Father Uses Huge Asset Ch. 19



Polly demanded lots of sex and bucket loads of cum from Richard over the next 3 months. Richard loved the feel and look of her solid, huge tits. Her outfits emphasised her small waist and enormous bust and Richard was only to happy to service her, anywhere and anytime.

Richard being Richard though, this was not enough. He took pleasure in sneaking into Kim’s room while Polly slept and worshipping her young, firm curvy body. Sally would suck him off whilst he chatted to Polly on the phone about where they were going to dinner that evening and how she would get him off in the restaurant. Life was a fuck fest with hot women but Richard needed more.

He was at the squash club giving a young guy a battering on the court when a pretty young woman stopped to watch them. Long dark hair, tanned legs, dark eyes. She was so pretty. The way she smiled at his opponent made it obvious to him that they were lovers. He allowed his cock to extend in his long shots and grow harder. It was clearly visible inside his shorts, swinging out of control as he covered the court. He humiliated the young man. The girl looked awkward that her boyfriend was being hammered by an older man. As they left the court he spoke first to the girl:

“My name is Richard, you are?”

“Catherine. This is my boyfriend Tom.”

She looked shy, she had clearly noticed his cock, his huge cock and tried not to look down at it.

Tom walked off to the showers without saying anything.

Richard looked her up and down:

“I want to fuck you now.”

She smiled, shocked by his words. She leant forward to whisper in his ear, her tight hand exploring the contents of his shorts. For 5 or 10 seconds this continued and he grew painfully hard in his shorts.

“Well you can’t big boy, I don’t cheat on Tom.”

With a wicked smile she turned and walked away.

He became obsessed with her over the next month but she rebuffed all his approaches. He felt desperate. He fucked other women just because he could. He was angry. He went to a wedding with Polly. He received a text from Catherine saying:

“Thinking about me. I know you are. Poor you.”

He was so frustrated. He danced with the young bride and half way through the dance he pressed his raging cock into her dress and hard against her stomach. Her eyes widened in surprise and panic. She knew who he was and she had heard rumours about him. They were clearly all true.

She left the room in a fluster. Richard followed her upstairs to the bridal suite. The door was unlocked. He walked in, pulled out his hard cock and wanked it in front of her face.

“I have just got married, what do you think you are doing, get out.”

“You were faithful to him for an hour, then you met this” he said smiling and allowing his cock to grow to fully 15 inches.

He took control and 10 minutes later 15 inches of cock were buried inside of her and she was wracked with guilt and a continuous orgasm.

Richard took out his frustration on this young bride, he pounded her. Her husband walked in on them and his life fell in a hole.

Richard looked at him, horror on the young man’s face. He slowly withdrew his huge cock from her, more and more of it slid out. He asked her, with Ankara travesti her face pressed into the bed, oblivious to the fact her new husband stood there:

“What does it feel like with my cock out of you?”

“About as full as when my fiancé, I mean husband, sticks his ordinary dick in me – so empty. Put it back in, please darling, please stud” she said with a giggle.

As he thrust back into her he asked:

“Who do you want in your wedding bed tonight?”

“You, I have got to find a way to enjoy this cock tonight.”

The groom staggered away, his life in tatters. Richard drove it hard into her and then withdrew.

“This is wrong, you should be with your husband.”

“But you haven’t cum, I have heard about your cum.”

Confidence restored Richard walked away, his hard cock straining against his trousers, leaving a very frustrated bride.”


Richard turned up at another do the following weekend and was shocked to see Tom and Catherine sitting next to Polly.

Polly’s plunging neckline looked amazing, her huge assets on full show. Catherine looked stunning, tumbling dark hair, her white dress emphasising her tanned skin. She prick teased him all night. At 11 pm she signalled for him to follow her. At last. Up 2 flights of stairs he followed her, staring at her tight arse. Thank God he thought.

She disappeared inside a room and shut the door. He arrived 10 yards behind her and opened it.

The site shocked him. Tom was massaging Polly’s huge tits, his dick lost in her ample boobs. Catherine stood next to them smiling.

Polly said:

“Catherine is a friend of mine. I know you fuck around Richard and I knew Catherine would be your type. I thought that it would be fun to make you wait. You didn’t need to ruin that poor girl’s marriage last week though. I have had Tom’s cock in my hands all night and you haven’t noticed. You need to understand that I can have any man I want and I am more effective at this game than you are. You have my permission to fuck her Richard.”

Richard turned and walked out of the room. He was not going to lay a finger on Catherine because Polly allowed it. She had won and she knew it. Catherine felt a huge frustration between her legs, she wanted that huge cock. She had waited for it long enough.

Polly turned to her:

“You were forbidden fruit, now you are worthless to him dear.”


News that her son was ill in New Zealand reached Marjorie. She was a broken woman and could not travel but she felt honour bound to tell Richard. Richard needed a change of scenery and when Marjorie said that Martin’s girlfriend had contacted her to let her know Richard felt it was definitely worth a trip.

Martin had glandular fever; he had suffered with no energy for months. His girlfriend went to meet Richard at the airport. Martin felt despair, his old life crashing back in on his new one. He had thought his father may be dead but before Michelle went to meet him Martin told her everything – everything he knew.

Michelle was shocked and assured him that she was different. She loved him and not some arrogant big cocked old man. “I know you do but he will Antalya travesti fuck you. That is why he is here.”

