Get Down with the Thiccness Pt. 04

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Part 4 is here! I want to give a special thank you to some reddit users who helped me come up with some ideas which I will be implementing hopefully in the future! A word of warning however this chapter is more of a buildup chapter to more things to come, I hope that is not too disappointing for whoever reads this 🙂


Christine bit her plump lip as she looked nervously at Alexa, she held the skirt in her hand, reached out for the manager to take it. Christine quickly snatched it out of the hand of Alexa as she quickly slipped it on.

“So…that’s what you’ve been doing these past few days…fucking our floor manager.” Alexa crossed her arms under her large breasts pushing them up making them look even larger. George entered the room from behind his squeeze, looking embarrassed. He nodded slowly. His heart was thumping on his rib cage, it felt like shock waves pulsed through his entire body. He felt sick that he had gotten caught.

“Alexa, I can explain…” Christine muttered as she nervously held her hands together. Christine had known Alexa for a few years, she knew what being caught meant for her career. She had accepted it as the awkward silence after her sentence continued.

“You can explain to the campus committee.” Alexa said angrily. Her teeth where clenched angrily, voice seeping though them like a dragon spewing smoke. Christine nodded slowly and proceeded to exit the apartment, she looked over at George who looked like he was feeling sick. She huffed loudly and left the room, closing the door quietly leaving George and Alexa alone.

“Sit.” Alexa ordered, pointing to a small section of the sofa which George could sit on, there was a significant gap between them, Alexa did not want him anywhere near her.

“I can smell her perfume. Take a fucking shower and we’ll talk about this afterward.” George avoided her gaze, he realized that her voice softened, but still clearly mad; she sounded like a disappointed mother. George stood slowly and quietly stepped toward the bathroom door. Alexa rubbed her forehead slowly, processing what she saw. She had known her roommate was up to something. Her friend Olivia’s lack of seeing him at the bar when he had said he had been there should have been telling that he was fucking someone. She never thought he would ever score anyone as hot as Christine…let alone a staff member. She heard the shower start from across the room, standing up slowly and adjusting her tight dress which she wore from last night she went into her room to put something more comfortable and less revealing on.

Soon after Alexa had changed into a pair of baggy track suit bottoms and one of John’s plain black pullover hoodies, George had exited the bathroom, putting his clothes back on which he had put on before the dreaded moment. Alexa looked over at him, looking disappointed in him.

“I know we students have sex. Its normal. Were away from parents, no one around to tell us no. Most of us are only here to fuck and go out partying. When I first saw you, I didn’t think you where one of those guys. Fuck, you’re the first roommate I have had who hasn’t tried to fuck me.” Alexa motioned for him to sit. George stayed quiet and followed her order once more, planting himself on the cold leather sofa.

“Do you even care about your studies George?” She asked leaning forward and placing her hand on his own, George recoiled at the feeling but looked up anyway, staring into her eyes.

“Of course! I wouldn’t have come here otherwise.”

“Then why did you think it was smart to have sex with a member of staff?!” she cried, throwing both hands up not knowing how to properly comprehend what had taken place.

“Look, you know I have to report this.” She said simply.

“What?!” George shouted angrily.

“You can’t have me kicked out!” He stood and clenched his fists, his face red with anger over what had happened.

“Well…its important as to what happened. I don’t want to know what you did.” She lied calmly, she would never admit it, but she was interested what lead to Christine to get into a sexual relationship with an average looking guy who was probably a virgin…it must have been something which made him desirable to a woman like her…something big and long.

“Who made the first move. You or her?” She asked, crossing her legs and leaving forward waiting for an answer.

“She did. She invited me back to her office a few days ago and we had sex there. The day after she called me to her office to give me a spare key, and we did it again…then last night.” Alexa sighed, almost relieved.

“Well, if what you’re saying is true, then you won’t get kicked out.” George’s face lit up and his fists unclenched.

“But.” She cut in before he had the chance to reply to her.

“You would have to be punished, labor probably. I guess the committee will tuzla escort decide.” She shrugged and looked around to the clock which was hanging on the wall on the left side of the kitchen.

