Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 36


Wednesday morning Kristin and Jenny had a big bacon-and-egg breakfast made by Kristin’s mom, then went for a tour of the town. Kristin showed Jenny all the sights from her childhood — the schools she’d attended, the studio where she took dance lessons, the hill where all the kids used to sled. There was no snow on it now; the day was cold but sunny, perfect for a long, ambling walk.

When passing through the woods they stopped and made out for awhile, but it was too cold to think of going any further. In the afternoon they headed into town and visited the town’s few historic buildings, including the city hall and the church. Then they sat down in the village’s one cafe for a cup of tea and a snack.

* * *

Meanwhile, at ADB House, Miss White was a bit surprised to wake up and find Jodie in her bed. As sexually active as she was, she rarely spent the night with anyone, and as she shook off the fog of sleep it took her a few seconds to reconstruct the previous night’s events in her head. Doing so, she smiled; after many years of repression, Jodie was making up for lost time.

Miss White glanced over at the sleeping younger woman; she looked lovely, peaceful and serene. The collar she was wearing suited her; Miss White decided that it would have to become a regular part of her wardrobe.

Leaving Jodie to her rest, Miss White went downstairs for some coffee and toast. It was very quiet in the house; most of the Sisters had left for Thanksgiving. Miss White always enjoyed this bursa escort time of year, which she spent at ABD with whoever wasn’t going home for the holiday. She had long been estranged from her relatives; Alpha Beta Delta was her family.

After breakfast, Miss White went to check in with Emma and April. They were both packing to go home for break, and looked none the worse for wear. Miss White asked them a few questions about their night with the Dean, but they didn’t seem inclined to talk about it.

Several times as they talked Emma and April met each other’s eyes as if sharing a secret, and Miss White was momentarily annoyed at being left out. But she decided to let it be. She wished them a good trip and headed back up to her bedroom.

Jodie was still sleeping, and looking at her laying there, it occurred to Miss White that she should spend these days upstairs with the few of them who would be around. She would need something to wear, though, something that set her apart.

After thinking about it for a few minutes, Miss White had an idea. She went downstairs to the storeroom and rummaged around until she found a uniform that had belonged to ABD’s last full-time maid, who had left several years before; these days the Sisters did most of the work, and a cleaning service came in once a month.

Miss White felt a tingle thinking of the maid, whose name was Luz. She’d been a sexy, smart, and very friendly Latina in her late twenties, and she and Miss White had been intimate escort bursa on many occasions. Luz had parlayed her job at ABD into a college degree, and when she left it was for a good job at a tech company. Miss White was proud of her, and wondered what she was doing now.

Taking the uniform, Miss White went back up to her room, where Jodie was now awake but still in bed. She had been laying there wondering what she was supposed to do now, and was glad to see Miss White, who was sure to be more than willing to tell her.

Ordering the naked girl out of bed, Miss White had her try on the uniform. It was on the skimpy side as uniforms go, with a low-cut bodice and a short skirt. Also Luz had been somewhat smaller than Jodie, so the fit was tight, but Miss White found the effect quite pleasing. She told Jodie to go down and get herself some breakfast, then to clean up the kitchen.

After showering and dressing Miss White went down to the kitchen, poured herself another cup of coffee, and sat down to watch Jodie work. The uniform was very revealing — every time she bent over you got a good look at her boobs or her ass, depending on the angle; and since she wasn’t wearing panties she couldn’t help occasionally flashing her pussy.

Miss White took a sip of coffee and let out a satisfied “Ahhh.” It was going to be a good week, she could tell.

* * *

When they arrived back at the house, Kristin and Jenny found Carol in the kitchen, making pies for the next day’s bursa escort bayan Thanksgiving dinner. Rolling up their sleeves, they pitched in and helped with the baking, then volunteered to clean up while Carol got started with that evening’s dinner.

Kristin sometimes got irritated with her father’s total lack of contribution in the kitchen — he was very old-fashioned that way, though a nice guy otherwise. But that night he surprised her by clearing the table, loading the dishwasher, and even cleaning a few pans.

After dinner they all gathered in the living room by the fire for a game of Monopoly. Jenny found herself feeling completely relaxed and at home, as if among family.

* * *

At ABD House Miss White had gathered up all the Sisters who were staying for the holiday to have dinner together. In addition to Jodie, Sasha was there, as was Sofia, the Italian freshman. Also present were Polly, the petite Asian sophomore who had spanked Jenny in the hallway, and a junior named Nikki. Nikki was a tall, thin, dark-skinned girl whose haughty demeanor led some of the Sisters to think of her as stuck-up. In her own mind she was just dignified.

Miss White had Jodie heat up leftovers and serve them to everyone at the big dining room table, along with several of the bottles of wine they had on hand. Tomorrow she would go down into the wine cellar and bring up something really special; tonight, good wine was good enough.

When Jodie was finished serving, Miss White allowed her to sit down for dinner with the rest of them. They ate, drank, talked, and laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company. Miss White looked contentedly around at the lovely young women surrounding her, dreaming up possibilities for the days to come.

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