Golden Earring Ch. 01

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CHAPTER ONE – Claire steps out

It was not something she could put her finger on. The what or the when. Gradually girls seemed to turn away from her. Invites dried up. No more shopping with her besties. No more whispers of friends and illicit liaisons.

In fact Claire now got the feeling that she had actually become… the, focus of the gossip. It hurt, but she would not let it get her down. She shrugged & got on with life. Unknowingly at first, she substituted boys affection for girls company. Blond locks blue eyes, what she thought was a perfect body. She found herself out every night. Different guys, some in love, some not. Before she left school, she was a legend. The rumours grew, wild exaggeration of her exploits became the norm.

She succeeded in her first job interview. Within a fortnight she had been to bed with a co-worker & spent a night away with her boss on a business trip. Two weeks later these two were rumoured to have had a vicious fight.. The co-worker left soon afterwards, his position untenable. Claire felt sad. He had been kind, funny & supportive.

The bosses wife started to turn up occasionally, Claire felt the icy glances. Although the boss cooled towards her, others flocked, flirting, trying to stumble upon her in quiet areas of the building.

Outside work there were plenty of random invitations. At the bus stop in the supermarket. A salvation army band played in the town’s central Square. She happened to stop, watching families & couples, as they listened to carols.

“Hello. I love Christmas, don’t you?” Tall, good looking & a decent tan for the time of year. Her type. After minimal small talk, she found herself on a settee in front of a huge TV in his flat. His love making adequate but not spectacular. Late home, she took the usual barrage from worried parents. She could feel their patience wearing thin, her mother had been picking up gossip. She went straight up to bed thinking, at the age of 18, it was none of their business where she had been. Her head hit the pillow, a little mad, a little sad.

Over the next few days she spent her evenings at Phillips flat. Everything about him seemed to be adequate if unspectacular. He was a shopfitter, decent money. He had recently built a set for a photographer,

“I got to know him quite well, you should try some modelling.” He suggested. She had heard this so often. She knew she didn’t have the height for fashion. Anyway to get anywhere a portfolio was required, which cost an arm & a leg.

Phillip could be persuasive. The premises were just around the corner in the high street. So the following Saturday morning he led her by the hand across its threshold.

“My name is Bernard.” Said the photographer. He was exactly how she imagined. His handshake, weak & clammy. A pot belly & bald head.

“Step on the set.” He ushered her to an area which had clearly been set up for portraits. She wore a short black dress which clung to her slim body, emphasising her breasts. He got plenty of full length shots then moved closer to her face.

“Wow, photogenic ain’t the word babe.” A gruff cockney accent.

“But we can’t relax here. Why don’t you come round to mine?… Tomorrow afternoon. Phil’s got the address.”

“I was wondering about a portfolio.” She felt like she was being pushed.

“Well, we can discuss that. This business is a bit…You know, scratch my back & I’ll scratch back.”

A small boy entered followed by his mum.

“Be just a moment.” Said Bernard. Then to Phillip, “Shall we say 2 30?”

Phillip returned the suggestion with a nod. He took her to a pub where they spent the rest of the afternoon. When Claire finally arrived home, she was very drunk & had to be reminded of the conversation which had taken place, by her parents at breakfast, next morning.

“Look, this is a break for you.” Phillip tried a motivational speech as they sat in the car outside Bernards. “You remember what he said about back scratching? Well think about it. This guy’s a pro with tons of connections, he can really help”

“But you’ll be there too?” She said doubtfully, having suspicions about what had been suggested.

Bernard greeted them jovially, to Claires surprise görükle escort they sat down to tea. The large cottage could be described as elegant, picturesque even. Through the window of a typical English sitting room a large garden could be seen. They talked convivially of holidays & favourite cars. At the conclusion of tea, Bernard ushered Claire into a small messy office. “I would like you to study the magazines & portfolios.”

He pointed to piles of colourful journals on a large desk. “When you feel ready, come back to the sitting room, we’ll chat.”

She had seen porn before, but this surprised her. The girls weren’t just opening their legs or screwing another girl or boy. There were canings, gang bangs, weird objects, slavery. Some of this excited her. Some of it scared her. But even before she left school, she had felt herself being drawn towards…what? The unknown, something she could only describe as the sexual dark side.

Two pairs of eyes stared as she self-consciously returned to the sitting room.

“So my dear…You have just seen an area of the industry in which you could earn a fortune. I could make you a top performer, sought after around the world. Do you think you could perform?”

Bernards words hung in the air. She had so many questions, so many ifs & buts.

“We won’t just crash land you in the heavier stuff, my dear. We will break you in gently.”

“How would I know what to do?” Her words were music to Bernards ears.

“Love, all you have to do is turn up, others will do the rest.” She looked at Phillip, he shrugged.