“Look your class starts soon, get changed and go. We’ll chat later.” George nodded quickly and retreated back to his room, getting away from the awkward situation as fast as he could.

It was roughly 12 O’clock in the afternoon when George entered the large lecture hall. It was a magnificent sight. Rows upon rows of blue cushioned seats ran up the whole room with long tables running across the front of them. It could easily hold a hundred students. Speaking of students, there were lots of them. Roughly 3/4’s full George quickly scanned the room. These where all the people he would be learning with over the course of the next few years. There was a wide array of people in the class already, a diverse roster of students, big and small, tall and muscular frat guys who where already getting attention from the hot, makeup clad

women. George decided that it would be best to sit somewhere away from the girls, Alexa would probably scold him for getting too close. He stepped up the stairs slowly, bag hiked over his shoulder. He noticed people looking at him, feeling shy he tried to pretend that he did not notice. He sat on one of the back rows, next to a row of guys and one girl who seemed pretty normal. They all introduced themselves as Mike, Steve and Emma. After a short conversation George found out that Steve and Emma where dating, and Mike was Emma’s friend from a different school. They had both come to the same university so they both knew someone coming in.

Just as George was about to continue the conversation the door burst open. The double doors crashed into the walls which let out a loud echo which rattled through the room. The entire class spun their heads toward the doors to see who was entering. Coming through the double doors was a tall thin woman who looked like she was in her 50’s. She had long grey hair with a pair of half moon glasses draped around her neck. She wore a knit jumper of red and green with a pair of dirty grey trousers. Following closely behind her was a short blonde girl which caught the attention of all the guys in class. She held her head proud as her long silky hair swayed from left to right. Around her neck was a thin silver chain with a bright green emerald, it was so bright George could see its beauty from here. He sat up once he looked at the face of the girl.

She was the same person he saw that night, the one who Christine had said was ‘trouble’ whatever that meant. She stopped behind the lecturer and had her hands crossed under her huge bust. She looked down at her cleavage and adjusted her necklace. She wore the complete opposite to the older woman she was following: A black t-shirt which looked a few sizes too small, along with a pair of black leggings which hugged her outrageous curves. George heard Emma mutter under her breath.

“I wish I had a body like that…fuck.”

“Well…Hello class…welcome to Lord Romeo University. You probably know by now what campus is like, and I hope that you have introduced yourselves to each other. Today’s class will not be too long, more of an introduction as to what to expect as the course goes along.” Her voice sounded soft, but clearly being a veteran in the field of teaching, her voice was thrown out to every corner of the room.

“Now, as you have probably noticed, I am not here alone. My star student has decided to come along and give a little speech to you all.” The lecturer turned toward the girl and smiled proudly. The girl smiled back and stepped forward, clearing her throat lightly she began to speak.

“Hey, I’m Amy, as Mrs. Clarke said over the last 5 years I have been top of her classes as well as some other courses which I have been taking part-time. As tradition in Mrs. Clarke’s class the star student has to give a rallying and motivational speech to the new guys and girls who will be spending time with her.” George hung on every word, as did every other guy in the class, the girls seemed to either be indifferent or staring daggers of jealously at her.

“I’ve always been shit at these so I’ll just say, keep up the work, know your stuff and you’ll be fine. And if anyone of you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it!” She grinned and took a strand of her long hair, running her fingers through the locks which she had taken.

“Thank you, Amy.” Mrs. Clarke said to her as the young-looking curvaceous goddess pivoted in place toward the teacher, nodding with content.

“See you on campus!” she squeaked as she turned in place and began to strut out of the room, her thick ass bouncing as she swayed her hips. The men of the class (Including George) seemed to snap out of their trance like state once the doors closed on her making tuzla escort bayan it impossible to see the magnificence that was Amy.

At that moment George felt his phone buzz softly on the table. Looking over he realized that it was a notification from Alexa. The text simply read:

“Christine has been fired. You’re still here but will receive unpaid job. Tell you more later x” His heart sank as he read the words of the message. Christine was fired, all because of their stupid sexual desires. He cleared the notification and slipped the phone into his pocket, unable to focus on what Mrs. Clarke was saying the rest of the time he was there.

