I walked into the darkly glamorous bathroom, a glittering, glistening mess after the last two hours of nonstop dancing. Black glass tile on the walls and floor reflected the white and pink lights recessed in fixtures above, creating a slightly trippy effect. Riding high on the little blue pills from earlier, the lighting felt like electric sparklers skipping down my oversensitive skin. I giggled to the sinks and mirrors, for the moment having the bathroom entirely to myself. My reflection in the glass showed too-bright eyes, pupils dilated wide, rimmed in smudged, smoky eyeliner and mascara. I ran my hands up the bodice of my microdress, humming and grinning lasciviously at my reflection in appreciation of the wandering fingertips that tweaked my stiff and pointed nipples through the thin stretchy spandex. I bit my plump, ruby red lower lip and rubbed my thighs together, watching in the mirror as what were suddenly disembodied hands in my mind rubbed the peaks of my tits, then trailed up over the pale, dewy skin of my chest. I could feel the need building exceptionally quickly in my cunt. I was ripe for an orgasm. Every nerve ending demanded it. My eyes fixed on the rose gold chain dangling around my neck and the unassuming, skinny cylinder hanging over the top of my dress. I smiled wickedly zenci gaziantep escort at myself, my pussy growing wetter and more charged by the second. No one at the club had paid much attention to the shiny piece of jewelry. They didn’t know what it was. Turning a bit drunkenly, I shoved off from the glossy tiled counter top and shuttled into one of the empty toilet stalls. Giggling uncontrollably, I reached for the door and latched it securely. Then I spread my stiletto boot clad feet, and my hands reached for the hem of my dress. I moaned and bit my lip as I slowly eased it up, past the curve of my tight ass, up above my hips, to rest at my waist. I wasn’t wearing panties. My bald, hungry kitty was completely on display. I brought my hand to my lips and licked three fingers on my right hand, then smoothed them tremblingly over my bare, electrified mound. The sound I made was a combination sigh and groan. I leaned back against the locked door, closed my eyes and rubbed my hand over the already hardening nub of my clit, teasing my fleshy lips, feeling the fluid seeping from me smear over my fingers. I wouldn’t need any more spit. My mouth hung open as the sensation took me, my other hand coming to tug down at the neckline gaziantep zenci escort bayan of my miniscule dress to expose and cup a small breast. Fingers rolled and tugged on the tight nip as my other hand moved slowly, patted teasingly. I could hear myself gasping and whimpering at the desire zinging through my body, the X giving everything a sharp, almost painful intensity. My pussy pulsed, and I quivered against that stall door in the middle of that nightclub, the music thumping loudly through the walls, into my skin, and I wanted to feel my clit buzz and explode with satisfaction. The hand at my tit grasped my necklace clumsily, then tugged it up and over my head. I heard the chain tinkling as I turned the rounded, pointed tip down, then pressed the unassuming rubber dot on the side. Success! The thin tube rumbled in my hand, a portable, camouflaged vibrator hidden in plain sight. Leaning down, I watched as I moved the vibrating tip to my mound. Closer and closer it came, until with a jolt, I felt it vibrate against the skin just above my distended little hood. I moaned loudly, uncaring if anyone heard. The vibe felt like a tiny, fluttering tongue. I laughed and gasped as I trailed it down, around the nub gaziantep zenci escort of my clit and down my pussy lip. I was teasing the fuck out of myself, making myself want it so much. I trailed it back up my other lip, bringing with it a wet, slick tip. I groaned and let my head fall back with a thud onto the stall door. Breathless, I let the tiny but powerful vibe sit at the top of my clit, the rumbling sensation filtering down my nerve endings and making my eager pearl nearly quiver with need. My dripping cunt clenched tightly. I couldn’t control the spasms of pleasure that rolled through me. I hadn’t come yet, but I was really fucking close. Just as I’d made up my mind to go ahead and give in to the screaming need in me and let my body explode in waves of pleasure, I heard a sound that made me pause. It sounded like my own breathless panting, only it was out of sync with my breaths. A soft rustling came and went with it, and a quiet whimpered moan accented it all. I realized then that I wasn’t alone in the bathroom any longer. Someone had come in during my mindless race for completion and I hadn’t noticed until just now. Then, I realized something else. The gasping and rustling sounded a lot like they were doing exactly what I was. My unknown voyeur whimpered and whined, “God, why’d you stop? I’m so fucking close.” Her words sent a current straight to my core. I closed my eyes and let the vibe press to my tender nub. Explosions of color and light suffused my closed lids as waves of pleasure coasted and crashed through my core. I could feel the edge approaching like an out of control freight train. I groaned and gasped, breathless ‘fucks’ exploding on the exhales.

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