Fun With A Coworker

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I first noticed him about four years ago. I thought he was very handsome but knew that he didn’t even know I existed. I mean he was married and so was I, legally at the time. Not to mention the age difference. 14 years, but when you are in your 30’s and 40’s that doesn’t seem too bad. I had worked under him for five years, yes he is my boss. During those years I kept it well hidden from everybody, especially him, of my feelings toward him. One day about 8 months ago we worked the late shift together and really for the first time talked. We talked about everything. I felt very comfortable with him and knew instantly that he is the nice guy that I always thought he was.

We then began instant messaging each other which eventually turned in to each of us telling each other our sexual fantasies. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to express my innermost feelings to him and that I didn’t get embarrassed when I did.

After a couple of weeks of both of us expressing our wants, and in my case needs, to each other we both decided that we had to follow through and make those fantasies a reality.

I was very nervous, not only with the fact that he was married, but also since my divorce five years earlier, I hadn’t been with anyone. Our first encounter together consisted only of kissing and fondling , but they were the best kisses I had ever received. They made us both weak in the knees. And let me tell you, this man is a natural with his hands. kurtköy escort He knew exactly where to touch and how to touch it. We felt like teenagers again and couldn’t wait until we could get together again and really fulfill our fantasies.

It was about a week later that we were able to really be alone and have time to explore each other for the first time. He came over to my house and the minute he walked in the door he took me into his arms and kissed me passionately. I wrapped my arms around him and grabbed onto his firm ass. He immediately put his hands up my shirt and grasped firmly onto my breasts. I went directly to the button on his pants and undid them. We couldn’t undress each other fast enough. We had to make love to each other and fast.

I led him into my bedroom and I sat down on the bed with him standing in front of me. I reached into his pants that were getting pretty tight at this point and I almost gasped out loud when I felt how huge his cock was. I am talking a good 8 inches and thick!!! I pulled it out of it’s restraints and could barely fit my hand around it. I pumped it a few times to make sure it was at it’s fullest. As he pinched my nipples I could feel the sexual energy going through me and I knew I needed to have this monster in my mouth.

I circled the tip of his dick with my tongue and tasted the sweet juice that was escaping. I wanted to go slow but with all the built up tension aydıntepe escort between us I also wanted to suck him harder and faster than he had ever been sucked. . I wanted to feel that hot liquid hit the back of my throat. I opened my mouth and took in all that I could almost choking and still not really believing how big this cock was that was in my mouth.

As I was fucking him with my mouth I was also manually jerking him with my free hand I thought and was wishing that he was going to cum but he stopped me and said he wanted to feel his cock in my pussy. I certainly wasn’t going to argue with him, it had been a long time since I had anything in my pussy.

He removed my shirt and sucked on my nipples, getting them hard as he laid me on my back. He told me he loved to eat pussy and soon I felt his tongue working magic on my clit. I was so wet and turned on at this point that I am sure he got a good taste of what he was looking for. He inserted one finger into my dripping hole and began to finger fuck me while as he flicked his tongue over my swollen clit. It had been so long since I had anyone eat me out that I could feel an orgasm coming on. I think he could feel it to because he stopped and slowly made his way back up to kiss my lips. I could taste myself on his lips and that turned me on even more. I had never tasted pussy before, never mind my own. but I couldn’t get enough of it.

He got on top tuzla içmeler escort of me as I guided that massive cock to my awaiting pussy which was so wet right now. He was so gentle as I could feel he was slowly pushing the head of his cock in me. He knew it had been a while for me and he didn’t want to hurt me. but I wanted him to fuck me hard. It had to have been like fucking a virgin again.

Once he was completely in me and I took all eight inches we both could not believe how good it felt. we were a perfect match. He slowly pumped in and out of me as he spread my legs as far as they would go. He started to speed up and was soon fucking the shit out of me. I reached down and began to touch myself rubbing my clit. that turned him on so much that I knew he was going to blow. And blow he did. He shot his hot white com right into me as I was also brought to orgasm.

He lay down beside me and rested for a while. But it wasn’t long before we went at it again. I think we tried every position we knew that night and had one orgasm after another until he had to leave. I slept very sound that night and haven’t stopped thinking about him since.

Even though he is still married we still get together often and have the most absolute wonderful sex that I have ever had. I hope he feels the same. I have fallen in love with him and he is aware of that and I know there can’t be anything more than what we have now and I don’t want anything more than what we have which is great sex, great fun and that we are so comfortable with each other that we each get to live out our fantasies with each other every time we make love to each other. I really don’t know what I would do without him and I want to thank him for coming into my life.

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