Fiona , Janine


For the life of her, Fiona Barrymore could not imagine why she kept attending these things.

She had been with Spicer Industries for longer than she cared to remember, working her way up from receptionist to senior vice-president, and yet she could not remember a single Christmas party that was anything more than a wonderful cure for insomnia.

The one and only time anything even vaguely interesting had happened was when somebody stumbled onto that delightfully busty marketing executive getting screwed in her office by three young men from the mail room! There had been quite a fuss, as Fiona remembered it, and the executive’s husband had been quite perturbed. That had been almost ten years ago though and nothing so interesting seemed likely to happen tonight.

Sipping at her drink and wishing it were something a little stronger, Fiona found herself standing at the back of a small group of men and women as Arnold Kravitz, the company’s aging CEO, told the same stories he told at every one of these parties. She pretended interest to be polite, but knew most of the others did so simply to suck up to him.

Two of the biggest brown-nosers she had ever seen were even now sitting to either side of the CEO and oohing and aahing over everything he said. One was Angelique, his gorgeous young trophy wife who was just waiting for the old man to drop dead so that she could get her hands on his money. The other was Douglas Woodson, a young executive who owed his rapid advance up the corporate ladder entirely to sucking up and stealing credit for other people’s work.

For someone like Fiona who owed her position to a lifetime of hard work, people like Douglas were endlessly irritating. Had it been up to her, he would have been fired long ago, but he had Arnold’s ear now and the CEO was blind to his failings.

Fiona let her eyes drift slowly around the room, willing herself not to get into a foul mood over this now, only to stop suddenly when she spied the vision standing by the Christmas tree. The woman was young and beautiful, but not the plastic sort of beauty of someone like Angelique. She had a natural, wholesome beauty that was hard to find these days. This was just the sort of woman that Fiona had always had a weakness for and she didn’t even realize that she was staring at her.

The woman was standing with two men, she belatedly noticed. Nick Davis and Oscar Cook. She was keeping close to Nick, wearing a forced smile and looking as bored as Fiona felt as the two men laughed over something they were remembering, and so she guessed that she was his wife. Another young up and comer, Nick was the complete opposite of Douglas and was advancing rapidly up the corporate ladder through hard work alone and Fiona respected him for that.

It seemed there were fewer and fewer men and women like that every year.

It was common knowledge in the company that one of the executives directly under Fiona was planning to retire shortly. Only two candidates had any real hope of being promoted to replace him – Douglas and Nick. Nick had certainly more than earned the position and Fiona had let Arnold knew how highly she thought of him, but unfortunately the CEO was convinced that Douglas could walk on water.

The thought of having to work so closely to someone like that made Fiona’s skin crawl, but right now all she was focused on was the beautiful woman standing just behind Nick. Almost before she knew what she was doing, Fiona found herself strolling over. She knew that nothing could ever happen between her and this woman, knew that her career could never survive the scandal of being caught hitting on the wife of one of her subordinates, but she would have kicked herself forever if she did not seize this opportunity to at least meet this woman.

Meanwhile, as her husband and his best friend reminisced over some supposedly hilarious incident, Janine just kept smiling and hoped that they wouldn’t notice just how bored she was with it all. Holding a drink in both hands as she stood just behind the two animatedly talking men, she wondered idly if either of them even remembered she was there. Certainly, neither had so much as looked at her much less spoken to her for quite a while.

Janine adored her husband and had almost since the day they met way back in high school, but ever since he went to work here at Spicer his work seemed to consume him. He put in long hours at the office and even brought work home with him and so they hardly ever had a chance to just spend a little quality time together anymore. He never failed to apologize when she complained, but he also insisted that it was necessary if he was going to be able to give her the life of comfort he had promised her when he asked her to marry him.

It did seem to be working. Nick had been rising steadily through the ranks of Spicer Industries ever since he started working here. Still, she couldn’t help but miss how close they used to be.

