Fun at Work

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Nicole pulls up to work thinking to herself how it’s just another boring dreary Monday! She likes her job as an administrative assistant at the local sand plant ok. It pays great and she gets along well with all her coworkers but at the same time it is pretty boring! She spends most of her day sitting at her desk checking her makeup and pretending to stay busy.

She keeps herself entertained by being extra friendly to the guys. There is something special about a hard working blue collar guy not afraid of getting dirty that makes her temperature rise! Especially the newest hire James! He is one sexy man for sure. She has had her eye on him since his first day. His strong muscular arms caught her attention first and then his deep brown eyes and southern boy charm kept it! He has gauged ears along with several tattoos that just made him the perfect bad boy!!

She watches him pull in on his motorcycle every morning and drools over the fact that he is by far the hottest guy here! She loves staring at his tight firm ass when he walks by. She likes to imagine him naked and what it would feel like to grab on tight as she pulled him close into her! He walks around with such confidence and comes off as such a bad ass. She can’t help but wonder what it would be like if he picked her up and threw her on the bed! She would give anything to get “rough” with James! She catches herself breathing deeper and getting lost in her fantasies when he is near by.

Nicole has always looked great but she knew that to catch someone like James she had to step up her game! She started hitting the gym extra hard and made it a point to look even sexier by showing more cleavage and wearing tighter jeans. As soon as she steps into her office, she looks in the mirror and admires how amazing her 38D breasts look in her V neck blouse. It is black, low cut, and her absolute favorite! She spins around to check out her amazing tight firm ass. Those extra squats are paying off for sure! It is tuzla escort the perfect round shape and the jewels on her Miss Me Jeans would be sure to cause a second look! Now that she is sure she looks beyond sexy it’s time for a morning stroll around the plant!

It’s gloomy and rainy outside so there isn’t a lot going on. She quickly finds the guys shooting the breeze in the break room around the coffee pot.

“Good morning guys… James,” she says with a coy smile.

“Good morning Nicole,” everyone replies.

She walks away slowly but glances back to see the looks, comments and elbow punches they share amongst each other. She makes her way to her office to start the day. She is pushing papers around wasting time when she hears the door open. It’s James.

“Hey” she says with a big smile while tugging her shirt lower.

“Hey,” he says nervously, “I was told to come get a form… for umm… you know… ordering stuff…”

She instantly knew he was making stuff up and he really didn’t need anything! She prints off the form and makes small talk about the day while throwing in comments about how much of a strong hard worker he is! She stands to get the form from the printer and makes a point to run her fingers along his arm. She couldn’t help but notice the goosebumps that suddenly appeared! She glances down at the bulge in his pants and feels herself getting excited.

“If you need anything else, you know where to find me” she says with a smile. He smiles back and heads out the door. As the morning goes on she throws him a couple more smiles and flirty glances here and there. She just can’t help but think about him and his sexy body!

As lunch time nears, she hears the door open again and looks up to see James standing there.

“Are you busy?” he asks with a mischievous look in his eye. She shakes her head no and smiles.

“Good,” he grins.

He shuts and locks the door behind him. Nicole pendik escort immediately stands as James rushes toward her. He kisses her passionately and pushes her back into the wall. She throws her arms around him and explores his big strong muscles. His body is just what she always imagined it would be! Inside she is giggly, nervous and hot as fire all at the same time! She runs her hands down his back digging her nails into his amazing body. He runs his hands all over her chest grabbing her perfect breasts and attacking her neck in the most passionate way she has ever felt. In one swoop he yanks her shirt over her head and unhooks her bra.

“Damn,” he exclaims with a look of pure excitement in his eyes. He kisses and sucks on her nipples as she runs her fingers through his hair and begins to moan. She can feel herself getting very wet. She can feel her clit begin to throb. James continues to kiss her passionately as Nicole run her hands all over his body squeezing his ass hard. She lets her hands wander around to his cock. She can feel the rock solid bulge in his pants and can only imagine how big it is! He moans as she runs her hands over it. She cannot wait to find out more!

She begins to undo the button and slowly unzips his jeans while reaching down into his boxers. Wow!, she thinks to herself, this is by far the biggest cock she has ever felt and she must have it!! She shocks him by immediately dropping to her knees while pulling his jeans down to the floor. She strokes his enormous cock while staring up into his eyes. He runs his fingers through her long brown hair as she begins to lick the tip. He moans as she takes more and more into her mouth. Before she knows it James is pulling her hair and fucking her mouth so completely she can barely breath. Even though she is struggling to take it all in, his moans make her want more! With every pump in and out she only imagines how good it will feel in her pussy. This makes her even wetter. aydınlı escort She clinches her pelvic muscles and begins to moan with him. She can feel his muscles begin to tighten and knows that he is close to cumming. He pulls out of her mouth and grabs her breasts. He squeezes them tight and cums all over the with such force he can barely stand.

At this point Nicole knows his lunch break is half over but she isn’t done yet. She grabs a paper towel to get cleaned up and being to kiss him again. She is running her hands all over his rock solid muscles while he explores her body. She reaches for his cock again and strokes it until he is hard. He begins to unzip her jeans and she begins to moan in excitement of what is about to happen. He pulls her jeans and panties to the floor and sets her on top of the desk. He sucks her nipples and he begins to play with her clit. She is already sopping wet! He gets even more excited and begins to finger her with almost as much force as he fucked her mouth. She moans and slams into his hand. James feels her muscles start to spasm and knows she is close to orgasm.

He immediately stops and flips her over. He bends her over the desk and rams his solid cock straight into her pussy. She screams out in pleasure! It is so big it feels her up completely! His cock buried so deep in her pussy feels better than she could ever imagine in her fantasies! She moans as he pulls her hair and reaches around her fondle her breasts. He pumps in and out of her so fast everything is falling off the desk like an earthquake. James and Nicole both erupt into the most amazing powerful orgasm at the same time. Her legs tremble as she tries to regain her composure.

He pulls up his pants and says, “Damn girl, you have no idea how long I have been wanting to do that! I’m so glad we finally did!” She pulls her shirt back on with the biggest smile on her face.

“I’m so glad you decided to have lunch with me today! I look forward to our next get together!” They share one more kiss as he heads for the door. “You know where to find me if you need anything else,” she says with a smirk!

As she puts her desk back together she reminds herself how much she just loves boring dreary Mondays at the sand plant!

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