Father-In-Law Cums to the Rescue

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I was living with a good friend from work and her husband after I had walked in on my husband screwing the neighbor’s daughter. I quickly decided that I couldn’t live any longer with my husband and filed for divorce. I dreaded the constant meetings with attorneys. I was embarrassed my husband had cheated on me. Divorce is so personal and I disliked sharing my personal and the sexual side of my life with strangers.

Balancing a stressful job as an ER nurse, going through divorce and the emotional stress of looking for a new job in a different city was challenging. I was glad I had friends to talk to and sometimes friends to just hold my hand or give me a hug as I cried. I wanted to get away from my husband and the town where he lived. I was emotionally and physically drained.

I was mentally exhausted even when I wasn’t at work or meeting with attorneys. I often sat in my room and read novels or watched stupid shows on television to pass time. Occasionally I would watch a movie with my friend and her husband and I finally started going to the gym after work.

The first time I heard my friend and her husband having sex I was surprised. I wasn’t surprised that they were having sex, I was surprised at how it impacted me. I covered my head with a pillow but I was instantly horny. I got wet. My mind flashed back to walking in on my husband screwing our neighbors college-aged daughter Mary. I started rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy to the sounds of my friend and her husband fucking while envisioning my husband fucking our young neighbor. I bit my lip as my body spasmed. I had an intense orgasm and then I started crying. My emotions were on edge and I was scared and lonely. I felt alone for the first time in my life.

A few nights later I was laying in bed after a long day at work and a hard workout at the gym. I was just about to fall a sleep when I heard them fucking again. I slid off my panties and imagined my friends husband fucking me as I fingered my clit. I had seen him checking me out and he had made some comments about how sexy I was. I thought he was cute and I had seen the bulge in his crotch a few times while we were in their pool. My father-in-law called to check on me about the time the sounds of them fucking had slowed and my middle finger was knuckle deep in my wet pussy.

My heart leapt from my chest. I quickly answered my phone to stop the ringing noise. I admit that I was a little embarrassed as I laid naked in bed talking to my father-in-law after masturbating. It was strange, the sound of his deep vibrating voice mixed with the moans from the next room turned me on. I had never though of him as sexual before but after I hung up the phone my finger made quick work of an orgasm. A few nights later I had a very satisfying orgasm again but that time it wasn’t my father-in-law I was thinking about, it was my father.

Like most girls, the first naked man I saw was my father. It was always accidental on his part but I cant say the same about me. As a teen I had a strange sexual attraction to my father and as I got older I saw why my mom was attracted to him. My dad was handsome and very sweet. My dad also had a very manly hairy body with a very nice penis. I constantly thought of him sexually as a teen and after I was married I thought of him a few times as my husband was fucking me.

I worked hard to push the thoughts of sex aside but they began to appear in my head more often. It was increasingly difficult now that I was living with a couple that seemed to have sax more often than any couple I knew.

After a few months I felt like my friends husband was getting more and more friendly with me but I knew I was craving attention. I knew I was reading too much into his being overly nice but I recall thinking that there were times he seemed like he was almost propositioning me. I knew would have a difficult time saying no to him if he walked into my room asking for sex even if I knew it was wrong. I even fantasized about him walking in and taking me in return for letting me live in his house.

I went to visit my parents a few times and my head seemed out-of-sorts. As soon as I saw my dad I had strange sexual thoughts. I started visiting my parents more frequently as I started interviewing for a job that would get me away from my husband. I was sleeping in my old bed from HS and sleeping in that bed brought out even more sexual fantasies. The erotic dreams about my father taking me sexually became more common. My thoughts about him taking me sexually had made me feel guilty around him but excited. I wondered if he had any idea how I felt or that he could have fucked me any time he wanted to. It must have been obvious I was distracted because my parents kept asking if I was ok. I blamed my mood on the divorce and stress.

