Get Away Cruise


(A flight of fancy and a gift to a friend with this latest little story. As always a special thanks to my friend patricia51 for her confidence and support. Thank you to our editor Marian, and a new critic who shall remain nameless but appreciated. I hope the “Irina” and “Tana” in life enjoy this and each other for a long, long time.)


Elvy rolled over in the tangled bedclothes and bumped against the older brunette as naked as herself.

She nuzzled an earlobe and whispered, “How can I have you only once a year? You are the sexiest woman I have ever known.”

As she spoke her hand cupped the small breasted woman’s mound and slowly stroked up and down the tender slit. She slid a middle finger into the already or still moist channel to awaken the passion of earlier that day.

She pumped another finger into the loose lipped pussy in her hand. Her efforts were greeted eagerly by a quick ooze of musky honey and grinding asscheeks against her shaven mound.

The “snick snick snick’ of fingers pumping into her lover filled the tiny stateroom of the cruise ship they had chosen this year for their get away.

Elvy’s fuller breasts ground into the older woman’s back, a lava flow of her own nectar splashing the soft asscheeks in front of her.

She masturbated the older woman as though it were her own body she was toying with.

She knew every millimeter and wrinkle of that feminine grotto.

She played her lover like a fine violin.

The gasps, moans and undulating motions so well known to her made Elvy bury her fingers into her lover just as an orgasm washed over the older woman.

Elvy rolled over onto her back and lifted her hand. Watching the glistening fingers as they held suspended then slowly lowering them to her open mouth.

She noisily sucked each finger clean.

Her lover had turned and was kneeling beside the dirty blonde 40ish full bodied woman.

“You are terrible,” scoffed her partner.

“Elvy, time to get dressed for dinner.”

Elvy only moaned and said in her contralto voice, “Marlene, I have had my dinner, breakfast and luncheon.”

“Well as poetic as that may be. I am famished.”

“Three hours since sailing and already the sea air has done their wonders on all of my appetites. The one I need to satisfy now, Darling, is for nutrition.”

“Well, Sweetheart, now that you mention it. I could do for something more substantial,” laughed her long time female lover.

They showered. Separately, as the more grounded older woman insisted.

Clothing on this cruise line is not overly formal even for dinner. No assigned seating, and as they were told by the recreation director, a quite imposing and wickedly lovely Creole woman, no regimen for any activity. Ten days cruise of the South Seas with seven dockings at exotic islands.

They found a smaller table with only eight seat places and settled in making introductions to their table mates. Two young married couples and one mismatched pair of singles.

Dinner was served by one waitress, a very tall redheaded woman. She had a semi-Australian accent, but there were hints of several other lands and languages mixed in.

She introduced herself as Irina. As efficient as she was at table service, she also managed to keep the conversation at table moving when it seemed there was little to bond the cruise-mates.

When Irina bent over to serve the entrees for both Elvy and Marlene, though looking at the pair of married couples opposite she gave an invitation by simply commenting on the beautiful moon to be expected shining off the water on the lower promenade deck about midnight.

After a delightful dinner Elvy and Marlene spent some hours acquainting themselves with the shipboard accommodations. They mostly spent two hours in the casino where both won small amounts of money. Marlene was addicted to the slot machines, and Elvy found herself doing quite well at a Texas Hold’em table.

When they realized the hour, arm in arm like two schoolgirls they swept out of the gambling arena and meandered toward the elevator to their deck.

“Let’s take the sea air, Sweetheart,” suggested Marlene, as she glanced at a locator map of the decks and found they were one above the promenade. Taking the stairs they were quite happy to find it mostly deserted.

With an evil grin Elvy looked around for a secluded nook from which they might also be able to see the fully risen moon as well as give in to their adventurous natures .

There was an alcove about fifteen feet away, and as they approached, they could hear moans and gasps.

Definitely feminine whispers.

When they peeked around the edge of the alcove neither was surprised to see a woman on her knees behind another. The surprise was that they noticed the dark almost mahogany colored skin of the social director’s butt and Irina’s red hair bobbing.

They watched and listened to the whimpers and the wet lapping sounds. Curly to the point of being wiry black hair swaying as the standing woman ground back.

She bursa escort quietly commanded, “Yes, Irina, lick my ass, baby. Drive your tongue into Tana’s asshole.”

