Greg’s Italian Dinner

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As I started to get ready for my dinner with Greg my mind drifted as I thought of you. Your hands. Your lips. Your sweet eyes. I stepped into the shower and began to soap my hair and scrub my body. Taking special care to clean my delicate area before shaving them smooth for you. I rinsed the conditioner out of my hair and breathed in the lovely scent of my body. Smiling I knew how much you would love to smell me this way. Damp and clean and fresh from the water, you would love it. Before drying I stopped to splash my body with Neutrogena body oil and then patted myself with a towel before heading for my room to dress.

Deciding what to wear was simple. Underwear …not needed. Shirt…. skimpy (with no bra preferred). Skirt or slacks? Skirt of course, the shorter the better. I slipped on a black strappy shirt with no bra (it had one built in…sort of) a long, black stretchy skirt with a slit up the side, and a white short sleeve shirt and taa daa. Ready to go except for the make-up. I lightly coated my face with blush, mascara and lipstick and as I was spraying perfume on some very specific parts of my body, the doorbell rang.

“Hello my love.” I said opening the door with a smile.

Suddenly I was pulled into strong arms and a pair of sweet masculine lips was rubbing all of the lipstick I had just applied off.

“MMMMM… I though I would have to wait for desert.” I said breathlessly.

You smile and say, “Think of this as an appetizer baby.”

With that I repaired my lips and we were off to dinner at Cascone’s.

As we walked into the restaurant with you hand on my ass I started to get a nice tingle in my tummy telling me that I was hungry for more than just pasta and breadsticks. When the host wasn’t looking I ran my left hand down and cupped your package and gave it a little squeeze. From slightly behind me and above I could hear a muffled grunt. I removed my hand and smiled at the host as he led us to our table, repressing a squeal at your palm smacked my right ass cheek.

I slid into the very private corner booth we had requested and observed my surroundings. The large amount of greenery left the table very isolated from the rest of the restaurant and the fact that it was in a corner made it less likely for someone to suddenly be walking by. The only people who would see us would be the waiter and whatever other staff members would be serving us.

I watched Greg scan the area the same as I had just done and no sooner had the host left than his lips were on mine, his tongue against mine, and his right hand on my left thigh.

The waiter appeared with no warning and clearing his throat he asked if we would like to start with drinks or an appetizer. Smiling Greg requested a drink for himself and a sex-on-the-beach for myself. He also denied the need for and appetizer and at that I jumped in and asked for some crunchy breadsticks to munch on while we decided what to order for dinner.

“Certainly ma’am.” Said the waiter. He quickly returned with a basket of long crispy breadstick for us to share.

After the waiter left I moved my hand to your thigh and then moved it up to your package. I could tell that it had begun to swell nicely from the sexual tension in the air. I stroked your bulge softly, like one would pet a kitten, and heard a groan.

“Darling?” I said.

“Yes my love?” your voice sounding out of breath and raspy.

“Would you like a breadstick?”

“Ummm… no I don’t think so baby. I’m fine right now.” You say, rolling your eyes back in your head as I give you package a firm squeeze.

“Are you sure?” I say taking a stick from the basket. “I bet you would if it was seasoned just right.”

As you watch me I take the stick and give the end a little blowjob show for you. In and out it goes between my rosy lips. Then suddenly I bite the end off and watch you as I chew it up and swallow it.

The waiter drops off our drinks and I take a sip. Yummy!

You take a health swig of your drink and then as you look back at me I move the stick under the table. Your eyes follow its path under the hem of the tablecloth. As you watch, I move aside the tablecloth and pull aside my skirt giving you a full view of my smoothly shaved and creamy white pussy. I move my legs apart and slide back a little in the seat to allow you an even better view of my cunt. With one foot on the floor and my other bent and laying flat on the bench seat, you can now see my most private area. I can feel it getting even wetter as you look.

“Baby… are you sure you don’t want a breadstick?” I say coyly.

I can see you are transfixed on my pussy and the sound of my voice startles you.

“What? Oh yes baby… I changed my mind I would LOVE a breadstick.”

I smile at you and place the smooth end of the crunchy stick against my pussy lips and push the end into my outer pussy area. I look up when I hear a moan. “I love you Cynthia… your amazing.” You say.