As she gave up on trying to keep up with bursa escort Nick and Oscar’s conversation, Janine let her eyes wander around the room until they came to rest on a woman who seemed to be headed in their direction. She was a tall, middle-aged woman who carried herself with an air of authority and confidence the young housewife couldn’t help but admire, but what really made her stop and stare was how beautiful she was.

“Good evening, my name is Fiona Barrymore.”

Janine shook the hand the woman offered, not really minding when she held on a little longer than was really necessary. “Janine Davis. I’m Nick’s wife,” she answered, finding it hard to look anywhere but into her eyes.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you,” the woman purred.

“Oh, sweetheart, this is my boss, Fiona … ”

Both ladies started in surprise at the sound of Nick’s voice, but didn’t look away from each other for a moment more. “Yes, we just met.” they said at the same time.

If Fiona had thought this woman was beautiful before, she thought she was absolutely perfect now. What incredible big, blue eyes, Fiona marveled to herself. And who could possibly find anything wrong that wonderful smile! She couldn’t imagine why everyone in the room wasn’t swarming around this lady begging for her attention.

As they fell into conversation, Fiona was delighted to discover that she was more than just a pretty face. Janine proved to be the most charming and intelligent woman she had met in far too long. She might have been a little conservative in some of her attitudes, but Fiona found her a pleasant change from all the cynical people she dealt with day in and day out.

Janine was a little intimidated by the almost aristocratic aura that surrounded the older woman, but found it exciting. She could well imagine how her subordinates must hurry to obey her commands. Over the course of their conversation, she found Fiona to be more worldly than she could ever hope to be and she marveled at all the places she had been and the things she had done.

Oscar and Nick fell silent and just watched the two women for a moment. They had met just a few minutes ago and yet they were talking about everything and nothing like the oldest of friends. Neither of them were paying even the slightest bit of attention to the two men and only offered a short, cursory reply when one of them tried to join the conversation. Nick felt like a third wheel, especially after Oscar finally moved on to visit with someone else.

For the life of him, Nick didn’t know how to feel about his wife and boss hitting it off like this. It probably couldn’t hurt his career, but he certainly didn’t want them trading embarrassing stories about him. It was the same sort of feeling he got when he heard his wife gossiping with his mother.

Nick heard something then that made him pay closer attention to what the two women were talking about. His wife had just said something about what a challenge it must be to run a big corporation like this and Fiona was relating her latest headache. “… so you can imagine how upset they are! Our biggest clients! Now I have to find someone who can fly all the way across the country at the last minute to spend the next week or so straightening this out. And right in the middle of the holiday season, too!”

“I’ll do it.”

Both women turned to him in surprise. When Fiona saw the upset look that crossed Janine’s face, her heart went out to her and she actually found herself trying to talk him out of it for her sake, but he would not be swayed. He was determined to go and so she finally relented and accepted his offer.

Nick consoled himself that he would have lots more Christmas’s in the future with Janine and this could only help his chances of earning that promotion. She had mentioned before that she would like to see more of him and he had known that she would not appreciate being left alone over the holidays, but when he had won that promotion he knew he could make it up to her in grand style. Finally he’d be able to shower her with all the toys and treasures a woman like her so richly deserved.

Knowing that time was of the essence if he was to save the account, Nick made up his mind to take a flight out the next morning and he and Janine started for the door. He needed to go home and get everything he would need packed.

Fiona was quick to stop them, touching Janine’s arm lightly. “Won’t you wait a little longer,” she asked, hoping that it wasn’t obvious that she was really only talking to Janine. Scrambling for a good reason why they should linger when they had so many important preparations to make, she finally blurted out, “They’ll be awarding the door prizes in just a moment.”

“No, we’d really better go.” With the cutest little laugh, Janine added, “Besides, I never win anything.”

