Family in a Bunker Ch. 03

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2053. Three months after bombs fell

Everybody who participates in sex is over 18

My whole family was naked in the living room of the bunker. The TV was playing a movie we had long since stopped paying attention to. My dad had just fucked my mom right next to me while I fucked my sister in front of them. My eyes went back and forth between my sister and mother as I examined their beautiful bodies. Both incredibly sexy, but in different ways. Mom’s tits were larger and more mature, but had very little sag. My sister, Anne, her breasts were only slightly smaller. Anne’s nipples were a slightly lighter shade of pink while Mom’s were almost dark red. I also noticed that Mom kept her pubes trimmed, even after three months underground. Anne shaved hers, but was showing slight stubble as it had been a couple days since her last shave.

As I was checking out Mom, I also noticed Dad was enjoying the sight of his freshly fucked naked daughter right in front of him. Anne definitely noticed too as she was eying Dad up and down.

It was Mom that finally broke the silence. “I can’t believe we all just did that.”

“I got horny during when the girl in the movie took her tits out.” Dad grabbed Mom’s breast and squeezed. She let out an excited squeal. “Made me think of her breasts. Things went from there.”

I nodded. “We got horny too, and I went for it after we saw you going for it.”

“He almost wanted to stop,” Mom said. “But after I took my top off, that sold the deal.”

“Would’ve sold the deal with me too,” I said. “You have great tits, Mom.”

Mom put her hands on her hips and pushed her chest out to show her tits more. “Thank you, son! They’re all natural.”

“As all natural as it gets in 2053,” Dad remarked.

Mom playfully slapped him on the arm. “Doctors did a few touch ups, but you know they’re real.”

“You’re right. They are real.” Dad leaned and kissed Mom. “And they’re amazing.”

Mom lovingly ran her fingers through Dad’s hair and then patted him gently on his cock. She patted it a couple more times before smirking. “Let’s go hit the showers.”

Dad kissed her on the lips again. “I agree.”

“Let’s shower too,” Anne told me before leaning into my ear to whisper. “I need some ‘I love you’ sex.”

Mom and Dad went to their bedroom bath to shower, while Anne guided me to ours. She turned the water on, and it was immediately the perfect temperature. The water synthesizer was perfect at recycling the water just how you wanted it. Water sprayed Anne’s gorgeous naked body, and I admired her shiny, sexy form for a second before joining her in the shower.

As soon as I was in, Anne pressed her lips to mine. I opened my mouth to accept her tongue and she grinded her pussy against my dick. Wet, hard nipples pushed against my chest, and I angled my cock to penetrate her. Her soft moans vibrated inside my mouth as I pushed into her. She was still very wet from when we just had sex, so I slid in easily.

Anne’s arms wrapped around me tighter as she clung to me. “I love you so much.”

I slapped her ass and water splashed off the splatter the shower wall. “I love you too.”

Anne kissed my cheek and nibbled my ear. “What about condoms?”

“I’ll pull out.” I pushed Anne against the shower wall and fucked her harder. Her wet hair cascaded around her face, which twisted in pleasure as she felt my dick going in and out. With a spare hand, I rubbed her clit. Her moans echoed off the enclosed walls. Her pussy squeezed me and so I fucked her harder. Moans turned into almost deafening screams within the small confines of the shower. I barely pulled out in time. Ropes of cum sprayed her lower belly and she struggled to keep her footing as she orgasmed standing up. I watched her tits bounce with crest of her orgasm as she shouted my name.

White fluid rinsed in the water and ran down her leg before circling the drain. We helped diyarbakır escort each other wash off after we’d fucked. I couldn’t keep my hands off her titties and I ran my fingers through her stubble pubes. She got her razor and shaved the stubble away so that it was perfectly smooth again.

“I can’t believe we just fucked right next to Mom and Dad,” Anne said.

“That was wild,” I said while soaping Anne’s newly smooth pussy. “I noticed you told Mom about my dick?”

“She asked about it. She wanted to know how satisfied I was. I told her that I was very satisfied with your big dick.” Anne rubbed soap on my dick and stroked it as she talked about it.

“And you intentionally opened the door to let her watch us fuck?” I reached up to soap up her tits and squeeze her nipples.

“Didn’t think you’d mind. She wanted to see it for herself. Neither of us thought we’d all fuck in the living room like that.”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” I said. “It was pretty hot.”

“And Mom liked your dick, apparently.” Anne turned around so that I rub soap on her amazing ass.

“And I liked her tits.” I snuck a finger under Anne’s ass to rub her pussy lips. “I talked to Dad about you too.”

“Oh?” Anne moaned slightly as I rubbed her before turning back around and letting the water rinse her body.

“He thinks you’re hot.”

