Family Dynamics: Samantha



Family Dynamics: Samantha

This is a fictional story inspired by an article about a woman in her early twenties, being treated for her long-time crush on her stepfather, and how it had affected her relationships with men.

I started wondering what could have happened, if their family dynamics had differed slightly.

All characters portrayed are over 18. All participants are consenting adults.

The story starts with the family dynamics and how it changes in the space of an evening.

Chapter Two is where they take it to the bedroom. So, if you find Chapter One a bit slow, just skip ahead–it gets better.

Chapter One

I was just sitting on the couch, reading some online stories on my tablet. My wife, Valerie, was in her rocker, watching one of the Talent Shows that are all the rage nowadays. I was just getting to a good part in the story, when my twenty-two-year-old stepdaughter, Samantha, came into the room and snuggled up to me and started watching the TV like she had many times before.

Only this time, she was just wearing a pair of hot-pink shorts, that did not even come close to covering her ass cheeks and a very revealing sports bra, that did nothing to hide her C-cup breasts and thick nipples.

The next thing I knew, her hand was someplace it should not have been, rubbing on something she should not have been rubbing on.

I just happened to be reading another chapter in the ongoing saga of ‘HFHM’ on my favorite website and was already a bit excited, when she had reached her hand between my legs and found me quite hard.

Not sure of what was going on, I jumped off the couch and was across the room in two steps.

My wife looked up and asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

I just stood there looking at Sami and stammered, “She touched me.”

“So, what’s wrong with that?”

“Val, she touched me,” still not getting it, I finished, “down here.”

“Oh.” She looked at Sami, “So you made your decision then?” Sami nodded.

Val shrugged and made to get up, “Well then, I guess you two have some talking to do, I will go watch this in the family room.”

She walked over to me and kissed me, “Listen to what she has to say, and think about it, before you say no. I know you will not want to, but just have an open mind. I think it makes perfect sense. I just wish I had found you at her age.”

Then, she walked out of the room, and I heard the TV in the family room come on.

I just stood there looking at Sami, waiting for the explanation. She was still staring off into the distance, not looking at anything, but clearly, deep in thought.

“Dad, can we go out and sit on the patio?”

“What was your mother talking about?”

“I can explain, but…” she looked up at me. I saw the worry in her sky-blue eyes. “I am afraid you will say no. I expect you to say no. I just don’t know why I am doing this, except… Can we just go outside?”

Still looking for an explanation, but willing to play along a bit more, I followed her out onto the back patio, overlooking the stream and back woods. She sat down on the gazebo swing and patted the space next to her. Reluctantly, I sat down, and she leaned against me and folded her legs up onto the swing. Again, nothing unusual, we would often sit and watch the stream and woods like this. I started lightly pushing with my legs to make us swing.

I just waited for her to come up with an explanation for her actions, but after several minutes of silence, I realized I would have to ask her.

“So, why did you do that?”

“I didn’t know what to do, or how to tell you. I guess I really messed everything up this time.”

“Well, that is very cryptic. Would you mind explaining that better?”

“Okay, you see… well… I just.” She sighed, “No, that’s not right.” She took a deep breath. “Okay, I want a baby.”

“A baby?” I looked at her. “And you touched me there because you thought I could give you one?”

“That sounds bad, doesn’t it? No, don’t answer that. I know it does.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Well, I just didn’t want to do what mom did all those years ago. How she just jumped from guy to guy looking for the right one. Getting knocked up by two different guys before she met you. Look at Carlos, he was so lucky to find Sofi, and now they have three kids.”

I started to reassure her, and she cut me off, “No, I know what you are going to tell me, ‘Sami you are so young, you have your entire life ahead of you.’ That’s bullshit, dad, and you know it. Every guy I have dated just wanted to hit me up. Not one of them was interested in a serious relationship, except Don.”

Don was her last boyfriend. She had met him at the hair salon she worked at. They had been dating for over six months and everything seemed to be good, their relationship seemed to be flourishing. Well, until the day she came home with a black eye, a fractured cheekbone and upper jaw, a broken nose, and a concussion. She spent several kilis escort nights in the hospital for that, and Don got a year of probation.

