Freedom and Consequences Ch. 02

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(Disclaimer, all characters in this story are 18 years old, or older)


I’m kind of surprised when I get home and there are no lights on. Figure it can’t have been a great party as it’s only a little bit after 2:00.

I don’t know how to describe the rest of that night. It’s like a flickering light something’s are in total focus and others are just a barely remembered blur.

I walked into the house and turned on some lights and was amazed that the house was so messy. Not a total disaster but messy. My sister isn’t like that. I actually was feeling so up that I started cleaning a little bit as I had no desire to go to bed. That’s when I started hearing the crying. Wondering what was going on and thinking my sister might be hurt, I followed to sound to find her naked on my parents bed. Not only was she naked she had obviously been beaten. Her one eye was swollen shut and her nose and lips were still bleeding. She was tied to the four posts of the bed. Looking at her pubic area it was obvious to me she had been brutally raped.

I quickly untied her and she threw her arms around me and started crying even harder. Her entire body was wracked with the convulsions of her sobs. I couldn’t get her to stop and I was crying right along with her. I was finally able to tell her I had to call the police and she just hugged me tighter and wouldn’t let me go. I don’t know how long she cried but when she finally was so wore out her body didn’t have the strength to cry anymore. I laid her back on the bed and pulled out my cell phone.


“Linda we have to call the police”

“Please don’t.”

“For God’s sale, why not Linda.”

“I don’t want anyone to know.”

“Linda, I’m going to call the police”

“No, please no.” and she starts crying again. She was so pitiful and I was crying right along with her again. I can’t remember the actual conversation. That wasn’t the end of it. It went on for hours but that’s the gist of it. Toward morning my mind which was seething with hate started working. Working on killing them. The people who raped my sister. She knew them and gave me their names. I even knew who three of them were. The forth was in her class but was unknown to me.

I called all my friends and hers that were supposed to come over that day and canceled. I called Linda’s work place and told them she was hurt from a car accident and I didn’t know when she would be back but that we would call again on Monday. I put her in a bathtub and washed her, douched her ass and pussy. Yes she had been anally raped also. I put ice on the bruises on her tits and ass and her nose, lips and eyes. By Sunday night both of her eyes were open and she could see out of them. That night I left her in the house and drove her car to a small shopping arcade with a pretty popular bar in it. It was two towns away from ours. Knowing that there was a gun shop through the woods behind the place I slipped around back and made my way to the store. I took several items with me; gloves, mask, gym bag, crowbar and sledgehammer. I had wiped each item with acetone and only handled them with gloves on after that.

I had been there many times buying ammo and with my friends. I had always commented that it seemed like it would be easy to rob but everyone disagreed with me. They always had arguments for every possibility I could voice. However, this night I was going to put it to the test. This was going to be a quick snatch and grab. I knew they had all kinds of safes. I also knew that the guns on display had their firing pins removed. I also knew (because the owner was just careless when people were in his shop) were the firing pins were kept. I was in there with a couple of buddies when another customer was buying a handgun. While the customer was filling out the paper work, the owner was reaching for a large heavy cash box. When he got it open there must have been a stack of hundreds big enough to choke a horse and firing pins. He read the labels on the envelopes until he found what he was looking for. Locked the box back up and slide it back under the shelves and pushed a box of ammo in front of it. I didn’t know what I was going to get or even if he left that box out all night without locking it into one of the gun safes he had. I was betting he left it out. I was there to get four or five guns a box of ammo for each and that box. I should be able to get in and out of the shop in 3 minutes.

I was jazzed and scared shitless. I was also seething with hate and I had a plan. To say it went off without a hitch would be an understatement. I hit the back door with the sledgehammer and I was in and at the counter. I smashed the front glass and grabbed about ten guns. I know my plan was for 4 or 5 but I was so high on adrenalin that I was moving too fast for clear thought. Jumped over the counter and moved the ammo box out of the way and there was the cash box. It had a handle and was a little big for the gym bag. Stood up and started grabbing different boxes of ammo. I think my cloud storage gym bag was probably pretty heavy by then but I don’t remember it being so. I was through the woods and back looking into the parking lot when I heard the sirens. I didn’t see anyone and I took the mask off and casually walked back to my sisters car. Threw everything into the truck and drove off. By the time I was on the outskirts of our town I was coming down from my adrenalin high and had to pull into a gas station and barely made it to the bathroom before I was violently sick.