Elvy and Marlene looked at each other, then up and down the deserted deck and back to the hot scene.

Elvy then moved into the small space and placed her hand on the back of Irina’s head, holding her to her sensual task, and leaned over Tana’s shoulder to kiss her open lips.

Tana tried to move away, but her hands were holding her away from the wall and her surprise was quickly replaced by the muscle tightening spasms in her pussy.

She moaned and grunted, writhed and shook as an orgasm washed over her.

Irina sank back on her heels…her face flushed…her breathing in huge gulps of air.

Then she looked up and around only to say, ” Hello, ladies. I told you there would be a nice moon on the promenade deck tonight,” with an almost evil giggle.

Tana turned to face the trio.

“You wicked bitch,” tumbled out of her in a rush, but with a gleam in her eyes.

“Now we are done for.”

Marlene stepped up to her and took her hand as she said, “Not nearly done for. Barely begun.”

“You two had better be off duty, because you are coming with us to explain ‘native customs and traditions’.”

The crew members adjusted their clothing and walked from the alcove to stand at the railing turned to face the passengers.

“We are free until docking at 5AM ,” responded Tana, “I believe you ladies are the ones Irina mentioned from dinner last night. Normally I have a severe problem with my girl being mauled, but shall make an exception if you make appropriate amends.”

Tana’s face transited from cool, to a fierce warrior scowl, to a pleasant wide perfectly charming grin.

“We had better be off in that case. We are burning moonlight,” Marlene said as she locked arms with Irina and Elvy did the same with Tana.

Tana got a sly grin on her face and whispered into Irina’s ear as the quartet stood by the elevator.

“This is a night cruise and the captain always spends it on the control deck. He is a complete wanker, and we may as well use his cabin,” Tana said with a huge evil grin.

The quartet entered the elevator and Tana put a key into the panel . She also put a code into the keypad before the doors closed and they were whisked to the private deck for senior cruise staff. She lead the band up another set of stairs and again keyed the door panel to allow them entry to a huge stateroom overlooking the ships prow.

The cruising couple stood at the large glass panels and took in the magnificent view of man made ship and the tranquil sea under streaming full moonlight.

Irina threw her arms around both women and turned to kiss each wetly and sensually.

She felt two pairs of hands running up and down her body as her clothing seemed to melt away.

Neither Marlene nor Elvy noticed that Tana had slipped out of the stateroom as they concentrated on the tall red-haired woman who had been their mutual target since dinner hours before.

Slipping from their own dresses, neither woman wore underwear, much to the delight and shock of Irina.

Elvy kissed the redhead fiercely, sucking her tongue and sharing saliva, bubbly beads of warm liquid mixing and running from mouth to mouth.

At the same time, Marlene was kissing the bare shoulders before her and licking down the long spine. Her hands kneading the firm high lifted asscheeks grinding back and forth.

Elvy sucked at the thin flesh at Irina’s neck hollow, biting and wetting her flesh.

She sank almost in synchronism with Marlene behind the Greek goddess to suck and nibble Irina’s stiffened pink nipples. Open mouthed and wetly laving first the right then the left. Drawing as much of the breast into her mouth and flattening her tongue to rasp round and round each areola.

Marlene sank to her knees more quickly and concentrated on nipping and sucking the firm uplifted asscheeks. Her curled fingers traced down Irina’s legs and lightly stroked the backs of the tall woman’s knees which caused the crew member to moan loudly.

Just as Marlene licked down the crease separating the sun tanned asscheeks Elvy bowed and as her knees bent she kissed the very dark bush on Irina’s mound

Again as one skilled and practiced unit, both older women run tongues through the inviting slits presented to them and slowly teased.

Elvy’s thumbs and Marlene’s fingers separated the lips and cheeks before them and licked and pushed saliva from their mouths at the rosebud and vaginal openings they adored.

Humming and murmuring, they licked and probed as the redhead writhed and nearly lost her balance at the unexpected ease and skill being exercised on her.

Elvy sucked the nice sized clitoris protruding from her hood. She stroked it up and down with the tip of her tongue. She rolled it and bounced the sensitive flesh. When Irina was exclaiming how Elvy was driving her insane with want, she had to turn her attention to the sensation escort bursa of Marlene’s tongue probing her anus.

