Gina Ch. 09

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Double Penetration

Me and Gina kept fucking like rabbits for the next two weeks. No holes were barred, and even though we concentrated on assplay, Gina had her pussy and mouth fucked quite often too. We both licked each others asses a lot and Gina even stuck her fingers into mine on occasions. I found that I liked the attention she was giving my ass almost as much as I liked playing with her ass. I licked her pussy as soon as I got the chance, and Gina was even more eager to suck my cock. I still shot my sperm on her tits or in her ass almost every time I orgasmed, and Gina loved to lick my cock clean after I came, whether it was in her ass or on her tits. If I shot on her tits she usually massaged it into her breasts, and then wore something that showed her cleavage when she went out. It seemed as if she liked showing the world that she made me cum on her tits. She rarely wore any panties, and when I shot my sperm in her ass it would trickle out and slide down her thighs.

It was Saturday morning, and, since it was summer and quite hot, we had decided to go to the beach. We had visited the local adultstore a few days earlier and bought a couple of things, preparing for our trip to the beach, and I was very excited.

Gina stood naked in front of me. We had decided I should have the pleasure of dressing her for the day. I started by tying her blonde hair in a ponytail. I was naked myself, standing behind her, and the sight of her big, sexy ass gave life to my erection. I stepped in front of her so she could see my engorged dick. She licked her lips, but said nothing. I grabbed her hair by the ponytail and pulled it backwards. Since I’m a bit taller than her, she being 5’1″, she was now looking into my eyes. I could see that she was as excited as I was about our trip. I leaned down and kissed her, grinding my hard cock against her body as I did so. Even though she weighed close to 200 pounds I thought she was the sexiest woman I’d ever seen. Her size was a significant part of her sexyness to me, along with her age. 3 weeks earlier I’d never thought I’d ever get to be with a woman 19 years older than me.

I broke off the kiss and reached into the bag we had brought from the adultstore. I pulled out a small vibrator that was operated by a remote control. Gina smiled and got down on her knees before she placed her hands on the floor in front of her. I got behind her and she pushed her ass up against me. I got down on my knees and put the vibrator against her pussy. She was wet. I slid the vibe up and down her slit for a while before I started pushing it in. even though I could easily have slid it all the way inside in just one stroke, I teased her by fucking it in and out of her wet pussy for a while. I leaned down and licked her asscheeks as I did so.

“You’re cheating,” she said as she leaned down to rest her upper body on her shoulders. She reached back with her hands and pulled her asscheeks apart.

“Am kaynarca escort not,” I replied, flicking my tongue over her asshole. “I’m just making sure you’re wet enough for me to push this little toy of yours inside you.”

“I’m wet enough, and you know it. But please lick me for a little while longer.”

I grinned and stabbed at her asshole with my tongue. It slid in simultaneously as I pushed the vibrator all the way in, and I left it there while I wiggled my tongue for a while. Then I got up, leaving the vibe inside her. I grabbed her ponytail and guided her to the edge of the bed and sat down on it. Gina was now in front of me, still on all four with the vibrator up her pussy. I pulled her face up to my dick and she started licking my balls. Gina had shaved my balls the previous day, and I was hairless “down there” for the first time since I hit puberty. I felt extremely sexy and Gina seemed to love it.

Gina licked my balls for a while before I had her stand up in front of me. Her huge 44E tits jiggled as she got up and I found a yellow bikini top we had modified earlier that day. We had cut a small hole, just big enough for her nipple to slip through, in the front of each cup. It was a really tight top that pushed her tits up, making them look even bigger than they were. I massaged each breast, squeezing them and sucking, licking and biting her nipples, to make sure her nipples were erect before I helped her put the bra on. Her nipples had a bit of trouble getting through the small holes we’d made, but we managed to get it right after a while.

Gina stood before me now with her nipples showing through the holes in her bikini top and her thighs clenched together to keep the vibrator in place. I decided it was time to put on her “thong”.

Thong might not have been the right word though. It was the sexiest underwear I’d ever seen. It had a strap that went around her waist, as a normal thong would have, with a piece of cloth attached to it that reminded of a very short skirt, and the front of the strap that went between her thighs looked just like any other bikini. There was however a big difference between this garment and a thong though. The string that should go between her asscheeks and end attached to the strap that went around her waist looked a bit the same, but, however, it wasn’t attached to the strap just mentioned. Instead it ended in a series of small balls, that became bigger and bigger. There were seven of them. The balls were supposed to go into Gina’s ass, far enough to tighten the material in front to her pussy. The piece of cloth that surrounded the “thong” disguised the fact that the strap between her legs wasn’t fastened to the strap around her waist, and because of this nobody could tell the difference between this “thong” and an ordinary thong.

