G Ch. 01


We call her G. In fact, everyone calls her G, it’s easier than pronouncing her full name. She is a friend my wife met over the internet years ago. The first time we met in person was a dinner with both families, but since then she and my wife have hung out several times. When I have the privilege of seeing them together, I make full use of it in my fantasies the next free moment I get. Both women are thin with beautiful long hair; my wife’s is brown to match her eyes, and G’s is black. G’s skin is smooth and dark while my wife’s is light. In my imagination that makes an incredibly beautiful contrast when they touch. And in my mind they touch each other quite often.

I was always sure that one day, if their friendship continued, they would explore each other’s bi-sexual curiosities. I never thought for a minute that I would actually be there to see it happen. It was a warm Sunday afternoon about three weeks ago when G and her daughters came over to play in our new pool. G’s husband works in sales and weekends are always busy for him. Our daughter loves when her friends come to our house to play, and with my wife four months pregnant, she enjoys the time to relax with her friend while I watch the kids. That’s how it all happened; I was out at the pool with the girls while G and my wife sat talking on the sofa in the living room. The kids were old enough to not have to be watched every moment, so my attention shifted to the ladies inside.

I could see them through the glass doors, but not all that well through bursa escort the glare. My wife was sitting in the middle of the sofa as G sat next to her with her legs tucked under her skirt. I had glanced a few times before it happened; as I strained to see through the glare, I realized my wife was lifting her shirt. My mind raced. My wife was stripping for her friend. Why? What had been said? Who had started it? Why was I stuck out here? Just as my imagination started to race it was brought to a dead stop. G reached over and felt my wife’s belly. She was just beginning to show her pregnancy, and here I was getting excited by a tender moment between friends. I would have felt ashamed if I hadn’t thought my hastiness was so funny.

I turned back, with a smile on my face, to watch our daughters splashing each other playfully. All in all, this was a nice moment. I was feeling quite happy with life in general; wonderful wife, beautiful daughter, good friends. At least a minute passed before I looked back into the house. I was confused to see G’s hand still resting on my wife’s belly. It had lingered longer than I would have expected. These two beautiful women had my attention again. There it was. I don’t think I noticed it the first time. The contrast between there skin tones. They were simply sitting there, face to face, talking while G’s hand rested on my wife’s soft skin. I knew they were discussing something non-sexual like breathing techniques or contractions, but my imagination began to get the better of me:

“It bursa escort bayan is amazing isn’t it?” G asks my wife.

“Yes it is.”

“Does it feel nice?” G asks as her hand slowly begins to caress my wife’s skin.

Closing her eyes as G’s hand lowers my wife whispers, “Yes.”

When she opens her eyes again, G is staring into them, only inches away. “How nice?”

My wife can only sigh.

“How nice does it feel?” G asks again as her fingers lower and begin to play with my wife’s pubic hair.

The sighs become soft moans as my wife closes her eyes again. G seizes the moment to do what I am sure she has fantasized of doing for a very long time. As her fingertips find the silky folds of my wife’s pussy, she leans in the extra few inches for a first kiss. What breath my wife had left escapes into G’s waiting mouth. Their lips part with a familiarity that is borne of months of mutual fantasizing.

G begins to slide her fingers up and down my wife’s ever-more-sensitive pussy as their tongues explore each other. My wife’s hand wraps around G’s head and grabs a hold of her black, silky hair. Their kisses grow more rhythmic as G begins to slide her insatiable fingers inside my wife’s pussy. Feeling the warmth deep inside, G begins to moan into my wife’s mouth.

With her free hand, my wife finds G’s bare leg and slides it up her thigh. When she realizes how wet G has become, their kiss is broken. Trying to catch their breath, they look at each other for what seems like forever. A escort bursa light smile crosses my wife’s glowing face and G returns the encouragement. Sliding her wet panties aside, my wife finds G’s hungry pussy and fills it with two fingers as quickly as she can. This time, it is G’s turn to close her eyes and moan. My wife smiles and stretches up to taste G’s lips again. As their kisses are renewed, their fingers pick up pace in what seems like a race to satisfy. Both are rocking their hips slightly and when G’s thumb presses down on my wife’s clit, it becomes too much for her to withstand. My wife explodes in orgasm as G pumps her fingers in and out of my wife’s convulsing, wet hot pussy. As my wife nearly screams into G’s mouth, she grabs hold of her hair even harder. G wraps her hand around my wife’s head and holds on to her.

As my wife’s orgasm subsides, she lets one hand drop from G’s hair as the other slides out from between G’s legs. She takes a deep breath before realizing that G has not let go of her. G has grabbed a hold of my wife’s hip and is still holding her head close. My wife returns this hug from her new lover and they share a last, sweet kiss before parting to fall back onto the sofa.

The screams and laugher from our daughters in the pool brought me out of my fantasy. I turned to check on the kids and they seemed to be as engrossed in their play as I was in my day dream. Looking back into the house, I was shocked at what I thought I saw. I struggled to make it out through the glare on the glass. It was my wife sliding her hand out from underneath G’s dress.

This is part one of a planned four to five part series. I welcome any and all comments or ideas. I will respond to any emails.


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