First Love, Loved and Lost

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Actually, I met Debbie’s fiancé first and Dave and I became good friends. We all went to the same state university and Dave and Debbie were about a year older than me. They had met in high school in Santa Barbara and got engaged shortly after graduation but decided that they should not get married until after college, so in order to stay together they both came to the same university.

Debbie was hot, in a nerdy kind of way. She had blond hair and wore glasses. She had a kind of nerdy but cute giggle and her body was awesome. She had nice firm tits, not what I would call huge but certainly big enough to turn some heads in a bikini. She also had nice legs and a very sweet ass. Debbie was sweet and she and I became very good, close friends, closer than even Dave and I. Dave really didn’t mind Debbie and I being so close though because he trusted us.

There were times though, when Debbie and I would hang out without Dave when things got kind of dangerous. There was some hand holding and occasional kissing but we always kept it from going any further. I have to admit, I was falling in love with her.

As graduation moved closer and Debbie and Dave began talking more seriously about marriage, Dave began to get nervous. After talking with his professor and mentor, John, he called off his engagement with Debbie. Not only did he break his engagement with her, he left town. It broke her heart and I was the one she ran to. I was no idiot. If he didn’t want her I certainly keçiören escort did. I went to her place to be with her and I held her I told her of my love for her. The feel of her slender sexy body in my arms and her large soft tits against my chest was making me as hard as a rock and I was afraid that she was going to feel my cock pressing against her and get offended. After all, here she was crying in my arms and telling me of her broken heart and I’m getting horny.

But she surprised me. She stopped crying and looked into my eyes and said, “Don’t you know I love you too?”

“Then what’s the problem?” I asked.

“There isn’t one now” she said, “He’s gone.”

I kissed her tenderly and deeply and we moved to the couch. As we sat there and kissed, our hands couldn’t help but to explore each other in ways we had always wanted to but dared not. Soon they weren’t just exploring, our hands were removing each other’s clothes. I was worried because I didn’t have any protection and I didn’t know if she did but she reassured me it was ok. She and Dave had been very physical but not intimate so she had started taking the pill just in case they decided they did want to have sex.

She said, “We may as well put it to use since he won’t.”

By now, I was reclined on the couch, my shirt off and my pants down. Debbie had her shirt and bra off and was lying on top of me letting me suck and lick her lovely tits as she ground her pussy on my kızılay escort hard shaft. Then she slid down and held my cock in her hand as she licked up and down the length of it driving me crazy. I begged her to stop so that I wouldn’t cum so soon and we traded positions. I pulled her pants off and could smell her wet warm pussy waiting for me so I gently spread her sexy long legs and licked and kissed my way up the inside of her thighs until her open shaved pussy was just inches from my face.

Her breathing was rapid and she was trembling as I reached for her clit with the tip of my tongue and began to flick it and tease it. My God she tasted and smelled so good. It was the first time I had ever really eaten a girl and I was getting very turned on. Debbie was getting pretty hot too. She grabbed my head and forced my face against her hot horny crotch as I slid my hands up her flat sexy tummy and up to her tits. She came very hard on my tongue and nearly crushed my head between her legs as she shook violently and came for me.

Once her legs relaxed and let me go, I moved over her and plunged my raging hard cock all the way up her. My balls were pressed hard against her as I struggled to push my cock ever deeper into her warm wet pussy. Soon I was sliding in and out of her and this sweet gentle girl that I loved so dearly began to talk so dirty. She was begging me to fuck her and used her. This was language I had never heard her use. I’ll never forget sincan escort her bright blue eyes looking up at me as she thrust her hips against mine and yelled at me to fuck her and fill her. It didn’t take long. My balls were slapping against her beautiful ass as I fucked her as hard as I could. I could feel her pussy tightening around my cock and Debbie said she was going to cum again.

As we looked into each other’s eyes, I thrust my cock deeper into her and I let it explode like a cannon firing its hot load of love into her. I could feel her pussy contracting and feel it spasm as she came with me. We were cumming together and looking into each other’s eyes as we both said “I love you.” We collapsed on the couch, sweaty, out of breath and completely spent but basking in the most intense love either of us had ever experience.

We saw each other every day for a week and made love each time. (Thank God we were in our early twenties and I was able to do it that much.) I thought for sure that Debbie and I would get married. We had known each other for three years and I had been in love with her the whole time. Now she was finally mine.

I was about to head over to her place one day when she called me and told me that Dave was back in town. He had come to her place and wanted to get back together. After a few days of talking they decided to get back together and get married.

Debbie never told Dave about us. I’ll never forget Dave thanking me for being there for her and taking care of her until he figured things out and came back for her. He said he wanted me to be in the wedding but I told him to stick with the original bridal party that they had come up with before he left. I didn’t attend the wedding. I just couldn’t.

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