Grad Student Slave

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I should have known I was playing with fire from the start. Eventually I would get caught. My luck finally just ran out.

I am a straight grad student in a small coastal college town. Between living in a small town, being fairly good looking, and standing a few inches over 6 feet tall, I’m pretty recognizable. Still, sometimes I just needed to get my fix. Not drugs. Cock.

Despite being straight and emotionally only attracted to women, there is little that turns me on more than being on my knees or back with a cock between my lips. I’ve never been fucked or wanted to try it, but I just love the feeling of being a submissive slut used by another man. I’d often wear thongs under my clothes at work, and sometimes I’d get so horny I just had to take care of it. Usually that would mean hitting up one of the guys around town I’d blow regularly. Unfortunately on the day this started they were all busy. Horny as I was, I posted on craigslist asking for any tops who wanted a morning blow job.

It didn’t take long before some replies started coming in. Most I discarded either because they wanted to fuck or kiss or just felt skeazy. I might be a slut when I’m horny, but I still need to be clean and discreet! Finally I found one who seemed interesting. He was an older guy, in town for the week for work and staying at a nice hotel nearby. He didn’t include a face picture but his cock looked to be almost 10 inches long. And thick! I sent him a quick reply asking if he was free now, and in less than a minute I had an email with his room number and instructions to come in, strip, and kneel by the door. I was so horny, I didn’t even think twice. I just grabbed my stuff, and headed to the car.

5 minutes later I was parking in the hotel lot and heading inside. Even though I’ve done it before, I still get the butterflies and nerves every time I go to meet a new man. The thought that I would soon be on my knees being used like a cheap slut was at the same time a huge turn on and absolutely terrifying! Ignoring my better judgement like always, I headed to the elevator. His room was on the top floor, which meant it had to be an expensive one, but luckily no one was there to see how out of place I looked. I dressed nice for a grad student, but not penthouse suite nice!

The room door was cracked open when I got there so I followed his instructions and slipped inside, closing the door behind me. Trying to make as little noise as possible, I stripped down to the pink thong I was wearing and knelt with my hands behind my back and my eyes down on the carpet in front of me. I usually wasn’t into this kind of dom/sub stuff, but if it got me some cock today, I was happy to play along!

It didn’t take long before I heard the guy walk around the corner and into the short hallway.

“Glad to see you can mostly follow directions slut.”

I glanced up to see an older fit guy, maybe mid 50’s, with mostly gray hair, standing above me wearing a white robe, and with his belt in his hand. I had a moment of fear görükle escort when I though he might hit me with it, but instead he looped it around my neck and jerked me down the hall behind him. This wasn’t exactly what I’d been expecting, but I was here now, so I figured I might as well play along. The suite was even bigger than I expected, with multiple doors leading off a large living room. There were two couches facing each other and two arm chairs perpendicular to them facing a huge TV which had some kind of BDSM porn playing on it. I didn’t have time to see what was playing before he sat in one of the arm chairs and pulled me around by the makeshift leash. His robe had fallen open showing he was completely naked underneath and his cock was just as big as the pictures! Even soft, it looked to be at least 6 inches long. I eagerly reached out for it from my place on the ground, kneeling between his legs, but before I could grasp it he slapped me across the face hard,

“No hands whore! And I’d better not feel any teeth either.”

This was definitely not what I was expecting, and for a second, I just considered getting up to leave. The sight of his cock was too much for me though and I just leaned in to kiss and lick up the shaft. He had definitely showered recently as he had a clean taste to him. I could tell he was enjoying it as his beautiful cock started to harden, so I moved up a little to take the head between my lips. Slowly I started bobbing my head up and down his cock, trying to take him as far as I could. I’ve never been able to deepthroat, but I worked my tongue around the head of his cock and sucked for all I was worth. It seemed to be doing the trick since he was soon rock hard and moaning a little above me. He still wanted more though, and made it clear by grabbing my head and pulling me down further on his cock. I started gagging immediately which just made him laugh and pull harder, but still I couldn’t take more than half his cock into my mouth.

“Goddamn worthless little slut. You really can’t take more than that?!”

I was choking and coughing up spit as he fucked my face hard. Finally I couldn’t take any more and brought my hands up to push him off me. He was ready for that though and quickly pulled the tie-belt off the robe he was wearing. Keeping me pinned in place with his forearms, he wrestled my arms behind my back and tied them off tight, almost cutting off circulation to my hands. Then, without a word, he just grabbed my head again and started using my mouth like a fucktoy.

All I could do was squirm and choke on his cock while he used me. Several times I though I would suffocate as he held me down, but eventually he would let me take another breath. It felt like he was abusing me for hours, but finally I felt his pace change. He had to be close and soon enough I heard him groan loudly and start unloading almost directly into my throat. After a couple spurts though, he pulled me off his cock and started spraying the rest over my face, moaning as he görükle escort bayan covered my eyes and nose. I just knelt there between his legs, naked except for the pink thong, belt around my neck and strap tying my hands, covered in his cum and my spit, regretting ever thinking about this. I definitely wasn’t horny anymore as he laughed at me.