I finally got my stomach to settle down and went into the carryout and bought a Mountain Dew. Then, I quickly drove back home. I unloaded everything in the garage and hid it as well as I could. Then I went back into the house and checked on Linda. She was sitting in the living room. No lights, no TV, no music just staring into space. I sat with her for a little then got up and made her some hot chocolate. I also got a sleeping pill and gave it to her. When she refused I made her take it on threat of calling the police. She was asleep within 15 minutes.

Then I drove her car to a local park and crashed it into a tree. Again, I was lucky. Luckier then I realized. The airbag deployed and busted my nose. Blood was everywhere. No one saw me do it and I was able to drive it home and park it in the garage.

Then I tried to sleep. Didn’t have much luck.

I got up the next morning and checked on Linda, she was still sleeping. I went to work. I also started studying all four of her rapist. They were a group and always seemed to hang together. I just had to catch them at the right time. I waited. While I waited I put the guns together and fired five of them. These I set aside. I might add I also had $14,000 in cash. All hundreds all non-sequential. I also had 7 other guns. I filed the serial numbers off them. I thought long and hard on this and decided the risk as minimal and the pay back would be a confusing trail.

A few days before our parents came back into town. I drove to Cincinnati. It took four hours to get there. Now the stupid part on my side. I had no idea what I was doing. I was wearing a hoodie, I had on dark glasses that were huge and hid half my face and drove until I found a bad part of town. Parked in a convenience store parking lot and walked about a block not really knowing what I was doing or even how to do it and was ready to turn back and give it up as a bad idea when four young blacks walk up to me and start giving me shit.

“What’s a honkie mutha fucka like you do’ng here?” one asked.

“I’ll bet the little white boy wants some nose candy.” says two.

“Yes.” I said immediately.

“Why don’t we just take your money and be done with it?” asks three.

“Didn’t bring no money.” I replied and I pulled out my wallet and showed them all I had was a ten and a twenty.

“$30, I say we kick his ass and take it.” says one.

“You could but I was hoping we could make a deal, some powder for some guns.”

“What kind? How many?” four finally chimes in.

“Seven, all clean, four nines, a .357 and two 45s.”

“Where are they?”

“My girlfriend is holding them downtown.”

“How much powder you figure they are worth”

“I don’t really want to haggle. I just need the powder. 10 grams a gun.”

“You fucking with us. No way. They be worth that much. three grams apiece.”

I ended up getting 6 grams a gun. I sure it was stepped all over but it would fit my needs. We set up a trade in Eden park next the planetarium. I even threw in rest of the ammo I had.

I got home late that night, around 12:30. Linda met me at the door and immediately threw herself into my arms as I came through the door. I was amazed at the improvement in her looks. After almost two week the swelling was all gone. most of the bruises on her body were only visible to me because I had watched them disappear. Her eyes though, they were still a bright yellowish. She could almost completely cover it up with makeup. All in all she looked great considering.

“Where have you been?”

“Driving around thinking.”

“Please, Mike. . . .”

“Hush, we don’t need to talk about me. You’re the one we need to worry about.”


“I hate every time I think about what they did to you. How it is going to affect you for the rest of your life. How can you ever look at another man now without that affecting your thinking. You’ve always wanted kids. Will you be able to let another man even touch you? I hate them. I want to cut their balls off and make them eat them.”

“Shhhhh” then she gently kissed me (it was a sisterly kiss) and it shut up my tirade.

“Oh Linda, you are so beautiful and caring. That they could have changed you. Scarred you. Hurt you.. . .” tears started running down my cheeks as I hugged her to me. After a few minutes I gently extricated myself from her embrace and told her I had to get a shower and that I was exhausted and needed to cloud file storage get to bed.

I came out of the shower and Linda was already in my bed. She just looked at me and turned the covers back. I just as silently slipped in beside her and she turned around and spooned back into me. She took my hand and slipped it under her t-shirt and placed it on her tit. I was more concerned about hurting her then anything. I didn’t even get a chance to voice my questions and she answered them.

