Fast Food Reunion

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Several years ago I had a remarkable experience while visiting my parent’s home for Christmas. Shortly after high school I had accepted a job in New York and only made it back south occasionally, so I lost track of many of the people I hung out with, including girlfriends. It was with some surprise then when I pulled into a gas station near my folks house to see Danny, a former co-worker from the local burger joint who I had worked with, and who was the brother of Judy, an old flame who had worked there also. Danny and I talked briefly and he told me that Judy was back at home and that I should call her up.

Judy and I had dated on again/off again during our junior and senior years of high school. We were never very serious and although I tried, we never got past heavy petting. The last I had heard was that she was engaged to some guy in the Air Force. It had been about four years since I had last seen Judy and I was nervous that she either wouldn’t remember me or wouldn’t really care to see me, but my concerns were unfounded as she sounded very happy when I called and was anxious to see me. We made plans for me to pick her up at seven, and since it had been years since I’d last seen her, I’d forgotten how to get there, she gave me directions to her parent’s house. She said she had a surprise for me. I couldn’t wait.

Time seemed to drag the rest of the afternoon. All I could think of was Judy. You’d have thought that I had found my lost love when in reality we had never really gone steady. I vowed that I would be cool and collected, and that my maturity would let me get the things that had eluded me before, specifically into her pants. I wasn’t sure what she had in mind, but I bought a case of beer and put it in the trunk figuring that it’s always good to be prepared.

Driving to Judy’s house I was trying to remember everything I could about her and her family to avoid the awkwardness of forgetting something important that I should have known, but all I could think of was how Judy looked, (5’6″, strawberry blonde, thin as a rail, very flat but nice hips) and how I felt years ago when we made out. Thankfully she answered the door and was ready so I didn’t have to endure the uncomfortable “waiting with dad” stuff that I used to have to suffer through. Judy looked great, she was obviously a late bloomer since she had filled out dramatically since our high school days and was no longer flat. I complimented her politely that she looked better than ever and she responded with a small kiss and said I looked good too.

We got into my car and I started driving asking her where we should go and what her surprise was. She was playing very coy, just telling me where to turn and nothing more. I had been away for so long that I was getting my directions mixed up when the next turn put us onto a familiar street, the one my old girlfriend Sheryl had lived on. I wasn’t terribly surprised when Judy had me stop right in front of Sheryl’s house, thinking that she would want to talk or something, but then she opened the car door and asked if I was coming.

Sheryl and I had dated pretty steadily, although we were never truly “steady”. She too worked at the burger joint and I used to drive her home when we got off work. She was the first girl I had ever really dated and the first that I had ever “done” anything with. I knew she had her eye on me almost the first time I saw her at work, the way she talked and acted towards me. You can just tell, and even though I wasn’t initially that attracted to her, she wasn’t half bad; tall, (about 5’8″) thin but with a decent chest and blonde hair. I remember how we first got together; it was one evening in the burger joint parking lot, a bunch of us employees had just gotten off work and were hanging out, looking for something to do. She stuck to me like glue even though I really wasn’t trying to impress her. As the hour drew late I was actually trying to go home since I didn’t want any flack from the folks about bringing the car home late, and she just jumped into the front seat. I tried to discourage her, but she was determined, and it seems that often I have a hard time saying no. She kissed me, my first French kiss and I guess I was hooked. As the days went by, hers were the first breasts that I had ever caressed or suckled, and later still, her’s the first pussy I ever fingered and then later, ate. She was too shy to reciprocate anything beyond kisses and I was too self-conscious to ask her to, and we never had intercourse. Sheryl and Judy were close friends and strangely enough now that I look back at it, the girls had never been jealous of each other regarding me dating them both. Sheryl and I had never officially “broke up” as after I quit the burger joint we just didn?t see each other often. I think the last time I saw her was shortly after graduation, her slutty girlfriend Marlene was with us and threw herself at me. At the time still being a virgin, and figuring that I would stay that way with Sheryl, I ended up leaving mersin escort with Marlene and did lose my virginity to her, but I felt bad about it. Now I was hoping that Sheryl wouldn’t still be holding a grudge about it.

