Free Use Office Work Ch. 02



Beth had barely sat down at her desk when a man came walking in with his fly unzipped and his cock in hand. He walked quickly towards Beth, as he got closer Beth opened her mouth. His cock barely slipped past her lips when he started to grunt. Beth felt her mouth flood with his warm salty cum. When he finished cumming in her mouth Beth swallowed his cum without thinking. Watching the man walk out of her office she wondered if she should have shared that cum with Stacey.

Getting up to go talk to Stacey, Beth thought about her plan. She wanted to introduce wet or wiener Wednesday. She pulled her pants and panties off. She folded them up and placed them in the bottom drawer of her desk. She walked bottomless out to the front reception area. As she got close to the front desk Stacey looked up.

“Well, I mean, no pants are the best pants.” Stacey said with a laugh.

“I thought I would be more inviting on Wednesdays. I want to try to make wet or wiener Wednesday a thing.” Beth responded.

“I like it.” Stacey said standing up and undoing the buttons on her pants. When Stacey pulled her pants down, she revealed that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Beth watched as Stacey sat back down. As she did, she spread her legs a bit showing Beth her freshly waxed pussy.

“But the real reason I came out here was to ask you a question. A man came into my office this morning and shot a load into my mouth. It was instinct and I swallowed it. Do you want me to share any cum in my mouth as well?” Beth asked.

“Thanks for checking with me. I do love a good cum kiss, but it can be challenging. My first reaction is to swallow as well but if you can manage it, I would love to share some cum with you anyway I can get it.” Stacey said reassuringly.

“Okay, the next time someone quickly drops off a load like that I will come and find you. Watch for my expression because I won’t be able to talk.” Beth said with a giggle.

“Cum got your tongue, eh?” Stacey said with a chuckle.

With a wave Beth headed back to her office. As she walked through her door Max followed her into the office.

“Can I get you to have a look at this?” Max asked.

“Of course.” Beth said as Max placed the paper on the desk. She bent over to read the paper without picking the paper up and felt Max behind her sliding his cock along her wet pussy lips. She continued to read as he thrust deep into her, a small squeak escaping her lips.

Max grabbed her hips and fucked her harder, asking, “No pants today?”

Between the thrusts she responded, “I want to make wet and wiener Wednesday a thing.”

Grunting, Max said, “I think that won’t be difficult to institute.”

Beth felt herself getting wetter and wetter, she knew that she was about to cum, as her orgasm started Max grunted filling her pussy with his cum. He continued to thrust as both their orgasms ran through them. When they were both finished cumming he slid his wet cock out of her and walked back to his office. Beth quickly turned around, feeling the cum start to leak from her pussy and set out to find Stacey.

Stacey looked up to see Beth walking quickly towards her, she said, “Hop onto my desk.”

Beth slid her ass onto the desk and spread her legs. Stacey’s tongue was exploring her pussy in record time. Stacey was an expert when it came to cleaning up cum. She loved the way cum and pussy tasted together. She started off strictly cleaning but soon moved to a more caressing touch as her tongue danced over Beth’s clit. Beth felt a bead of sweat start on her brow as she got closer and closer to another orgasm.

Stacey’s tongue lightly flicked Beth’s bean while two fingers explored deep inside. Beth came right there on the reception desk. “Oh my god, that was incredible!” Exclaimed Beth.

“With how wet you were and how much cum was inside you I was in heaven. I nearly came eating you out.” Stacey said, wiping some moisture from her chin.

“Do you want me to make you cum?” Beth asked.

“Maybe later, I want to let it build for a bit. Thanks though.” Stacey responded.

When Beth got off the desk, she noticed that there was a wet spot on the desk. Stacey saw her looking and said, “Don’t worry about that. I have cleaning supplies in my desk drawer, just like you have in your armrest.”

“Oh, okay.” Beth responded a bit sheepishly.

Beth wandered to the breakroom to grab a cup of coffee. There were half a dozen people in the breakroom, and they all stopped talking when she walked in. She had almost forgotten that she wasn’t wearing anything from the waist down. She cleared her throat and said, “I am trying to make wet/wiener Wednesday a thing.”

Beth walked over to the coffee maker and poured herself a cup of coffee, by the time she turned around everyone in the room had removed their pants, skirts and underwear. Beth smiled as she saw some of the cocks in the room starting to grow. She was glad that her initiative was having the desired effect.

“Why don’t you gaziantep eskort bayan join us?” One of the men at a table of three men and one woman said.