Marlene circled the tight wrinkled ring with tongue tip. She pushed more and more of her saliva into the slowly opening ring until her tongue slipped inside to lap the smoother and much more humid asshole. Her lips sealed the ring and she sucked as she waggled her tongue.

Now Elvy tilted her head and rolled her tongue to thrust into the puffy lipped vagina which was leaking a slick stream of aromatic nectar.

With a throaty moan she tasted the sweet, musky flow from her target. She nodded her head as her tongue burrowed deeply into the slick and effaced opening. Her nose bumped repeatedly onto Irina’s clit.

The redhead, for her part, gripped Elvy’s hair and rocked back and forth between the tongues and hands of her tormentors.

Just as she was starting to feel the tightening of her tummy muscles. As she felt her pussy spasming around the skilled tongue. Just as she felt her ass throb and pulse. Her head was drawn back and those dark lips of her Creole lover pressed against her mouth and thrust her tongue deeply in a savage, possessive wet kiss.

Tana pinched the redhead’s nipple and almost flattened it.

Somehow her body took this as permission and Irina quivered and but for the hands and mouths and bodies pressed tightly to her would have collapsed and flopped wildly as her orgasm overwhelmed her.

Tana broke the kiss and the older women moved to hold each other in their own passionate embrace as Tana draw her taller lover into her arms and cooed lovingly as she soothed the savage jerks and writhing she knew as a marvelously intense orgasm..

“That’s my baby. Yessssss, Irina. Cum, darling. Shhhh shhhh, the night is young.”

Meanwhile, after a long soulful kiss between Elvy and Marlene, the women explored the stateroom and found a chilled bottle of champagne which they popped open and poured four glassfuls.

One glass in each of their hands they approached the other pair and offered a toast.

“To a happy cruise.”

“To a very sexy cruise,” replied the Australian couple.

The quartet chatted easily as they drank the champagne compliments of the ship’s captain.

The contrasting body shapes and sizes would have had comments if anyone had been there to make them.

Irina was just over 6 feet tall, slender, high butt and short cropped unnaturally red hair.

Tana, a scant half inch or less shorter, dark almost chocolaty overall skin tone. What made her especially striking was a thick patch of fur at her sex. Curly black hairs almost hiding her vagina.

Marlene, the shortest of the two couples, brunette with wisps of gray proudly in her hair. Small breasts, pale skin but with a southern US lilt in her speech which made her more sexual than even she realized.

Elvy, fortyish, mostly blonde and speaking in a nasally northern US twang was unabashedly aware of her own sexuality and sensuality.

She walked over to the bag Tana had brought into the stateroom while she and Marlene were occupied with Irina and rummaged through the contents.

She tossed out tubes of various flavored and scented gels to find what she knew would be there. Triumphantly she held up an 18 inch double headed dildo and let both heads wobble as she shook it holding the center.

“I knew you would have one of these beauties,” she proclaimed.

Plunging back she next held out a leather harness and one of the thickest strapon cocks any of them had ever seen.

“OK, which one of you get this? I know Marlene will die for it,” she laughed.

Marlene, for her part, simply gave a gargled response, not overly clear whether it was displeasure her lover was being so spontaneous, or in envy of the shape and size of the latex cock.

Elvy raised the harness and strapon over her head and danced merrily.

Tana and Irina had thrown their arms around each other’s waists and kissed passionately as the older couple headed for the captain’s large bed and tumbled into it together.

Marlene stretched her arms and legs out and the Australian pair leapt onto the bed on either side of her.

Irina leaned forward to kiss the brunette with open and wet mouth as Tana ran her tawny fingers over the supine woman’s breasts down to the hood at the tip of her mound.

Marlene wriggled and moaned into Irina’s kiss as her body seemed to vibrate with the skilful manipulation of the Creole’s knowing hands and fingers.

Her mouth wide open she was somewhat surprised when Irina formed her cheeks back and forth to produce a large glob of saliva which she allowed to fall in a long thin line between her lips to the surprised brunette’s mouth.

Marlene swallowed, gurgled and held the saliva which commingled with her own to form a bubbly pool.

She pursed her lips and formed a frothy foam which Irina added to almost continuously.

As surprising and as titillating as that activity was, Marlene became aware of the stroking, circling and probing fingers of the bursa escort bayan mocha social director.

Her pussy was nearly as sodden as her mouth when Tana stroked up and down the lips of the close cropped pussy and wriggled her long middle finger into the smooth channel between.