I was offered the job as head nurse in the hospital in my parents hometown. I was excited and I celebrated that night with my parents. I can still recall the shock of emotion that flooded my body when türkçe altyazılı porno my dad gave me a giant hug to celebrate. My body shook and my nipples hardened. I held him tight and I swear I felt his cock start to swell before he pried my arms from around his neck and he motioned for me to hug my mom. As I hugged my mom I glanced at my dads crotch and I was certain he had an erection. My crotch tingled. That night I quickly orgasmed thinking about my father as I laid in my old bed and fingered my pussy. After I had orgasmed and pulled my panties up, I tried to push the sexual thoughts of my dad out of my head. I knew it would never and should never happen.

I returned to my friends place to pack and spend the final few weeks at my old job. I was glad I would not be living in the same town where my husband lived but I would miss seeing my friends as much as I had. I was ready to move on in life and to the next chapter. It was like starting over.

Even through the divorce, I remained close to my in-laws. I went to dinner at with them and told them the great news about my new job. My mother-in-law seemed a lot happier than her husband and we celebrated by opening some wine. We agreed to always remain close and they made me promise not to hold what their son had done to me against them. After one bottle we opened a second and we were all a little tipsy. My mother-in-law and I did the dishes and she insisted I stay at their place since it was late and we were all too inebriated to drive.

My mother-in-law made the guest bed and I found an old t-shirt to sleep in. I passed out but I woke up in the middle of the night. I thought I heard something and I sat up in bed. I almost screamed when I saw my father-in-law in my room by the door. He apologized and quickly left.

The next morning I woke up and went to the bathroom wearing just the t-shirt and my panties. The bathroom was down the hall and as I left the guest room I ran into my father-in-law in the hall. He was wearing boxers and a t-shirt and his hair was a mess. I paused as he looked perplexed. My mind flashed back to the previous night and my heart skipped a beat. He stopped me and said he wanted to apologize for coming in my room and hoped I would keep it between us. I asked if he was ok and he stuttered before saying he was fine. I felt a heat flash as I looked down and saw he was getting an erection. I blushed and quickly ducked into the bathroom.

I stood at the sink and I saw that the thin t-shirt I was wearing did little to hide my hard nipples and dark aureolas. While he was not a hunk, my father-in-law was a handsome man in his late 50’s. I stripped and jumped in the shower. As I washed I thought about what I had seen and I quickly gathered that my father-in-law was considerably better endowed than his son. I tried to clear my head but my lack of sex and desire to be intimate was overpowering my thoughts. I knew that I would be playing with myself that night and I hoped my friend and her husband would be active to give me greater inspiration.

I wrapped in a towel and headed out into the hall. As I past my in-laws bed room I noticed my father-in-law sitting on the foot of his bed. I paused and started to ask if he was ok but I did a double take. I gasped rather loud when I saw that my father-in-law was jerking off. It was surreal to see him stroking his large manhood.

My father-in-law turned his head and we made eye contact. He jumped up and his boxers fell to his ankles. I gasped as I saw his really large pecker standing up proudly. He tried to cover himself up. I dashed to the guest room and closed the door. My heart was racing and I was shaking. I sat on the bed and tried to get the thought of what I had just seen out of my head. Like-father-like-son definitely did not apply in this case. My husband and only lover until then had a short and small penis. I had nothing to compare it to but it worked and early in our marriage I think we had sex almost daily.

I sat on the bed thinking about what I had just seen. I took a few deep breaths and was just about to stand when there was a knock at the door. After a pause my father-in-law asked if he could speak to me before I left. I started shaking.

I answered. “We can talk now if you want.”

I opened the door and watched his eyes survey my towel-wrapped full figured body. I partially moved behind the door and tried not to look down at his crotch but my eyes were drawn to the lump in his boxers. There was a distinctive bulge and I saw the outline of his shaft and the distinct ridge of his bloated head as it pushed against the thin cotton material. I felt my heart flutter as he started apologizing. I saw a tear in his eye.

Honestly my head was spinning and all I heard was “waaa, waaa, waaa.” He was trying to apologize for his actions and for getting sexually excited. I saw his eyes look down at my ample cleavage being smashed by the towel that was wrapped around twitter porno me. I saw his cock jump and swell even larger in his boxers. He started to leave and I reached for his hand. My voice cracked as I asked where his wife was and he paused. He looked into my eyes before letting his gaze drop to my cleavage. He reminded me that she volunteered at the hospital on Thursday mornings. I blushed, I should have know that. Every Thursday I meet my mother-in-law for coffee in the cafeteria after her volunteer shift and before my afternoon shift.

