Going for the Triple



In the past one of the more delightful times I had as a younger, perhaps slightly more active man than now, was to end up bedding three members of the same family and then a family friend as well. If you want to read about it it’s called ‘Keeping it in the Family’. Even though it sounds like incest, in fact as I wasn’t related to them it wasn’t. The best thing about it all was that they all knew about the others – so it was the choice of all worlds, no jealousy, no bitching, nothing. I think the worst remark I heard in all the time I was with them was – “Hey, it’s my turn! He’s mine tonight, you can have him tomorrow.” Often I wasn’t asked what I thought, but hell! I was young and fit – it would have been rude not to take up what was being offered.

I’m a lot older now, and never expected anything like that to ever happen again. But in rather curious circumstances, I ended up bedding three generations of a family that lived not too far away. Not something I’d normally ever consider doing with folks on my own doorstep. Actually it was a scenario that if you tried to set it up you couldn’t – I just wish I’d bet money on it ever happening. As it turned out I’d have made a killing.

— 000 —

What’s the old saw? Be careful of what you wish for? Well in essence I had known this family since we moved to this location – the quick way into town was past our house and they all used to stop and chat on the way. Daughter was still at college in those days and mother was in her second marriage. In the short number of intervening years that too had gone sour and finished. To help make ends meet Grandma had moved in. Three generations under one roof. All three women were attractive in their own way – youngest a friendly stunner, mother a very attractive soccer mum type and Grandma a still strikingly beautiful mature lady. The younger two had been lucky to inherit their mother’s beauty and brains. In build all came from the same mould – quite tall, five eight, five nine, slim and with nice, well proportioned figures. I’d heard both mother and daughter get whistled at by van drivers.

Watching young Kathie grow and blossom into the nubile 20 year old she now was, was a great pastime as she always stopped and passed the time of day with us if either my other half or I were in the garden. More than once after Kathie had walked on into town Pam had laughed and remarked to me, “Don’t lie – I know you’d like to get into her pants!” Pam and I had been together for too long for me to do anything other than agree. Though we’re both pretty liberal in our outlook, as they only lived a few doors down neither of us thought any more of the joking, though inwardly I knew that if I ever got the chance wild horses wouldn’t stop me.

— 000 —

Pam had to go up country on a long planned excursion to see some friends and stay with them for a couple of weeks. It was something she did from time to time, neither of us gave it much thought. I came in a little earlier than normal one afternoon just before the latest trip to find Anita, Kathie’s mother, having tea with Pam. They’d become friends over the years and as Pam’s mobility was no longer what it might be following a failed operation Pam’s friends often dropped in – so again no big deal. A mug of tea was duly produced and I sat down and joined them.

“I’m glad you got back a bit earlier Sven,” Pam said, “Nita’s got a small difficulty and has asked for some help. I’ve said yes we will, but she insists that I run it past you first.”

Nita blushed a little and looked uncomfortable.

Pam carried on, “While I’m away they’re having some new windows put in in Mary’s room.”

Mary was Nita’s mother.

“The fitters have said that they would like Mary to move out for a couple or three days as some remedial work has to be completed first. So Mary won’t be able to use her room. Most of her things will need to be moved out as well. Nita was just telling me that Mary was going to sleep on their sofa for a week. I said that we wouldn’t hear of it – so Kath and Nita are going to bring some of Mary’s things round here and she can use Ben’s old room – it’s not as if he will mind and I’ve told both Nita and Mary that you’ll be glad of the company.”

All I could think of was that it seemed a useful idea and I said so.

Nita said, “Thanks, Sven – it’s really very kind of you both – Pam’s been most insistent, but I said that you had to agree as well. Mary’s happy at the thought – she’s not as young as she used to be and I don’t think that she was really looking forward to that old settee…”

Then as an after thought, “Oh, and Mary said to tell you she’ll be very happy to cook for you and won’t take no for an answer.”

Inwardly I thought “Oh bugger! that’s any thought of playing while the cat’s away straight out the metaphorical window!”

But as you do, I smiled sweetly and said “No probs at all – and Mary’s cooking will be a great change from Pam’s usual.” Which earned me a laugh and a warning dig in the ribs from my best beloved.