Once they had gone, Fiona found herself looking after them for a long moment. Oh, this was bad, she thought to herself. She was really falling escort bursa for that young lady. She was standing there lusting after the wife of her very best subordinate. She didn’t need to remember the huge, ugly mess that marketing executive had caused to know that this was not a good thing. Besides, Janine seemed utterly devoted to her husband and Fiona doubted that she had ever given any thought to cheating on him.

On the other hand, in a city the size of this one she probably would not see Janine again until the next Christmas party. Surely that would be plenty of time to get rid of these troublesome feelings before she did anything rash or foolish. As she finally turned away and went to freshen her drink, she paid scant attention to the raised voice of the CEO behind her as Arnold announced that he was going to start handing out the door prizes.

Senior executives at her level were not eligible to win the prizes – they were a thank you from management to the rank and file for all their hard work. She had contributed one of the prizes herself, in fact: an all expenses paid week at the exclusive spa she was a member of. From what she’d heard, a lot of the female employees had their eye on that prize.

The sound of Nick’s name finally forced her to pay attention to what was going on again and she was a little startled to realize that, to a chorus of disappointed groans, he had just won that week at her spa! As soon as he understood that Nick and his wife had already left, Arnold turned to Fiona as he knew she was his immediate superior. “Fiona, would you please let him have this the next time you see him?”

Taking the spa passes as if in a daze, Fiona found herself fantasizing about sitting in a warm jacuzzi with Janine, letting the roiling water sooth and relax them, then reaching over to softly touch her face before kissing those full lips. Her other hand only then rising to firmly cup her …

Fiona shook herself out of that almost overpowering daydream desperately, more determined than ever to keep her distance from that woman. She would wait until Nick got back from his trip to give the passes to him here at the office. She certainly wasn’t going to actually go all the way out to his suburban home to give them to his lovely wife while he wasn’t home.

Fiona had to wait until the party was starting to break up before she was able to get a few moments alone with the CEO. Douglas and Angelique had stepped away from him at last to talk quietly to each other about something. As far as Fiona was concerned, those two conniving schemers made a perfect couple and she couldn’t help but wish they would focus their attention on each other and leave poor old Arnold alone.

Then again, if poor old Arnold could think with something other than his dick, Angelique would have been out on her ass a long time ago. If poor old Arnold would just open his eyes, the only job Douglas would be able to get in this company was as a janitor.

Going over to see him, she told the CEO that her very best man had just volunteered to leave his family and friends over the holidays to keep Spicer Industries from losing it’s biggest customers. She told him that this kind of dedication and hard work would surely keep this company running smoothly and profitably well into the future and shouldn’t Nick get that promotion. She was shocked by what he answered.

“The promotion? Oh, I think Douglas would be the right man to give that to.” Dismayed for Nick, Janine, and, yes, for herself, she tried hard to change his mind. “Now, Fiona, your favoritism towards Nick has not gone unnoticed. If you would just take another look at Douglas, I’m sure you would see all of his good qualities.” Douglas and Angelique appeared then, hastily leading him away from her.

Another look? If she took another look at that whining toady she would scream.

As Fiona went in search of something a little stronger to drink, she decided that she had to let Nick know what was happening, but this was not news she wanted to give him over the telephone. Perhaps if she went over to his home early enough, she could catch him before he left for the airport. Then she wouldn’t have to endure being alone with that delectable young wife of his.


Janine and Nick had met in high school as sophomores and become fast friends, but it was not until late in their senior year that they started dating. They had dated each other almost exclusively for four years before finally marrying shortly after graduating college. Now, with Nick seemingly hurtling up the corporate ladder and Janine assuming the traditional role of housewife, they seemed to have a perfect life.

There was something simmering deep under the surface of this young housewife, however. Something she had always been scared to acknowledge. Something that had been troubling her for as long as she could remember.