We went up to the door and Sheryl answered it. I thought Sheryl’s eyes would jump out of her head when she saw me as Judy hadn’t told Sheryl about me being in town. If she even remembered my infidelity with Marlene, she didn’t show it as she ran out onto the porch and wrapped her arms around me a gave me a nice kiss. It felt great holding her in my arms again and her kiss was more than just polite. Sheryl wasted no time getting us inside since it was cold and we all settled into the family room where a pleasant fire was burning in the fireplace. The chatter was typical of what you’d expect from three friends catching up after a long absence. It seemed that Sheryl was fresh out of long relationship that had gone sour and had moved back home within the last month. Judy had married the Air Force guy, but that relationship had failed too and she was home now. Fortunately neither women had children with these men.

We talked for close to an hour before I asked Sheryl if anyone was home. She said her parents and sisters had gone to visit her grandmother for a couple of days and that she couldn’t go because of work, but that seeing me she was glad that she stayed home. I told them I had the beer in the car and asked if they wanted me to bring it in, to which they replied “definitely!” Sipping suds and talking with these two seemed to bring back a lot of memories as we caught up on people and places. The talk remained polite with minimal double entendres as I didn’t want to appear lecherous as much as I desired them both, especially considering that they may have still been sensitive about their previous relationships. They both made me feel very welcome, sitting close to me, making lots of eye contact and lightly touching me as they spoke.

The beer was having it’s usual effect as the talk became more animated and the topics more risqué. Things were going so pleasantly that I really wasn’t thinking about whether we should go out or how the night would end; I was just enjoying the moment when rather suddenly things changed. Sheryl left to use the bathroom just as Judy returned from there, but Judy surprised me by instead of sitting next to me on the couch, she straddled me on my lap. “It’s so good to see you after all this time” she said and then kissed me. Well if her earlier kiss had been polite, this one was obscene! She wasted no time getting her tongue into the act and if memory serves me correctly, she had learned quite a bit during the last four years. I returned the favor and upped the ante by unbuttoning the top three buttons on her shirt and began kissing my way down her neck. She was definitely enjoying the sensation as she held my head to her and ground her crotch into mine. Now the only thing I was thinking was how to get out of here and go somewhere where we could do this right.

Sheryl interrupted my planning when she walked in and cleared her throat. “Hey, what about me?” she asked in mock sadness. “Oops”, Judy replied and slid off of me onto the couch. “Poor Sheryl needs some affection”, “Come sit here with us” she said and patted the couch between us. Sheryl came over and sat down and Judy and I began comically kissing her cheeks, making loud smacking noises. Sheryl giggled at first, but then turned to face me and gave me a real kiss, ignoring her friend. She moved her tongue well too and now I was heating up and thoroughly perplexed as to how to deal with this situation. I decided to follow the same plan that was working with Judy and trailed kisses down Sheryl’s neck and unbuttoned her shirt. Sheryl’s response was identical to Judy’s, and now both girls chests were showing at the top of their bras. “I could use some more of that”, Judy suggested and it was repeated with both girls the same way.

At this point I needed to make a pit stop at the bathroom and try to think of a way to progress this to the next step without dropping the ball. As I got us each another beer a deck of cards sitting next to the phone gave me an idea. I returned to the family room and was relieved that the girls had not buttoned up, for if they had I’d have worried that things were cooling off. They were really starting to get fresh telling me that if I had taken any longer they would have come looking for me to make sure I wasn’t “wasting anything” with my hand! I assured them that that wouldn”t happen tonight, and sat down shuffling the cards. I asked them if they had ever played blackjack and they both replied that they had, so I dealt out a hand and we played. Judy busted, Sheryl stood on an 18 and I won with a 19. “Looks like you’ve lost a shoe” I suggested to Judy. She looked a little confused since both of her shoes were on, then with a sly grin recognized what I was saying and took her shoe kocaeli escort off. Now Sheryl was looking back and forth between me and Judy at first perplexed, then apparently interested. Judy’s nonchalance seemed to both surprise and reassure her. The next hand was dealt and strip blackjack was underway without me ever having to sell or even discuss it.

