Good Neighbor Policy



Nancy has been our neighbor for over 15 years. She is in her early sixties and is quite an attractive lady. She is very pleasant and always accommodating, although her husband is a college professor who is almost a recluse. The only thing that is certain about him is that he leaves the house at 7 am promptly every weekday, otherwise he is a cipher.

One day while I was drinking coffee and reading the paper I looked out of the window across the wall separating our home from Nancy’s. She was standing as she often is at her kitchen window. This morning she waved at me and made motions that she wanted to talk to me. I accross to greet her and asked her what she wanted. She answered me that she had to replace some bulbs in the ceiling light fixture of their den and did we have a small stepladder that she might borrow. I told her that we had one but it was somewhat unsteady. I offered my help while she replaced the bulbs or better yet that I could do that for her. She thanked me but said that she wanted to do it herself but would appreciate any help. I fetched the ladder and carried it to her home. There she placed it under the fixture and mounted it so that she could reach the fixture. The ladder was a little shaky so I held it in place while she climbed up. All went well until she over-reached and stepped off the highest rung. Luckily she was facing out, towards me and as she fell in this position I was able to catch her by her armpits and cushion the impact of the fall.

For a moment I thought she had passed out and I asked her if she was alright. She opened her eyes and said “I’m fine , thank you.” Because of the way she fell and how I caught her we stood face to face, with my arms embracing her. We were so close in fact that almost every part of our bodies were in intimate contact.

I don’t know why or even understand how it happened, but when she told me that she was unhurt I kissed her gently on her cheek. At that her eyes opened wide, and at that moment I remember thinking what a jerk I must be. I braced myself for the verbal rebuke and perhaps even some physical reaction that was sure to follow, but nothing at all like this happened. Instead she smiled and returned my kiss. She didn’t kiss my cheek in return but launched a full blown passionate response as her lips and tongue attacked my own. I was astonished because consciously at least I had not looked for or anticipated this response. In the past we saw each other Bycasino from our respective kitchen windows from which we waved, or on the street where we passed a few moments of polite but certainly not at all intimate conversation. Almost immediately I reacted strongly and almost immediately had an erection of which she couldn’t have been unaware because of our close proximity.

Neither one of us spoke because we were so busy kissing each other. After a fer seconds of intimate kissing I felt her hand move across my front and stop at my groin. There she fondled and caressed my erect Penis. This excited me so much I had to gently remove her hand and told her that I was close to coming. She stopped kissing me long enough to tell me to come with her.

She led me by the hand to her bedroom, and when we reached it we fell on her bed groping for each other, kissing and at the same time trying to get our clothes off. Neither one of us was in the mood for foreplay. We were both hungry for one another. My trousers were off, my shorts followed immediately. She pulled her skirt up over her hips, and for the first time I found myself admiring her graceful long legs, but not for long because she immediately pulled me down on top of her. I didn’t even have time to remove her panties. Her arms and legs held me close to her body and almost forced me into her. She grabbed my erect Penis and directed it in to her already moist, and what seemed incredible warm Vagina. I plunged it into her, helpless to control events, and I don’t think either of us lasted for more than 2-3 minutes before we both came. I came explosively and this time remarkably without needing Viagra which recently became a necessity for me. As she came with me I felt the walls of her vagina contract about my Penis squeezing its discharge. She bit my lip, thrust her tongue into my mouth as far as she could, scratched my back with her finger nails and tears came to her eyes. Certainly this was the most memorable orgasm I ever enjoyed.

Afterward as we lay together we kissed more leisurely, and removed our clothes. For the first time I appreciated her slim but well proportioned body. She was of medium height and her breasts were large but they sagged very little. Her skin was smooth except for some slight abdominal stretch marks. Her Pubic bush was brown with some gray, and from there the unmistakable aroma of recent sexual activity arose.

