Goodbye to the Past Pt. 03



Goodbye to the Past Part 03 — Job Satisfaction Guaranteed

Caitlin’s job description changes as she takes on some exciting new roles.

Frank Rodriguez grunted in ecstasy as he came, his cum filling her mouth. Their preference was always face and tits, but as it was a work night and they had early meetings the next morning, Bonnie let it flow down her throat. It was nearly as good and a lot less messy. After all this time, she was good enough not to waste a drop.

She took a drink of water and snuggled into her hairy old bear, loving the contrast of his rugged feel to the softness of the lovely young girl she had shared the bed with earlier in the day.

Caitlin’s new tattoos had meant more to her than words could say and she felt deeply touched. She was equally glad the girl had taken to Skye. All she wanted was for her daughter to be as happy as she had been and still was; now she was also extending that to Caitlin. She would never tell Frank about Skye — she was still his little princess, and he had flipped out when she’d had her problem last year. She really thought Frank was going to kill the kid that had used the knife; he had raged for days. He couldn’t believe that Skye was responsible for her own actions — it had to be someone else’s fault.

Skye could bat her eyelids at him and he’d buy her the stars. He doted on the kid, and on Sean. Bonnie thought he’d go ape when Sean came out, but his reaction was, ‘we gave him the gene’. They were closer now than ever since that day.

She thought often of where she might be if not for Franklin Delgado Rodriguez and each time her answer came back the same. Not a nice place. She’d only told one other person her story, and it would stay that way forever. Gina, her best friend in England.

Bonnie and Frank were renowned for their parties in Miami, and when they opened up in London, it was natural that they started having them there too. Their previous apartment had been too small, so they had used various properties on Airbnb. When they moved to Chelsea Harbour shortly after Skye’s ‘incident’ they continued having them ‘off-site’ as they called it. As they didn’t have such a large circle of friends in London with their taste in parties, Bonnie had the idea of making up numbers with girls and boys from escort agencies and it had been a great success. In the process, she had become firm friends with one of the owners of the agency they used most frequently, Gina – the Harcourt in ‘deVries and Harcourt’.

After one of their parties she and Gina got talking, lying in a satisfied crumpled heap of post-orgasmic torpor. As they sipped their wine and told their stories it became apparent the two women had a lot in common. Gina opened up about her time on the streets of Liverpool and her self-transformation into a successful business woman. Having buried her own past for so long, Bonnie felt a huge catharsis in telling her new friend her tale. It brought them even together closer, and Bonnie was glad to include Gina amongst her very best friends.

And lovers.

It also explained why Bonnie had a thing for taking on apparently lost souls. There had been a few more of both sexes in the past she had hopefully put back on track. Caitlin was her latest project and so far it was going very nicely.

Thoughts of Gina reminded her that they needed to throw another party soon. She was about to mention it to Frank, when he rolled over and looked at her. Something had been bugging him all day.

“Bonnie, babes — when did the aliens come down and put that implant in the Price girl?”

“Uh? What you on about? And it’s Caitlin, Frank. She’s a sweet kid.”

“Ok, Caitlin. She was different earlier. She looked.. I dunno… sexy? Never really seen her or thought of her like that before. She’s just been the girl that does our stuff. She talked back. Bit of a shock, that’s all. She normally just goes all soppy and I think she’s going to cry. Today-“

“Today you got what you deserved, my dear.”

“Ok, ok. Maybe I did. But what triggered it, if not little green men?” He snuggled in to Bonnie and lowered his voice. “Gotta say, babes — it kinda turned me on. She was so… assertive!”

Bonnie rolled on top of him and sat up. “And my lovely Frank likes assertive women, doesn’t he? Shall I tell you what triggered it, Frank darling? It was another assertive woman, that’s what.” She pointed between her enhanced boobs. “This assertive woman. Me. I triggered it, and I am proud to say that the lovely ‘Price Girl’ as you so eloquently put it has been my lover on…” she counted on her fingers. “At least four separate occasions including this very morning in this very bed. And a very fine lover she is too.”

Bonnie would have given anything at that moment for a camera.

Frank’s mouth stayed open for a very long time. She could almost see his brain whirring, trying to process his thoughts into something coherent. They were completely open with each other. They had whoever they wanted, whenever they wanted, together or apart; but this little Bycasino revelation had thrown Frank off kilter completely.

At last Bonnie spoke. “Say something, hon!”