I felt my heart beating hard in my chest. My father-in-law stood there looking at me and I reached out my other hand. My hands were trembling. He took my hands and stepped into the room. I think we both knew what was going to happen but we were both too nervous to initiate anything. I asked him about going to work and he rambled about maybe going into the office late.

My father-in-law owned a large HVAC business and he really never had to go to work anymore. We both rambled about non-important stuff and he reminded me that he was sorry about his son cheating and the divorce. Thinking about his son made my mind wonder off. I kissed his cheek and said it wasn’t his fault and then we just looked at each other.

We kissed and he started caressing my tits. It was like a scene out of a movie. My towel dropped off my body and landed on the floor around my feet. He told me between kisses that he had always dreamed of seeing me and holding me like he was. He said I was even more beautiful than he dreamed as he cupped and gently squeezed and caressed my ample tits. It felt so good to be touched.

I reached my hands out and slid his boxers down. His prick popped up between us and I saw that my father-in-law’s slightly curved cock was between 7 and 8 inches long and it was as thick as a large summer sausage. The purple head on the end of his shaft was much thicker than the shaft and it had a flared ridge at the base. The large slit on the tip that was already leaking a clear fluid.

I grasped his shaft and as I did he slid his hand down through my thick blonde bush and cupped my crotch in his hand.I felt his finger slide against the lips of my pussy.

“Oh god, you are really big” was all that I could say. My hand continued to shake as I caressed his shaft. I slid my hand down to his balls. I cupped and gently squeezed his very large and very hairy balls. He moaned and I looked down and saw pre-cum liberally leaking from the slit on the tip of his large cock. I felt his cum on my fingers.

My father-in-law bent down and took my right nipple into his mouth while continuing to cares my crotch. I moaned as he slipped a finger into my wet slit and he found my hard clit with his thumb. I gently humped his hand as he sucked on my nipple. He slowly slid a finger into me. After pausing to adjust his body closer to mine, he started finger fucking my very wet pussy.

“This may be wrong but I really want you.”

We staggered towards the bed as he kicked off his shorts that were around his ankles. I helped him pull off his t-shirt. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a giant hug. His hairy chest was prickly against my chest. I wrapped my arms around him and returned the hug. It was a deep and warm embrace. I looked up and he looked down into my eyes as our bodies embraced. “God you are beautiful” he said as he looked down at my breasts against his chest.

My father-in-law kissed my forehead. “I hope that you don’t think bad of me but I have wanted to see and feel you like this for as long as I can remember. I will understand if you want me to leave now.”

I looked up at him. “No, please stay” knowing that meant we were more than likely going to have sex..

He smiled. “Are you sure?”

I kissed his cheek and smiled. “I feel safe.”

My father-in-law looked in my eyes. “You shouldn’t.”

I reached down and grasped his thick manhood. “I know.”

He kissed me. “I have always wanted to tell you a few things but I just couldn’t bare to loose seeing you but I guess I am. I think you know by now that my son has always struggled with commitment and with women. I always thought you were too good for him. I knew that from the start you were a good girl and that he wasn’t a good boy. He couldn’t keep his dick in his pants. I assure you, Im not like him.”

I lightly kissed his lips. “Im not judging you but your here with me now. Your not even wearing pants. We are naked.”

“I won’t blow smoke up your cute ass. I understand this is odd but I have been attracted to you from the first time my son brought you home to meet us. Honestly, I thought you would dump him before you dated more than a few months. Anyway, my wife has no interest in sex anymore and (he looked down at his hard dick pushing against my stomach) I do. I guess I was hoping that if we had something in common we could explore it. I heard you tell my wife a few months ago that the you üniversiteli porno two weren’t sleeping together anymore. That was before you found him in bed with that girl. I also hope your acceptance so far means you are open to having a special relationship with me but if you don’t, I will leave now.”

