Hand Me A Towel Dear?

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“I need to shower” she said as she walked through the door to the bathroom from her bedroom. I paused, stood still inside of her small room while I heard the sound of pressured water suddenly spurting out and rattling against the inside of the bathtub, my thoughts lingered on her; at this very moment the clothes would be peeling from her flesh and falling to the floor. Her breasts would lay exposed, those soft ample mounds forming in my mind as I closed my eyes and listened to the water beating down, my minds eye now drifting around her neck and slowly down along the canvas of skin that was her back, that lay there untouched ready to be painted with my hands, deep long sensual strokes of fingerpainting her flesh with the dripping beads of water that would roll down her body and allow my hands to flow as though touching thickly padded silk, and still my mind eye wanders; now etching it’s way down along her ass, the shapely formed flesh that filled me with desire at the thought of it pressing into my palms as she craved to feel my touch upon her.

And with my eyes still closed I heard the water break as she stepped into it, the beads would now be driven against her skin. The thought of her filling me with such desire that my shaft now pressed hard against the confines of my clothing, walking slowly over to the bathroom door I paused to listen, my head leaning almost to touch the white painted wood. My thoughts swirling and conjuring images of her hands traveling across her skin leaving a fine trail of soap against her body, the water dripping from her limbs as one of my hands reached down to unfasten my jeans. My hardened length springing forth as the zip lowered down, the feeling of that tender part of me grinding against the jagged edge of the zip causing me to wince as it passed through the opening and took its place in my hand as I began to slowly stroke my fingers up and down along the shaft, allowing only my thumb and forefinger to loop around the head, squeezing them gently down upon it each time they passed against it.

My head leaning to kartal escort the door, I suddenly in horror realised the door was creeping open as my head rested against it. My hand pausing in its duties as in my stunned silence I waited to see if this had sealed my fate. But as I continued gazing through that crack in the door as it crept open upon it’s own momentum, I was no longer looking at a girl in my mind, but the girl in front of me. The water trickled down from the curves of her body, bringing with it the soft white suds of the soap that caressed her skin in a way that in my mind somehow twinged a pang of jealousy, of need, of desire.

Feasting my eyes upon her body, my shaft beginning to throb upon my palm as my grip had loosened in the momentary haze of the sight of her. Her hands roamed across her body, watching her as she rubbed lotion across her body until the soapy bubbles formed and drifted about her flesh guided by the surging droplets of water that ran across her frame. Unable to sate my urges I turned away, taking a breath while pondering the moment. My mind was reeling, spinning in a daze of confusion and lust, to take the chance or not? echoed in my mind and in that moment it seemed clear. My shirt sliding off over my head, my belt unbuckling and my jeans falling to the floor; finally shimmying out of my boxers, and hopping both of my feet up as I tugged away my socks. Completely unclothed as I made my way back to the door, I glanced again upon her as her fingers drifted against her hair, the shampoo suds falling into her eyes as I crept across the bathroom floor, stepping into the tub in silence behind her. My pulse racing, I stepped forwards bringing my chest to press against her back, my hardened length pressing to the soft supple flesh of her ass causing her to shriek suddenly before turning around.

Her eyes roamed up and down my body as I stood there, the sweat beading upon my brow from the steam and excitement, I watched her eyes roam down across my chest, dancing past my belly button and finally lingering on my hardened kartal otele gelen escort member. She still remained quiet as her eyes lifted back up to my own, I leaned forwards; my lips meeting hers as I kissed her deeply, my tongue flickering in a slow exquisite fight almost causing us to lose our balance upon the slippery surface of the tub. My hands flowed across her shimmering flesh, eased by the pulsating water the bore down upon her back into fluid motions, seeking each curve with renewed delight as I lost myself in the feel of her body against mine. Suds of shampoo still edging their way down from her hair as we kissed, filling the air with a soft scent of apricot as our tongues lashed together in a slow deliberate rhythm.

Her hand slid down between our bodies to take hold of my hardened shaft, causing me to gasp into her mouth through the kiss. One of my hands slipping around upon her skin to engulf one of her breasts, squeezing and rubbing it while twisting the nipple softly as we kissed, the gasp being returned. My other hand creeping down to her ass, it glided across the smooth sleek flesh as the water poured down her back easing my hand across its surface as my fingers pressed deep into the welcoming mounds of flesh. She bit upon my lower lip as I continued my lubricated massage of her body, squeezing and stroking my shaft a little harder with each groping touch of her body, finally releasing my lip and allowing me to plunge my head down to her neck. Trailing my lips across her skin, the senses filled with the scent of pear from her body as I kissed along her neck, her caress causing my lips to fall open in gasps before closing them again in gentle bites against her neck. Hearing her voice whisper out “I want you”, I broke away from her skin and gazed into her eyes for a moment, allowing my hands to reach the sides of the bath I lowered myself down. taking her hands in mine I guided her down on top of me, pausing as she rested upon her knees and taking my length back into her hand she lowered herself kartal eve gelen escort down until the head touched her lower lips, swaying her hips a little to grind it against the entrance to her. Her eyes closed I could feel the head of my length becoming wet from the caress of her pussy against it and slowly she lowered herself down bit by bit onto me, continuing her gentle swaying as she did.

I looked up and marveled upon the sight of her, her shimmering wet skin enhancing the sight as the water pulsed down against the back of her neck and flowed in soft trickling streams down from her shoulders and across her breasts. My hands reaching up to cup them as she swayed, feeling the muscles inside of her contract against my shaft as I did, squeezing herself onto me as I took her nipples between my fingers trailing slowly and tightly around them flowing with the water as they slipped against their hardened state. She gasped, moaning out as she rocked against me and leaned back a little allowing the spray to move along her face. My hands slid down once more, coming to the sides of her waist where I supported her as she leaned back, the spray from the shower now adorning her body and pouring softly down over her breasts and pooling into small streams that flowed across her stomach to creep down between us, trickling around my manhood as she pounded her body against mine.

Her moans ringing out inside of the empty apartment, each moan from either of us making me feel the muscles inside of her move as she continued thrashing her body against mine, arching her back and allowing me to support her weight as she hammered up and down with her thighs in a fluid rhythmic motion. The moans turning into tiny shrieks and finally screams as I felt her pussy muscles contracting around me, watching her clench her teeth and her eyes shut tightly as she continued pounding against me. The sight beautiful to behold of her naked form clashing against mine as I felt the urgency grow inside me, threatening to erupt at any moment. Closing my eyes tightly, she grinded her hips in little circles as she moved up and down upon my shaft, finally unable to control the urge any longer I moaned out in release, bursting forth inside of her. Her moans and swaying hips sending me spiraling into pleasure as I lay upon the bathtub, watching her sway and grind her body upon mine.

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