“Think about it, dad, even if my very next boyfriend was perfect, it would be three or four years before he would be ready for kids. I’ll be closer to thirty before I have my first kid. Dad, I don’t want to be in my thirties before having my first baby.” I could hear the emotion in her voice. She wiped a tear from her eye, “And what if I find another guy like Don?”

“Sofi, I know what you’re saying, but you can’t let Don keep victimizing you. I know it will be hard, but you just have to forget him, and start trusting men again.”

I had heard that she was having trouble at the salon, not wanting to cut men’s hair.

“You just need to give it time.”

“I know.” She took my hand, “Remember what you said last time you took me to the doctor?” I nodded.

My mind went back to that afternoon, Don had sent a message to a mutual friend of theirs. For some reason, that friend had forwarded it to her. The message was all about how Sami would never be able to find another man, now that her face was permanently disfigured. That she should become gay because no man would ever want her. It had gone on and on. I had her send it to me and I forwarded it to our lawyer.

We had sat in the driveway until she had calmed down and I remember hugging her and telling her it would be okay that she would find someone else.

“You told me it would be okay, that I just needed to find a good guy this time. Well, I always think they are good guys in the beginning, but they never turn out that way. There is only one good guy that I know.”

“He married a twenty-nine-year-old single mom with two kids from different fathers. He took them in, fed them, clothed them, and treated them as his own children. You have always been here for us. You raised us to be good people.”

“Sure, I could do what mom did, find a different guy for every one of my kids, but you raised me better than that, dad.”

“Honey, you will find someone, you just have–“

She cut me off again, “I just have to give it time, right? I don’t want to wait anymore. I already found the man of my dreams.”

“Sami, Just having sex with me for a baby is not going to give you what you want. You need a real man to take care of you.”

“I know that, dad. For as long as I can remember, I have always compared every guy I have met to you. It’s only since this summer, have I started to realize why I have always done that. I guess moving away to college, living on my own, and finally moving in with Don, had helped me forget about it. But now, since moving back in with you and mom, all the old feelings have come back.”

I was confused, now, “I don’t understand Sami, what feelings?”

I felt her squeeze my hand and she took a deep breath. “I love you.”

“I love you, too, honey.”

“Dad, I mean… I love you. I have had a crush on you for as long as I can remember. I tried to get over it again, to move on, but I keep remembering how after every failed relationship, you were always there to put me back together again. I keep thinking about how much you mean to me and how much I truly love you. Every time you hug me or kiss my cheek, I have the hardest time restraining myself. Just sitting here now, feeling your body under me and your arm on me, holding your hand, I can’t help but get so excited.”

She pulled my hand down to her crotch, pushing my fingers into the loose leg hole of her shorts and rubbing them on her drenched panties. I quickly pulled my hand away from her.

“Stop that, Sami.” But I could now smell her excitement. A deep, rich scent that called to the alpha male in me.

“Daddy, I don’t want any other man, I found the man I will always love. A man that will always love me, and treat me like a woman.”

“Sami, I can’t. Even if I wanted to, I am married to your mother. I just can’t cheat on her with her daughter.”

“She already knows, dad. I know the two of you are having bedroom problems, kind of obvious with you sleeping in Carlos’s old room.”

I looked out over the creek, “It’s not that bad, I just have a hard time sleeping with her tossing and turning all the time.”

“What about the sex, dad? You two have not been together in years.”

“She is just going through her time. She is getting older and sometimes it takes a little bit of time before women going into menopause can work things out.”

“Dad, she already told me. She has no interest in sex at all. She’s the one that suggested this–to help you, dad. She knows how I feel about you, and she also knows I would never have acted on it. I was talking to her about how I am so terrified of men now, and talking to her about how I could never be able to trust a man again.”

“I told her that I wish I could find someone like you, dad, and she said, ‘Well, why not him’? Then she told me how it would help you, too. See also kilis escort bayan told me all about the troubles and the discussions the two of you have been having.”

My head was spinning, how did all this happen? Was this my fault? Did I do something wrong?