The game progressed quickly with both girls’ inexperience evident. As the dealer I really didn’t have to implement any strategy and with the beers, it was just as well. Shoes and socks were lost with little fanfare. As their shirts came off, all eyes were first on Judy’s lacy bra and later when it was Sheryl’s turn her more basic bra gathered stares. Pants came next and I was half hoping to see some wet marks on their crotches, but they were careful to keep their legs closed. There would be no hiding my excitement if my pants were off since my hardon was pressing almost painfully against my pants. The girls were now left in bras and panties. I was easily ahead since I still wore my pants and I figured that if the girls were going to chicken out, now would be the time, especially if Sheryl lost next since she was looking both nervous and excited.

Luck was with me as Judy lost the next hand and would have to remove either her bra or her panties. She looked at Sheryl and I, and with a mixture of excitement and shyness unclasped her bra allowing it slide forward on her breasts. My eyes were working overtime absorbing this erotic moment, looking at Judy’s excited face, then her beautiful body, then at Sheryl who seemed equally excited and was looking intently at her disrobing friend. Judy seemed to enjoy being in the spotlight as she slowly pulled her bra away, revealing two beautiful round breasts with hard swollen nipples. She sat back down, making no attempt to hide her lovely chest. I looked at her longingly and let out a gasp to which she gave me a lurid wink.

The next hand was lost by Sheryl who looked like she was ready to run and hide, but ever the trooper mimicked Judy’s proud display, and pulled her bra off as Judy and I gazed at her. She was a little faster though, not as much showmanship. Her nipples weren’t as hard as Judy’s, but luscious nevertheless. She followed Judy’s lead by not trying to cover up as she sat down to resume play. “I can’t wait until you lose a few” she said directed to me. “I just cheat better than you is all”, I replied.

I did lose the next hand and was now down to my underpants with an obvious tent pole in front. “Looks like your hiding a gun there” Judy remarked. “I hope to shoot you with it later” was my retort and we all laughed. I had been so engrossed first with how to get this game started and then by how nice it was working that I wasn’t sure how to progress it once we were all naked. I dealt the next hand and figured I’d think of something. Judy lost and it was time for a finale. Sheryl and I watched intently as Judy put on a wonderful display laying on her back in the middle of the room, slowly pulling her panties down as she ran her hands up and down her legs. She looked like a pro and I wondered if she had ever danced. Sheryl and I stared at her in awe. The strawberry blonde hair on her head was matched perfectly in the V between her legs, but I couldn’t get a good view of her lips.

Since I still didn’t have any idea of what to do next, I dealt another hand. Judy lost again, and being now naked she asked what to do. Since I had won the hand, I declared that the loser must kiss the winner for 30 seconds, to be timed by the third. A lovely naked Judy crawled over to me and started kissing me passionately and grinding herself against my tent pole. She worked quickly and was soon kissing her way down my stomach as Sheryl announced that the 30 seconds was up. I was almost ready to quit the game and continue with Judy, but before I could try she had already moved back to her seat.

Sheryl lost the next hand and as she had done with her bra, mimicked Judy’s performance of slowly pulling off her panties and running her hands over her body, but she put a new twist on it by gently tugging her nipples. Again I was torn between watching her and watching Judy’s heated reaction to her. Both girls had remained focused on the action as clothes came off. When Sheryl’s panties were finally down on one ankle, she flipped them to Judy and I. Judy caught them and surprised me by holding them close to her face.

The next hand was played and again Sheryl lost. I had won again, so this time Judy timed us as Sheryl draped herself over me with delicious kisses. She too worked her way down, and was fast enough that she had the end of my underwear covered cock in her mouth when time expired. Again I thought about ending the game, but again my co-players were back in their places.

