First Time and Many More Ch. 03



Part Five

And so the lessons continued. For almost a year, Barbara and I got together as often as possible. There seemed to be no end to the techniques, positions and other erotic things she taught me. Not long after our first true intercourse encounter, she taught me the art of going down on a woman. As I mentioned before, her clitoris was huge, so big, I could almost bob my head up and down on it as if it was a little cock. It didn’t take me long to figure out that if I held her clit between my lips, sucked and flicked my tongue across it, I could make her cum almost at will. If I wanted to be especially orgasmic, I would reach my tongue as far into her pussy as I could while she was climaxing, then take that warm, wet slippery nectar directly back to her rock hard clitoris and begin bobbing up and down on it again. One afternoon I brought Barbara to climax five times before she pulled my head away from her pussy saying that she couldn’t take any more and needed to rest.

On another occasion, Barbara announced she was going to see how long she could make me last. This time I got to sit on the chaise lounge and she got between my legs, fur coat and all. She stroked, sucked and fur teased me to no end. Each time she could sense I was about to cum, she would use her fingers to apply pressure at the base of my cock with one hand while pulling down on my ball sack with the other hand. When her hands got a little dry, she grabbed some of her body lotion and used that to lubricate my erection. I was almost in agony, but what sweet agony it was. She smoked at least three cigarettes, all the while using her fur, stroking, squeezing, and pressure techniques I never knew existed. All told, I lasted 48 minutes before blasting her breasts, chin, cheek, and hands with a huge load. Having learned to enjoy the taste of my cum, I was happy to help her lick it all off, especially off her magnificent breasts.

I’ll never forget the day she taught me how to give her a pearl necklace. We were lying on the bed after a wonderfully orgasmic session and as was her habit, she was stroking my erection. Barbara said,

“I have a wonderful idea; you are going to give me a pearl necklace.”

I was confused, after all, where in hell was I going to get the money for jewelry? She looked at my confused face and laughed saying,

“Oh don’t worry, just go to my dressing table, and bring back my bottle of body lotion.”

I was back in a flash, my cock bobbing along as I walked across her bedroom. This time she actually took off her fur coat. She said that while I was able to lick up the cum, she did not want to get any of the body lotion on the fur. Barbara lay back, put a pillow under her head, and directed me to straddle her chest. She gave my dick a few quick strokes, as if I wasn’t hard enough already, and squirted a generous amount of the body lotion between her tits. Then she pulled me closer until my dick was resting on the lotion between her boobs. She pushed her tits together and made sure both her tits and my cock were well coated. The she said,

“Now, thrust in and out of my cleavage.”

I caught on quickly. Barbara was very adept at varying the pressure as she increased or decreased how much she pushed her tits against my cock. While certainly not her pussy, the warmth and friction of her breasts was heavenly. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better, they did. Barbara took my hands and placed them one her breasts where hers had been. Now I was controlling the pressure on my cock myself. She reached around behind me, massaged my gaziantep bayan escort ass, and occasionally pulled me further toward her on the up stroke. This caused the head of my dick to poke out of the top of her cleavage and each time it did she either gave it a lick or held me there and sucked my cock into her warm waiting mouth. I guess she could tell I was getting close when my eyes started to roll back in my head. Then she took her finger and started to massage the spot just below my asshole…..that sent me crashing over the edge. One huge spurt followed by five lesser jets left her breasts, neck, chin, and one cheek thoroughly decorated with cum. And she didn’t miss a beat, she scooped up her breasts and began to lick the cum off each in turn. Not being one to let her have all the fun, I joined in to help lick her clean.