She continued, “That was last week, dad, and I told her I would have to think about it.”

She sat up and turned to look at me, “I have thought about this, dad, and I chose you. I could never love another man as I love you.”

“Rob?” I turned to see Valerie standing at the sliding glass doorway, she came over and sat on the other side of Sami and put Sami’s feet on her lap and Sami relaxed back against me.

“So, did the two of you talk?”

“Yeah, I can’t believe you suggested that to her.”

“Rob, I know it’s my fault we don’t have sex anymore. I try, but there is nothing there. I even tried to watch porn, but you know I don’t find that interesting at all. I am so scared that you are going to find someone else and leave me.”

“Val, you know I would never do that.”

“That’s the problem, Rob. You are a good man, you deserve better, and sooner or later you will figure that out, and I will be alone in my fifties with nothing to offer a partner. I love you too much to let you suffer through this, and if you can find happiness here at home, instead of out in someone else’s bed, I can live with that.”

“Is that the only reason, because I don’t have a problem waiting for you.”

“No, there is another reason. I want grandkids running around in my house. When Carlos and Sofi moved out of state, it hurt me so much. I need a relationship with my grandchildren. I was so happy when Sami was dating you know who, and was talking about getting married. I just knew we would have more grandkids soon. It was just a matter of time. Then we saw his true colors.”

I could not believe what I was hearing, “So, you want me to father your grandchildren?”

“No one would know if you didn’t want them to.”

I shook my head, “You know it would get out. A secret like that can’t remain a secret, forever.”

“Dad, you have been saying how you want to move, to get out in the countryside away from everyone and everything. Now that your job is completely online, you can work from anywhere there is high-speed internet.”

“Sami and I have been looking and we found a nice 200-acre ranch in Montana. There were a bunch of other ones, too. Baby, please just think about it. I can’t lose you and if keeping you means sharing you, I can’t think of anyone else I would rather share you with, than my daughter.”

I could see the truth in her words. Deep down, it did bother me that she had no interest in sex–the feeling that she no longer needed me, as I needed her. How long would it be until I gave up and strayed? Five years, ten? Did it matter? I was already fifty, how many more years did I have to be sexually active until I just lost interest, too?

I sighed, and just like that, I made my decision. “I will not do this.”

I heard Sami take a sharp inhale, as if someone had just hit her.

“Let me finish. I will not do this, unless there are conditions. A list of rules so we all know the boundaries, and no one gets hurt. Is that okay with the two of you?”

Sami was crying tears of joy now, “Yes, yes. Anything you want, papa.”

Val knew me better and she asked cautiously, “What were you thinking of?”

“First, Val, you have to be in the room every time Sami and I are together. If that means the three of us sharing the same bed, then so be it.”

They both agreed.

“Second, we are listing this house immediately, and you two will put together a list of houses, we will take a trip and make an offer on one.”

They both were happy with that too.

“Third, Sami you will take my name and our children will have my name.”

She kissed me and said, “It would be an honor, daddy.”

“I know I will think of more, but do either of you have any ideas?”

Val looked at me, “If you do agree to this, then Sami and I have to become sister wives. No more wife and daughter, she will need to be my equal in our marriage. Do you think you can do that, Sami?”

“I still get my hugs, don’t I?”

“Yes, you will always be my daughter, that will not change; only the marriage part. He will no longer be your father, daddy, or papa. He will be your husband. Your only husband and you will pledge to honor him in all things, and be faithful to him in all ways. Like me, you will need to make him your one and only above all others. You think you can do that?”

“Mom, I have loved Rob forever and have wanted him to be my husband for the last seven years. I want this so much, but if I need help, or if I am not being a good enough wife, I will need my sister-wife to help me. To teach me how to be the best wife and mother to his children.”

By now, the bugs were out and biting, so I suggested we head inside. I walked to the liquor cabinet escort kilis and pulled out the bottle of brandy.

I offered a glass to both of my–well, I guess–wives now. We sat down and I asked, “So how are we supposed to do this?”