Her parents had been very strict conservatives and had raised bursa escort bayan her to believe that a woman’s proper place was in the home, “barefoot and pregnant.” She was taught that a woman had to be married to be fulfilled and that the highest office she should ever hope to attain was motherhood. They instructed her that a good wife understood that her husband was in charge and that she should always defer to his judgement.

All of this had left a lasting impression on the girl. Though she did recognize that a woman had every right to pursue a career, and that her husband was not right about everything, Janine had been left with a noticeably submissive personality. She admired women like her husband’s boss Fiona who were confident and assertive and did not feel the need to defer to anyone when they knew they were right. She often wished that she could be more like that. That wasn’t what was so troubling her, however.

Her parents had always told her that sex was something that should only be shared between a husband and wife, that homosexuality was sinful and evil. No matter how hard she tried to fight it though, Janine had become infatuated with other women ever since she was a girl.

Even so, she didn’t fall for any of the other girls her own age. Perhaps it was the result of her submissiveness, but she always got crushes on older women – especially those who held some sort of authority over her. She had endured what she believed to be shameful fantasies about everyone from her school teachers to her own mother!

Just when she should have been focused on surviving the holiday season with her husband on the other side of the country, she had spent the night after returning home from the Christmas party daydreaming about her husband’s boss.

Fiona was exactly the sort of woman who always seemed to inspire these feelings in her. Lying in bed next to her snoring husband, she had pictured herself working in that office as Fiona’s assistant, running to obey her every command. As the fantasy of being dominated by this woman continued and her pussy started to churn, she imagined Fiona ordering her to undress, to lick her feet, to …

With a desperate, frustrated groan, she had leapt up from bed and dashed into the bathroom to finger herself off before she drove herself crazy.

When morning came and she saw her husband off with a long, deep farewell kiss, Nick just assumed she was being so passionate because they would be apart for so long. Little did he know that she still hadn’t gotten his boss off her mind and, at least in her imagination, it was Fiona’s tongue in her mouth.

Janine consoled herself with the thought that she would probably not see this woman again for quite some time, if ever. She would have all the time in the world to get these insane thoughts out of her head.


Fiona was irritably muttering to herself as she drove into the suburbs towards Nick and Janine’s home. She had allowed herself a few drinks the night before and had slept in far longer than she had intended. It was now late morning and there was a very good chance that Nick would already be gone by the time she arrived.

The idea of finding herself behind closed doors and drawn shades in that house, all alone with someone like Janine both excited and worried her. She must not say or do anything to let this woman know how interested she was in her. Hitting on the wife of one of her subordinates would be the biggest mistake a woman like her could make.

Still, it wasn’t a good sign that she had spent part of the night before masturbating while dreaming of what it might be like to bed Janine.

Janine was doing some housework that morning when Fiona appeared on her doorstep. She was a little startled to realize that this powerful and important woman had come all the way out to the suburbs to her home. The thought that she may have come just to see her flashed through Janine’s mind, an idea that both thrilled her and made her very nervous.

All of Fiona’s irritability disappeared in an instant when the door swung open and she saw Janine standing there. At the party, the young housewife had been all dolled up in her best dress and with her hair and make-up done to perfection. Seeing her now dressed much more casually and comfortably made Fiona’s heart skip a beat. If anything, she looked so much more sexy and desirable now! Realizing that she was getting lost in Janine’s eyes, Fiona desperately shook herself out of it and reintroduced herself to her. “We met last night at the Christmas party, remember?”

“Yes, of course.” Janine breathed, gazing up into the other woman’s eyes. For just a moment she could have sworn she saw a peculiar gleam in Fiona’s eyes that she thought she recognized, but she wrote it off as her imagination. Realizing that they were just standing there staring at each other, Janine backed out of the way. “Won’t you come in?”

Fiona entered the home slowly as if she was walking into some kind of trap. “You just missed Nick, I’m afraid,” Janine said, sending a chill up the business woman’s spine. As she had feared, she was all alone with this woman. “Would you like to sit down? Can I get you something to drink?”

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