Family Vacation

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A week at a cabin on a small lake with the family doesn’t sound like what a 20 year-old woman would wish for. But Abby was looking forward to it. She actually liked her family – her parents and her 18 year-old brother – and she enjoyed the woods and the lake. Besides, she thought that perhaps she needed a break.

After three semesters at college she had flunked out. Not because of the difficulty of the courses, but because of her obsession with guys. Her priority had quickly become sex. Yes, ahe had had sex in high school, but no more than her friends. But in college she let it get out of control. She “fell in love with cocks,” as she thought of it.

When she moved back home and started to work in the family business, she had to cut down on sex a lot. Her high school friends allowed her to continue somewhat, but less than she was used to. And now for the next week she would have none. That part she was definitely not looking forward to. She tried to think of the last time she had gone without sex for a week, but couldn’t remember.

Those thoughts flashed through her mind as she looked over at her brother, fast asleep in the backseat of the car. Evidently having a naughty dream, his pants tented out because of a large erection.

No, it didn’t turn her on. It was certainly interesting, but she never thought of having sex with her brother. And although he had spied on her in order to see her naked, she never was that interested in trying to see him.

She had seen a bulge in his pants like that before, though. Not long ago she had called him into her room to hear the noises coming from their parents’ room.

Her room shared a wall with their parents. Evidently, while she had been away at college, their parents got used to being more noisy with their love making. Ted’s room, further down the hall, was too far away to hear them, but Abby could hear a lot in her room – especially when the vents in both rooms were open.

She heard her mother moaning as her dad evidently worked on her, and after listening for a little while she thought she should share this with Ted. She quietly snuck down the hall to her brother’s room.

“Ted,” she whispered at the door, opening it slowly in case he was doing something private.

“What’s up?” Ted asked, not surprised or angry as his sister came in. She was pretty cool, and usually nice to him. He thought he was pretty lucky to have her for a sister, something his friends didn’t seem to think about their own sisters.

Abby smiled at him. “Want to hear someone having sex?”

“Sure, who?” he asked, wondering if it was something on her iPod or what.

“Well, actually,” Abby paused, “It’s Mom.”


“Shhh!” she said. “We have to be quiet so they don’t hear us. If you want to hear.”

“Well, yeah, sure,” Ted said. It was a strange thought, but he was definitely interested.

They quietly went down the hall and into Abby’s room, sitting on the floor by the vent.

Just as they got there they heard their mother’s voice.

“Oh, yeah, wave that thing around.”

Abby and Ted looked at each other, not sure what they were hearing.

“Bounce those balls around, too! No, come closer, Stud, let me bounce your balls for you,” Mom’s voice said.

The kids looked at each other, Ted’s eyes really wide now as he realized what was going on in the next room.

They heard Mom say, “Oh, Sweetie, you have such a nice dick. Come here.”

Then they heard a muffled moan, followed minute later by their dad’s voice.

“Oh, Baby. yeah! Suck it. Baby, you suck cock so damn good.” he said.

That was almost too much for Ted, as he alternately buried his head in his hand and looked in disbelief at his sister. Abby was shocked as well, as she hadn’t heard much more than moans in the past. She also liked watching Ted’s reaction, as he was shocked, embarrassed, and also turned on.

“Come on, Sweetheart, time to put this monster in my pussy. You still like being a mother fucker, don’t you?” Mom said.

“Damn straight, if it’s your pussy I’m fucking.” Dad answered.

“Jesus,” Ted said quietly, hardly able to believe what he was hearing.

Abby was getting a little turned on herself as she listened to her parents talking – and acting – so dirty. But she also saw that Ted was much more turned on.

Dressed in his usual bedtime outfit of boxers and undershirt, the bulge that she saw was unmistakable. anime porno As she looked at it, she could visualize it in the next room, fucking her mother. She could visualize it on one of her many conquests, fucking her. But no, she did not actually think of her brother fucking her. That didn’t turn her on at all. In fact, she really didn’t think of that at all. She was interested in dicks, but not turned on by her brother’s.

As only moans and a few mumbled words came from the next room, Ted and Abby continued to be witnesses to their parents’ love making. Abby finally thought she should warn her brother, as his dick was pushing hard at the material. It was near the fly of his boxers, and she was concerned that it may escape suddenly as they listened.

“Ted!” she whispered to get his attention.

When he looked over, she looked at his crotch and said, “It’s going to pop out!”

He looked down and saw his dick dangerously close to doing just that. He grabbed at his crotch with both hands, pointing his dick away from his fly back into safety. Then he looked quickly up at his sister, wondering if she was grossed out or making fun of him.

Abby smiled and gave him a thumbs up, then they went back to listening to the other room as their Dad was moaning, and soon he was obviously cumming.

The kids were grinning widely at their dad’s moans. That took the edge of off Ted’s near flashing incident, which was soon forgotten. Sitting back against the wall, still quiet, they tried to comprehend what they had just witnessed.

