I had placed an ad on a personal dating site in hopes of finding someone compatible to spend time with. I’d wasted enough time at bars and speed dating to know there had to be a better way to find a mate. I received an email from Frank who thought my profile was interesting and wanted to meet to see if we had anything in common. I peeped his profile and saw that we had a few things in common and made plans to meet him for coffee. We met for coffee, it was a short date but a memorable one, it wasn’t enough time to know all there is to know about a person on a first date, but it gave us enough time to see if a second date was possible. I have a rule of thumb for any first time meetings, always meet in a public place, if the conversation or vibe isn’t going well, end it immediately and stop wasting each other’s time.

We made plans to meet for dinner at one of Frank’s favorite restaurants around eight that evening. It had been two weeks since our last meet so I quickly showered and changed into a formal black dress, thigh highs, and heels.

I greeted Frank with a smooch on his cheek even though I wanted more. I remained on my best behavior. I was in desperate need of some good old fashioned lovemaking, the only kind that lasted for hours on end, and I wanted it with someone who could give it to me the way I had to have it. I was very impressed with his appearance. He is so handsome, he has gorgeous blue eyes, a muscular physique, and drives a sporty convertible and wears nothing but designer Italian suits, even the cologne he wears adds the final piece to a well suited gentleman. As he walked toward me with his arms out reached. I made sure to position my body in a way that our embrace would be full frontal contact. I definitely wanted to feel his body, and at the same time wear his cologne on my skin all night. After a long embrace, we went inside the restaurant for dinner. Frank ordered a bottle of Valpolicello to compliment the meal which went very well with the red meat and wild foul. He said he loved wine from the region of Abruzzi and someday look forward to showing me his Grand Cru Wine Cellar, that evening we talked Ankara travesti about our work, friends and family. I must say it was a very nice second date.

It was not at all like the offline dates that my girlfriend’s often talk about. I have this one friend who met a guy for dinner in a public place and he was not at all what he appeared to be. She said things were going great until he offered to drive her home in return for sex but when she declined his invitation, he got irate and wanted her to pay for a portion of the bill. He said, he ‘d wasted his time and money on her and got nothing in return. She gave him money for half of the bill and took a cab home making sure the cab driver circled the block a few times before stopping at her door. The cab driver was very nice and did not charge her for the extra blocks. He even walked her to the front door to make sure she was safe inside of her apartment. I knew this date was not going to be one of those disasters. After dinner, we drove out to this secluded hillside where cars park and you can get a magnificent view of the city. The conversation flowed with ease. There was a brief silence between us and it could not have come at a more perfect moment. It was during the still that he placed his arm around my shoulder and asked if he could kiss me. I said yes and waited for the kiss. His lips were soft, he kissed my lips with light strokes, no tongue, but slow pecks around the lips and a few on the tip of my nose. It was a memorable evening I will never forget. After our view of the city, Frank walked me to my car. We made plans for dinner the following night and kissed once more before saying goodnight.

On my way home, I thought about the wonderful evening I had shared with Frank and why I had not invited him to my place for a night cap. I didn’t have his phone number so I couldn’t call him, and I knew if I’d turned around and went back to find him, he would not be there. So many different thoughts raced through my mind as I longed for his company. But it was not to be that night as I wrestled with the sheets wishing it was his body next to mine.

I Konya travesti arrived at work the next day to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a tall crystal vase sitting on my desk. The card with the flowers read from your “secret” admirer. I thought the flowers may have been from Frank but to be certain, I googled his work number and gave him a call to offer my gratitude for the flowers. He said “you’re welcome, just make sure you invite me over to your place after dinner for a night cap.” Absolutely, I said.

After work, I drove home, changed for our dinner date and met Frank at the same restaurant as last evening, we found an intimate corner of the restaurant and begin our evening with a nice bottle of valpolicella, he talked about his career and accomplishments. He is an attorney and is definitely a man on a mission to seek justice for those who have been wronged by big corporations… I didn’t want to talk about me that night. I had found a gem and was not about to throw him back for someone else to find. After dinner, we went back to my place for a night cap and much more. I had to have him and I was going to do everything within my womanly skills to make it happen. I led him to the bar in the study and told him to go for it. He made us a nice warm cap “Cognac” in a snifter with no ice. I had hoped for a glass of wine instead. I’m not a hard liquor drinker, however, I do provide it for those who enjoy it, besides, you can’t have a bar with just wine. At least not at my place, my girlfriend’s taste in drinks range from wine, liquor, liqueur, non alcohol, and of course beer for those who just want a cold one without the wait. We slowly sipped on our drinks knowing where the poison of choice will lead us.

I decided to slip into something a little less constricting. I told Frank to fix us another drink while I changed into something more comfortable. He said okay and I went upstairs to change into the silk robe, I had bought earlier just for an occasion like tonight. The robe was clinging to my body and the tails of the robe was flowing behind me letting my legs play peek-a-boo, it was just İzmir travesti enough bareness for him to pitch a tent in his pants. He was facing the fireplace when I entered the study, and the look on his face said it all.

Frank was mesmerized watching the robe move over my body and long lovely legs. He said he was a leg man and loved how my legs moved beneath the robe. Before he could say another word, I walked over where he was standing and kissed him. I’d had enough of the small talk and it was time to make love before the brandy robbed me of conscious. We kissed each other’s lips and face as he lifted me into his arms and carried me to the sofa in the study. His hands traced the lining of my body through the robe, it sent tingles to my clit and led me to squirt warm juices onto his shirt. He spread my legs to taste the saltiness that had stained his shirt. He kissed me gently on my clit while he placed two fingers inside of my vagina. I moaned softly with every stroke that he gave my pink rose from using his fingers and tongue. I knew he wanted oral too so I asked him If I could please him.

He said sure. I begin to peel away his layers of clothing and led him to the rug in front of the fireplace. He laid on his back and I straddled him. I kissed his lips and used a little tongue action for sensational tingles. I slowly kissed his neck, his chest and stomach area, as he playfully teased my breast. I felt his cock rise and brush against my bum. It was time to taste him so I lowered my mouth to his cock and taste the precum that would soon become a full load of cum, my tongue danced around the tip of its head as my right hand stroked the shaft of his cock. I teased his balls with my fingers and felt his cock throbbing so hard that I thought he would cum right then but he didn’t. My breath whooshed softly through my lips as I blow on his cock.

Frank whispered how good it made him feel. I know it is time to ride him and lower my hot wetness onto his swollen cock. He clenched me by the hips and begins swiftly arching my hips against his. The feeling of the burn inside of my pinkness leaves me with great pleasure that it makes my head swim. He releases his juice inside me as we cum together. I lean forward and kiss his lips; I stroke the sides of his head and caress his ears. My body rest against his, as we catch our breath before another round of wild passionate lovemaking.

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