Family secret

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Part 1

My Cousin finds out my naughty little secret — Chapter 1.

It was a gorgeous summer afternoon and the family barbecue was well attended. My parents had invited my aunt and uncle over, and they had come with my cousin. I was home from university that weekend and it was a nice get together.

Everyone had their fair share of wine and I was feeling particularly merry…

By early evening my parents, uncle and aunt had decided to pop to the local pub to catch up with old friends. Peter and I opted for staying put.

By this point I was secretly staring to feel very horny. I guess it was a combination of the warm sunshine and wine. I excused myself to go the toilet and went to my room to catch a quick look at one of my porn mags. I picked up one of my favourites ‘T-Girl Fucksluts’ and took it into the bathroom. I began flicking through looking at the sext feminine T-Girls wearing sexy lingerie and pleasuring well endowed men… I put the mag to one side and went to the loo. I returned to the garden and continued chatting with Peter, trying to hide the bulge in my trousers.

Peter excused himself to use the loo. After a couple of minutes I had the shock realisation that I had left the magazine by the sink in the bathroom!.

I quickly bounded up the stairs to the bathroom to find Peter flicking through it and rubbing his crotch.

“Ah” I exclaimed..

Peter looked up and quickly closed the magazine. I could see a bulge beginning to form in his trousers.

“I see you found my magazine” I stated.

“Yeah. I had no idea you were into this sort of thing”, Peter replied.

“Uhhh. Yeah. I have been for a while. I really like cute feminine T-Girls. How about you?” The alcohol had made me very disinhibited.

“Yeah. I must say I am partial to a bit of T-Girl porn myself, I’m not ashamed of it either and I don’t think it means I’m gay”

I had a naughty thought just then. I went to my room and opened the bottom drawer of my chest of drawers. Searching under my folded bedsheets I found what I was looking for, some of my sexy feminine outfits and make-up.

“Wait in the bathroom a minute” I called out as I closed the bedroom door.

I left Peter sitting on my bed flicking through the hardcore T-Girl porn magazine in the bathroom.

I felt very nervous but excited as I mulled over whether to let Peter in on my little ‘secret’

I slowly undressed and slipped on the lacy pink knickers and bra. I gently eased into some cute white hold ups with pale pink bows. My skin was naturally smooth. I caressed myself and started to feel tingly between my legs. I slipped into a sexy denim miniskirt which barely covered my cute, bubble-butt ass, a pink hooded crop top that showed off my flat tummy. I quickly stuck on a heart-shaped pink belly button jeweI. I pulled out a couple of wigs and chose the long, slightly wavy, ash-blonde one. A thin layer of foundation and make-up (pink lipstick of course), including false lashes and nails completed the look. I put my hood up and gave a little twirl in front of the mirror doored wardrobe.

“Wow!” mersin escort I thought to myself… I looked very cute and girly.. I could feel myself getting hornier and a bulge was starting to show through my skirt.

I slipped on a pair of strappy heels and called Peter into the bedroom.

Peter looked up as he entered the room and his jaw dropped.

“Ummmm….. I.. Errrr… Hmmmm….” He stammered as I stood and slowly turned around so he could look me up and down.

“Do you like it?” I purred, gently biting the tip of my index finger as I smiled at him and fluttered my long lashes at him.

“Oh yeah”… He replied, unable to take his eyes off me…

“Come and sit next to me” I asked demurely, sitting back on the bed. He nodded and came and sat down next to me. I glanced at the porn mag he was holding and saw a photo of a hot babe on her knees with a nice fat cock in her mouth…

“Mmmmmm, what have you been reading?” I asked, picking up the mag and flicking through it. “Oooooh!” I exclaimed with wide eyes as I looked at the photos of various sexily dressed T-Girls with well hung guys..

I glanced down at his lap and noticed the prominent bulge in his jeans. Looking him in the eyes I placed my hand on his knee and slowly begun stroking his thigh, teasing with gentle caresses as I made my way up his leg towards the bulge in his jeans.

“Mmmmmm…” Peter moaned.

I looked him in the eyes as he leaned in and begun kissing my neck, working his way to my mouth.

His tongue found my lips and met mine as we begun slowly French kissing.

Our tongues circled around each other as my hand gently found the bulge between his leg and softly squeezed and rubbed. In response he gyrated his hips, pushing into my hand..

“Should we be doing this?” He breathed.

” I think it’s a bit late now” I responded.

“I want you to call me by a girl’s name, can I be Rebecca, or Becky?” I asked.

“Oh Becky, this feels so naughty and wrong”

“I know… I love it… Can I try sucking you?” I whispered.

Peter nodded and began unbuckling his belt and unbuttoning his jeans. I got up from the bed and went to stand in front of him, watching as he stood and unbuttoned his jeans and stepped out of them. My eyes widened at the sight of the prominent swelling in his boxer shorts. He sat back on the edge of the bed and opened his legs. Shaking with excitement I got down on all fours and crawled towards him. I ran my hands up his legs and inside his thighs. My fingers teased and tickled his balls though the material of his boxers, circling around, feeling how tight and heavy they were.

He responded by standing and pulling down his boxers. His cock sprung free, all 8″ of it!

“Oh Peter, what a big cock you have!” I exclaimed

“All the better to fuck you with!” He quickly replied.

“Stay standing, I want to suck you while I’m on my knees, just like some of the photos in the magazine”.