One day after an especially delightful session in bed, we took a shower together. After getting out of the shower and drying each other off, Barbara sat at her dressing table, lit a cigarette and started putting on her makeup. I sat in the overstuffed chair next to the dressing table. Watching her preen and smoke had its usual effects on my cock and in no time I was idly stroking while watching her. She made some comment about never being satisfied and asked me to stand next to her. Taking the top off her dusting powder, scooped the powder out with the powder puff, and proceeded to “dust” my cock, balls, and ass, all the while smoking in the most erotic ways she could, knowing it was making me crazy. Barbara always delighted in the never-ending ways she thought up to tease and arouse me. She loved to do fancy snap inhales and french inhales, then blow the smoke all over my cock, balls, and ass. Barbara alternated stroking my dick, blowing smoke all over it and several times, she took long drags on her cigarette, sucked me deep into her mouth, and exhaled the smoke through her nose. As I grew closer and closer to an orgasm, she varied her sucking and stroking for the maximum pleasure. Then, when I was just about over the edge, she did another of her patented french inhales, as she blew smoke over the head of my dick, I erupted in several geysers of creamy cum. Some flew over her shoulder and landed on the vanity top, some ended up on her face and as my orgasm subsided, Barbara sucked me into her mouth and licked up and sucked out the last of my cum. She let my cock pop out of her mouth and motioned for me to lean over to her. She took another puff (exquisite snap inhale this time) and said as the smoke curled out of her mouth and lungs,

“Kiss my smoky mouth.”

It was delicious, a wonderful combination of her mouth, the smoke and, my cum. We were locked in a tongue embrace for several minutes, savoring the products of her manipulations and my orgasm. When we finally broke the kiss, Barbara took a look in the mirror and said,

“Just look at me, now I have to redo all my makeup.”

Her feigned anger was obvious and we both laughed.

As in integral part of my continuing education, she bought several porn videos. Because of our situation, she especially liked the movies that focused on older women and younger guys. We liked to watch the movies, playing with each other and often having multiple orgasms while playing and watching. Then, we would make sure we tried out all the positions we had seen the actors using in the movie. I don’t think we missed any. Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggie style, side by side…hell we even got pretty good at doing it standing up. gaziantep bayan escort ilanları Of course, Barbara had to have one of her fur coats on, she would prop her foot up on her vanity stool, on the bed, on the chaise lounge and I could enter her from the front or from behind. We did 69 and just about every variation on oral sex I can think of or any that we had seen in the videos.

One afternoon, when she let me in the house, she was very excited and said that she had a very special surprise for me. I couldn’t wait. I sat down as she did a provocative strip down to just her stockings as I followed suit and was quickly naked. Then she opened a large garment bag and pulled out a luscious, full-length natural lynx coat. She said she had just returned from the fur salon and had picked up the new coat as she put it on to model for me… it was stunning. She said that her original and first fur had been the silver fox and it was getting a little worn and she had decided it was time to get a new coat. She had been going to resell the silver fox on EBay but then had a better idea. She took off the Lynx coat and tossed into my naked lap, it felt wonderful. As she started to fumble with a second garment bag, Barbara told me she had taken some careful measurements and then asked the furrier to insert a small slit between two pelts in the back of the coat and then repair the lining. Now I do not know what she told the furrier to get him to do this but….out of a second garment bag she pulled the silver fox coat. She showed me where the slit was and I still wasn’t sure what she was getting at. She donned the fox and made a few passes in front of me, teasing me, and letting the coat swing open to display all her treasures. Then she stopped in front of me, turned her back to me, and looked over her shoulder with one of the most wicked grins on her face I had ever seen. Then she leaned over. When she did, the new opening in the fur aligned perfectly with her pussy. NOW I had the idea. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her closer to me. I nestled my face into the delicious fur and poked my tongue through the slit and deep into her pussy. She ground her hips back making sure to get a much of my tongue into her pussy as possible. I reached my tongue way down and found her rigid clitoris sticking out just begging to be licked. And lick and suck I did. I was so very erotic. The fur had all the enticing aromas I had come to expect, the fur itself, her perfume and now the intoxicating aroma of her pussy. I flicked her clit and tongue fucked her until she shuddered and came all over my tongue. Then Barbara casually strolled to her bed and crawled up on in on all fours; I didn’t need any more encouragement. I got on the bed behind her and locating the slit with my cock this time plunged into her in one thrust. She yelped with delight. I was able to fuck this most incredibly sexy and erotic women right through her fur coat. The sensations were too much to describe. We fucked like animals until we needed a break. We collapsed on the bed in a heap of fur, and relished in the afterglow of multiple orgasms.