I looked up at him and smiled. “Technically I am still married to your son and you are married to a woman you love and have no plans to leave. Just so I get this right. We will both be committing adultery when you put this (I squeezed his shaft and looked down at his hard dick) in me. I can only assume that you sticking this in me is your intention. I am ok with that as long as no one else knows but the two of us.”

I reached down and he jumped as I took his balls in my hand. “I think I would have said it different” he said.

“How” I asked in a soft tone as he reached around and squeezed my ass. “Was it because I just sounded like a whore.”

He smiled and I reminded him what my hand was holding. “Before you comment, think about where my hand is and what its holding.”

He smiled. “Well it’s cliché but I thought we both would get a friend with benefits and no one will ever know but us.”

We kissed and he squeezed both of my ass cheeks in his large hands.

“You have more to lose than I do” I said. He kissed me and whispered in my ear. “I trust you.”

We kissed. “You had better trust me” I said as I gently squeezed his balls. His large football-shaped balls filled my hand.

My father-in-law lifted me up and sat me on the bed. He gently pushed me back on the bed. He kissed my lips and down my neck to my shoulders. He kissed my chest and then he started covering my tits and nipples in licks and kisses. He alternated between kissing and caressing my tits as I wrapped my legs around his torso. My mother-in-law had small A or B cups so I assumed he was enjoying my fuller D cups. I was enjoying his lips on my nipples and I was getting really wet and excited.

I looked down and saw his massive cock pointing up at me as he had me slide towards the middle of the bed. I saw that his cock was dripping pre-cum and his pee-hole was swollen and partially open. It was the first time I had any interest in sucking a dick but to be honest I was a little intimidated by his size.

As he positioned between my open thighs, I pulled my knees up and I saw him look down and smile. “I have never fucked a blonde” he said with an ear-to-ear smile as he started rubbing the bloated head of his prick between the fold in my pussy and against the wet lips of my vagina.

“Well Ive never fucked anyone but your son, I will be your first blonde.”

I gasped as the thick head of his cock slipped between the lips of my pussy and stretched them open. I felt him push again and my tight pussy stretched open to accept him. I took a deep breath as he slowly pushed his cock deeper into my pussy.

“Oh god, you are so tight. I hope I am not hurting you” he said as he watched the head of his cock disappear and his shaft slide between the small pink lips of my pussy.

I gasped and pulled his chin up so he was looking at my face and not watching his dick slide into my pussy. “Go slow, you are really big.”

My father-in-law started slowly working his giant man-pole deeper and deeper into my pussy. I held his shoulders tight and I tried unsuccessfully to relax. I couldn’t believe I was fucking my father-in-law. Honestly, I couldn’t believe I was fucking. He adjusted the angle of his dick and I gasped and moaned rather loud as he pushed his dick deeper into my pussy.

He started fucking me with deep slow thrusts. He groaned and whispered in my ear. “I never dreamed anything could feel as good as you. Your so beautiful.” I felt his dick get harder as he continued to slowly fuck me. He leaned his head down and took my right nipple into his mouth.

My father-in-law started fucking me with a quicker pace and I could feel his dick hitting against the back on my pussy. “Im really close” he groaned and then stopped moving when his dick was almost fully impaled in my pussy.

“I want you to cum but Im not sure I can wait for you this first time. Its been a long time since I have had sex and I can’t hold it back.”

I was breathing hard. “Don’t wait on me, I understand.”

We were both groaning and grunting as he started fucking me harder and deeper. I held his shoulders and raised my knees until my pussy was fully open and my knees were almost on my tits.

“I want to cum in you.”

I wasn’t sure what to say. I hadn’t been on birth control for a few years but I knew my cycle would start any day. My head was already spinning just from the situation. I couldn’t believe my father-in-law was fucking me and about to cum in me.

“Yes, please. You can cum In me if you want to.”

He made a quick series of thrusts and he started breathing harder. He pushed deep and then he made a series of loud groans that were in perfect synchrony with the pulsing I felt deep in my pussy. I felt a warm tingle. He pushed his dick deeper in my pussy and his body went stiff. He announced rather loud and very proud that he was cumming in me.

“Oh my god I’m cumming. Oh God yes. Oh my god yes. More, there is more. Im still cumming.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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