Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 72


Miss White woke up with a smile on her face, her head full of images of the previous night’s escapade. She enjoyed imagining that Karen might have been changed by the experience, that she would go home and start seducing her female friends and neighbors, spreading the gospel of lesbian pleasure. Probably not, but who knows? It was fun to think about, anyway.

Inevitably Miss White’s hand made its way down between her legs, and when Jodie finally stirred about a half-hour later, she opened her eyes to find herself staring up into Miss White’s glistening wet pussy. Ever dutiful, she wrapped her arms around the older woman’s legs and went to work.

Afterward they went to brunch and eased slowly into a long, lazy day. Most of it ended up being spent by the hotel pool. Jodie didn’t have a swimsuit, so Miss White had taken her to a nice boutique and bought her the skimpiest, sexiest bikini in the place. Jodie felt self-conscious in it — she had always worn one-pieces in the past, and felt very exposed. She also didn’t think she was thin enough to pull it off.

But of course she didn’t say anything — this was what Miss White wanted, so this was the way it would be. And to Miss White’s eyes Jodie’s body was absolutely perfect; any skinnier would have been too skinny.

At the pool Miss White mostly sat reading while Jodie swam. Every few minutes she looked up from her book and surveyed the scene. She enjoyed watching people watch Jodie, and could see with her own eyes that the new bikini was the cause of more than one erection in the course of the day. She also kept an eye out for promising-looking females whose gaze might linger on her young lover; but it was mostly an older crowd and none of the few younger women she saw piqued her interest.

When they went to dinner Miss White insisted that Jodie stay in her bikini, accessorizing it with the new collar. In consideration of the mild chill in bursa escort the air, Miss White did allow Jodie to wear a light jacket over her swimsuit. The resulting outfit was quite provocative, and again Miss White enjoyed seeing heads turn as they walked to the Mediterranean restaurant she had chosen.

After dinner they were walking through one of the casinos when they heard loud, funky music coming from inside a bar. Peeking in, Miss White noted that both the clientele and the staff appeared to be 100% female, so she took Jodie by the hand and led her inside.

Inside it was loud and crowded, but the vibe was joyful. At one side of the bar was a small dance floor that was absolutely packed with women of every shape, size, and color. Miss White went to the bar for drinks, which turned out to be a lengthy process, and by the time she returned Jodie had been swallowed up by the dancing crowd.

Shrugging, Miss White sipped her wine and looked around. Leaning against the end of the bar was a striking-looking woman with close-cropped brown hair, big, sparkling eyes, and perfect cheekbones. With long hair she would have been absolutely stunning; as it was she was merely beautiful. Her clothing too was more functional than ornamental, but it was clear that she was well-proportioned underneath.

Miss White walked up to her holding out the glass that had been intended for Jodie. “I ended up with an extra drink,” she said, speaking loudly to be heard over the din but trying not to shout. “Can you help me out?”

The woman smiled and accepted the glass. “Thanks,” said Miss White.

“My pleasure,” said the woman, shifting the glass into her left hand and extending her right. “Cat.”

“Alexis,” said Miss White, and the shook. Cat’s skin was soft but her grip was firm. Miss White sensed that this was someone she could respect as well as appreciate.

They started talking and before escort bursa long Miss White learned that most of the women in the bar were there for a bachelorette party. “Who’s the bride?” asked Miss White.

“Brides,” Cat responded, emphasizing the plural. She pointed to two women dancing together at one corner of the crowd. They were a study in contrasts: one was tall, blond, and willowy, the other short, dark, and curvy. But the chemistry between them was palpable, even at a distance.

The energy level of the music had slowly been building, and now seemed to be reaching a peak. The dancers were going wild, bodies flying this way and that, sweat dripping from foreheads and chins. Miss White and Cat stood for a while enjoying all the shaking rumps and bouncing boobs.

Then the song ended and a new, slower one started. Many of the dancers left the floor in search of drinks, rest, or the bathroom. Now Miss White saw Jodie: she had removed her jacket and was dancing in her bikini, which covered very little of her. Their eyes met and Jodie gave Miss White a little wave and an enquiring look; Miss White waved back to indicate that she should go ahead and dance.

Just then an exquisitely lovely Asian woman came up and put her arm around Cat. She shook her curly black mane out of her face, revealing a sheen of fresh perspiration; she had obviously just come off the dance floor. “This is Charlotte,” said Cat.

Charlotte held out her hand as if to be kissed and Miss White indulged her. Holding the delicate fingers, Miss White lifted the small, slender hand and leaned forward to touch her lips to it. She found herself looking right into Charlotte’s cleavage, which was substantial, a little damp, and wonderfully framed by a tight, low-cut dress.

After a few seconds Miss White realized she’d been staring and looked back up into Charlotte’s eyes. Charlotte smiled indulgently and Miss bursa escort bayan White turned her gaze to Cat, who grinned knowingly. She was very familiar with the effect Charlotte had on people.

The three of them talked for a while, Miss White keeping one eye on Jodie, who was dancing slowly and sensuously. She stood out in the crowd, not just because she was wearing the least of anyone there, but also because she was the youngest — there was a wide range of ages among the crowd, but she appeared to be the only one under 30. Miss White could tell that there were a lot of eyes on her, but she seemed to be in her own world, eyes dreamily half-closed as she swayed to the music.

Miss White learned that night that Jodie absolutely loved to dance, and she was quite good at it — she had a natural sensuality that made her every move alluring. It didn’t hurt, of course, that her heavy breasts and firm young rump were almost entirely exposed.

Eventually the energy level of the music increased again and Charlotte pulled Cat onto the dance floor. Miss White returned to the bar, ready for another drink — something a little stronger this time. Jodie, meanwhile, started dancing so enthusiastically that several times one or both of her boobs popped out of the bikini. Finally she decided just to leave them out, which was clearly a popular decision among the crowd — but after a minute the bartender came over and asked her to cover up.

“It’s not that they’re not nice,” said the bartender, glancing down at Jodie’s chest. Her breasts were glistening with sweat, her nipples standing up tall and proud. “But our liquor license is very strict. No nudity.”

Jodie nodded and stopped dancing just long enough to get her top back in place. A murmur of annoyance echoed through the bar, but just then “Tell Me Something Good” came on and the mood immediately changed to one of pure joy. The dancing slowed down to a sexy, funky grind, and Jodie scanned the crowd looking for Miss White. Finally their eyes met and Jodie gave Miss White a beseeching look. Taking a deep breath, Miss White quickly killed the rest of her double rye and headed for the dance floor.

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