Frank swallowed twice very hard. Bonnie could feel him stiffening beneath her. She was going to have to take another mouthful at this rate. She eased off him to allow him to slip back inside her and she settled down again on his hardening cock.

She held her hands out. “Not gonna move until you speak, hon!”

Frank’s voice sounded strangled. “She’s cute. Can I join in next time?”

Bonnie began to move in a way that Frank found irresistible. “That’s entirely up to the ‘Price Girl’, sweet pea. Whereas I love my rugged old bear, she may find you hairy and repulsive. Would you like me to make enquiries?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Then be nice to her. If you’re a good boy, when you’re in Berlin I may just ask her on your behalf. Now… wanna hear the whole story?”

“Oh yeah!”

“Do that thing to me then…”

Frank did the thing and Bonnie told him the whole story. As he came a second time, he imagined it was Caitlin’s cute little mouth he was coming in.


The next morning, Caitlin was back at her work sorting the invoices that needed paying ahead of her meeting with Bonnie later. There were the usual lot — Fortnum and Mason, Harrods, the account from Amie’s which must be keeping the girl in business by itself. She put the easy ones to process via bank transfer on one pile and picked up one from her other pile — the non-standard ones. It was a new one to her — ‘deVries and Harcourt’ with a Hampstead address. Caitlin goggled at the amount — it was astronomical and all the text said was ‘Services Rendered’. Curious, she checked back in the invoice file and found the section marked ‘dV&H’. It looked like Bonnie had seen to these ones herself and they all seemed for lower amounts. The one she had in her hand was almost double. There was a phone number at the bottom, so she decided to see if there had been a mistake.

When she put the phone down ten minutes later, she was glad to know that the invoice was correct. She was also extremely curious and excited and was hatching a little plan. She couldn’t wait for her meeting with her boss and the afternoon went very slowly.

Bonnie came breezing in bang on time. “Afternoon Miss Price. Trust you are well today!”

Caitlin curtseyed and said, “Mighty fine, Missy Rodreegs. Mighty fine.”

Bonnie put her hands on her hips, grinning. “Fucking hell, Frank was right. The aliens have abducted you and replaced you with a new version haven’t they?”

“Better believe it, Bonita! Me and my alien baby are here to enslave you all! Skye is one of us now and as she is back in Miami again, the U.S of A will have fallen by midnight!”

Bonnie took Caitlin in her arms and hugged her. “If they’re all like you and Skye, I’ll happily submit to slavery! I liked the old Caitlin, but I like the new one a whole lot more!”

As ever, they got down to the serious stuff pretty quickly after their fun. Once they had concluded, Bonnie added her usual subscript to the meeting.

“Anything else I should know about?”

“Erm, yeah. Just one thing really. Angela says it’s about time you had another party…”

Bonnie went blank for a moment. “Angela? Party?”

Caitlin was deadpan. “Nice lady. Foreign by the sound of it. If I’m not mistaken she hires you high class call-girls for your seedy little parties.”

Bonnie’s left eyebrow went up. She pointed a finger at Caitlin who stiffened in her chair. “Two things, lady… no three things. One…” She tapped her pen on her finger. “Angela deVries is Dutch. From Holland, yeah? The Nether-Regions or whatever else they call it… too many fucking names for one country.”

“Still foreign…”

“Don’t get lippy, lady. Two…” Another tap on her finger. “She hires us call-boys as well. They’re high class ones too by the way. And three…”

She stood up and shouted at Caitlin, who thought she’d been caught in the down draught from a jet-engine. “Our parties are not… fucking… seedy!”

She sat down again placing her hands on the table. Taking a deep breath, she said quietly. “They are sexy and fun. Oh and four… yep, she’s right you know. Far too long since the last one. Just saying to Frank the other night, funnily enough.” She ran her finger through her diary. “Three weeks Saturday’s free. Yeah — about time.”

Bonnie looked at Caitlin and smiled her wicked smile. Caitlin knew there was trouble coming. Trouble of the kind she was starting to love. “Nice lady, Angela. You’d like her. Gina as well. She’s the Harcourt part. So why’d she call? Just to give me a gee-up?”

“I called her — the invoice looked too expensive so I checked it. Seems they doubled up that time as you were short of numbers.”

“So now you know, eh?”

Head down, staring at her pad on the table, Caitlin spoke in a tiny voice. “Yes. So now I know.” She began to doodle with her pen. “So… when Bycasino giriş you have your next one in a few Saturdays… if you are short of numbers again… I can think of someone who may like to… well, sort of make the numbers up a little bit?” She looked up at Bonnie coyly, twiddling her pen in her fingers. “She’s quite inexperienced, but very willing to learn. I’m sure if I asked her, she’d help you out.”