I press harder on the stick and it kaynarca escort slides in to my very wet cunt. I sigh with the pleasure I feel from you watching me and from the penetration. I pull the stick from my pussy and hold it up to you.

Smiling you lean over and take the wet bread between your lips and bite down. Crumbs fall on my bare pussy and I look at you as you chew away on your seasoned bread.

“Greg?… Darling?… look at the mess you made on my pussy. You had better clean that up my love.” I smile mischievously at you.

Looking over your shoulder you lean down and give my outer pussy lips a wet swipe with your wide tongue. I gasp as the tip of your tongue flicks against my enlarged clit.

As you sit back up the waiter returns to take our orders.

“So … have you folks decided what you would like to eat tonight?” the waiter asks.

We smile at each other and start to laugh and look at the menu for the first time.

You dismissed the waiter as we finally got down to the task of choosing our dinners. All of the food looked so yummy that I had a hard time deciding which would be the best. Finally I choose the Cheese Ravioli and a side salad. Your choice was the Lasagna with meat sauce with a side of Fettuccini Alfredo. I waited for my salad to arrive and entertained myself by playing with your nipples. By the time the waiter arrived with my salad your nipples looked as if you had two jelly beans taped to your chest under your shirt. The waiter couldn’t help but notice as he mentioned the ‘draft’ in the room. Smiling at you I munched on my veggies and waited as you ate a breadstick and tried to slow your breathing down.

After I finished my salad I leaned over… brushing my large breast against your arm and excused myself to go to the ladies room. As I stood up I could feel a draft and realized that the back of my dress was tucked under the waistband. I made sure you had had a long look at my round pale cheeks before pulling it down and walking to the ladies room.

One of the reasons I had chosen this particular restaurant was because it had fairly small bathrooms and didn’t hold many customer… thus allowing for stolen moment without the staff needing to be alerted. There were also multiple ladies rooms scattered around the restaurant so anyone entering the area of the bathroom could just move on to another. I entered the restroom and hoped for the best.

Suddenly the bathroom door was thrown open and instead of you my lover entered a stunning beauty. This woman was the opposite of me in everyway. Where my hair was dark hers was a fair blond, where my skin was ivory in color… hers was deeply tanned, where my figure was very curvaceous and full, hers was slim and streamline. Entering she smiled softly at me and entered the nearest stall. She had no more entered the stall than the door was thrust open again and I was suddenly up against the wall with a soft thrusting tongue in my mouth and the tickle of a goatee against my face. Absorbed in the moment I neglected to mention to you that we were far from alone. Frankly I didn’t care much if she was to witness our lust. I leaned against the stucco wall and spread my legs as you thrust against my pelvis. I gasped as I felt your cock against me. Your lips moved down my neck and looking over your shoulder I could see the wide eyes of the blond watching us. I was just getting ready to notify you of our spectator when she smiled at me and ran a tan hand into the crease between her legs. I smiled back at her and she winked.

Alrighty then… lets party!

As I met her eyes she leaned over and locked the door very quietly. Meanwhile your hand had moved to my dripping pussy and was stroking me. I forgot about the girl. Reaching behind me I grabbed a hold of the bars on the window and held on.

“God, you smell so good Cynthia.” You gasped with your face buried between my breasts.

“Thank you,” I gasped back, “now would you shut the hell up and fuck me you beast?”

I could feel you chuckle against my abdomen as your testosterone soaked brain processed what I had said. Looking up I noticed that the woman had her hand totally up her dress and was finger fucking herself. Her eyes were totally glazed over and one breast was out of her top with the nipple pointing at me. I winked at her and she let out a small gasp.

I knew right then that you had heard her when you paused during your journey south. I looked down and you looked up and I smiled and you smiled. I knew then that you were aware of the situation.

“Stand up,” I said.

As you stood you pulled up my dress front and tucked it into my waistband to keep it out of the way. I could feel the air on my bald wet cunt and had a sudden spurt of aggression. Reaching out I whipped off your belt and shoved your slacks down around your ankles, grabbing your ass cheeks as I pushed. You moaned as I massaged them. I crooked a finger at the girl and she walked over for a feel.

“Lick his ass while orhanlı escort he fucks me honey… he really loves that.” I commanded.

