Ginny’s Humiliation Pt. 07

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This continues the adventures of Ginny, a mid 30’s submissive woman, who continues to enjoy her submissiveness. Although the events that occur in all the Ginny stories are plausible, this is fantasy. If you haven’t read any of the previous parts, you should, only to understand the people and relationships in the story. I appreciate comments from anyone who takes the time to do so. If you like what you read, please vote or let me know.


It had been three weeks since Ginny’s humiliation at the book store, where her body had been turned into a pin cushion for charity. The plan was to have a holiday a few days after Ginny’s ordeal. But the plans were put on hold because of weather in the Caribbean. Mike, her husband, insisted that Ginny take some time off from her work at the American offices of a Japanese medical equipment company.

The time off allowed Ginny a chance to recover, as well as providing the couple a good opportunity to talk about past events and what the future may bring. Two days before Ginny was set to return to work, the couple was having a conversation regarding Ginny’s need for humiliation and submission.

“I’ve spoken to Kathy about my situation at work. She was glad to hear I was coming back. She was understanding about holding off on any domination for a while, but she was thrilled that I would continue to be naked in the office. To be truthful, Mike, I don’t think I could ever go back if I wasn’t naked all the time. It’s so much a part of me now.” Ginny explained.

“That decision is entirely yours. But, I think we need to forget about doing scenes at the book store for the time being. By the way, Connie called and wanted to know if we could come by on Saturday night.”

“Oh, God, what does she have planned for me now?” Ginny asked as she flashed back to all her experiences at Connie’s ranch.

“She didn’t say anything about activities. I told her about your relationship with Rachel and she seemed to know about the events at the bookstore. Connie said to bring Rachel along, if you wanted.”

Ginny thought for a moment. “It would be nice to see Rachel. I’ll ask her at work tomorrow.”

The next morning found Ginny in her car, wearing just a short jacket as she headed to the bakery where she picked up pastry for the office. She had been naked the last time she was in the store and the need to be naked washed over her as she parked. Ginny took off her jacket and walked the short distance to the door.

There was one customer, an older man, being waited on by the wife of the owner. Clara, the shop assistant, had her back to the front door as Ginny walked in.

“Ahh, look who’s back!” The wife said. Clara and the customer turned to face Ginny. Their reaction could not have been different. Clara was smiling from ear to ear, but the male customer had a look of shock on his face.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Clark,” Clara said to the man. “She’s a nudist. She likes to be naked, so go ahead and look. Right, Ginny?”

“That’s right. Please go ahead and look.” Ginny said to the man. “Would you like me to turn around so you can see my ass?”

Ginny spun around and bent slightly at the waist so the man could have a good look at her ass.

“I certainly didn’t expect this when I came in for my buttered roll this morning, but I’m glad I did. I wonder, are your buns fresh, young women?”

Ginny, feeling totally free and uncaring, replied, “Why not give them a squeeze and find out.”

The man put his bag back on the counter, reached out and pinched Ginny’s ass cheeks. Ginny jumped when he pinched.

“Very fresh!” He exclaimed.

The man took his bag and left the store.

“Your naked and your order is free.” Clara said as she asked Ginny if she wanted the usual order. Ginny nodded and soon left the store with her pastries.

Sitting in the car, Ginny thought that she should slip her jacket back on for the rest of her drive to work. But, she could feel her wetness as she drove. “You are so wicked,” she said to herself.

Ginny, naked as she always was in the office, served her colleagues coffee and pastry. The men, particularly Stan, felt Ginny’s ass as she walked by. Allison also ran her hand over Ginny’s ass and whispered to Ginny that she was glad Ginny was back at work.

But as Ginny leaned over to pour coffee into Rachel’s cup, she felt Rachel’s hand move up the back of her thigh and between her legs. Rachel’s fingers brushed Ginny’s clit and Ginny gasped ever so softly as Rachel slid her finger inside Ginny’s pussy. Ginny remained still while Rachel fingered her. Ginny began to feel her body react to Rachel’s fingering, but it ended when Kathy Bossert, Ginny’s supervisor, came up to the pair.

“My bad. Forgot to put on Ginny’s collar this morning.” She buckled the leather collar around Ginny’s neck and handed the leash to Rachel. “Walk our submissive back to her cubicle, Rachel. She has quite a bit of work to do this week.” Rachel stood and attached the leash to Ginny’s collar.

Ginny dropped to her hands and knees and began to crawl şişli travesti out of the conference room. Rachel removed the leash and told Ginny she would stop by later. Ginny stood up, and quickly looking around to see if anyone was watching, kissed Rachel.