Beth walked over seeing the glint of pre-cum on the dick of the man who called her over. “I’m Mike, this is Roger, that’s Steve and that’s Sandy.”

“It’s nice to meet all of you, I’m Beth.” She said in response.

“Oh, we’ve heard all about you.” Sandy said, coyly.

“All naughty, I hope.” Beth said mischievously.

“Of course!” Sandy said.

“Come sit on my dick.” Mike instructed.

Beth walked toward Mike as he pushed his chair back from the table. When Beth was beside him, she swung her leg over him and lowered her pussy onto his hard cock. She saw his hard cock was wet from pre-cum as it disappeared into her willing cunt. She was facing out and saw that the other two guys had pushed their chairs out and were stroking their cocks. Sandy got up and moved between the two guys. She would take turns sucking each of their dicks. At one point when Sandy was sucking Roger’s dick, Steve got behind her and started to fuck her.

Mike reached around and started to rub Beth’s engorged clit as she bounced on his dick. The two people at the other table moved closer to the action. The two men walked over and presented their dicks to Beth. While she was sucking one dick, she carefully stroked the other dick. She tasted both of their pre-cum and was excited for another load or two. She felt Mike’s cock growing inside of her, she knew he was getting close to cumming.

Keeping her rhythm steady Beth focused on flexing her Kegel muscles while sucking on the other two guys’ dicks. She heard Mike grunt as his seed flooded inside of her. This was too much for the guy she was sucking, and he shot his load right down her throat. Beth had to be careful not to choke on the large volume of cum that flowed into her mouth. As the two men finished cumming the third moved to the ground and said, “Get on!”

Beth slid off Mike’s cock and lowered herself onto the other guys waiting dick. She bounced up and down listening to the sounds of orgasms from Roger, Steve, and Sandy. She placed the palms of her hands on the guy’s chest to stabilize herself as she felt him cum into her. Climbing off the guys she said, “Thank you.”

There was a lot of cum running down her leg by the time she got to Stacey. Stacey had Beth get back up on the desk while she cleaned up the cum covered pussy. Stacey practically purred while cleaning Beth up. Between licks she said, “I am so glad that you came to work here.”

Beth smiled, “Me too.”

Once Beth was clean again, she went back to the breakroom. Her coffee was still sitting on the table, Beth grabbed it and put it in the microwave noticing the looks of satisfaction on the faces of everyone in the room.

“Thank you for joining us for coffee, Beth.” Steve said, holding up a mug of coffee.

Looking at Steve but walking to the table with the other two guys, Beth said, “It was my pleasure.” She turned to look at the two guys who had just cum in her, “It was nice to meet you guys, what are your names?”

The taller man who came in her mouth said, “My name is Peter.” The guy that Beth rode at the end said, “Hi, I’m Thomas.”

“Great, thanks again guys.” Beth said, spinning on her heels. She took her cup of coffee back to her office and sat down to work. While sitting she realized that there was some cum leaking out of her. She moved her hand down and brought the cum up to her mouth. She was going to be leaving a wet spot on her chair. Good thing that it was leather.

Having free access to her pussy was distracting Beth, it didn’t take long for her to start rubbing her clit. She felt her nipples straining against her bra. Beth unbuttoned her blouse and pulled her bra over her tits so she could play with her nipples. Running her hand over her right breast while her other hand was playing with her clit, Beth felt her nipple getting harder and harder. She pinched her nipple roughly while moving her finger faster over her clit. She noticed her chair getting wetter as she came with wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her.

The sound of clapping brought her back to reality, Beth looked up and saw Sandy standing there, her lightly haired pussy visible just below her shirt, “That was fun to watch.” Sandy commented.

“It was fun to do.” Beth responded. “What can I do for you?”

“Well, I have a couple of questions about the report you generated yesterday but before that I am going to need you to make me cum.” Sandy said, pointing to Beth’s couch.

“I would be happy to. Do you want me to use a toy or just hands and mouth?” Beth asked.

“I want you to only use your tongue. That is the only part of you that you can use to get me off.” Sandy commanded.

Getting up from her desk, Beth noticed how wet her chair was, she would have to deal with that in a bit. eskort bayan gaziantep She felt the cool air on her backside as her cum started to cool down. As Beth started to approach Sandy, Sandy spread her legs. Beth watched as Sandy’s pussy spread apart. Beth could see how wet Sandy was. Getting down on her knees she approached Sandy’s pussy. Beth could smell Sandy’s musk just before she tasted her.