Gina stepped through the strap that was going around her waist, and orhanlı escort we pulled it up her thighs. Once in place I had her spread her legs and pull her asscheeks apart. I had to hold the vibrator in place while she did this, and pulled the front of the “thong” tightly over her pussy before I concentrated on getting the balls in place. I held the string tight over her pussy and went down on my knees. I couldn’t resist licking her delicious asshole as I was down there. I was making excuses for myself, telling myself that I was only doing it to make the balls slide in more easily, but I knew that I was doing this much for my own delight too.

“Oh, God,” Gina moaned. “What did I ever do without you? You treat my ass so good.”

I just kept licking her ass, while she rocked her hips back and forth.

“Please. Fuck me, just a little, before you finish dressing me. I need you in me now. Please?”

“Happy to oblige,” I told her. I released the “thong” and pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. I quickly replaced it with my dick and started fucking her hard, doggystyle.

“Oh, yes! Fuck my pussy. Fuck me hard!”

I grabbed her ponytail and pulled her head backwards as I fucked her. “Get on your back,” I told her after about five minutes. “I want to fuck your tits.”

She rolled over onto her back, and I straddled her face, putting my dick between her tits. I grabbed her exposed nipples and pinched them while I rode her tits. Gina started licking my balls from underneath me and was massaging my asscheeks.

“You have such a tasty-looking ass,” she told me. “Sometimes I wish I had a dick so I could fuck it.”

“Well, I’m the only one with a dick,” I replied, “but we both have a tongue.” I pushed my ass down on her face, and she responded by pulling my asscheeks apart and licking my asshole.

I came a few minutes later, shooting my sperm on her tits, with her tongue up my bumhole.

“Thank you,” she said when we got up. “It wouldn’t have felt right to go to the beach in this sexy outfit without your cum on my tits.” She winked at me.

I laughed and we resumed the positions we had before I started fucking her. I pushed the vibrator back into her pussy, and started pushing the balls on the “thong” up her ass. It took a while to get them all in, but I loved every minute of it. When the last ball finally went in I noted, with a certain degree of satisfaction, that her asshole clamped shut around it, and held the “thong” firmly in place.

“Now we’re about ready to go to the beach,” I told her.

I put on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and Gina put on a skirt and a blouse to conceal her outfit until we got to the beach.

There was a light breeze coming in from the sea when we reached the beach, and we had the place almost entirely for ourselves. We found a spot that was very isolated, and the nearest people were tepeören escort several hundred feet away. Nobody would see what we were doing there.

Gina pulled off her skirt and blouse and lay down on a blanket. The breeze blew over her nipples, making them even harder than they already were. I leaned down and gave each nipple a playful bite.

“Undress,” she told me.

I pulled off my clothes, and stood naked beside her. We had found a very secluded spot, and nobody could see us until they were 30 feet away from us, although we could see most of the other people on the beach.

This had long been one of Gina’s fantasies. She’d been dreaming about watching a young guy masturbating somewhere public for a long time, and I was happy to fulfil her fantasy. I lay down on a blanket and started playing with myself as she watched me. I massaged my balls and stroked my cock in long, slow moves. I grabbed a bottle of sunscreen and lubed up my dick, making it slippery and shiny. I changed pace every few minutes, prolonging my orgasm for as long as she wanted me to. I had the remote to her vibrator beside me, and decided to use it after a while. When I stroked my cock slow I let the vibrator start vibrating on slow, letting in speed up with me, until it stood on high speed and I was stroking myself really fast, then I changed pace again, starting all over. I kept this up until I sensed she was about to cum. I put the vibrator on high speed, and just when she was cumming I released my orgasm, shooting my cum all over myself.

When her orgasm had subsided, Gina came over to me and lapped up my cum from my stomach and dick, until I was all clean again. I was also hard again. Gina had that effect on me. As soon as I had my orgasm she did something to make me hard again.

We were sitting side by side, eating lunch, about an hour later, when I suddenly discovered a familiar figure down on the beach, about 300 feet away. It was my ex-girlfriend. I pointed at her and told Gina who she was.

“Hmm. I’ve got an idea,” she told me with a wicked grin on her face. She got on all fours and pulled the string of her “thong” from her ass, moaning as she did so. “I want you to fuck my ass while we’re watching your ex-girlfriend. That would be so hot.”

I got hard again, just thinking about it. Kneeling behind Gina I pushed my cock against her ass, and it slid in, inch by inch. I poured a bit of sunscreen down her asscrack as I pushed my cock in to lube it up.

When it was finally all the way in I started fucking her like crazy. I leaned over her back and grabbed her huge tits, while down on the beach my small-titted ex-girlfriend was enjoying the sun with a couple of her friends. I had no feeling of regret at all as I watched her as I fucked Gina’s ass. Gina reached back and massaged my balls for a few seconds before she reached even further back and slid one finger of her skilled hand up my ass. This released my orgasm, which in turn triggered Gina’s orgasm. We both moaned quietly as we watched my ex-girlfriend, our orgasms racing through our bodies. Gina had my dick up her ass, and I had her finger up mine. It was like heaven.

(to be continued…)

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