— 000 Ankara travesti

The day before Pam was due to leave Nita and Mary appeared looking a little flustered – I had opened the door to find them there, both obviously concerned. They started talking together – so I held up my hands, stopped them, and said, “Not on the doorstep, come on – in you come, kettle’s just boiled – any problems will wait until we have a cup of tea in our hands.”

So in they came – Mary rather fidgety I thought, while Nita just looked worried. Tea poured we sat at the kitchen table.

“So what’s the problem?” I asked.

“Oh Sven,” Nita started, “The builders have discovered that there’s rather more work than they thought and rather than being a day or two it’s going to be more like a week or two.”

My response? “… and the problem is?” Then continuing, “I don’t recall either Pam or I putting any time constraints on things. If you need some help you need some help. Full stop. Won’t make any difference to Pam or I – she’s away and as long as Mary can stand my snoring through two doors or the wall then there isn’t a problem.”

I shrugged my shoulders and asked, “Now Mary – if you’re coming over tonight – what’s on the menu – you know Pam’s a vegetarian….”

The relief on their faces was a picture as they argued about what Mary was going to cook. In the end it was settled as Pam arrived back in from the shops, helped herself to a mug of tea, and said, “Fish and chips,” which she does eat, “for supper.” So that was sorted then.

Later that night, with Mary safely settled into the spare bedroom, Pam said to me, “I think you’re going to have fun while I’m away – Mary may be a little older, but she’s got a hell of a twinkle in her eye.”

She was holding my balls as she spoke and had just removed the end of my penis from her mouth – she always says it’s rude to talk with your mouth full. I must admit I had noticed the same thing – I might have known it wouldn’t get past Pam’s watchful eyes – and everything twitched mightily at the thought.

Pam just giggled, “God, you’re incorrigible – she’ll be in bed with you before the taxi’s turned the corner!”

Then she returned to running her tongue and lips round his straining tip, before climbing onto me, holding him as she slipped onto and then engulfed me in one easy practised move. I nipped the proffered nipple lightly and was rewarded with attempted strangulation by the muscles surrounding me. Tonight I couldn’t wait for niceties so I rolled Pam onto her back, put my arms behind her knees and fucked her fast and hard – attempting to drive her through the mattress. Neither of us lasted long in what was a wet and noisy experience – never giving a thought to Mary just the other side of the wall.

— 000 —

First thing in the morning Mary and I waved Pam off in the taxi – God knows what any neighbours who saw us thought. Pam and I certainly didn’t care too much and Mary didn’t seem to be over bothered either.

Mary had the use of the Family bathroom and I had our en-suite so I wandered off to finish washing and dressing – though I’ve mainly retired now, I do keep some parts of my business going, more of a favour to old customers who’ve become friends. We don’t really need the money it brings in, but both Pam and I have agreed it keeps me from under her feet and my mind working. My Hobby is classic cars so in a way the money keeps that side of my spare time going as well.

I called out to Mary to say that I was going out for a business appointment, then needed to check over the boat, so it would be later in the afternoon before I was going to be back in. She came into the kitchen with a housecoat on and I gave her a door key and told her to come and go as she wished. I gave her a quick peck on the cheek, which made her blush I noted, picked up my brief case and a bag with a change of clothes for the boat and went off for the rest of the day.

— 000 —

Somewhat later than I intended I arrived back home. After a lousy drive through heavy traffic and an irritating afternoon trying to fix the boat’s engine I wasn’t in the best of humour so I just dumped my brief case and bag in the hall wandered into the bedroom threw my clothes in a heap as I took them off and without looking back marched into the shower. Hot water! Great for aches and pains achieved by wrestling with boat engines.

Then I nearly had a heart attack as a hand on my shoulder and a voice in my ear said, “looks like you need a hand with a bit of a rubdown on that back!” I lurched round trying not to fall over and there – quite naked – stood Mary with the soap in her hand.

At this point several things happened – don’t ask in what order – but basically my prick went instantly hard, I slipped and sat down, heavily, and Mary fell over the threshold and landed on top of me.



Mature Mary.

With the gorgeous breasts,

The merest hint of a tiny belly

and thinning grey pubic hair.