Perhaps the saddest part of this story is the inevitable fact that all good things must come to an end. In our case, it was the news that Barbara’s husband had been promoted (good) but the promotion came with a job relocation (bad), they were moving to Phoenix. The only thing that eased the problem was that Barbara wouldn’t be leaving for about six months. They were flying to Phoenix in two weeks to find a new house. gaziantep bayan escort reklamları Barbara was coming back to Chicago and would spend the time having garage sales, getting things in order and preparing for the movers. After a good deal of hugging and a little bit of crying we reconciled to spend as much time together as possible, without raising any suspicions. It just so happened that my mother (god bless her) came to at least a partial rescue. Without asking me, she volunteered my services to help Barbara during the transition period. Barbara pretended it would be too much trouble and was sure I wouldn’t be interested in the job. But, that if I was interested she would pay me for my time and efforts. Well, isn’t that a GOOD idea! Not only did we have a free rein to spend as much time as we wanted with each other, I was actually being paid in more than pussy and orgasms. And can you believe it, we actually got things done. Although at first we tied doing work in the nude, it was just too distracting and we found ourselves fucking too much (if there is such a thing). Therefore, we settled for splitting our time, dedicating sufficient energy to getting the house ready to move but still leaving plenty of time for fun. Barbara confessed to me later that one of her secret agendas was to see how many times she could make me cum. To that end, when we weren’t’ wrapping or packing, she continuously had my cock in her hand, mouth or pussy. One day, when we were driving back from dropping off some boxes at the Good Will, she noticed me watching her smoking as she drove the car. As usual, I had a bulge in my shorts from watching her. She simply reached over and pulling down my zipper said she was going me make me cum before we got to the next stop light. True to her form and her expert manipulations, she was licking cum off her fingers as we pulled up to the light!

When the time finally came the day before it was time for Barbara to get on the plane to Phoenix I was in a pretty foul mood. She pulled me into her bedroom for one last orgasmic romp. We had at each other like there was no tomorrow. When we finally came up for air, she said she had one last surprise. Barbara got up off the bed and went into her dressing area. I remembered the day about a year earlier when I had been caught on the same bed and was sure she was going to call my mother. My cock twitched at the thought. When she came back, she was wearing the blue fox coat. I thought it had been packed with the rest of her clothes but she had taken it back out of the wardrobe box and put it away when I wasn’t looking. She came up to the bed and placing one foot on the bed began to rub her pussy. As always, her delicious clit was staring back at me. She took the coat off and laid it over me fur side down, making sure that my rigid cock was standing up through the slit. Then she got on the bed and mounted me cowgirl style and we fucked ourselves to three more orgasms. When she finally rolled off so we could catch our breath, I mentioned that I thought the fox coat had been packed. She admitted to taking it back out of the box and had decided to give me the coat as a going away present, something I could remember her by. I was happy to accept.

Having her somewhat used fox coat helped in getting over Barbara’s move to Arizona. For a while we stayed in touch mostly through email and she would occasionally send me deliciously erotic photographs of herself as a friendly reminder of what I was missing. Eventually even the emails became fewer and farther between. It’s sad to admit that I have had no contact with this most gracious, beautiful and sexually talented woman in the years since. However, when I remember the sight of her sitting on her chaise lounge, wearing nothing but that wonderful sheared beaver coat, smoking a cigarette and tweaking that huge clitoris, I never fail to get hard. Thank you, Barbara for a wonderful year and the most important lessons a young man could learn.

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