F is Always Bigger Ch. 05

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Despite what I had been put through the week before…it seemed that My mother’s and Lisa’s efforts were wasted. After that initial day, my cock had shrunken back down to 8 inches. While it was larger than it originally was, it was a far cry from what it was that night. I had retained a fair bit of girth however, it was slightly thicker than a soda can. My balls had shrunk down to the size of Lemons, the only saving grace about this was that I could seemingly go on for hours, they never seemed to empty.

Over the week, it seemed my mother was having her way with Lisa much more than usual. At times I would see Lisa around the house, the skin of her stomach hanging lower and lower with each passing day, until finally it had reached her knees. She made advances towards me, but in my frustration at my own circumstances, I always declined.

Now today was the day that my mother had wanted to “prep” me for…I wasn’t looking to be in a house chock full of futanari, especially if they were anything like her. I stayed late on campus, hoping they would just leave without me to my grandmother’s estate. I passed time in the library, hopping from subject textbook to textbook, idly passing time.

I had already placed my phone on silent, but something in me told me to at least check the time. 6:32pm. I had 14 missed calls and 20 unread messages. I placed my phone face down on my table as I leaned back in my chair, tipping it onto it’s back legs. My head pressed into a pair of impossibly large, soft objects. I gulped as I tensed up, My mother’s large, yet feminine hands gripped my shoulders as her tone came across as cold as an arctic wind.

“So you do have your phone…”She started.

“I-” I had begun to attempt an excuse.

“Get in the car.” She said coldly, cutting me off.

The car ride was exceptionally awkward for all the space inside her SUV…in that moment it seemed as claustrophobic as a broom closet. From the passenger seat, I could hear my mother, who as still angry, muttering under breath as she drove, occasionally shooting me a cursory glance when she could afford them. Lisa sat in the back seat, the rolls of her loose belly bunching on her knees as she sat back, flicking through her phone, the light of the screen dancing across her face. My eyes drifted towards the streets outside of the car as we drove past them. What would tonight bring? What would I have to endure next?

My questioned was answered a mere 10 minutes into walking through the hulking double doors of my grandmother’s mansion. If not for past events in my own household, I would have seen this as a typical family gathering. Everyone was talkative, sharing their experiences of the past few months. What was going on with their jobs, how their college classes were going, doctor checkups…the works. However it didn’t take long for me to really notice that I was the only male there, at times it definitely felt like all eyes were on me for moments at a time. Staying near the outskirts of the foyer I enjoyed the solitude. A woman I didn’t recognize interrupted my silence, joining me in isolation.

“Friend yalova escort of the family?” She asked as she sipped from a glass of champagne.

“No,” I answered, “I’m Aline’s son. What about you?”

She turned red as she became a bit flustered. I smiled inside at her reaction, It was completely warranted, I was the only guy here after all in a family that was allegedly all female.

“I’m sorry, It’s just there’s no other man here.” She replied sheepishly, avoiding eye contact as her cheeks burned.

“I was hoping I wasn’t the odd one out here, but I guess I’m the only plus one…” She said as her eyes rested on her glass.

“Who did you come with?” I asked.

“Your cousin Kim.” She replied as she looked at me. I looked over the crowd to a tiny woman standing in a crowd of my other cousins. The little brunette was barely 5 feet tall, I chuckled to myself in my head. I turned back to the woman next to me, looking her up and down for a moment.

I wonder who’s the bottom? I asked myself as I returned to my own glass of champagne.

“What’s your name?” She asked, “I’m Erin.”

“I’m Justin,” I answered, “It’s nice to meet you.”

For the beginning of the night, Erin and I stayed near each other, continuing our bit of small talk, it was a breath of fresh air to be with someone who was relatively…”normal”. My grandma stepped into the room, all conversations stopped as all eyes were on her.

“I know a simple chat and family excursion isn’t what you all came for tonight,” She started as she eyed the crowd, “You degenerates came here for the after party!”

Cheers erupted in the foyer, a few whistles from my cousins. “I’m a tad bit too old for what will come next, and Aline…I’ve learned my lesson, you stay over there!” She said, my mother’s hearty laughter bursting from the back of the room.

“Don’t destroy my house like you did last year, alright you cretins? I’m going to bed.” She said as she left the foyer. A feeling of unease washed over me as my eyes scanned the room, the once friendly eyes that surrounded me instantly turned predatory as they eyed each other. In a manner of seconds of my grandmother’s announcement, shirts were torn off, followed by skirts and dresses. Clothes were strewn everywhere as if a tornado had blown the room apart. I quickly made my way from the room amidst the chaos

I made my way to the massive expanse of the home’s living room with a sigh of relief. Surely I would go unnoticed, but a creak of the tiles behind me made me tense. I peeked over my shoulder to find Erin behind me, wide eyed like a deer on an overly active highway. She stumbled slightly as she took another step. I hurriedly grabbed her arm, pulling her to a seat. She looked absolutely horrified.

“T-t-they…they all have…p-p-penises!” She stuttered as she shook in confusion. I stared at her blankly as a revelation came to me.