Ginny got busy at work and there were no interruptions or outside visitors. Ginny was disappointed. The feelings of submissiveness were returning and she was thrilled when Rachel returned to her office late in the afternoon. Ginny immediately put her legs over the arms of her chair, displaying her open pussy to Rachel.

“How have you been?” Rachel asked.

” I was sore for a few days. But, I’m better now. For a time, I thought I may not be back. I’m not going to be doing anything at the Erotic Boutique for the time being. But, I did miss you. Do have plans this weekend?”

“No, why?”

There is a party at one of our friend’ house and we wondered if you would want to come along? I’m sure it will be fun. It’s always interesting at Connie’s place.”

“Sounds like fun. Should I drive to your house?”

“Yes. That would be perfect. Can you be at our place at noon?”

Rachel said she would be there and got up to leave Ginny’s cubicle. She stopped to rub Ginny’s slit before leaving. Ginny,contented, lowered her legs and went back to work.

Rachel arrived at Ginny and Mike’s house just before noon on Saturday. Ginny hugged Rachel when she came through the front door. Rachel, not surprised to see Ginny naked, squeezed Ginny’s ass as they hugged. Mike said hello and the three chatted for a bit before Mike said that they should probably leave. Ginny slipped on a pair of sandals and headed for the garage door.

“Ginny and I have decided that, wherever possible, she will remain naked. Right now, Ginny would be dressed just for shopping or out for dinner.” Mike explained when he saw the surprised look on Rachel’s face.

“What about family or friends?” Rachel asked.

“All our friends know my life style and I’m naked when my parents come over or we go over there. If it’s my sister and her husband and their kids, no, I’m dressed for that and they don’t know about my lifestyle.” Ginny explained.

Rachel looked at Ginny and said, ” You really are something. So, tell me about Connie.”

On the drive to Connie’s ranch, Ginny and to a lesser extent, Mike, filled Rachel in on Ginny’s experiences with Connie. Ginny, sitting in the back of their SUV, explained about the second auction that Connie won and the subsequent visits, including the horse and buggy races.

“Well, Connie sounds like someone I could learn a great deal from.” Rachel said. “I hope I get to see some of the things you mentioned.”

“It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you did,” Ginny replied.

When they pulled in to Connie’s driveway, George, Connie’s butler and assistant, was waiting for them to pull up.

“I forgot to mention that George is seeing Kathy Bossert. They met here at the ranch and have been going together for a while.” Ginny added.

Rachel let out a hum of surprise. “I always thought that she and Scott Hughes, her boss, had a thing going.”

“No, just two people who work together and enjoy some kink in their lives.” Mike responded.

“Yes, especially if that kink involves me,” Ginny laughed.

George was introduced to Rachel and he hugged Ginny, patting her ass as they broke the hug.

“I think everyone is here, so go on inside and I’ll fix drinks.”

The three walked into the large house and into a large living room, where everyone was gathered. Ginny quickly looked around the room. She recognized everyone present, although she had trouble remembering the name of the woman who Ginny remembered as Connie’s neighbor. There was one man present whom Ginny did not know. She was happy when she saw Michelle naked and kneeling by her mother’s feet. Grace, Ginny and Mike’s neighbor, was also naked and kneeling by Jonathan, her new husband and the man who helped set up Ginny’s auctions. Kathy Bossert was there and smiled at Ginny.

“Let me introduce everyone.” Connie announced, as George was taking drink orders. Connie’s neighbor was introduced as Camille and the man Ginny did not know, was Camille’s husband Patrick. Ginny noticed that Camille whispered something to her husband when Ginny was introduced.

They had their drinks and Ginny went over to Michelle. They hugged and Ginny introduced Rachel to Michelle as she related to Rachel some of their shared experiences. Michelle was eager to fill in the details. Michelle also told Ginny that she was home for a few weeks before heading back to England.

“When I got home, my parents wanted to know if I still wanted to follow the rules they had set up a year ago. I told them absolutely and that I missed being their naked submissive.” Michelle turned to look up at Rachel. “You’re dressed, so you must be a dominant.”

“Learning to be.” Rachel replied.

Connie came over to the three women and shook hands with Rachel. bakırköy travesti “Lester wanted to say hello.” Connie put a soft leather collar around Ginny’s neck and attached a leash. Handing the leash to Rachel, she said, “Walk Ginny down to the stables. For the rest of the day, Ginny will be one of our subs.” Connie was stroking Ginny’s hair as she spoke. “Go on.” Rachel got up from her chair and Ginny got up from the floor. Rachel led Ginny out the front door. As she left she saw Michelle lying across Mike’s lap.