Michelle cried and pleaded with Martin to trust her. She felt hatred and anger when she drove to the airport.

She felt his eyes studying her body as they met. He was a handsome man with a strong body, thoughts of Martin’s description of his huge cock itched in her head but she was not that sort of girl – well not with his father.

She was a rich successful businesswoman. She was 6 foot 2 and with long dark hair and endless legs she looked like a supermodel. Her full 36 DD breasts meant that she tended to look more like a glamour model though. Richard had the same thought he always did when he met his son’s girlfriends. How did he snare her. He felt like his dick did a cartwheel in his trousers but the reception he got was very frosty. Michelle took him back to meet Martin but she stood there for half an hour and shouted and demanded that Richard come for a week or 2, keep his distance from her and then go.

Richard couldn’t get near to her. He would turn up to meet him and she was never there. Martin lay in bed quietly for most of the day. Richard wanted her hot body. He wanted to fuck her behind his son’s back, to claim her like he had all the others. He worried that Polly had taken some of his confidence away with the game she played with Catherine.

His ticket back to England was booked. He arrived at Martin’s house on the way there. He asked him to come back to England. Michelle was there for once and she invited him to leave. It was only the third time they had met and Richard drank in the hot body in front of him. She wore a coat and Richard presumed that she was also leaving. As she let him out he started to walk down the drive and she called his name.

He turned to see her peeling the coat off her body. A tight black mini skirt, high heels and a red halter top/bra was all she had on. She smiled and said:

“What he enjoys and you never will. You are losing your powers. Sweet dreams.”

She slammed the door shut.

Michelle felt proud of herself. Her happy life could now get back to normal.

She believed that she had overestimated Richard terribly. He was just a middle aged man who had lost his powers.

But he did not return to England that night.

Over 3 days he sent her 3 notes at work:

“He thinks I have gone now.”

“It is bigger than he described it – much bigger”.

“Does 4 inches do it for you – really?”

Michelle was in turmoil. She could see Martin’s mood lift. He still had his gorgeous girlfriend and his father had gone.

Another note arrived that day at work.

“Wear the outfit tonight– leave the door unlocked. Poor Martin!!”

She felt angry, trapped. She hated him. She could just tell him to piss off.

She spent the evening with her boyfriend. She did not come out of his room for hours.

It was 11.30 when he heard footsteps on the stairs. He had let himself in at 8 and had been sitting quietly downstairs. She stood there and looked at him.

“You won’t go until… so lets just do it. He takes drugs, he won’t wake until 10 tomorrow.”

She stood on the stairs, İstanbul travesti boobs bursting over her bra top, legs longer than Sally’s – firm, so tanned. Her butt stretched the material of her skirt tight.

He stood and walked towards her.

“I promise you the best time of your life.”

“The best sex maybe – but this will destroy him.”

He ran his hands over her body. This was so hot. He eased his cock out of his trousers and waved it triumphantly at her.

“Freak, that isn’t natural” she said.

“Neither is this” he said picking her up and carrying her upstairs, she presumed to the spare room. Instead he slammed her against the door where his son slept.

“I was born to do this. Son” (he called mockingly) you were right. She will fuck me, right against this door whilst you sleep.”

“You shit”.

“Yes, and you are my son’s hot girlfriend, his caring girl but my slut.”

His cock hit the mark with one thrust. She was wet, she had been waiting to be fucked properly for ages. She had never been fucked like this though.

His confidence was fully restored, the frosty reception was over. He kissed her, her body, his kisses were returned with passion, desperation almost.

“Why couldn’t you fuck me like this” she called through the door to her sleeping boyfriend. “Why didn’t you just fuck me in front of him on the first night. He expected as much. So did I. It would have been hot” she gasped.

“Crisis of confidence babe, fully restored now!”

“You, a lack of confidence. You are 20 years older than me but still by far the best fuck I have ever had. I have had a few good ones. Only one since I have been out with Martin though – well one man, numerous occasions. His boss, naughty man.”

Richard totally reshaped her pussy that night and covered her in cum. She dressed in her most provocative business suit the next morning and was rewarded by another mind blowing explosion of cum all over her face. She took breakfast to Martin and kissed him softly on the lips. Her mouth was still full of Richard’s cum.

“See you tonight darling” she said and spun and left him.

Richard got a lift to work and fucked her twice on the way.

With reluctance she eased herself of his cock. She said:

“Same plan tonight only this time Martin’s sleeping pills may be coming out earlier.”

The phone rang:

“Hi Martin” she smiled at his father. “What is it babe. Hold on a moment.”

She bent back into the car and wrapped her sexy lips around Richard’s huge cock head which pulsed in her mouth.

“Mmm mmm” she said indicating Martin should speak.

“Can you get me some more pills today, I had a restless night.”

Pulling herself off his cock she said:

“I did too darling, I am shattered this morning. I was just thinking that you need more pills. I think that we should up the dose. You must be so relieved that your father and that big dick of his has left the country.”

She didn’t hear much of the reply as Richard slid his monster through her tits and into her waiting mouth and then on down her throat.

She came up for air:

“Do you really think that I am the only girl you have been out with that he hasn’t fucked.”

“Yes, I can’t believe it.”

“No I can’t believe it is quite right either. Anyone see you tonight honey” she said.

She turned and walked away with a wicked glint in her eye. That itch inside her head had been well and truly scratched she thought to herself. Poor Martin.

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