We chatted comfortably Bycasino giriş like an old married couple. I didn’t ask, but was eager to hear what brought on this sexual explosion. She told me that her husband, although kind and respectful to her, had gradually become withdrawn and rarely talked to her. There had been no sexual relations for the last few years, and she was reluctant to seek it with some one else. When I asked her if she planned this encounter she blushed and indicated that she had been thinking about me for some time. She compensated for her loss of intercourse with her husband by masturbation, and when she did she invariably chose me as her mental partner. I reminded her that in all the years we had been neighbors she never once gave any hint of this. When I asked if I had met up to her expectations she kissed me again and said very much so. Once again and without any pharmacological assistance I had an erection, aided and abetted by her teasing fingers.

I kissed her ears, her neck and down her chest to reach her ample breasts. Her face and chest was still rosy pink from her sexual excitement, and her nipples were erect. I teased her breasts with my tongue which she loved. She asked me to suckle on them and which I happily obliged. My own hand was not idle as my fingers explored her very warm and moist Vagina. Nancy blushed as I licked them dry from my own discharge and her secretion.

I continued my downward journey with my lips and tongue, and when my tongue reached her groin she began to shake. She told me that she had never experienced this before. I was happy to oblige and placed myself at her feet with my head at her groin. My tongue gently lapped at her thighs and as it moved up their inside and approached her Vagina she began to moan with pleasure. As my tongue began to probe its entrance she arched her back and pulled my head down closer to her groin. When I flicked my tongue over her prominent Clitoris she couldn’t restrain her cries of pleasure, and when she came, as she did several times she wept again.

I was gratified to find that my penis remained erect. Moving under her I gently pulled her into a squatting position over me. She needed no encouragement from me, and lowered herself slowly until the tip of my penis was just engaged by her Vagina.

This time she controlled events, and as I tried to enter her she gently pulled away. The stimulation was just enough Bycasino güncel giriş to keep me erect, but not enough to result in my own ejaculation. She continued to tease me for what seemed an eternity before she lowered herself on me and engulfed my organ. Again I felt experienced the incredibly warm,smooth and moist sheath that felt surprisingly snug. As she rose and fell on me the walls of her Vagina seemed to grip and massage my Penis. Her large breasts periodically approached my eager lips and I sucked and nibbled at nipples which added to our pleasure. We fell into a steady rhythm trying to sustain our enjoyment so long as possible. Finally neither one of us could postpone the inevitable and by mutual, but unspoken consent we both came together for the second time. Again we lay embraced and fondled each other. This time Nancy shyly asked if she could clean my limp Penis which by now was sticky with semen and her own secretions.

She my penis in her hand and used her tongue to licked it clean from the Scrotum up. Once she had accomplished this she teased the end of my Penis with her Tongue. This time it was my turn to shiver with pleasure. As my previously limp Penis became partially erect she took it into her mouth where she again used her tongue to play with it. She was able to take about half of its length in, and used her lips to their full advantage so that after a few minutes I warned her that I was about to come. She looked up at me and smiled,but continued her oral minstrations. I came, but this time even though it was just as pleasurable for me the discharge was very little.

We spent about an hour in making love, when I realized that my wife was due to come home soon from exercise gym. Nancy and I showered together, and although I tried to perform again, I couldn’t. We toweled each other dry and dressed. Nancy surpized me once again when she began to dress rather provocatively in a sort of reverse Strip -tease,. She was well aware of what effect she had because again my tired penis began to perk up as she put on a garter belt to which she attached sheer black nylon stockings. I asked her to wear these for me the next time we got together and smilingly she agreed. We made our next date for two mornings later.

As I left Nancy to return to my own home I felt a warm glow of contentment, and surprisingly was not at all tired from the morning’s activities.

When my wife returned she asked me if any one had called and what if anything had happened in her absence. I told her that Nancy asked me for the loan of our stepladder, and that I went over to her house to help help install some light bulbs.

” What a nice neighbor you are” she said, and kissed me.

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