“Well, I am.” Anne took her time to soap up my chest and lower abs. She gave my dick a single stroke before going back up to my arms.

I kissed her on the lips. “Indeed, you are.”

“When I talked to Mom, she brought up the idea of exploring each other.”

“Like swingers?”

Anne nodded.

Thoughts of fucking Mom entered my head, and my cock twitched in front of Anne.

“Well, clearly you like that idea,” Anne said. “Turn around. I want to soap your butt.”

“I do,” I said while turning around. Anne’s delicate hands rubbed soap over my butt and she squeezed a several times. “Were they swingers before the apocalypse?”

“No, but it’s something they want to try.” Anne smacked my butt to let me know she was done. “We are going to be down here a long time.”

I paused and let the water rinse me off. “Would you be down for fucking Dad? I mean, you’re already fucking me, your brother, but this is different.”

“I know it’s different.” Anne turned off the shower as we were both clean by this point. “I mean, it’s not like he’s not fuckable, y’know?”

“Right.” I nodded as I dried myself. “I love you Anne. I’m not exactly closed to experimenting with another couple, even if that other couple is our parents.”

The day progressed. Anne and I mostly kept to ourselves, with playing games on our handhelds. It became time for family dinner. I heard Mom in the kitchen open a few cans, and the smell of food wafted throughout the bunker. When Anne and I entered the kitchen, I saw quite an interesting sight.

From the back, it was clear that Mom wore nothing under her cooking apron. Her tits were shaped nicely in the apron, and she greeted me when we entered the room. She acted like nothing was different. I decided to play it cool, and we made small talk until the food was ready. Then she untied the apron and took it off. My eyes went to her incredible tits and she grinned when she saw me looking.

“You saw them earlier, I figured what’s the harm in topless dinner?”

“No harm at all.” I let myself get closer to look at her tits. “They’re beautiful.”

Mom smiled. “Thank you. You can touch them if you like.”


Mom nodded. I looked to Anne and she nodded as well. I reached my hands forward and touched Mom’s large breasts. Her breasts were soft and smooth to my hands as I massaged her magnificent tits. Her nipples hardened against my palms and I moved my fingers to circle her areola.

“Oh, that feels so good to have my son doing this,” Mom moaned. I leaned forward and put edirne escort her left nipple in my mouth. Her moans got louder. “Oh, that feels really fucking good.”

My hands started to explore the rest of Mom’s body, and she seemed to come to her senses when she stopped me. “OK, that’s enough for now.”

“Sorry, did I overstep?”

Mom shook her head. “It’s time to eat. I cooked the food, so we have to eat it. Food is too scarce to waste.”

Mom was right. Anne and I took our places while Mom served the food. Dad joined us just in time, and asked how everybody was.

“Well, a minute ago, our son was feeling my breasts.”

Dad’s eyes went wide and he looked at me. For a moment, I felt fear until he grinned. “What’d you think, son?”

“They feel as great as they look.”

“Glad you like them,” Dad said. “I know I do. By now, I’m sure Anne talked to you about experimenting?”

“Yes, Dad.”

“And?” Dad glanced over at Anne as he stabbed a piece of food with his fork and brought it to his mouth. “How’d you feel watching your boyfriend fondle my wife?”

“Honestly,” Anne said. “It was kind of hot.”

Dad took a bite of food and sipped his water before reaching over to gently rub Anne’s breast. “How’s that?”

“Felt nice.” Anne smirked and I could tell she was reaching over to touch Dad’s thigh.

“It does feel nice.” Dad massaged Anne’s tit through her shirt. Her nipples hardened under the thin fabric and she began to breathe harder.

“Not at the dinner table, you two,” Mom said.

“OK,” they said in unison. Dad pulled his hand away from Anne’s breast with obvious reluctance and returned his attention to his food. Anne also seemed reluctant to return to her food.

As we all ate, I continued to look over at Mom’s exposed tits. They were so beautiful, and I wanted to squeeze them more. Mom told me how much I had grown into such a handsome young man. She then corrected herself and called me a stud.

“Of course, my heart will always belong to your father, as it has for the last 25 years,” Mom said. “And we hadn’t explored much outside of each other, except for occasional porn.”

“Why change now?” I said.

“We’re all trapped down here together, and I know your sexual relationship very well.” Mom took a bite of food before continuing. “I’d been getting hornier for you the longer we’ve been down here. Fucking in front of you was good ice breaker.”

“Watching Dad bend you over was hot!”

“Wait till you’re the one bending me over,” Mom said.

Just then, Dad stood from the table, along with Anne. “Margaret, we’re finished eating. I’m taking Anne to our room.”

“OK, Harold. I love you.”

“Love you too, honey.”