“No it doesn’t hurt anymore, just me gentle. I just need you to hold me. Nothing else, just hold me. In the morning you can tell me if they are still the most beautiful tits you’ve ever seen.”

I didn’t even get a hard-on.

I woke up the next morning with Linda stroking my morning hard-on. She notices that I’m awake and smiling says,

“Good Morning. Did I wake you?”

“I don’t know.”

“Please don’t be mad. You had hard-on and I wanted to touch it to see if I could. What you said yesterday made me think about what I was going to do with myself and I realized I didn’t want to go through life as a victim. I remembered that first day when Mom and Dad left how happy we both were and how at ease we were with each other and the obvious love you had for me. I wanted to get over this and your hard-on was imminently available and quite attractive. I’m not ready for anything yet but I don’t think I will have trouble when the time comes.”

“Oh sis!” and I hugged her. She still didn’t let loose of my dick and looking down at it I smiled for the first time when I looked back up at her eyes.

“If you don’t quit I am going to make a mess of my sheets and your shirt.”

A firm little squeeze and a little peck on the nose and she jumps up,

“Oh boy do I have to pee.” and off she runs to the bathroom.

That was the start of things going back to normal. Thank God as we only had two more nights and three days before our parents got back home.

We had a fairly good breakfast and when I got back from work I found Linda and Karen out on the pool laying out. I should add that while they weren’t bosom buddies, they did know each other well enough to consider the other a good friend. The year difference in their ages pretty much kept them hanging out with their own classmates in school and that carried over. However, as with all things, likes attract and they were both beautiful and popular in school and had always gotten along.

They both smiled when I walked out and I just stood amazed that they were both here. Karen had come over to ask why I never ever called her back after our date. When Linda answered the door and heard the entire story she told Karen about her car accident and that I wouldn’t leave her. That I took care of her day and night and even lied to our parents about it. I might add that we were going to be in some major shit when they got home. Yeah yeah, blah blah. Now the good parts. They were laying out TOPLESS.

While they were catching me up on all the things they had been doing today and everything that had transpired, I just stood there in amazement. The two most beautiful women in the world were laying topless in front of me. I was speechless. My mind had been so engrossed with Linda’s rape and my plans for her rapist that my life had been on hold. Now my nineteen year old hormones were reminding me that I not only had two incredibly beautiful women in front of me half naked but I hadn’t even beat off since her rape. My dick got hard so fast that I didn’t even realize it. Both Karen and Linda did though.

“What in the world do you think he has in his pocket Linda?”

“Whew I don’t know for sure but it kinda looks like one of those large pepperonis.”

“Could be. I kinda thought it was a flashlight.”

“You know it could be a flashlight. Mike dearest, could you show us what that is in your pocket?”

“You girls are just so funny. I’m going to go change into some trunks. Karen are you staying for burgers and hot dogs?”

“I would like to, I need to call my parents though. Do you need any help changing?”

Big smile on my face now, “Yes, that would be nice.”

“I’ll call my parents first and be right there.”

I was floating on a cloud I quickly stripped and jumped in the shower. I was drying off when Karen walked into my bedroom. Still topless.

Quickly wrapping the towel around my waist, “Hi”

I know, inane but I was still rather an awkward teenager. No suave nor debonair here, No siree. So smiling like an idiot I watched her walk over and we kissed. Her naked tits were pressed into my naked chest and the feel of her nipples poking me in the chest was a feeling that I will remember for all eternity. It must have been minutes until we broke the kiss. She nestled her head into my chest and with a sigh reaches down and loosens my towel shifting her hip back it slipped to the floor and once more, she molded her body to mine. My hard dick was pressed into her deliciously bare midriff. file upload The only thing either of us had on was her oh so tiny thong bikini bottoms. Soon we were kissing again and I had one hand on her ass running my fingers into her ass crack and lightly massaging her asshole. The other hand was caressing and teasing her breasts and nipples. Without breaking the kiss, she takes the hand fondling her ass and brings it up to her mouth. Then breaking the kiss she puts it in her mouth and thoroughly wets it with her spit. Placing it back on her ass she whispers to me.

“Remember the last time?”