“Now pop your clothes off, let’s see what we have to work with.” Bernard got down to business, Claire found herself mechanically acquiescing.

“Everything!” He directed, & after she had complied, “Now hands down at your sides.” His camera whizzed & she twirled, proud of her body, but apprehensive.

He brought a pair of stockings & stilettos. “Put these on.” He commanded, making his way to French windows. Phillip helped her totter through them into the damp garden. A cold wind chased leaves across the grass. Bernard fired away with his camera long before she readied herself. The garden, large & beautiful, sloped down to the river where a small boat had been attached to a mooring.

They had been in the garden too long. Claire shivered, her nipples standing rigidly to attention. A pleasure craft could be seen coming up the river. “Phillip, take Claires hand go down to the Mooring. Both of you wave to the boat.” The photographer grinned & moved stealthily.

Phillip unfolded his arms, got off a small wall & held a hand towards Claire. She started to retreat but felt the strong hand of the photographer in the small of her back. They arrived at the mooring, she sensed the fully clothed boy waving beside her & heard the whizz of the camera. Slowly she raised an arm, seeing the people on the boat. “What am i becoming?” She thought. Humiliated & yet somehow proud of the effect her body had on the occupants of the boat & the men beside her. She put her shoulders back, which raised her breasts. The boat passed the garden, 4 people stared incredulously at the naked beauty now waving vigorously. “Fabulous!” Said Bernard.

With the aid of both men, she awkwardly made her way back to the house shivering. They screwed her in front of the fire. Their actions seemed so inevitable that she found herself going with it. Eventually the still naked girl sat between the 2 men discussing possible assignments for the following week.

Tuesday, the now ever present Phillip picked her up. They drove to a unit on an industrial estate, which turned out to be Bernards studios. They passed several sets before arriving at a locked door where Bernard welcomed them. Inside, a large dungeon equipped with whips & sex toys left her feeling uneasy. Claire was ushered to a small dressing room. A corset, only big enough to cover her belly & white stockings awaited her. She wobbled back into the dungeon on more six inch stilettos, wondering how big Bernards collection of shoes could be.

Phillip had put on bondage gear, with a weird Mexican wrestling mask. He stood by a rug upon which was a small red machine, a dildo görükle escort bayan rose vertically out of it. Bernard seemed to be using a video & 2 still cameras quite effectively.

“Put your hands on your head.” Phillip demanded sadistically. Clare had the feeling of arrival, virtually naked in front of these men & their cameras. The anticipation & fear ran through her. So did adrenelin, excitement. The man she thought once she may have loved held a whip & barked more orders. ” Impale yourself on that.” He pointed at the dildo. She needed a free hand to acquiesce. A whip fell upon her back starting to turn the skin pink. “Hands on your head, shoulders back.”

The machine was turned on ,the dildo throbbed inside her. They gave her a few minutes to enjoy it. Then Phillip raised the whip & brought it down onto her breasts, which danced across her chest. Again & again the blows came, she winced.

“Grind on that dildo.” Came another order. The girl was entranced with pleasure & pain, somehow excited to have her own free will in the hands of others. The scene ended when Phillip came over her.

“Not enough for a video, but a decent scene.” Said Bernard. He threw Claire a towel.

Bernards local Pub had a thatched roof. Rural bliss, thought Phillip. He felt in good spirits as he arrived for the prearranged meeting. He had enjoyed events earlier. The photographer bought him a pint & ushered him to a quiet alcove.

“Little birds like the one you just found are rare, maybe only 3 or 4 in a lifetime!” Bernard paused to let his confidant appraise the significance.

“Money?” Said Phillip.

“Yes, of course. But…” Bernard tutted with frustration. “Much more than that…She is the key with which we can open golden doors. Make powerful well heeled contacts… Money from shoots , videos… Personal appearances…All make money…But it’s the private parties where the real deals can be done. With her looks she will be popular. We don’t know her limits, but if she goes as far as I suspect she might…” He slapped Phillip on the shoulder, “We have a very credible prospect.”

Phillip sat back to struggle with his conscience. Truthfully, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever fucked. But something … Something???? Made her sport rather than someone to love. Nonetheless he cared. He particularly balked at the phrase, “Her limits.”

“When you talk about how far she will go, how far are you expecting?”

“Fair question.” Said Bernard.

“There are all sorts of fetishes out there, we have to wait & see what gets asked for. The most solemn rule is that the goods don’t get disfigured permanently. One of us must attend all events to ensure that…Goose’s & golden eggs you know…Now, I will distribute the little ad we made today around certain circles & we will see what comes of it!”

When Phillip returned home, tipsy, he found Claire waiting at the doorstep. She asked if she could move in. The fly was in the web.