“Well, first off, you need to move back into my bed, Rob. I’ll get that C-pap machine so you can sleep without my snoring keeping you awake. Sami, do you have a problem sleeping on the other side of Rob from me?”

“You know I would love to, mom.”

The bed was an extra-full-king-size bed, so there would be plenty of room for the three of us. Val was only five feet four and was only 135 pounds. She had some trouble spots, but what forty-six-year-old woman doesn’t? I thought she looked like a goddess and took very good care of herself. Sami, on the other hand, was five feet five but was 162 pounds; she carried most of her weight around her waist, hips, and thighs.

Being her father, I am always encouraging her to exercise more, but her weight was not that much of a problem, she was just curvy is all.

Now, my weight was a problem. Once I turned forty-five, I started gaining five pounds every year. No matter how much exercise I did, I never lost weight. I was six feet two, and up to 241 pounds, most of it in my belly.

As we sat there watching the last of my wife’s TV shows, I reflected on the last seventeen years of our marriage. She had been a summer temp at work, and on her last day, I got her phone number. We kept in touch, going on dates and taking things slow. Two years after we had met, we married. I adored her and her small children. Sami was so young when Val and I met and was Val’s flower girl at our wedding. Carlos was four years older than his sister, and was our ring bearer.

Our marriage was what I thought was a good one, sure there were disagreements, but nothing that kept us from making up at the end of the night. Until the arguments about sex started, or rather the argument about the lack of sex.

It had started slowly, going from a couple of times a week as our average, down to once a month and now nothing for the last six years. It was almost like she shut off when she turned forty. Her latest excuse was that she was starting menopause early. That she had had irregular menstrual cycles for a few years, and now had all the vasomotor symptoms.

“You’re being too quiet, dad; what are you thinking about?”

She was sitting next to me, curled up against me as we sat there. She was being good and not pushing things, as I processed what we had talked about.

“I guess I was thinking about the last nineteen years that I have known you and your mom. How cute she was sitting at the receptionist desk all that summer. How I had fallen for her, even then. How much I loved all three of you when we had gotten married. How we had talked about more children, and how that had never happened despite our trying in her thirties. How we had talked about getting fertility treatments, and how that had never happened. How her menopause has started so much early than most women.” My voice trailed off, as I fell deeper into thought.

I heard her whisper, “I am so scared that will happen to me, too, dad, and I want so many children.”

“How many do you want?”

“I don’t know, I just want to be pregnant as many times as I can be.” When I did not respond, she continued, “I think I would like at least six.”

“Six…” my voice trailing off into thought again.

Val’s TV shows finished up and it was only 10:00pm on a Friday evening.

“So did you girls want to watch a movie tonight?”

Val yawned and replied, “You know how tired I get, I am going to go lie down.”

I was not tired, but I was scared that my daughter/wife would try to start something with me while Val was sleeping.

“Mind if we join you?”

She looked at me and smiled, “I would love that, Rob, but you know what, why don’t you go get the bed ready and make sure everyone has enough pillows? I want a moment with Sami, to get her ready for tonight.”


Chapter Two

Val reached for Sami’s hand and led her to the ensuite bathroom. After a bit, I heard the shower running and figured it might be a while before they came to the bedroom. I collected the pillows from Sami’s and my bed and arranged them on Val’s large bed. Well, I guess the bed was all of ours now.

I collected a few of our scented candles and placed them around the room and lit them.

As I sat on the edge of the bed, I realized I had butterflies in my stomach. I had not felt this nervous since my wedding night. In a way, I guess it was my wedding night again. I sniffed my breath and only smelled the brandy from earlier, but just in case, I went to my bathroom and brushed my teeth, and quickly washed up.

I found that tight thong bathing suit that Val had gotten me a decade ago, that I had never worn except in the jacuzzi in our hotel room. I only wore it for about fifteen minutes before it was discarded.

I always thought it funny how the front looked all stretched out and filled with my cock and balls. It was made of black-spandex material, and clearly telegraphed every detail as if it was see-through.

Just for good measure, I even trimmed my facial hair and made sure my fingernails were clean and trimmed.

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