She nodded and dropped to here knees and spread your legs apart.

“Now… FUCK ME YOU BASTARD!!!” I growled reaching up and grabbing the bars again.

You moaned and shoved your hard dick all the way in me. Suddenly you moaned again and I knew she was doing as I commanded. Then I felt a wandering finger rim my asshole. Then it dipped into my free flowing juices and wormed its way into my ass.

“AAAHHHHH….” I groaned.

Suddenly I heard the same noise coming from you and I knew that she had a finger in your ass as well.

You started to fuck me like and animal and all at once I could hear three individual gasps as we all came at the same time. After I recovered I looked down and saw that she had shoved a vibrator up her hot box and there was a puddle of girl cum where she had been squatting. You pull out of me and I hang on the bars.

Looking down at her you say, “Well hello my little slave. Why don’t you be a good girl and clean up the mess I made in Cynthia’s pussy? I know you want to.”

The girl looks up at you and you lift one foot and place it on the sink to give her better access. After a brief pause she suddenly dives in, sucking and slurping your cum out of my already sensitive pussy. I shudder as I feel another orgasm approaching.

I let out a soft shriek and gush juice in her face. She keeps sucking and pulls it all out of me and licks me clean.

I lower my legs and straighten my dress. The girl stands and does the same as you pull up your pants and retrieve your belt from where I tossed it by the door. The girl leans over and gives both of us lengthy kisses and then leaves. We both exit the restroom one at a time and as I arrive at the table, dinner is being served. I am famished.

The actual meal was fairly uneventful, mainly I assume because we had both cum quite recently, and because we had an urge to stoke up our energy for round 3. I nibbled away at my ravioli occasionally giving you a lascivious look and a wink. The public thing had been played out and all I could think about was getting you alone and ravishing you.

As we finished out dinner I gave the waiter a wink and you caught me. Grinning at you mischievously I giggled as you playfully swatted me on the thigh.

“You are a bad girl.” You said with a shake of your head.

Batting my eyes at you innocently I said, “Yes I am, are you going to punish me master?” With that I gave your package a soft stroke and licked your neck. “Hmmmmm?”

Hugging me to you, you looked into my eyes, “I need to get you home baby before I lose control again.”

“Sounds good to me my love.”

Leaving the restaurant your hand was caressing my round ass and occasionally pinching it softly. With every pinch I gave a squeak of surprise.

As we were approached the door I noticed the blond from the bathroom also rising and heading as if to leave. The tall dark haired man with her glanced up and followed her gaze to us then leaned over and whispered in her ear. She nodded as if in confirmation of his question. Looking back at him I could see his appraisal of me, my body, as well as a cursory glance at you with your clean-cut look.

Suddenly felt warm breath against my neck as you whisper in my ear, “That must be her date. Lucky guy. Do you think he knows what he has there?”

I tilt my head back to kiss you and smile, “He knows darling. He also knows what she did with us.”

Startled you glance at them as they walk through the door with us. I take her hand and kiss her goodnight in front of you both. Then taking your arm I lead you away toward the car.

We get in silently and suddenly you say, “HOLY SHIT! We should have gotten her number or her name or something.”

Smiling at you I hand you the business card she had slipped into my palm. Her name was Jean LaFue the address on the card was in Quebec and she appeared to be a French Canadian dressmaker/seamstress.

You smile at me and kiss me on the cheek, “Ah… my love. You’re amazing and I think we might have to have a dress made for you sometime soon.”

I lay my head on your shoulder as we take the short drive to my apartment. Running my hands over your neck and shoulders as you drive, doing my very best to distract you from the task at hand, without killing us of course. I lean over and stick my tongue in your ear, something I personally don’t find sexy but like to do when I want to annoy someone. You jump as the wet hits your ear.

“Ewe… stop that.” You say laughing and wiping off your ear.

I giggle and kiss you, sucking on your bottom lip as I run my tongue over it. “Do you really want me to stop my lover or should I continue?” I say breathily running my hand over your abdomen and flicking at the zipper of your slacks.

“Hmmm baby? Should I stop?” I say knowing the answer as I run a finger over the tepeören escort head pushing at the front of your pants. “You don’t do you sweetie? You want me to play with you,” I breathe against your neck, “and kiss you,” I press my lips against your neck, “and love you until it hurts. Don’t you baby?”