A couple of days later Phillip drove Claire to what had been described as a location event. She shivered with anticipation. The total unknown, being out of her depth, got her very horny. The drive, a long one through country lanes, ended when they entered a walled estate. Passing the gatekeepers lodge, they climbed a small hill. Just past the apex, they could see a lake. A fountain rose out of it. Beyond, a large manor house.

Many cars were parked on the lawns. Phillip delivered Claire at a back door, near some stables. A butler seemed to be waiting for her. He helped her out of the vehicle, bowing once. With a hand he ushered her into the house. Phillip drove off. Alone, excitement kept her anxiety in check. The butler led her through kitchens.

Opening a door, he said, “You are instructed to wait here. You are expected to wear the garments on the bed, should you need anything further please lift the telephone receiver & dial 0.” The man had been so matter of fact that she got the impression he had seen this before. She found a small ‘en suite’ room with a TV. An arrangement of fruit sat on a table along side it.

Black stockings, suspenders & shoes. She donned the attire & waited..& waited. After half bursa escort an hour she switched the TV on but couldn’t concentrate on it. She felt cold, so she put her blouse back on. suddenly a knock at the door drilled through her thoughts. The butler smiled. “Now, now miss. No false modesty here. The gentlemen are ready.”

He took her blouse & eased it away from her shoulders. Beyond the door two maids were waiting, curtseying as she appeared. Claires heart began to race, she blushed feeling particularly uncomfortable at being naked in front of women. There followed a ceremonial procession. The butler led the way upstairs & through the huge house. Claire followed, behind her the maids.

Merriment could be heard, long before they arrived in the room, voices some shouting, the chink-chink of glass on glass. But silence fell as the little procession entered. Houselights dimmed & a fierce spotlight found Claire. For a second she went blind. She smelt cigar smoke & alcohol. As her eyes got used to the light, she saw a small darkened arena, the shape of figures among the crowd could be vaguely defined, lots of them. In the middle stood a boxing ring. The procession moved towards it, low whispers everywhere. Claires pulse raced uncontrollably.

Another harsh light lit the ring. A referee & MC stood waiting. The butler clambered onto the canvass & turned to help Claire. The MC put a microphone to his lips.

“And now gentlemen, we arrive at the main event of the evening. An unlimited round contest, between beauty.” He held up an introductory hand. The butler took Claires arm, leading her around the ring. The spotlight animated her golden locks, breasts bobbing at every pace. Finally he sat her in a corner & her shoes were removed by the maids.

After a pause the MC continued “Gentlemen tonights beasts.” Small figures could be defined running through the crowd. Claire stood up. “What is this?” She said to herself. The butler & the referee both heard & grinned menacingly. The figures reached the ring. Jumping in they started to fight each other playfully. They were dwarves, seven of them. The audience laughed. Ripples of conversation replaced the boisterous cheering.

The MC, having subdued the exuberance of what amounted to Claires opposition, she was summoned to the centre of the ring. The dwarves, dressed in what could only be described as BDSM wrestling attire, leered at the young blond standing only in stockings & suspenders. The referee said a few words, the crowd cheered again & Claire stood in the centre of the ring alone. The dwarves were moving around the outside of the ring, on the ropes. From behind one jumped in, catching her unaware, he slapped a breast hard & ran to the ropes. Another got close & she got a hard spank on the bottom. Each strike met with immense cheers.

Now 3 confronted her together, she started to back away, not noticing another on all fours behind her. Falling over him, she lay on the ground legs akimbo. Seven rushed, pinning down her limbs. Breasts squeezed hard, she writhed as fingers entered her vagina. The crowd went wild. Claire turned her head to one side, figures in the darkness could be seen jumping up & down, giving yells of encouragement.

From somewhere a vibrator & hitachi were produced. The dwarves applied them to the girls genitals. She groaned & dug her nails into the canvass as the implements did their work. As she opened her mouth, her head got jerked back to the vertical. One of her tormentors spat in her mouth then held his hand over it so she had to swallow. Another held her nose & as oxygen drained from her lungs she found herself in dizzying ecstasy.

Suddenly they released her, dragging her to the side of the ring on her knees. Facing the audience now, they began to fuck her. When changing partners, she would be led to a different part of the canvass on all fours. Being spanked & slapped as she went.

Finally they sat her in the centre of the ring & one by one came over her. Each dwarf on finishing strolled around the ropes taking individual applause. That done, she sat there come soaked, cheers ringing in her ears.

The seven came back, taking out their cocks & pissed on her. They forced her to open her mouth. As they left, the audience showed its satisfaction. The butler stood over her. She noticed his boner. He took her hand & led her around the arena. The noise still rang in her ears as she stood in a shower 10 minutes later. Numb but wondering what would be next.


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