Ginny walked toward the stables as Rachel held the leash. “I want to know all about the experiences you have had with Michelle.”

“They are pretty wild. I hope you won’t think I’m crazy or something.” Ginny said.

“You know I don’t think that. So, who’s Lester?”

A few moments later, the pair entered the stables.

“Ah, Ginny.” Lester yelled from the back of the building. Lester, a large black man, came over to Ginny and squeezed her nipples hard. “See you have Miss Connie’s collar on.” Lester turned Ginny around so he could feel Ginny’s ass.

Lester slapped Ginny’s ass and said, “Who is this?”

“Lester, this is my friend Rachel. She’s learning to be a Dom and she’s doing really well.”

“Nice to meet you, Mistress Rachel.” Lester and Rachel shook hands.

“Ummm. Mistress Rachel. I like that.” Rachel giggled.

“Well, that’s what Ginny is going to call you from now on. Understood, Ginny?”

“Yes, Lester.”

Lester pushed Ginny to her knees and unzipped his jeans. He pulled out his massive cock which caught Rachel’s attention.

“Goodness, Lester. That a very impressive cock. I don’t think even Ginny could get that in her.”

Both Lester and Ginny laughed at the comment.

“Do you want to tell her or should I?”

“Lester has fucked me in the pussy and ass.” Ginny proudly announced.

As Ginny began to suck on Lester’s cock, Rachel walked around the barn, examining the equipment. She handled the reins, bridles and the carts. While Ginny was sucking on Lester’s cock, Rachel came up and asked where the horses were. Holding Ginny by the back of the head, Lester pushed his cock deep into Ginny’s throat.

“No horses. Submissive’s pull the carts with their dominant drivers.” Lester said as he increased his thrusting into Ginny’s mouth.

“I’d love to see that.” Rachel said.

Lester began to cum. Ginny couldn’t swallow fast enough and some of Lester’s cum came out of Ginny’s nose and out of the corners of her mouth. Rachel was right there to scoop up the cum and feed it back to Ginny, who swallowed it all and licked Rachel’s fingers clean.

“That was nice, Ginny. You think we should show Mistress Rachel how the cart works?” Lester asked, but it really wasn’t a question.

Ginny nodded and Lester went to gather the tack. When he returned, Ginny was kneeling next to Rachel.

“You know what to do Ginny,” Lester said, as he handed the horse tail butt plug to Rachel.

Ginny put her hands out and and lowered her head to the stable floor, presenting her ass to the stares of Rachel and Lester.

“Every horse needs a tail, so Mistress Rachel, why don’t you put this in Ginny. There’s lube over there and I’ll get the harness and tack ready.” Lester directed.

Rachel found the lube and began to apply it to the butt plug end of the tail. She spread some lube on her fingers and pushed them into Ginny’s asshole, working the lube deep inside Ginny’s ass before removing her fingers and placing the tip of the butt plug against Ginny’s asshole.

Ginny moaned every so softly as Rachel pushed the horsetail butt plug into Ginny. Rachel knew that Ginny had taken larger butt plugs than this, so she was sure Ginny would accommodate the width.

“Push back.” Rachel ordered Ginny.

Ginny pushed her ass back toward Rachel. Lester, standing next to Rachel with the harness, watched as the widest part of the horsetail butt plug disappeared into Ginny’s asshole.

Rachel gave a final push and the butt plug was all the way.

“Up you get.” Lester said.

Ginny stood as Rachel looked Ginny over. “This is going to be fun. My own little pony, isn’t that right, Ginny?”

“Yes, Mistress Rachel.”

Lester chuckled when he heard Ginny call Rachel “Mistress.”

“Open your mouth, Ginny.” Lester ordered as he strapped a metal o-ring gag in Ginny’s mouth. The harness was attached and Lester placed the cart through the leather straps as Ginny took hold of the two long bars.

“In you go.” Lester said to Rachel as she stepped into the cart and sat down.

“Last bit of equipment.” Lester remarked, as he handed Rachel a long riding whip. Lester took two nipple clips from his pocket and placed one on each of Ginny’s nipples. Each clip had a small bell attached to the end so that the bell would tinkle as Ginny moved.

“A real pony girl now. Alright, Mistress Rachel, take her for a canter down to the end of the road and back to the house. I’ll let istanbul travestileri them know that a real sweet pony girl will be out front of the house in a few minutes. Put on a good show, Ginny.”

