First Night with My Mistress



I have always wanted to partake in a Dominant/submissive relationship. Especially the submissive role. There is something about being treated like shit that always turned me on. I first met her while I was on Chatango. Her name was Sara. She was a brilliant Mistress. Always making me feel like shit and giving me the most mind shattering orgasms I have ever had. And from what I read, I was a good submissive for her. I would do anything for her. So when She suggested that we meet I hopped on that bandwagon.

Her instructions were clear. Before I was to pick her up from the airport there was a list of things I was to complete. First thing I had to do when I woke up was to text her. She would give me my first official order. I hardly slept that night. Just waiting for her to hop off that plane. I wanted so badly to be hers. I did get some sleep. I woke up at 7 sharp. *I’m awake Mistress* I put my cell phone on the bed next to me waiting for her to text me back. It was only seconds later when I got the reply. *Very good My slave. Now I need you to do all that I ask by 9:15 sharp. I know how far your house is away from the airport. It will take you approximately 45 minutes to get there so at bursa escort 10:00 you will be waiting for me at my gate. But in the 2 hours and 15 minutes you must have everything completed to a T. First things is that I need you to take a shower. You are permitted to take a bath if you wish. Just remember your time limit. You are also allowed to pleasure your self, but no cumming. Next I need you to wear the outfit I picked out for you. You know which one. Next I need you to go to the store for groceries. You need to pick up steak, potatoes, eggs, butter, etc. You must also get some form of alcohol. I’ll leave that choice to you. And you need candles. The long thin ones. After that you need to go to the “toy” store and pick up the items the items that I have reserved with the store clerk. Just give her your name and she will get them. You will put the food away when you get home and set the toys in your toy box. Have this all done on time. I am looking forward to seeing you My slave. Love your Mistress.* I jumped up and did a little giddy dance. I looked at the clock it was 7:05. my Mistress was so kind. She assigned me things to do to keep me busy, so that way I wouldn’t be bored.

I escort bursa went into the bathroom and turned on the faucet. I decided to take the shower, but I did bring my waterproof dildo. I undressed and hopped into the steaming shower. The water felt good down my back. It was pleasantly hot. Turning my skin red. I then spread my legs. and slipped the dildo into my pussy. I moaned at how it had filled my tight, hot, and wet pussy. I moved it inside of me back and forth around and around. I knew instantly that I was about to cum. I felt my walls contract around it. I stopped right before the climax. I allowed myself to calm down and I started again. It took a short time to get me to my climax but I stopped right on time. My body only twitching softly.

I put my dildo away and I wash myself. By the time I get out of the shower it is past 7:45. I get out the outfit that I had recently bought online. It was a clingy leather skirt with a back and red formfitting tank top that had a major V-cut down the front. I was instructed when I bought this to never wear underwear or a bra with it. It held my 36DD breasts in it very well. I grabbed my keys and left. When I got to the store I received bursa escort bayan many looks from lots of people. I smiled to myself for this was the goal. When I got to Cindies, sure enough there was a bag waiting for me at the front counter. “Hi I’m picking up for Joanna Sherwood?” The store clerk nodded and handed me the bag. Stapled to it was a note from my Mistress. *you are not to open it till I instruct you. signed M* My breathing grew labored as I paid for the items and walked out.

Once I got home I looked at the clock it was 8:45. It was hard for me not to look into the black bag. I quickly stuck it into the box under my bed. I put away the groceries and headed to the airport. With traffic it took a pretty good time to get there. I was to wait for her at the gate with my back to the terminal. I waited anxiously as I looked at my watch with now said 10:01. I felt her before I saw her. Her cold eyes were on my back and when she placed her arms around my waist and her head on my shoulder, I sighed and shuddered. “You did well my Slave,” She whispered into my ears. She turned me around and placed a firm and controlling kiss on my lips. I melted into the kiss and wrapped my arms around her neck.

“Oh Mistress, how I’ve waited for this moment.” She looked into my eyes and I can see that her sharp green eyes peered into my anticipating gray eyes. We grabbed her bags from the baggage claim and drove home hand in hand.

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