“Well you’re a horrible cocksucker, but you make a great fucktoy. I could happily rape your slut mouth every day. Wouldn’t be long before I had you begging me to fuck your pussy too, huh slut”

I mumbled something about never getting fucked, and he just roared in laughter.

“Stupid slut. Used to have one like you back home. Trained him to take my cock and anyone else’s every way I demanded. Mind you, he didn’t really enjoy it, but I didn’t really give him a chance either. Successful business man now, but that just makes it sweeter when I drop by and bend him over his own desk. Would love to make you my bitch. Had I known you’d be so much fun to abuse I would’ve filmed this and made you beg for it!”

I just started trying to get back up to my feet, which made him laugh even harder.

“Well lucky for you, I have somewhere to be. You decide you want me to train you, you have my email, whore.”

He stood up and dragged me over to the door as I struggled to keep up without using my hands. I hoped he would untie me to get dressed once we got there, but instead he opened the door and kicked my clothes outside. Dragging me into the hall he pulled the belt off and threw it back in the room before turning me around and loosening the strap around my arms. Without so much as a thank you he laughed and walked back in the room, slamming the door behind him.

I couldn’t believe he had left me like that. I struggled to get my arms loose as I knelt out in the hall, dressed in only a pink thong with a stranger’s cum all over my face. Finally I was able to work them free and I pulled my clothes on before someone could find me. I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as I could, so I could go home and shower, but I was also furious at myself for letting that happen to me. By the time I reached my car saw that I already had an email from him.

– Not bad slut. You’d do better with training though. –

I shot off a quick -fuck you- and just drove home. There was no way I would be submitting to that asshole again. I enjoyed being a slut, but I had never actually been that scared or humiliated before. And then to throw me out in the hallway like that!! Never again.

I couldn’t go back to work looking like I did, so I headed home to my small studio apartment instead. I needed a shower and to unwind. Unfortunately I had an email from my graduate advisor, John. Apparently he was putting on a dinner for all of the top donors at the department and I had to be there to shake hands and thank them. It was the last thing I wanted to do, but I didn’t have much of a choice. Without their funding I wouldn’t be able to stay in the bursa escort program. I had a few hours though, so I took a LONG shower and settled onto the couch for a little nap.


I still didn’t want to go to the dinner when I woke up, but I grudgingly got dressed and headed over anyways. At least it was Friday night and I would have all weekend to relax after.

When I arrived, there were already quite a few students and donors around so I was able to slip in quietly and grab a drink before John found me. He gave me the usual speech about being friendly and welcoming to the donors. Even the gentleman who funded my research was going to be there later I guess. I had never met him, but I knew that he almost singlehandedly funded my advisors current work, myself included. He was supposed to be a friendly guy though so I wasn’t too worries. I met and talked with several different donors as well as some of the other students and faculty as the food was set up. It was just a buffet so it wasn’t too formal fortunately. After a couple hours, I was even starting to think I might be able to slip out and head home when I heard my advisor say my name as he walked up behind me. Figuring he found our benefactor, I screwed up my friendliest smile and turned to greet them.

It was him. My tormentor from earlier. The man who had raped my throat, treated me like a fucktoy and then kicked me out of his hotel room. He was the big donor.

I stuttered out a hello as John introduced him as Mr. Samuels. He gave no indication he knew me, or recognized me, or had earlier been choking me on his cock. Maybe he didn’t realize it was me?

My advisor said something about grabbing drinks before stepping off and leaving me alone with Mr. Samuels so I just continued to act normally, hoping I was safe. I wasn’t.

“Well, I never would’ve guessed that you were the grad student I was funding. I guess you really are a whore aren’t you.”

It was a statement, not a question, and even though he whispered it to me, I quickly glanced around to make sure no one else had heard.

“Don’t worry I won’t tell anyone. At least, not if you’re good. You’re going to be back at my room tonight at midnight and you’re going to do everything I tell you this time. I own you now slut and I’m going to enjoy punishing you for mouthing off with your last email.”

My advisor came back before I could say anything, but Mr. Samuels laughed like I had just said a joke. He congratulated John on having such a dedicated student and then made his excuses, saying he had a lot to take care of.

I was still in shock as John congratulated me on making such a great first impression. I was barely listening as he went on about the research he was hoping to get funded and how much Mr. Samuels would be able to help. It wasn’t until John told me how great it would be to have more access to him now that he was moving to the city, that I finally snapped out of it. The last fleeting hope I had had was that Mr. Samuels would be leaving soon and I wouldn’t have to see him for a while. He was moving here?!

I really was well and truly fucked now.


I hope you enjoyed the story!! If you have any feedback or ideas for what you’d like to see happen please let me know!

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