Rachel flicked the end of the whip against Ginny’s ass, and she began to walk out of the stable and toward the road leading away from the house.

“Let’s go faster!” Rachel yelled and to emphasize her point, she struck Ginny’s ass twice with the whip.

Ginny began to trot and after two more flicks of the whip, one on each side of Ginny’s thighs, she began to move as fast as she could until she reached the end of the road. Rachel pulled back on the reins and Ginny stopped.

“God, you look so fucking hot, Ginny. If I had a cock, I would stick it in your mouth right now! I wouldn’t care if we were seen by people driving down the highway. Back to the house, pony!” Rachel ordered and Ginny turned around and began trotting back toward the house.

Ginny could see everyone gathered on the front steps. Rachel pulled the reins and Ginny stopped as the cart reached the front of the house. Connie came down and flicked her finger on the bells clipped to Ginny’s nipples.

“Don’t you look cute.” Connie teased as she ran her finger over Ginny’s exposed tongue. “Lester loves putting gags on our ponies. We should have a race!” Connie turned to look at Michelle and Grace.

“I don’t think I could do that.” Grace said without being asked. Grace, who was considerably older than Ginny or Michelle, looked down as Jonathan put his arm around her.

“Michelle will do it. She just needs a driver.” Ellen, Michelle’s mother offered.

“So will Camille.” Patrick offered.

“What? Camille, I never knew you had submissive leanings.

Patrick replied, “Oh, every so often, Connie, she gives in to the urge.”

“Ok, if that’s what you want. Camille, strip and get your ass down to the stables. Who is going to drive Michelle?” Connie asked as Camille was taking off her blouse, slacks, and bra.

“I will.” Mike offered, “if Michelle agrees.”

Michelle noodled and Mike moved next to the naked girl. Camille had just removed her panties.

“I would like to drive Camille, if that’s ok with Patrick?” Connie asked, but it wasn’t really a question.

Patrick looked at Camille and waited for her to respond. Camille nodded her approval and Patrick took Camille by the arm and walked her next to Connie. He slapped her on the ass as he walked back with the others.

“Let’s go to the barn. We will start the race there.” Connie announced.

Rachel pulled on the reins and Ginny began to walk back toward the barn, pulling the cart behind her. Ginny thought that this was going to lead to something far more involved than a simple pony girl race.

When they reached the barn, Connie was looking over Camille. Camille was a bit taller than Ginny, but a few years older. Her tits were larger and fuller than Ginny’s. She had a thin landing strip above her otherwise smooth pussy. But like Ginny, Camille had a killer ass.

“To bad I won’t get to see your tits flopping around but, I must say Camille, you have a great ass!” Connie said as the group entered

“Why thank you, ma’am.”Connie replied and she bent slightly at the waist and shook her ass at Connie.

“Well, friend or not, I’m going to whip your ass if you don’t perform because I intend to win this race!”

Jonathan, always the Master of Ceremonies, called out, “What does the winner get?”

Ginny, Camille, and Michelle could not answer as now, all three, had ring gags in place and Lester had just finished putting the bell nipple clips on Michelle and Camille. Like Ginny, the other two had their hands bound to their sides with cuffs that were attached to a waist belt. Lester handed Mike and Connie horse tail butt plugs, identical to the one that was deep in Ginny’s asshole.

“How about the first and second place drivers get to use their ponies for whatever pleasure they wish. The losing pony girl gets taken by their driver to the stables and tied over the spanking bench and the losing driver uses whatever implement they want on their ass, or other parts, on the losing pony. When that’s done, the rest of the spectators can do whatever they desire to the losing pony girl. Any objections?”

Ginny was unable to speak, but she knew that either her, Camille or Michelle, were going to get a workout. Ginny also knew that there would be no objections to Connie’s proposal.

“Good. That’s all settled.” Connie announced. “From the stables to the end of the drive and back?”

“But, you could be seen by a passing car at the end of the road.” Patrick said.

“Adds to the fun.” Helen said. Everyone laughed, except the pony girls.

Lester put the poles through the harness loops and insured that Camille and Michelle grabbed them. Satisfied the equipment was properly fitted, Lester grabbed Ginny by her left bell nipple clip, and led the pony girls outside. Lester got them lined up.

George, standing next to Kathy, yelled “go!”

The three ponies pulled forward as their momentum got the carts with their drivers heading down the road. Connie, almost immediately, flicked her whip across Camille’s ass. Mike was doing the same to Michelle. Rachel, watching the other carts pull ahead of her, took her whip and delivered two sharp strokes to Ginny’s ass.

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