Once Amy shut the door of the class, she smiled to herself. He was there. She had sensed him, but could not locate him.

“All those horny guys.” She muttered to herself.

“I couldn’t see him…definitely one of those guys though.” She pulled out the silver necklace from her cleavage and looked at it, smiling to herself she skipped off, hoping to find her big cocked man once again. As the day drew on for Amy, it seemed like any other. Her Instagram page was flooded with DM’s by guys she had met on campus as well as thirsty guys who had discovered her page through other means. She had found out from some of her girlfriends that she was recently featured in a top 100 most sexy Instagram pages, clocking in at number 10! While she wasn’t as popular as other girls who followed this hobby, she was still known by lots of men and women around.

Known for her intellect on history and stunning good looks Amy was the heart breaker and cum taker of all the guys who either tried to ask her out or the guys who blasted their loads to her bikini pics or the sponsored lingerie photo shoots which made her enough money to live off campus in her own apartment. Since she delivered the speech to the fresh meat who probably will try and pursue her, she had spent her time in the student bar. By this time of day, it was dead empty, and even the barkeep wasn’t their best. A young woman who looked to be in her late teens seemed to be catching glances at Amy as the blonde bombshell swigged her whiskey lightly.

“Hey, what’s a girl like you drinking all alone?” A deep voice called over to Amy from in front of her. She raised an eyebrow and tracked her green eyes up to meet his gaze. He was very handsome. Thin and muscular too. Amy smirked and took another sip of her drink as the man sat on the chair opposite her.

“I like my own company…” She said as she placed her glass on the smooth, varnished oak table, a light tapping noise emanated from the table as the glass hit the wood.

“I bet you do, looking that nice.” The man bit his lip and looked over her, enjoying the view of the pale, blonde, busty, athletic woman.

“Try again hun, I’ve heard that one millions of times.” She winked and took her drink again, keeping eye contact with the man as she downed the rest of the burning whiskey.

“I like a girl that-” he began, Amy put her finger up to shush him, instantly he stopped, mouth hanging open waiting for what she was going to say.

“Where you in Mrs. Clarke’s class today? I did a speech there and I wondered if you where in there.” She leaned forward and pressed her breasts together with her elbows, looking seductively into his eyes with a sexy smirk curled over her plump lips. The man blushed and leaned back, nodding slowly.

“Y-yeah, I had to re-take the year…” he muttered intimidated at the beauty seemingly giving him a look of need.

“Tell me…how big is your cock?” the mans eyes widened massively, he felt himself stiffen as his mouth ran dry, Amy stared at him, sliding the tip of her tongue out of her lips and licking them softly.


“Big? It might be you.” She whispered almost silently.

“Wait here for 5 minutes. Come into the men’s bathroom after exactly 5 minutes. Knock on the locked cubicle.” She swiftly and gracefully raised from her seat, turning a full 180 degrees and strutted toward the men’s bathroom. She looked back at the man, feeling her heart race as she thought that her searching might finally be over.

Excitedly, Amy bounced into the men’s bathroom. It was a small room, four urinals spaced evenly between each other stuck to the wall, large black shining tiles spread across the floor while the white painted walls complimented the black nicely. As it was mid-afternoon coming on evening, the bar still wasn’t in much use. Amy was glad that the bathroom only smelled of strong lemony air freshener which was sprayed in regular intervals thought the day. Looking to a cubicle she saw that they where all free. Gleefully she entered one of them which was closest to the door and immediately sat on the closed seat, she felt herself get giddy like she used to…with her last boyfriend. She began to tap her shoes on escort tuzla the floor of the room, damming herself that she had ordered him to wait 5 minutes. She looked at her phone, staring holes into the screen as the minutes ticked closer and closer. Suddenly a strong tap rattled the door. Instantly Amy stood and unlocked the door. Seeing it was the same man from before she grinned and moaned.