Placing my hands on his thighs I started softly kissing the kocaeli escort head of his cock, occasionally flicking my wet tongue around his frenulum. I looked up at him demurely and fluttered my eyelashes as he played with my long hair. The next kiss I planted on his swollen bell stayed there and I let my mouth slowly open, keeping my lips in contact with his cock as I took him into my mouth, sliding down the shaft slowly and seductively, rolling my tongue around as I did so.

“Ooh, Mm, Uhhh”. Peter let out a series of appreciative grunts and moans as my head bobbed slowly back and forth, my wet tongue slurping noisily and my mouth making sexy little squelchy sucking noises.

I was staring to feel very horny myself and put one hand between my legs, rubbing my own cock through my pretty, lacy blue panties. It was rock hard and feeling very sensitive, the head just poking out the top. I shuddered as a wave of pleasure swept through my body and a few drops of pre-cum trickled out and dribbled down the front of my knickers.

“Mmmm.. You’re making me wet!” I looked up at Peter and smiled before gobbling down on him again. “Can we 69 please Peter?” I asked submissively.

He said nothing but sat back and laid down on the bed. I climbed on top into the 69 position, hitched up my skirt and lowered myself onto his face.

“Don’t take my knickers off, I like the feel of them, just pull them to one side”

Peter gently pulled my lacy panties to one side as a straddled his face. He began caressing my pert bum as I backed onto his hot tongue.

“Oh my God! Yes, just like that!” I sighed with pleasure as he tickled and teased my tight pink hole with his tongue. I could feel it forcefully pushing and probing around my recently shaved and silky smooth hole.

I responded by leaning forward and taking him into my mouth again.

“Mmmmm” moaned Peter as he started gyrating his hips, thrusting his cock and gently fucking my mouth.

I eased back a bit further so he could take my cock into his mouth.

“Ooooooh, ooooh, fuck yes!” Peter’s mouth felt amazing as I rhythmically twirled my own hips letting my cock move in and out of his warm, wet mouth.

“Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmm Uh, Uh UHHH, Oh, Oh!”

Peter’s moans became louder and more passionate. I rose up and began slowly wanking him. I turned to look over my shoulder and say “Can we try something else now?”

“Mmm, Ohhh, Oooooohh! Becky I…..Please don’t stop!”

I turned back to see a few dribbles of creamy white liquid flow from the end of his cock. As I continued to gently stroke it he thrust his hips more fervently and a huge spurt of cum shot out and hit the side of my face and hair. I quickly leaned forward, opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. The next spurt was even bigger and went straight to the back of my throat. This was followed by another which landed on my tongue and slid out and down my chin. This was followed by another 4 or 5 which dribbled onto my wrist and hand.

“Oh my!” I exclaimed. “That didn’t take long!”

I samsun escort climbed off and handed Peter a tissue. He began wiping himself clean as I lay back on the floor and started stroking myself.

“I want you to watch me bring myself off” I said with my panties pulled to one side and my hand sliding up and down my stiff prick. Peter sat up and watched as I stroked faster, licking my lips and looking him in the eye.

“That’s it Becky, keep stroking yourself. I wanna see you shoot your load”

That was just the encouragement I needed. I could feel my heartbeat quickening and a tingling sensation started between my legs.

“Oooooh, Oh Yes! Peter I’m so close now! I really want to cum in my own mouth” I breathed. “Can you help me?” I slid my skirt off and rolled back, supporting my myself on my shoulders as I brought my legs up so that my cock was pointing down towards my face.

Peter took this as his cue and came to stand against me so I could rest by back against his legs. I let go of my cock and held my legs in place.

“Wank me off Peter, I wanna cum on my own face and in my mouth”

Bending forward, Peter took one hand and gently grabbed round the base of my balls and shaft. With his other hand he gripped my cock and jerked it back and forth, pointing it towards my face.

“OOOOooh, Oooooh, baby I’m gonna cum soon!” I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue.

“Oh yeah Becky!” Peter encouraged jerking my cock rhythmically. I could see he was getting hard again.

“Oh fuuuuck! I’m cumming!” I moaned. I could feel my balls slowly contract and knew it was gonna be a long and intense orgasm.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming, I’m cuuuuuummming!” In response Peter really slowed the pace of his jerking but kept a steady rhythm. Instead of a short spurt, a long stream of liquid shot from my cock and coated my face.

“In my mouth, in my mouth!” I cried as he aimed it a little lower. Another long stream poured out and straight into my open mouth. I choked a little and spat some out over my chin. I couldn’t believe how much cum there was as it kept dribbling out. Finally, it ended and Peter lowered my body back to horizontal.

Peter was rock hard again and as I lay looking at him and wiping cum from my chin with my finger. He knelt next to my face and begun wanking himself.

“Oh Becky, that was so hot! I wanna cum again!” He grabbed the back of my head and turned me towards his cock as he jerked it furiously. His head tilted back in ecstasy as he pushed his cock into my mouth and started fucking it. “Oh Becky! Here it comes!” I felt his cock twitch before my mouth started to fill with warm salty liquid. I let his cock slide out and rubbed it over my pretty pink lips as cum squirted out across my cheek. He rubbed it in a little before sitting back on his heels.

“Oh my God! That was really hot!” He exclaimed.

“Uh huh yeah!” I agreed. “It also felt a bit wrong though, we’ll have to keep this a secret”

“Absolutely” agreed Peter as he started getting his clothes back on.

“I’d better get changed before they come back” I said and headed to the bathroom.

It felt like an abrupt ending but both of us knew inside that was probably not the last time we’d play together… We had a family wedding coming up soon with an overnight stay in a hotel. We were both invited…

I’ll save that for Chapter 02……

Becky X

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