Bonnie wanted to shout out in joy. She tried to keep her voice even and calm. “If – and I say again – if we are short I’m sure your friend would be very welcome. If you ask her to submit her case with a detailed résumé of her skills, then the person sending the invites out will consider her application very sympathetically.”

Caitlin lifted her head and said formally, “To whom does one apply?”

Bonnie mimicked her. “Oooh, to whom does one applai, eh? Listen to madam!”

She stood up. “Simple, babes. Send her CV to Miss Caitlin Price of Rodriguez Enterprises, Chelsea Harbour, London, England. I’m sure she’ll let your little friend know whether she has what it takes or not!”

She came round the table and sat on the edge next to Caitlin. She put a hand on her shoulder. “I put that invoice there deliberately. I knew you’d get the hint and do something with it.”

She hugged Caitlin so hard she thought she’d suffocate. “Oh you are such a dream girl! Ever organised an orgy?”

The next thirty minutes were such a rush for Caitlin as Bonnie outlined the plans they had. By the end, she had pages of notes and just hoped she could read them back as she was so excited she could barely write. Finally she put her pen down. “Should have known I’d never get one over on you!”

“Nice try, hon. Oh Cait, you… I mean, your little friend… will love it babes honestly. I hope Gina can make it. She’s one of the best. And she’ll love Jenna – so fucking posh! Looks divine, sounds like royalty. She talks dirty and fucks like a gutter whore. Our American friends go crazy for her! And then there’s the divine Adam… mmmm.”

She went all dreamy for a moment. “Right, enough party talk. You can start in the morning. Three weeks Saturday yeah? Should be plenty of time. Anything you’re not sure of, just ask.” She got up and walked across to her drinks cabinet. “Ok, working day over. Wine, my dear?”

“Oh if I must!”

“Yes you must. I insist. And as we’re celebrating your new job description…” Bonnie popped a bottle of champagne. “Oh Caitlin, were so glad we found you. So good at your job and so amazing… erm… around the house!” She handed her the flute and they touched glasses. The bubbles tickled her nose. They sat drinking and chatting for a few minutes until Bonnie said, “Cait, do you know where Skye’s, what’s it called? Her – email thingy is?”

“You mean her e-nail? Her pipe thing?” Was there nothing this woman didn’t find out about?

Bonnie took a sip, nodding. “That’s the one. Go get it.”


“Cait, I bought her the fucking thing. I keep her stash topped up when she’s away because I keep using it when Frank’s away. My guilty little secret.”

“You? You smoke pot?”

“Darlin’ I grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey and lived in Atlantic City for years. Practically came with the weekly shopping! A little bit now and then does no harm. Go on, fire it up and we can have some nice stoned sex later!”

As Caitlin came back from Skye’s room she thought the day couldn’t get any weirder. She and Bonnie had a few hits and some more champagne before the day did get a little bit weirder.

Bonnie’s eyes were slightly glazed and misted. Caitlin had seen the same look on Skye and assumed her own were the same. She thought it was a really lovely look and felt nicely mellow.

“Cait, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah, fire away.”

“It’s about Frank.”

Caitlin smiled inwardly. She’d been expecting this for a while now, probably since the second time she’d slept with Bonnie. She’d thought long and hard about how she’d react and found her decision very easy to arrive at. If she was going attend the party, it was bound to happen sooner or later anyway.

She thought she’d save Bonnie any further unnecessary words. The older woman was about to continue but Caitlin held up her hand. “Whoa. Hold that thought, Bonita!”

She fired up the e-nail one more time and took a long swig of champagne. She handed the tube to Bonnie and folded her arms demurely in front of her chest. Her voice remained even and calm throughout.

Warmed up nicely by the champagne and weed, she took off. “Right — I think I know where this is going. You told Frank about you and me and he told you he’d like to…”

She made a few crude gestures with her hands and mouth and went on, tapping on her fingers.

“Fuck the Price girl, eat her sweet little girly-hole, feel the inestimable pleasure of her cute little mouth going to work on his…”

She broke off shaking her head from side to side. “Blah-de-blah-de-blah. And you said…”

She paused Bycasino güncel giriş for breath, mimicking Bonnie’s Jersey accent. “Hey Frankie babes, I’ll ply her with drink and drugs and make a casual remark – see how she reacts.”