Anne kissed me on the cheek before leaving with Dad. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” I smacked her on the ass. “Fuck him good.”

Anne winked. “I will.”

Dad put his hand on the small of Anne’s back and guided her to our parent’s room. I heard the sounds of kissing and clothes being undone before the door sealed shut. The thought of Anne being ravaged by Dad made me hard.

Mom looked at me and my plate. “It looks like we’re done too.”

“Looks like we are.” I stood up, and walked my Mom to the room I shared with Anne. With each step, my heart raced all the wat to my throat. When we entered the room, Mom shut the door behind her, and I took off my shirt. Mom got closer and kissed me on the collar bone while her hands and fingernails explored my torso. Having my mother feel me up and kiss me in a very non-motherly fashion sent a thrill through my whole body. She noticed the bulge in my pants and ran her hand to stroke me over my clothes. Her fingers worked the button and fly before pulling my pants and boxers down.

I was completely naked before my mother, and her eyes went wide at the sight of my cock. She knelt down and kissed the tip before elazığ escort taking it into her mouth. Her warm wet mouth engulfed my sensitive organ. I ran my hands through her hair as she bobbed back and forth on my dick. Her horny eyes looked up at me as she deepthroated me. Her throat squeezed my tip and a moan escaped my lips.

Mom gasped when she came up for air and began to take her own pants off. “Can Anne do that?”

“No.” I watched Mom get naked in front of me, and her plump ass move as she walked to the bed. She lied down and opened her legs invitingly. I crawled over her and she took my mouth with hers. She penetrated my mouth with her tongue and our hands explored each other. When I rubbed her pussy, she was incredibly wet and my fingers slid right in.

“You’re horny to fuck your son?”

“Yes.” Mom grabbed a handful of my ass cheek and spanked me.

“You want your son’s dick?” I circled Mom’s clit with my middle finger and watched her moan under me.

“Fuck yes.” Mom kissed me on the lips again. She grabbed a condom from the nearby stand and forced it into my hand. “I can’t take it anymore. Put it in me!”

I grinned and tore open the wrapper to put the condom on. Guiding my dick to Mom’s wet pussy was one of the hottest things I’d done. The head of my penis slid in easily as she was already so wet. I groaned as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. I took my time and slowly inserted every inch into her until my balls touched her. We moaned together as I filled her.

“How does Mommy’s pussy feel?”

“Oh, Mommy’s pussy feels so good.” I leaned for another kiss, but Mom turned my head away to suck on my neck. She sucked hard enough that I was certain there’d be a hickie and I thrust into her pussy. Fingernails clawed and raked my back. I cried out in pleasure and pain as I sped up inside her. “You like your son’s dick?”

“Oh, I love my son’s dick!” Mom’s fingernails sank into my muscular ass as I fucked her. She clawed up my back so that I knew it would leave marks. Marks that I could be proud of. Her breasts bounced and the bed creaked as I fucked her harder. She moaned loudly and soon her moans mixed with Anne’s muffled moans through the walls as she cried out for Dad to fuck her.

I pulled out of Mom so that I could turn her over. I took a moment to admire her ass as she turned over before guiding my dick into the back of her pussy. “Get on all fours.”

Mom raised herself to all fours with me still inside her. I gripped her hips so that I could fuck her doggy style. With each thrust, her ass rippled from the force. As I watched it move, I raised a hand and slapped with all my strength. She moaned from the sensation, and so I slapped her again. Over and over, she moaned until her ass was completely red. Then I started on her other cheek.

“Oh fuck, son!”

I pounded her pussy from the back and her moans got louder. I reached around to rub her clit and she couldn’t hold back anymore. She screamed out her pleasure. “Yes son!”

Mom’s pussy squeezed my cock in a rhythm. I knew she was close and I warned her that I was too.

“That’s great son! Cum with me!”

“Fuck, Mom!” Pleasure burst inside me and I filled the condom. Mom let herself lean back and I grabbed her breasts from behind so I could ride my orgasm within her. Her pussy squeezed and her moans got louder. She grabbed my hands that were on her tits and held them closer so that we’d both enjoy our orgasms.

When the last wave passed over me, I pulled out from her pussy and peeled the condom off. Semen sloshed around inside it before I threw it into the bin. I turned around to see Mom staring at my ass, and now my dick. It shined with the semen and lube. A single white droplet was left in the tip of my dick and Mom told me to bring it to her. I walked to her and she leaned over in the bed to lick my sperm. Her lips pursed and she licked the entire tip to be sure.

“Mmmm, my son’s semen.” Mom swallowed the tiny amount and looked up at me. “That was great, we need to keep doing this.”

I got into the bed to lie next to Mom and she put her arm around me. Her face rested on my shoulder and we drifted off to sleep.

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