“Yes” and I slowly work my finger into her asshole. Soon I am finger fucking her ass and she is grinding her crotch into my hard-on. It doesn’t take long for her and she is cumming.

“Oh shit, Yesssssssss…” she moans as she is trembling in orgasm. I catch her as she falls and carry her to my bed and lay her down. That’s when I notice Linda in my doorway.

“God that was beautiful” she quietly says.

Smiling I hold out my arms and she moves the few feet and we hug. We feel Karen’s hands on both our thighs. I climb over her and lay down beside her and pull Linda down on the other side of her. We are all tangled together. Karen is kissing both of us and when I look down see that she is not only stroking my hard-on but is caressing Linda’s pussy. Linda seeing me notice, passionately kisses Karen and starts caressing her breasts. Leaning over and sucking a nipple into her mouth.

Not sure how it happened but soon the girls are in a very passionate sixty-nine and Karen’s ass is pressing into my hard-on. Turning from Linda’s pussy she kisses me over her shoulder and breathlessly asks me,

“Do you anything else you can stick in my asshole?”

A little slow I may be but stupid I’m not. I immediately align my dick with Karen’s asshole. I had just finger fucked her ass to orgasm and it was loose and wet. However, I couldn’t seem to get it in. Linda having a birds eye view. Sees my problem and she pushes my hand away. Taking a hold of my dick she bends it to her mouth. The sensation of her lips and tongue caressing my dick was too much and I try to pull back when I feel by orgasm start. Her grip tightens and I quickly croak/moan, “Linda I’m cumming!”

She pulls me even deeper into her mouth and I start erupting. I feel like my entire body and soul is emptying out through my dick and into her voracious mouth. I am pumping my dick into her mouth now fucking her face through the treasured gate of Karen’s thighs. With every push into her mouth I pump another load of sperm down her throat.

I finally finish and Linda is still sucking my dick. Swirling her tongue around the head and shaft. I don’t think I lost even an iota of my erection.

Finally, she pulls off my dick and places it at Karen’s asshole.

“Now push it in.” she hoarsely says.

Grabbing Karen’s hip a little tighter, I push and feel my dick pop past her sphincter and into her asshole. She gasps into Linda’s pussy and her entire body tightens up. Then with a sigh she shoves back and my entire dick slides easily into her ass.

‘Oh fuck yeah” she moans into Linda’s pussy. “Fuck me slow and deep”

I start slowly withdrawing and then pushing back in. Sawing my dick in and out of her ass. Linda is busily licking her clit. She also would occasionally fondle by balls.

How could life be any better. It should be obvious that Karen came first. Her body shaking in orgasm. It went on and on. I was fucking her ass fairly vigorously while Linda was quite obviously eating her pussy like a hungry shark while finger fucking her pussy. I could feel her fingers through the thin membrane separating her pussy from her asshole. I was just starting to ramp up toward another orgasm when Karen starts gasping,

“Please no more” as she starts turning onto her back. Thus dislodging both Linda and me.

Linda quickly slides over her and spins to face me. Passionately kissing me she whispers into my ear,

“Please, this night help me forget them.”

“Are you sure”

“Oh fuck yes. Please, can you fuck me in the ass also. I need YOU.”

She slides down between Karen and I and grabs my slimy dick and placing it on her asshole. She pushes back and I feel the head pop in. She let’s out a gasp and pauses for a few seconds. Soon she starts pushing back again,

“Mike fuck me. Push it into my asshole. Please Mike fuck me hard.”

Grabbing her hip I push into her asshole until my crotch is pressed against the globes of her glorious ass. Then I start fucking her. Working into a pitch. Faster and faster, Harder and harder. Slamming into her ass. She is meeting every thrust with a push back equally as hard as mine. I reach for her clit and find Karen’s hand already there. Moving back up her body I cup her breasts and feel Karen’s hard nipples raking across the back of my hand.

It doesn’t take me long and I start feeling the orgasm start. Linda beats me to it and her entire body starts shuddering in orgasm. Her asshole tightens around my dick and her convulsions turn me on so much that I feel it and before her orgasm is finished I’m painting the insides of her ass with the second load of sperm I’ve fired into my sister.

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