She Konya travesti landed sitting on my thigh, me holding her with both hands round her ass and slowly she slid down my leg to make contact with me. I leant forward and kissed her on the mouth – firmly. Then leant back to take in her lovely shape, so well hidden by her normal clothes when she was dressed.

She – the soap long since left to its own devices – had both hands on my shoulders. That changed when she glanced down and said, “I’m not wasting that!” and holding my aching dick eased herself onto the end of it. The feeling as she slowly slid down my length to bottom out was lovely.

Her eyes gently closed as she savoured the moment, “Dear Lord that’s beautiful,’ her voice jagged as she breathed deeply.

Then her orgasm started – I felt the ripples in her muscles as it overcame her totally, her eyes opened, startled at the depth and intensity as it overwhelmed her, her eyes rolling up as she fainted – impaled on me. Then her orgasm took me with her and I pumped deeply inside her, holding her to me, unable to move.

A few seconds later and her eyelids fluttered and she began to recover. As it seemed like a good idea I kissed her. Her muscles flexed again, though this time as I had shrunk all that happened was I slipped out. Mary still managed a groan of pleasure even at that point. Slowly as things became a little more normal I helped Mary back to her feet and in turn got back up myself. Without saying anything she washed me off and then shooed me out of the shower while she washed herself. I dried myself as I watched and was ready to dry Mary when she turned the water off and got out.

She now began to look embarrassed again and started to talk… “Sv…

I laid a finger on her lips then having finished drying her led her to our bed. I climbed in and she followed behind me. I turned her gently away from me and spooned in behind her, holding her in my arms. She sighed and wriggled her bottom against me and her breathing relaxed as we lay together in the gathering dusk of the silent house. Inevitably her warmth set him off and she wriggled him between her legs as she felt him grow. Now I could feel her warmth against me as he nestled back in her cleft. Reaching between us she steered him into place and once again he slid, comfortably and deeply, into her waiting pussy.

With me still inside Mary moved a little away from me to make more of an angle with me and then draped her legs over mine so that I, still inside her, made a right angle and while on my side we could move gently against each other.

“Oh God this is good,” she whispered, “I never thought at my age I would feel such a lovely cock inside me again.”

From such a demure, grey-haired old lady these were words I never would have thought to have heard. But then it was her turn to surprise me again. She turned on the bedside light so she could see me sliding in and out of her and I could watch her as well. Then she slid away from me, rolled over and knelt facing away from me.

“Sven – now. Like this, take me hard, doggy fashion.”

It would have been rude to refuse so I knelt behind her, running my fingers up the inside of her thighs and caressed her wet and ready honey pot, then I eased his tip into her and gently pulled her all the way onto him using her hips. Then we started the dance again, wonderful sloshing noises coming from what rapidly became an out of control rut. Mary’s tightness meant that neither of us was ever going to last long even though this was now the second time in less than half an hour we were having sex. This time I came first stretching hard into her in three long spasms of cumming. As we subsided onto the bed Mary managed to tuck a towel underneath us. “Clever girl,’ I thought as still together we fell asleep.

— 000 —

I woke alone to the Saturday morning sunshine coming through a crack in the curtains, on my own in that half world between sleep and waking I remembered the events of the previous night almost with disbelief. As the waking state took over I remembered more and more and then felt the towel still in the bed beside me. Its less than fragrant aroma confirmed the events. I decided to play quiet and nonchalant and wait and see how Mary was before I said anything. I certainly didn’t want to upset her or anyone else. After all Pam and I may have a relaxed attitude towards other partners but this was not something that we particularly mentioned to to others unless it was warranted. Making myself decent in a pair of shorts I freshened myself up and ambled into the kitchen.

Mary was sat in a housecoat at the table with a cup of coffee and looking out of the window at the river as I walked up behind her and rubbed her shoulders.

“Sven. About last night…?”


“I don’t want you to think….” Mary started and then stopped.

I sat in the chair beside her and turned her to face me, her knees between mine. I leaned forward and kissed her gently. “And what is it that you İzmir travesti don’t want me to think?”

She didn’t answer for a moment.

Then, “Sven, I’m sorry I took advantage of you, but when I saw you naked through your bedroom door walking into your bathroom I couldn’t help myself.”