Just when they thought the show was over, Mom began her own moans. Abby thought her dad was finished, but was still working on Mom, probably with his hand on her clit or possibly his mouth. Sadly, not many of the guys she had been with seemed to care about her if they finished first. She laughed at herself for feeling proud of her father for taking care of Mom.

All of these thoughts from a couple months ago came back to Abby as she sat quietly in the back seat of the car. She was surprised at how long she had been thinking of that incident. All that from seeing her brother’s bulge as he slept? Though, as she had seen before, it was s very impressive bulge. She remembered that her mom had said Dad had a “monster.” Maybe he really did, and Ted had inherited it. Good for him!

Maybe it was the bulge that attracted her, maybe it was just a chance to tease her little brother, but once she had the thought she couldn’t help herself. Leaning over toward him she placed her hand directly on the bulge in his pants and pushed herself up with it.

Ted awoke with a start as his dick was squeezed, not knowing what was going on. He looked up, trying to figure it out, but only saw his sister leaning forward between the car seats.

“Hey, Daddy,” she said acting innocent. “Aren’t we just about there?”

She knew exactly where they were, but it was an excuse for what she had wanted to do. Her hand still rested on Ted’s thigh, quite close to his crotch, hopefully teasing him.

“Yes, Princess, almost there,” Dad said.

Abby leaned back, looking over at Ted and smiled devilishly. Ted knew by the way she looked that she had done it on purpose, but he really wasn’t sure why, or even what.

By the time they arrived at the lake cabin and unpacked, they were all ready for bed. Although Abby and Ted had to share a room in the two bedroom cabin, no one expected anything sexual to happen between them. Actually, neither Abby nor Ted even thought of such a thing, and everyone was quickly settled into a sound sleep.


The next day was a beautiful Fall day, just what they hoped for. Early Fall in Pennsylvania can be wonderful. Warm, sometimes even hot days, and nice cool nights. A perfect time for a vacation at the lake, as the weather was great and not many people were around. Most were back home for school, summer vacations over, so the woods and the lake could seem like their own private world.

After spending some time helping her mom give the cabin a once-over, especially cleaning the kitchen, Abby said she was going down to the dock. It was a boat dock and an area almost like a beach on a little indent of the lake, giving a bit of privacy.

She took her iPod and headed to the dock, ready to spend an hour or so just relaxing in the sun, one of her last chances to get a bit more tan. That is why she wore her smallest bikini – the anne porno one her mother didn’t like and her father had never seen without a cover up on.

Because of that, she felt slightly odd when Ted announced that he was going to go with her. He was going to check on the boat, make sure it was okay, and spend some time with Abby. He liked his sister, and enjoyed her company most of the time.

Abby laid out in a chair and got comfortable while she watched Ted messing around with the boat. Thinking of all her thoughts on the car trip, she also was noticing Ted working around the boat. She was thinking that he had quite a good body. Dressed only in his swim trunks, she could be impressed by his abs, his chest, his arms, his butt… She stopped herself, thinking that she would like to have sex with a body like that, but this was her brother, so she had no desire for that. She did give him credit for a nice body, though. Maybe she should fix him up with a girl friend.

Letting her naughty side out, like she had when she grabbed his dick in the car, she thought about teasing him again. Maybe she just wanted another look at how big that bulge in his pants might be. At any rate, she wondered what would happen if she removed her top and let him see her bare breasts. Before she could even consider it, she found herself actually doing it. Well, she would have if she had been there alone, so why not?

Ted got off the boat and was looking at the dock as he walked slowly in Abby’s direction. He came to an abrupt stop when he saw her laying there, naked form the waist up.

“Abby?” he said.

She said nothing, just looking at him.

“You look… relaxed.” he struggled to say.

“Oh, yes, the sun is glorious, no one around to bother us, just a beautiful day to relax and do nothing.”

“Did you forget that I was around?” he asked.

“No,” she replied. “Oh, you mean because I’m topless?” trying to sound innocent. “Does that bother you?”

“NO,” Ted replied, too quickly and loudly. “That’s perfectly fine with me,” now trying to sound much cooler.

Abby looked at him teasingly. “I know you’ve seen them before. You know, when you were spying on me.”

Ted was shocked. “You knew?”

“Yes, of course. I caught you a few times. Probably not nearly all the times you tried.”

Ted was embarrassed, but very happy at the view she was giving him. He thought he would spend a lot of time at the dock if Abby was going to be here sunbathing. Her breasts were fairly large, firm, and wonderfully shaped. Her nipples sat up high on large, dark aureoles that looked so sexy.

“Come over here,” she said as she waved him closer.

He was already pretty close. He took a few steps toward her and was nearly beside her chair. He took his eyes off her breasts just long enough to glance at her face, then right back to her chest.

“You seem to be very interested,” she smiled.

He knew he had stared at her breasts too long. He hoped she wasn’t mad, but then he saw she was grinning. And looking at his crotch. Suddenly he realized that he had a full blown erection in his trunks. Quickly his hands covered his crotch and he bent over at the waist, trying to hide his stiffy.

