Getting The Story



Mike Bodine was only 18, but had always enjoyed writing. To make extra money for college he had been doing freelance work, but his dream was to write for a publication like the N. Y. Times or the Washington Post.

In his small town, there weren’t many opportunities for good stories, but that didn’t stop him from trying. One day he was reading the local newspaper and read a story about a prominent local banker, Charlie Campbell, who was found dead in his office. The police labeled it suspicious, but there were no suspects.

The feeling around town was that his wife, Tapi, was involved. A former Las Vegas showgirl who was 20 years younger than her husband and loved to flaunt her wealth, she stood to gain the bulk of her husband’s multi-million dollar estate. There was also talk that he had tired of her spending habits and wanted a divorce.

She refused to give any interviews and always referred any inquiries to her lawyer. Mike smiled to himself when he realized how much he could make if he could get an interview. Instead of calling, he decided he would have a better chance if he showed up in person.

Walking up to the old, Victorian house, Mike admired the well-manicured lawn and garden. He lifted the antique brass knocker and knocked several times. He was a little nervous as he waited, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Suddenly he caught a glimpse of someone peeking through the lace curtains, and then disappearing.

The door opened slowly and a plump, but attractive middle-aged woman appeared, looking puzzled. “I guess you’re not the delivery guy,” she said disappointingly.

“My name is Mike Bodine,” said Mike, shrugging his shoulders.

“What can I do for you Mike Bodine, she said smiling?”

“I’m a freelance writer and I would like to talk to you about your husband’s death.” At that she began to close the door when Mike shouted “PLEASE” The door closed in his face, but he kept talking, hoping she would hear him. “Mrs. Tyler, I just want to get your side of the story.”

There was only silence. Taking a deep breath, he said, “I don’t believe you did it!” Five minutes passed, and then Mike came to the conclusion that he blew it and slowly descended the steps.

As Ankara travesti he went down the walkway he froze in his tracks as he heard, “wait Mr. Bodine!”

Mike returned to the door quickly, trying not to look too anxious. “Do you really believe I didn’t do it,” she said softly. “Come in,” she beckoned, leading him into the living room before he had a chance to respond.

As Mike followed, he couldn’t help but notice the way her full hips swayed beneath the flowered dress she wore.. He guessed that she was about 5′ 7″, which was short compared to his 6′ 4″ frame.

He sat upon a loveseat while she settled into a matching easy chair. Mike glanced at her large breasts which he assumed were probably a product of plastic surgery along with her face which was much smoother than one would expect on a woman of 45 years.

“Mr. Bodine, despite what this town believes, I did not kill my husband,” Tapi said defiantly.

“Why do you think so many people believe you did, Mrs. Tyler?”

“Please, call me Tapi,” she said, slightly smiling.

“Tapi, may I tape this interview?”

“Can we just talk without it for awhile please?”

Mike reluctantly agreed because he didn’t want to do anything to make her have second thoughts about speaking to him.

“Everyone hated me from the moment I married Charlie. They called me gold-digger and said I wasn’t good enough for him. I didn’t care because I loved him, even though I was 40 and he was 70. Yes, I like nice things; is there anything wrong with that?”

Suddenly she moved from the easy chair to the loveseat, sitting opposite Mike. “Michael, I’m really not a bad person,” she said softly, her blue eyes looking directly into his. “You’re the first person in this town to tell me they believe me.”

Without warning, she wrapped her arms around Mike’s neck tightly, knocking his pen and pad from his hands. “Michael, you have no idea how hard it has been, she whispered into his ear. “I’ve been here all alone, afraid of being charged with something I didn’t do.” Wrapping her hands around his neck, she pleaded……”hold me Michael, please.”

Mike was confused, wanting to push her away and continue with the interview, but also Konya travesti not wanting to appear unfeeling. Slowly, he lightly embraced Tapi, feeling her move even closer. He expected her to start crying, but to his surprise she began to kiss his cheek, first softly, then more passionately. Mike felt his heart begin to race as the scent of her perfume filled his nose and her body pressed into his.

“Tapi,” he said, wanting her to stop, “may I as you something?”

She ignored his words, her warm mouth planting kisses along the side of his neck. Mike felt a sense of relief when her arms released their hold, but then he took a deep breath when her hand quickly moved to his shirt, releasing each button before pushing it open and sliding her fingers up and down his muscular chest.

Mike squirmed as Tapi eagerly slid her mouth to his chest, blazing a trail of kisses from one nipple to the other, licking and gently biting, teasing him over and over.

Mike clenched his square jaw, wondering what to do next, but he found it hard to think, his mind distracted by the sensations caused by this woman.

Before he could devise a plan, Tapi slid to her knees, positioned herself between Mike’s legs, pushing them apart, and began to kiss his belly as her fingers easily unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was already semi-erect.

Mike sat transfixed as he looked down at her. He’d never been with and older woman or any woman this assertive.

Her warm, moist tongue teased his belly button, kissing is very slowly while her plump fingers slid up and down his shaft until it was stiff.

Mike reached down to take Tapi’s face in his large hands, but when he tilted her head to look at him he could not bring himself to tell her to stop. The words seemed to stick in his throat.

She looked into his blue eyes, smiled with her blood-red lips, pushed his hands away and lowered her mouth to the head of his manhood. Mike felt his whole body tingle when her tongue slid around the rim, then across the swollen head.

A moan escaped his lips when she took it in into her mouth and sucked lightly. He knew now he didn’t want her to stop. The interview was no longer that important to İzmir travesti him.

Tapi’s mouth slowly slid down the length of Mike’s thick pole, her tongue sliding along the large vein at its base. Mike’s eyes widened as he watched her take his entire cock into her throat. None of the women he’d been with had ever been able to swallow all of him, and those that tried, ended up gagging.

His hands slid through her blonde hair as she sucked him whole for a few seconds, then began to move up and town his throbbing member. As she went faster, Mike thrust upward, fucking her hot mouth again and again.

Suddenly, she stopped, stood, hiked her dress to her waist, quickly removed black lace panties and mounted him. Mike inhaled deeply as he felt his cock slide completely into her juicy pussy. Tapi sat motionless for a minute, savoring the feeling of his cock filling her. She watched his expression as she unbuttoned the front of her dress, revealing a black lace bra.

Mike felt his mouth water as she released her 36D breasts. Taking hold of his shoulders, she leaned forward, just enough to allow him to suck her nipples.

As his mouth hungrily fed on her ripe buds, she moaned and began to rise and fall on his stiff rod. The harder he sucked, the faster she pumped, slamming harder and harder until her cream began run down his shaft. In seconds the room was filed with the sounds of their ecstasy. Like two frenzied dancers, they held tight to one another, pushing themselves toward a perfect ending

Mike’s fingers suddenly sunk into her soft flesh as his orgasm took hold. Her back arched as his hot spray triggered her own release. She continued to pump hard and fast, her head thrown back and screaming until she was spent, then collapsed upon him. He held her tightly, their bodies trembling as they tried to catch their breaths.

After several minutes, Tapi rose, letting Mike’s cock slide from her, picked up his pen and pad, handed it to him and said in a matter-of –fact tone, “My lawyer says I can’t do interviews; will you show yourself out Michael.” With that, she picked up her panties, smiled, and walked to the large circular staircase, ascending it slowly. Mike watched her until she was out of sight, realizing he had been used.

As Mike shut the heavy wooden doors behind him, he felt the warm spring breeze on his face and smiled. This was one story that would not be sold, but be restricted to his private journal and he would recall it over and over again.

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