“Mary, I didn’t exactly stop you did I?”

I stood up and pulled her to her feet where I could hold her properly to me and kissed her again.

“Mary, Pam knew this was likely to happen and told me to enjoy it if the chance arose. I must admit that I expected to enjoy the chase and the process of seduction, but seeing as you rather took over – I enjoyed that as well. So don’t – please – feel guilty. No-one is hurt or going to be and you and I had some great sex, if you enjoyed it half as much as I did that is.”

Mary’s answer was to hold my head in both hands and give me a full-blooded tongue lashing kiss.

I laughed and said, “I’ll take that as a yes then!”

In response she cupped the now tented front of my shorts, wrapping her hand round a rapidly hardening erection, then with the other hand pulled the front out of the way and handled him directly, sliding the skin around him before dropping to her knees in front of me. She licked the dewdrop off the end and looked up at me. “I’m too sore to take you inside me again this morning, but I do love dealing with ‘Morning Glories’ and I think this one needs dealing with…”

Mary then proceeded to give me a cracking blow-job, not the best I’ve ever had but by no means the worst. She surely knew what she as doing and as I came she had just the rim inside her mouth so that both she and I got the full effect.

“God I love your taste,” was all she said as she cleaned me off after swallowing every last drop.

Then back to her feet – “God what a great start to the weekend – Coffee?”

— 000 —

Later on I left to go and do some business in the local shopping area and left Mary behind. In any case she wanted to go back to her own home as she needed both to pick up something and let Nita know all was just fine. I chuckled inwardly at that last comment. I would certainly be telling Pam on my mobile and I expected to hear from her that either Derek, her friend’s husband, or Tony their son had made sure Pam was neither lonely nor neglected. Indeed that turned out to be the case – Tony and she had slept together, though I gather sleep was probably the only thing they hadn’t done. Pam was amused that Mary had ‘fallen for me,’ but glad that things were going to be all right between us.

I got back a couple of hours later to find Mary had returned and was reading a book. She looked up as I came in.

“Sven, Nita has asked if you could spare her a moment sometime today. The builders have left her with a problem she’d like some advice on.”

“OK – perhaps I’ll slip along now before I settle to something else.”

Mary smiled. “Fine I’ll give her a ring and tell her you’re on your way.”

Now one thing about our houses is that the development we live on is on a hill, so I can walk out our back plot, through a gate, onto a small back service road, up to Nita’s and then go through her plot to her back door. All quite discreetly, with very few or possibly even none of our neighbours knowing we’re visiting. I’d never used it before but did so on this occasion.

Nita was waiting for me. Outside. By their pool. Wearing just a bikini, some sun lotion, coconut based by the smell – oh and a smile.

“Sven, so good of you to come round so quickly. Forgive me, I hadn’t expected you so soon and I’d just decided to top up my sun tan and didn’t have time to change back. Come inside and I’ll show you the problem.”

I still hadn’t smelt the rat so just followed – admiring a very tight, rather nice little ass as I did – so what happened next rather took me by surprise. Nita got inside and as I followed she shut the door, put her hands round my neck and kissed me.

“Did mother tell you about the problem?”

“No she didn’t go into any detail,” I responded.

So her next move took me completely by surprise. She pulled the strings on both the top and bottom halves of the miniscule bikini, did a naked twirl in front of me and then said, “I have had three gorgeous men builders working in the house – I daren’t let them near me in this small town – but I have to say my problem really now is you. Mum and I talk and I know what the pair of you have been up to, so in my state ….”


Naked in front of me.

Begging for sex.

It would have been rude not to help her out.

In any case she already had my shirt off over my head and was now undoing my trousers.


There’s only so much resistance a man can put up.

In the end I helped her and also ended up naked.

She giggled – and putting a hand up to her mouth, said, “I see you come with the new handy handle!”

Grabbing me by the dick she led me down the hall to her bedroom.

Her hands went round my neck again, we’re near enough the same height, but this time the kiss was slow and lingering, her tongue running sensuously along my lips. My hands on her bottom, pulling her into me, my hardness caught between us – both of us wet, dripping and ready for the main event.

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