I dealt again and wasn’t surprised that Judy lost, but a new turn presented itself in that Sheryl had won! As we all realized this I was samsun escort thinking fast how to adjust the rules when Judy handed me the watch and crawled over to Sheryl. Sheryl’s eyes were locked on Judy, and she didn’t even glance at me as Judy took her into her arms and lightly kissed her. They both closed their eyes as the next kiss became more intense and I shifted my position to watch them more closely as they obviously both used their tongues in the next kiss. I was taken completely by surprise by this unexpected turn of events. As she had with me, Judy slowly worked her way down Sheryl’s chest stopping briefly at each nipple before kissing further down. Time actually ran out as she reached Sheryl’s belly button, but I let her go a few seconds longer until she softly kissed Sheryl’s pussy once. Time’s up I announced as Sheryl moaned.

We all returned to our places and I observed the girls closely to gauge their reactions. They both smiled both at me and each other, apparently completely comfortable with the situation. My curiosity was running rampant and I had to stifle my urge to question them both about this; not wanting to spoil the moment, I dealt another hand.

I lost the next hand, and the removal of my last article of clothing seemed almost anticlimactic when compared to the excitement of the girls together. I considered flashily removing my underwear, but decided against it. Both girls watched intently and Judy even gave a wolf whistle.

The next hand had Judy winning and Sheryl losing. It was apparent that demonstrating affection to another woman didn’t come as easily to Sheryl as she approached Judy with obvious uncertainty. Judy started to reassure Sheryl that she didn’t have to do anything, but Sheryl silenced her with a kiss. They soon had their arms wrapped around each other, breasts pressed together and tongues dueling. Sheryl’s eyes were closed as she slowly worked her way down the other girls chest, pausing gently at each nipple. Judy was cooing softly, running her hands through Sheryl’s hair, then Sheryl continued down. Again the clock had run out, and again I ignored it, caught up in the moment and unwilling to interrupt. Just as Judy had done to her, Sheryl slowly kissed her way down Judy’s stomach and to her pussy. At the point that I thought they were evenly matched, I called time. Judy growled and grabbed Sheryl, kissing her hard on the mouth.

I thought that the game was certainly finished then, but to my surprise both girls returned to their places. I dealt the next hand but I felt that the girls were hardly looking at me or the cards, their attentions focused on each other. It was obvious what Judy had in mind as she hit her 19 and busted, causing Sheryl to win again. Again they were in each other’s arms, repeating the scenario, but this time as Judy worked her way to Sheryl’s pussy she pleaded “Don’t stop me.” I didn’t. Either Sheryl was already close to coming, or Judy gave very good face, because within two minutes Sheryl was writhing in a powerful orgasm.

Sheryl held tightly to Judy’s arm and as soon as she had recovered from her orgasm, Sheryl manuevered the other girl onto her back. Beginning with heated kisses and working her way south, Sheryl returned the favor to Judy, eating her to orgasm.

I felt a bit left out, but I didn’t want to interrupt or impose. Now that both girls had come and were laying together I was afraid that the party would be over. Judy allayed my fears by coming to me with passionate kisses, trailing them down to my cock which was almost hurting after being so thoroughly aroused for so long. She began a slow blowjob and was shortly joined by Sheryl; fulfilling a fantasy every man must have of being blown my two women at once. I came buckets and both girls gobbled it all up.

We all rested a while, laying together, kissing together. I told them I just HAD to fuck them both, and they were willing. The girls seemed to recharge faster than I could and were soon in a 69. Maybe it was the newness of watching their lesbian sex, but their 69 turned me on so much that I was ready again in moments. I took turns fucking first Judy, (who was on top) then Sheryl when they switched. It was heavenly. Judy volunteered that she was on the pill, and I made sure when my second orgasm was approaching that I was back in her for it.

Unfortunately, circumstances didn’t permit us all to get back together again during that visit home, although I did take Sheryl out the next night. We had sex in the back seat of my car and I felt like I was back in high school. I asked her about her and Judy and she said that during their junior year at high school, Judy had slept at her house and that they had masturbated in front of each other, but that it didn’t go any further, and nothing else had ever happened. I asked her if she was attracted to other women and she replied no. She doubted anything more would ever happen unless the situation was just right.

I went back to New York and called both of them a few times, trying to set up a visit, either them to come up or me to come down. They never made it up, always one excuse or another and on my trips down while I did see them, they both seemed to become more distant. I think that they both had new boyfriends although they never told me and were always polite to me.

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