When Beth’s tongue touched Sandy’s pussy both women moaned. The way this woman tasted was like every other woman and yet like no other woman before, she was absolutely delicious. Beth slowly explored Sandy’s wet cunt with her tongue resting her hand on the edge of the couch to give her stability. Beth wanted to suck on Sandy’s clit but was instructed to use only her tongue, so she circled her clit before lightly flicking her bean with the tip of her tongue. Beth moved down and tasted more of Sandy’s delicious cum. She brought her cum coated tongue back up to Sandy’s clit. She moved up and down and side to side changing her tongue from pointing to laying flat. Sandy’s legs started to move in response to Beth’s licks.

Beth moved back down and drove her tongue as deep into Sandy as she could reach, her nose nearly on Sandy’s clit. Sandy moaned as Beth’s tongue explored inside of her, regretting her decision to instruct Beth to use only her tongue but she decided to let Beth make her cum as instructed. Beth moved back up to Sandy’s clit and attacked it with renewed lust. Sandy could feel that she was about to cum, “Yes, just like that keep going, don’t you move from my clit!”

Beth felt Sandy’s clit swell slightly as Sandy cried out. Beth kept licking her clit as Sandy came hard. When Sandy’s orgasm subsided, she pushed Beth off her clit. Beth noticed how wet Sandy had gotten. “May I clean you up a bit?” Beth asked.

“Yes, but again only using your tongue.” Sandy instructed.

Taking her task seriously, Beth liked up all of Sandy’s wetness. Sandy jumped every time that Beth got close to her clit. Beth pulled a hair out of her mouth, “I think I got you cleaned up.”

“Thank you.” Purred Sandy.

Feeling a chill from her backside Beth grabbed a towel from the armrest. She cleaned herself up and then took some cleaning supplies to her office chair. When that was done, they talked about the report that Sandy had questions about. Once Sandy was satisfied, she gave Beth a quick kiss and left her office.

Walking into the breakroom at lunch time she noticed that everyone in there was bottomless. She smiled at herself that her little idea had taken a hold so quickly. Looking around the room she looked at as many people’s crotches as she could. From what she could tell, it was more difficult with people sitting down, most of the women were bald like she was. A couple of women had a small tuft of fur like Sandy. All the men she saw were either trimmed or shaved as well. She liked being able to see a man’s cock without a big bush in the way.

Roger and Steve were sitting with two other guys, they all stood up when they saw Beth. Beth noticed that all four of the guys were sporting semis. Roger looked at Beth with lust in his eyes, “We want to fuck that fantastic pussy of yours.”

Beth smiled and followed them. She noticed that several more guys and Stacey fell in behind her. They walked down a hallway that Beth hadn’t been down before. Steve opened the door to a sex room. There was a large comfortable looking bed in the middle of the room, a few couches, as well as several pieces of equipment that could be used to restrain a person. She had a chill run up her spine as she thought of the Fifty Shades books she had masturbated to. Removing the last of her clothes Beth got onto the bed. One of the guys who she hadn’t gotten his name yet pulled her to the edge of the bed and ran his thumb over her clit. He then slid his now fully erect dick into her wet pussy. As he started to fuck her, he introduced himself, “I’m Josh.”

“You feel amazing Josh.” Beth responded.

Looking around she saw guys stroking their dicks waiting for their turn, while Stacey was on her knees sucking a dick that Beth hoped would be fucking her soon. Roger climbed onto the bed and turned Beth’s head towards him, he pressed his cock against her lips and watched as she opened her mouth to accept his dick. While she was getting fucked and sucking another dick, she felt someone crawl onto the bed on the other side of her. The man grabbed her hand and guided it to his cock. She stroked him for a while, when she felt pre-cum coat the top of his cock, she moved her head so she could suck that off him. She then took turns switching between Roger and what turned out to be Mike. Josh started to speed up as his orgasm approached. Beth felt Josh’s cock twitch inside of her as he shot stream after stream of cum into her wet pussy.

When Josh pulled out Stacey was there to clean him up. She quickly licked gaziantep bayan eskort Josh’s cock clean trying to get back to Stacey, but she missed her opportunity. Allan, the man Stacey had been sucking, was already fucking her, Beth’s pussy sounded extra wet with Josh’s cum still inside her. Allan’s dick wasn’t as large as Josh’s but it curved up a bit more, it was hitting Beth’s g-spot, she could feel the intensity building deep inside of her. She knew that when she would cum this time, she would make a mess.