I can feel the deep masculine groan as I press against your warm throat. As well as the increase in your pulse as I continue to molest you. I look at the speedometer and we have slowed to 35mph on the freeway.

“Greg?” I say.

“Umm… yeah?” you gasp.

“Speed up honey or we are going to get rear-ended and never make it home.” I say smiling into your eyes.

“Oh shit!” you say as you glance at your speed.

At my apartment you and I make-out for several minutes and then pulling apart we look at each other and both exit the car. I look around expecting to see the police ready to arrest us for public indecency. You take my hand and pull me toward the elevator of my apartment.


We step onto the elevator and I suddenly find myself against the wall with a hand up my skirt, and a tongue done my throat. Basically it was heaven. I spread my legs and hunched on your fingers as they worked and danced across my hot pussy. I was suddenly as wet as I had been before Jean had cleaned me up and the sensation of your fingers playing with my swollen lips was too much. I suddenly, and without warning, came so hard that my legs gave way. If you had not had your arm wrapped around me I would have fallen on the floor. Below me was a puddle of my girl juice that had dripped out during my overpowering orgasm. You move your wet hand from my pussy and shove one finger into my gaping mouth forcing me to taste myself. I note that I taste musky and earthy with the distinct smell of woman wafting around us.

You continue to hold me up as I watch you lick the remainder of my juice from your hand.


We both jump at the sound of the elevator reaching my floor. I suddenly realize that I came in the time that it took us to get from the lobby to my 10th floor apartment.

“I have never cum that fast before. Your amazing Master Greg.” I say grinning at him as we exit and walk to my door.

“Ah yes Master… I almost forgot what a bad girl you were earlier. Are you ready for your punishment now?” you say smacking me hard on my ass as I unlock the door.

“YOW…. Oh yes master I am so ready.” I say as I run into the loving room.” Picking me up you carry me into the bathroom.

“Run a bath slave and be prepared to bath me well.” You say setting me on the floor.

I lean over and start the water in the two-person Jacuzzi tub. Pouring some jasmine bubble bath in to stimulate us both. The room is filled with the scent and the bubbles start to form into thick foam.

“Very good slave. Now get naked and then strip me down after that.” Sitting back on the edge of the tub you lean back to watch.

I take the front of the dress and slowly start to unbutton the front. One by one, going down the front, slowly revealing first my cleavage, then my abdomen and then I open the last button to show my shave pussy.

Pulling open the remainder of the dress I let it fall off of my body to pool on the floor at my feet. I stand there for a minute letting you look at my naked body clad only in black high heals. “Do you want the shoes off or on as I undress you master?” I say as I lean over, shaking my boobs at you as my nipples get hard and point out.

“Take them off slave. I want you totally naked.” You say as you stand in front of me.

I step out of my shoes and slowly start to remove your clothes. Starting with the tie and then dropping down to remove your shoes and socks. I stand back up and throw my hair over my shoulder and look up at you as I begin to open your shirt. With every button I kiss my way down your chest occasionally giving your skin a little lick to taste the saltiness that has formed on you with our activities during the evening.

With the buttons undone I run my hands over your shoulders and push the shirt off of you to fall on the floor. I scrap my nails over your back and down to your waist watching you shiver and gasp.

Reaching around in front of you I undo the belt buckle and pull it from your pant loops to toss it aside like I did in the restaurant bathroom. I look into your eyes as I suck on a nipple and unbutton your slacks and slide the zipper down. The head of your monster pops free and ignoring it I move my hands around behind you and massaging your ass I push your pants down and kneel as you step out of them. Still kneeling on the floor I look up at you past your jutting cock and smile. “Did I do good master?” I say stroking the back of your thigh.

You lean over and pick me up under my arms and set me in the tub. Climbing in after me and sinking into the hot bubbly water I could see MrHappy sticking out of the water winking at me.

“More bubbles baby?” I say blowing some at you and grinning.

“More you baby. Come here and wash me right now.”

Needing no further invitation I lung at you and press against your hot soapy body.

To be continued in Part 2 Please send comments.. Feedback welcome

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