She stared at the older woman with her arms out by her sides. “Am I warm?”

Bonnie was grinning, her eyes fixed on her friend. “May be on the right track. Go on!”

She took another deep breath, trying to recall her oft-rehearsed words.

“Ok, let’s see – so yes — despite his age I find Franklin Rodriguez to be a handsome man, and I am quite prepared to lie with him in sexual congress either with or without his dear lady wife present. From what I have heard from said lady, Mr. Rodriguez is what some would call ‘well hung’ so it would be nice to add a slightly above average size to my pathetic little collection. I’d also be honoured if said gentleman were the first to give me what I believe is referred to in more vulgar circles as a ‘facial’. If his good lady were present, I’d consider it an ever greater honour for her to assist me in cleaning it from my face and hopefully my breast area, preferably with her tongue. I also hereby give notice that my anal passage is strictly out of bounds and any attempts to penetrate said orifice will be deemed as a forfeiture of any further sexual rights.”

She put a hand to her chin, as if pondering. “Ok, that’s me done. When do we start?”

Bonnie was almost speechless. “Jesus H. Christ on a bike! If this truly is the work of aliens, let the fucking invasion begin! Caitlin Price — you are incorrectly named. You are fucking Price-less, my darling! Shame Frank is in Berlin or I’d say right away!”

Caitlin got up and held a hand out to her boss. “I know I am – priceless I mean – so in the absence of the aforementioned Mr. R, you are his surrogate. Now, about this stoned sex you referred to earlier…”

Bonnie always had to have the last word.

“Only if you show me why your friend deserves an invite…”


“Sorry, hon but I did try my best!”

Frank looked crestfallen. “Not even the famous Bonnie charm offensive?”

“Frank, the look on her face told me she wasn’t going to back down. She was very polite, very nice about it. Said she was flattered that you were attracted to her, but she felt that given the age difference, she wouldn’t feel comfortable – despite the fact you are still an attractive man. Now put away that face — I’ll make it up to you later. I won’t be out long. There’s a nice cool Negroni waiting for you out by the pool and a towel if you want a dip. So get your hairy old ass out there and get some lovely evening sun while it lasts.”

She gave him a peck on the cheek and pushed him towards the door.

“Pearl necklace?”

“Only if you take that pathetic look off of your face. Now git!”

Bonnie made for the elevator. As soon as she was sure Frank had gone out onto the terrace, she did a U-turn and headed for Skye’s room. If it all went south or he came back inside for any reason, he’d never suspect she’d be in there.

She scrambled her iPad Mini out of her bag and tapped at the screen with a soft tipped pen. No way could her talons use a touch screen. It took a few minutes to get what she wanted up and running and she was relieved when an image of Frank appeared, lying on a lounger next to the pool. He was reading his Kindle and the Negroni was obviously going down nicely.

She was delighted that the GoPro was working well and none of the huge black birds that seemed to plague the area had landed on it and knocked it out of position. It had taken her and Caitlin a good bit of trial and error earlier to get it at the perfect angle on the sun awning. She could see Caitlin’s ‘cue mark’ in red felt tip pen on the side of the pool in line with Frank’s lounger.

Right on cue, a small figure moved into the picture, sunglasses on top of her head. She was wearing a huge beach towel covering her from shoulders to calves. Frank was so engrossed in his Kindle, he didn’t even notice. Bless him, Bonnie thought. How many times had he read Fifty Shades and still never seemed to tire of it? As if he’d ever get Bonnie doing that stuff.

She could clearly see Caitlin mouth the words, “Lovely evening Frank!”

Bonnie could not take her eyes off the screen. She was eager to join the action, but also wanted to see how things panned out. She watched in awe as Caitlin went into action. Once she got to the point of no return, she ran though to her own bedroom, cursing as she hit her shoulder painfully on the doorpost with her attention elsewhere. She threw the iPad on the bed and ripped her clothes off. As quietly as she could, she opened the French windows from the bedroom onto the terrace and crept out. Frank was far too pre-occupied to notice her.

She sneaked to within a few yards of them and could hear lovely slurping noises, moans of appreciation and little gasps from Caitlin as she worked. She managed to catch the girl’s eye and gave her a big grin. Caitlin’s eyes went wider than she’d ever seen them. She looked so beautiful with Frank’s big thing in her pretty mouth. Such an innocent look and such a wonderfully dirty act. She had longed to see Caitlin sucking cock and to see her doing it to Frank was such a turn-on.

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