to resist.

Finally, she gives in to it. She has noticed that she is in her fertile time of the month. She doesn’t let that stop her. She take off hürriyet mahallesi escort all her clothes. She gets one of Bill’s old t shirts and puts it on. It just covers her ass. This is what he wants and this is what he will get. She will go and take his dirty cock in her. She will take his cum in her womb. She has no control. She is just a sinful slut and deserves what she gets. She is consumed by her depravity.

She drives to the camp. She walks to his shack. He is sitting next to two large black men.

“Here she is. Our little fuck toy. You guys ready for some hot pussy. This church lady wants some hot cocks in her.”

Her lust takes over and her pussy gets wet. She thinks about three cocks in her. Her pussy muscles tighten.

One black guy walks up to her.

“Get that shirt off, bitch. Let’s see what you got under there.”

She shivers and slowly lifts her shirt up and off. She stands before them. Her pussy juice starts running down her legs.

“This bitch looks real good. I ain’t ever had no church pussy. Are you on birth control, bitch.”

“No. I’m fertile and ready for your cum.”

“All right. lets knock this bitch up. Look at her. She is wet and ready for some cock.”

“I’m ready for you. I want you all to fuck me. Fuck this sinful slut. Cum in me.”

They look at each other and take off their clothes. She takes both black cocks in her hands. They are both about 7 inches long. They lead her inside the shack. One black guy lays on his back.

“Get down here and take this cock. I’m ready to knock you up. Slide my cock in there and take some hot black cum. I’m gonna black you so hard you’ll never go back to white.”

She sits on his legs and strokes his cock. She leans down and kisses it. She licks it and gets it wet. She positions her self over is and drops on it. She screams in pain as she takes it all in one stroke. The other black guy kneels in front of her. He grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her to his cock. She takes his cock in her mouth and sucks on it. She starts humping and sucking. The white guy picks up a bottle of cooking oil and rubs some on his cock. He is going in her ass. He gets down behind her and lines his cock up with her asshole. He pushes the head in and she cries out. She feels it slide in her. Her lust increases with the thought of three cocks in her. She humps and sucks. She feels cum squirt in her mouth. She swallows as fast as she can. She feels the guy in her ass speed up and he fills her asshole with his load. He pulls out and she humps on the cock in her pussy. She feels it swell up and his hot cum fills her. She feels it go in her cervix. She screams and cums with him. She falls off him and tries to regain her breath. The rest for a while and then each one takes her doggie. She screams and cums with each one. They have had enough and she gets up. She looks for her shirt.

“I can’t find my shirt. Where is it.”

One black guy is holding it.

“This is my shirt. It’s my church lady trophy. You can leave here naked. Give the others a good show.”

He slaps her on the ass and she runs up the trail. She comes to the first shack on the trail and see two men standing there. The see her and smile. The say something she can’t understand. It sounds like

Spanish to her. The step out and block her way.

‘Oh god. They’re Mexicans. They say something to her. She just stands there. She is frozen. One of them reaches out and pinches her nipples. She gasps and they swell up like grapes. He grabs her arm and pushes her into the shack. The talk a while and both come in. The take off their clothes. One of them grabs her and rolls her on her stomach. He pulls her ass up and gets ready to doggie her. He quickly slams in her pussy. She moans and her lust takes control. The other guy grabs her hair and pulls her mouth on his cock. She takes it and starts licking and sucking. His odor is strong and it’s obvious he hasn’t had a bath in weeks. She feels her orgasm rising and her pussy muscles tighten up. The both cum in her at the same time. She cums again as they fill her with their cum.

She manages to get up and out of the shack. She runs toward her car. She stops just before she comes out of the bushes. She looks around and hurries to her car. She looks for something to cover her nakedness. There is nothing for her. She starts the car, slumps down and drives home. She pulls in her driveway and gets ready to run to her door. She gets her house key ready, opens the car door and runs to the door. She is so nervous she fumbles with the key. She finally manages to open the door. She leans back against the door, safe in her house. She breathes a sigh of relief and runs to the bathroom. She tries again to wash the sin from her body.

She has bottomed out in her depravity. She can only go up. She stops going to the camp. She stays home all the time. She watches the calendar, waiting for her period to start. She is late. She waits a week and gets a pregnancy test. She test positive. Bill had given up on having sex with her. He will know it’s not his. She prays every day for guidance. Her prayers are not answered.

Four month later, she is showing a baby bump. Bill notices. He confronts her.

“How did you get pregnant. I know it’s not mine. Who were you fucking.”

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