“It’s too late to hide it,” Abby teased, still smiling. “In fact, take it out, It must be very uncomfortable.

Ted couldn’t believe what she had said. Neither could Abby, surprised when she heard her own words.

“What?” was the only response Ted could muster.

Abby decided to let it continue wherever it was going, and told him, “Well, you’ve seen mine – again – so it’s only fair. Come on, I’ve seen dicks before. Let’s see yours.”

Ted’s dick twitched at the thought of exposing himself to his sister. He never thought anything like this would happen between them, although she had starred in some of his masturbatory fantasies. Just fantasies, though, nothing he expected or even wanted. Until maybe now. What was he to do?

“Come on,” Abby said again.

Ted reached for the top of his trunks and began pulling them down as Abby smiled at him. The trunks pulled his erection down with them. His dick was pointing straight down toward the ground, held there by the material. He hesitated, but it was not a good place to stop. Abby was staring delightedly, and as he looked down also he saw that about five inches of his shaft was fully exposed. Only the couple inches at the end arap porno were hidden, but he was giving quite a show.

Abby seemed happy, liking the view and waiting anxiously to see the rest, so he pulled down. His dick shot upwards, bouncing off his stomach, causing Abby to gasp in surprise and delight. She sat up, drawn by the naked dick in front of her.

“Come closer,” she said, and he stepped forward, hobbled by the trunks around his ankles, but he didn’t have far to go. Abby leaned slightly forward, reaching out and wrapping two fingers around his shaft just below the head.

“Ungh!” said Ted, not sure what was happening. What a great feeling to have a female hand on his cock, and this was so unexpected. The excitement was multiplied by the fact that this was his sister, an illicit but exciting act.

Abby slid her fingers over the head of his dick, causing him to moan again. He moved even closer without being told, and she took his shaft in her hand down towards the base. She held it still and stared for a moment, then squeezed and pulled slowly on his root.

“I didn’t know how big you were,” Abby commented.

“Oh, fuck, that feels good,” he said. Then, more to the subject, “Is it really big enough?”

Abby quit stroking and looked up at his eyes. “Are you serious? Don’t you know how big you are?”

“Well, girls have told me I was big, but I figured thay were just saying that.”

“I’ve had a lot of experience, little brother, and take my word for it – you’re big,” she said.


“Maybe one or two dicks I’ve seen could be bigger than you. And that’s a lot. What is it – about eight inches?”

“About.” Ted was having trouble thinking or talking as Abby stroked his dick.

“And I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen one thicker. Good grief, I pity those high school gitls that you fucked,” she continued.

“Yeah, some were – hard,” he said, still struggling to talk.

Abby really was impressed with his size. She thought he must have had lots of girls in high school. News like this got around quickly, especially with the girls who wanted a good fuck.

She was stroking his shaft steadily now, enjoying the feel of this big, meaty rod in her hands. Sliding her hand over the head, she smeared some pre cum over the shaft to make it slippery.

On her knees now in front of him, her hand was reaching up and pumping his shaft hard, from the base to the head. It felt massive in her hand and looked huge bulging so close in front of her face. He was breathing hard as his prick throbbed in her hand. Small moans escaped from him as his knees began to wobble. The feelings from his cock and the sight of her tits bouncing wildly with her stroking were too much to bear.

He felt the surge begin and Abby felt his dick throb as his cum shot up his shaft. Ted thrust forward and shouted as a stream shot out of the tip of his cock. Abby aimed it over her shoulder and his cum landed on the grass behind her. Several more spurts shot out as she aimed his dick more to the side to keep it off of her.

Ted could hardly keep standing as Abby milked the last of his cum out of his dick. It oozed out of his hole, finally a last drip hanging on the tip. Without even thinking about it, that little drop attracted her enough to cause her to reach her head toward it. Her tongue then flicked to catch the drip, then lick a circle around Ted’s entire cock head.

Ted let out a loud growl at the intense feeling that his sister had given him and his legs finally gave way, falling to his knees on the ground. Abby’s hand never let go of his dick all the way to the ground. She looked down at it in her hand as it started softening. She squeezed it softly between her fingers, feeling its skin and its still formidable size.

“Geez, Ted. That’s some dick you’ve got there,” she said softly and slowly. “So big and so powerful. Fascinating.”

Ted’s mind was returning to normal. He was trying to understand what had just happened. This was his sister who had just jacked him off. But that was pushed to the back of his mind with the powerful sensations that was still thrilling his body, and also with the obvious fact that his sister was impressed with his dick.

As he calmed down further, Ted began thinking less of the pleasure and more that it was his sister. He could finally speak.

“Abby, you’re my sister,” he said. He wasn’t sure what else he was trying to say.

Abby had thought just a bit about this. “Teddy, it’s just fun. We’re not in love, we don’t want to get married or have a baby. It’s just fun.”

This seemed to satisfy them both, at least for the moment, as they quietly got dressed and headed back toward the cabin.

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