“Finally.” Taking him by the collar of his shirt she pulled him in and pushed him against the wall of the cubicle. ‘It better be him.’ She thought to herself as she sat on the toilet seat once more. Looking up innocently she batted her eyes at him and asked.

“Can you take your dick out for me mister?” She felt her pussy quiver with excitement, she was so close! The man gladly positioned himself in front of her head directly in line with his now rock-hard cock, begging to come out of its constraints. He quickly pulled his sweat trousers down and let his cock spring out in front of her face.

Amy’s heart sank, it wasn’t him. She looked disappointed as she grasped the average 6-inch cock by the shaft and began to examine it, quickly the man moaned, looking down at a goddess handling his cock. He brushed his hand over her chin as he grinned.

“Not even close to what I was looking for…” She said looking up at him. He looked confused, shaking his head he answered.

“What?” She rolled her eyes and leaned down to plant a heavy kiss on the circumcised head of the man.

“The man I’m looking for is almost double the size of this.” She began to suck him off, using the perfect technique which she had learned after so many cocks. He moaned hard and let a

“Holy shit” out as she sucked, easily taking his whole shaft down her throat. She looked up and grabbed the man’s hands and placed them over her head, letting him get a good grasp of her. Without gagging she surfaced from inhaling his whole length.

“Be rough with me. Use me and leave if you want.” She was mad. Mad at herself to think that the first guy she saw would be him. Her current partner had no issue of being rough, instantly he gripped her head hard and started to thrust in and out of her mouth. His pelvis roughly smacked her plump lips as he thrust in and out of her mouth. She kept a tight grip around his average shaft, letting loud sucking noises fill the room. His grunts too added to the noise of rough porn which was taking place in the public bathroom. Amy patiently rested her hands between her thick thighs, letting him take control and use her mouth like a flesh light. His grunts ringed in her ears as she remembered how many other guys she had thought was the one grunted when they fucked her. She would usually be unsatisfied by the end and today was no exception. The man slowed his thrusts as he forced her to stop sucking, strands of saliva connected his shaft to her lips as she looked up at him. He grasped his shaft and began to jerk off.

“Turn around.” He moaned. Amy sighed before wiping her lips clean of any saliva which dripped onto her chin. She stood up and turned around, peeling her tight leggings off, down to her thighs.

“Oh fuck!” the man shouted as Amy felt a line of warm liquid spray over her thick ass, and another, and another. She turned around to see the man holding his cock in his hand, drips of cum leaking out of him.

“Really? Cum stains on black you know?” She leaned back and brushed her long hair out of the way of her thick ass cheeks, scooping up the cum with her fingers she placed each finger one by one into her mouth, swallowing his cum while he watched. She smiled as she pulled her leggings back up over her naked lower body, she turned around to face him, his cock still in his hands.

“Fuck…Alexa never does that to me…” he muttered while his cock began to grow hard once more. Amy smiled and kissed his cheek.

“Follow my Instagram, Amyla-lovely. You can empty those balls if this Alexa isn’t good enough.” She winked at him, pushed him softly aside and unlocked the cubicle door.

“What’s your name cheater?” she asked like nothing had ever happened between the two.

“J-John” he said, his normal very alpha male personality was irrelevant to Amy’s perfect body.

“Well John, please don’t try to get into my pants again. Alexa will get mad.” Slamming the door behind her, Amy strutted out of the bathroom, leaving John alone. He stood in the cubicle, gasping for breath as he couldn’t believe what had taken place. Instantly he pulled his phone out and typed in the name which he had memorized into Instagram.

As he scrolled through the seemingly endless images of Amy, he began to furiously jerk off once more, seeing the bikini photos, the sexy selfies, underwear ads, even her casual group pictures. He could not get enough of this goddess! John came another time, shooting his load onto the cubicle door, not caring that he was masturbating in public, not bothering that his girlfriend who was equally as thick as Amy had called him 5 times since he entered the bathroom. He didn’t think about the deep shit he would be in if Alexa found out about him and Amy.

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