Stacey climbed on to the bed and put her head low down on Beth’s belly facing Allan. She opened her mouth and Allan pulled out of Beth and stuck his cum coated cock into Stacey’s mouth. Beth hummed when she tasted the mix of Josh’s and Beth’s cum on Allan’s dick. Allan quickly pulled his cock from Stacey and went back to fucking Beth. Stacey noticed that Allan’s balls pulled up close to his body. She watched him tense up and could see the base of his cock pulse as he came in Beth’s pussy. When he pulled out rather than cleaning him up Stacey got on the ground between Beth’s legs and started licking her cunt. Stacey was in heaven. While Stacey was cleaning up Beth, Mike got down and said to Stacey, “I am close to cumming, let me slide in there.”

Moving out of the way she watched Mike’s cock slide into Beth’s oh so wet pussy. Beth still had Roger’s dick in her mouth when she felt Stacey move out of the way for Mike. Mike pounded her hard bringing her orgasm even closer. She was just about to cum when Mike grunted driving into her harder, the extra motion took her over the edge and an intense orgasm gushed out of her coating Mike’s lower belly. The excitement of two people cumming pushed Roger over the edge, he flooded Beth’s mouth as she finished cumming. Noticing that Roger was cumming Stacey moved up, as soon as Roger pulled away from Beth, Stacey started kissing Beth. The two women kissed passionately as Roger’s cum danced across both women’s tongues. While they were kissing Beth felt another cock slide into her drenched pussy. She could feel cum running out of her down her ass onto the bed.

This was heaven, Beth had never felt like this, giving so many people pleasure made her feel powerful. She knew that she was their free use slut, but she got as much from them as they did from her. People who have never been in this situation wouldn’t understand. When Beth and Stacey finished kissing and swallowing Roger’s cum, she looked down and saw that Pete was fucking her. She smiled as he fucked her hard.

Taking the time to look around she was surprised by how many people were in the room, most of the guys that had already cum in her had left but there were other guys fucking some of the other women in the office. The sounds and smells of sex hung heavy in the air and Beth loved all of it. She focused on Pete fucking her when the room went quiet.

“Holy shit!” Exclaimed Stacey, “That’s Bob! You are in for a treat. I have never seen anyone cum as much as him and his cum tastes amazing, but he doesn’t play as much as the other guys, so it is special when he shows up.”

Beth couldn’t see what the big deal was. Bob had heard the news about Bottomless Wednesday, as it was now being called, and his dick looked okay, nothing special. In fact, Bob just looked average, he had average brown hair, an average build and average looking dick and balls but Beth decided to trust Stacey, she looked forward to getting fucked by him.

Pete never stopped fucking Beth. His thrusts sped up as he got closer to cumming. Beth watched Pete’s face and chest turn red as he started to cum. Beth was so wet and full of cum, she couldn’t feel his cum adding to loads in her pussy. When he was done Bob stepped up. Stacey spoke up, “Bob, do you mind if I clean her up a bit?”

“Go ahead.” Bob said.

Getting between Beth’s legs kneeling on the ground, Stacey got to work. She quickly licked up the cum that was leaking out of Beth’s pussy, she moved lower and cleaned up the cum that had run down Beth’s ass. Beth enjoyed the sensation of the woman licking her pussy clean. She noticed that Stacey’s breathing got more ragged, what Beth couldn’t see was that while Stacey was cleaning up Beth’s pussy she was also playing with her own clit. Stacey came with her mouth on Beth’s pussy. She got up and breathlessly said to Bob, “Thank you.”

Bob stepped up to Beth, he looked up and down her body, “Hi, I’m Bob. Is it okay if I fuck you.”

“You don’t need to ask; I am here for you to fuck anytime you want.” Beth assured him.

Sliding his dick over Beth’s pussy Bob moved his dick down a bit and slid right into her still wet pussy. Stacey had gotten rid of most of the previous guys cum, but Beth was still very wet. As Bob started to fuck Beth, Stacey moved up to talk to Beth, “When he starts cumming, open your mouth, trust me.”

Beth looked at Stacey and nodded, then looked back at Bob. While Bob was fucking her, Beth noticed that all the other action in the room had stopped. People were starting to gather around the bed watching the action. They clearly didn’t want to miss what was going to happen, as people had stopped mid fuck as evidenced by the various stages of wetness on the guy’s cocks. Some of the cocks were covered in clear wetness while others were covered in thick white cream. Beth wanted to taste them all.

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