Tana twisted and hooked her finger deeper and found that magic spongy pad rather easily. She tapped the spot over and over until Marlene rolled her lower body and her legs seemed to spasm.

Irina pressed her open mouth to the brunette’s and sucked and spit back a joined ball of saliva making the older woman moan in bubbly gurgles.

Elvy watched her annual lover enjoy the incredible sexual play of the antipodal pair.

It was not rehearsed any more than the Americans’ initial love making with Irina, but simply a well known and savored way to introduce a new lover to the reality that they are a couple, a loving pair.

Elvy inspected the various devices and lotions and gels from the bag in great detail and chose first a clear tube filled with what purported to be a warming gel with a strawberry flavor. She considered the cinnamon also with an almost evil grin, but mentally reserved that for later.

Squeezing a great glob of the gel onto two fingers she approached the jumble on the bed and applied her fingers first to the dark skin of the woman skillfully fingering her lover’s cunt. She twisted and spread the gel along the Creole’s swollen pussy lips and dipped fingers deeply inside.

Her fingers began a steady in-out motion, massaging the tender inner membranes, spreading the gel.

Tana began a soft murmur as she felt the heat rising at and in her sex.

She kept her own steady probing of Marlene’s pussy, but had lost some of the intensity and concentration from the onset.

Elvy lifted the mahogany toned naked woman’s leg and drove her face into the fleshy center.

Her tongue lapped and swirled.

Each lick spread the gel and warmed it gradually.

Tana began to gyrate her hips, her ass grinding in the air as Elvy teased artificially heated flesh and sexual membranes.

Elvy concentrated on Tana’s clitoris now.

Sucking the nub between her lips she flailed the engorged stalk with her tongue.

The gel warmed and gave another dimension to the room’s overall pervasive aroma of lust and female arousal.

Elvy’s fingers probed the amazingly tight pussy at her face.

As the blonde attacked the Creole Marlene and Irina rolled into a distinct pairing.

Marlene was on her back, holding her legs over her head. Irina was dripping more and more of her saliva now.

She dripped and spat globs of saliva at the brunette’s asshole then probed the rosy wrinkle with her tongue.

Humming lustily, Irina nodded and rolled her head side to side. She had fingers probing her own wet pussy. She dipped and fucked her fingers into herself with a growing need.

Elvy now was raking her fingernails along the firm muscular thighs of her love interest. Her tongue drove deeply and steadily into the open sweet tasting pussy buried deep in the dark forest between Tana’s thighs.

They paused briefly to contort into the classic sixty-nine position, Elvy’s mouth never quite disconnecting from Tana’s gelled and strawberry flavored pussy.

The blonde knelt over her lover and long fingers on her ass drew them into a tight ball.

Lips and tongues probed and wriggled into molten flesh.

Steamy juices oozed and coated both faces as the blonde and chocolate swirl of flesh moaned loudly, exclaiming with muffled urgings toward a mutual satisfaction.

Irina had found the double headed dildo and was teasing it over the puffy rosebud slick with an enormous pool of saliva. She slid one head up, twirling it as she pressed the thick shaft higher past the mid section. The first head drooped under the weight of the latex cock and bounced against Marlene’s tummy. Irina then reversed the slide and drew the shaft back and it bumped and bounced first on the brunette’s clit, then her soupy pussy, and finally again the head twirled over her saliva soaked ass-ring.

Marlene was writhing, she was urging Irina to fuck her with the pseudo cock.

“Do my ass. Fuck my cunt. Damnit anywhere!”

Irina grinned evilly and twisted the head against Marlene’s asshole.

The head popped into the ring and the older woman groaned loudly with pleasure at the invasion.

“Hands and knees now, Love,” whispered the redhead.

Marlene rolled to her side and held the dildo to her body as she knelt and supported her upper body with one hand on the mattress.

Irina pressed more of the rubber dick into her lover and then knelt with the other head poised at her own anal ring.

She winced as the latex strained her asshole which she had the forethought to have smeared with one of the gels from the bag.

Facing opposite directions now, Marlene realized the method Irina wished to employ the long double dildo.

The mis-matched pair ground separate bodies joined by the slowly shortening latex shaft.

Rocking on hands and knees, grinding in opposite directions a feminine sensual imitation of the Coriolis effect appropriate to the opposing hemispheres in which the women lived.

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