“You didn’t know?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“No!” She shook her head in denial. “Did you!?”

“I only found out rather recently…it’s a lot edirne escort to take in. You are Kim’s plus one though, how long have you been together?” I asked.

“2 Weeks…but she wanted to wait until after this family gathering to have sex…I didn’t know it was like this!” She answered frantically. I could tell that she was clinging to my person, as the only sense of “normalcy” in this situation.

“Here you are Erin! I was wondering where you ran off to.” I glanced up to the entryway to see Kim’s figure. Erin froze up as she slowly looked over to her, Kim’s 11 inch cock bobbing in front of her. Erin’s eyes drifted down to it as she shuddered. “What are you doing with my shrimp dicked cousin? Justin, were you hoping for some alone time?” Kim asked with a cocky smirk as she approached us. Kim’s cock brushed up against Erin’s face. “C’mon baby, don’t tease me.” Kim said with a chuckle.

Erin slowly turned back towards me as her grip on my arm tightened. Kim scoffed as she crossed her arms in a tiff. “Bigger is always better Erin, and trust me. Throw a penny in that room and you’ll find anyone who is much bigger than this shrimp.” Kim said with a snarl. Erin looked up into my eyes, despite only knowing me for what now amounted to an hour, I could see a resolve in her eyes.

“Size isn’t everything.” Erin said in a tone that defied her face. Kim took a step back, before shaking her head. Her smug attitude returned to her with a fresh breath. She flexed her cock as more blood flushed into it, swelling out a few more inches.”Alright then, prove it.” Kim retorted as she stepped closer. Erin lowered her head.

“Erin, you don’t have to prove anything-” I began. I was interrupted mid-sentence, when Erin tore my pants open, forcing my jeans down near my knees. I stumbled backwards at sudden motion, falling onto my ass on the tile floor. I looked up to Erin, seeing a completely different expression on her face. “Fine Kim, I’ll prove it to you.” Erin said as she slunk to the ground, crawling toward me. I backpedaled from her continuing advances. My back thumped against a wall as she neared me, I hurriedly stood as I attempted to get away, but Erin was much faster than I thought. She held my hips in place as she pressed me against the wall. I looked down to her, on her knees she was at proper dick sucking height. The look in her eye made my cock stiffen instantly. Determination and a sexual hunger shone in her eyes as she looked down at my throbbing dick.

Erin licked her lips as she leaned in closer, kissing the head. I inhaled sharply as the feeling shot through me…I was still incredibly sensitive. She cooed at my reaction, rolling her tongue around my head before taking it in her mouth. She lacked the finesse and technique of Lisa’s expert mouth…but she made up for it with tenacity. Erin took more of me into her mouth with a soft moan. She looked up at me with hazy eyes as she slurped at my shaft. Her eyes never left mine as she kept up her assault, slobber dripping from her chin as my cock continually rammed against the back of her erzurum escort throat. Kim chuckled as she watched.

“I never imagined she would be such a cocksucker! I think she might even be enjoying it more than I thought!” Kim managed with her laughter. Kim grabbed the back of Erin’s head and steadily pushed forward, forcing my cock into her throat. Erin never looked away from me, her eyes losing focus as she sank deeper. She coughed when her lips were pressed against my crotch. Her tongue slithered out, lapping at my ballsack. Even when Kim let go of her head, Erin stayed planted at the base, softly suckling. I couldn’t help myself. As I came in her throat, Erin squealed in delight, bobbing her head quickly over the base of my shaft. Erin pulled her head back, revealing the rest of my cock completely covered in dripping saliva before she quickly stood, tearing off her skirt as she bent over in front of me. Erin grabbed a handful of her ass, spreading her cheek revealing her pussy to me. Her lips spread slowly, her wetness clinging to them before she steadily began to drip down her legs. She looked back at me, biting her lip hungrily, she whispered a single word. “Please.”

I gripped her hips, pressing the head of my cock against her, before pushing inside. As her opening spread open for me, Erin hissed as I steadily sank deeper into her, arching her back. Her folds softly gripping and tugging at my cock, milking me for all she could. Kim scoffed as she crossed her arms, her 13 inch cock bobbing in front of her.

“You’re really trying to keep up appearances, but I know what’ll break you.” Kim said as she slapped Erin in the face with her cock. Erin whimpered as she watched it sway before it came back to strike her again. Kim lined it up with Erin’s mouth, Erin bit her lip at she turned her head away from it. Her eyes never left the swaying head. Erin slowly turned back to it, before opening her mouth and swallowing the head. Her pussy clenched my dick tighter as she slurped away at her cock.

“Do you still think size doesn’t matter?” Kim asked as she smirked down at Erin. Erin shook her head yes, Kim growled at her response. “I know you’re lying! And I’ll prove it.” Kim began to press deeper into Erin, who attempted to pull back, forgetting that I was already pressed to the wall behind us. Kim pushed the entirety of her cock into Erin’s throat, eliciting a deep moan from the skewered woman. Erin squirted against me as she came.

Of course… I thought to myself. Before I could move, Erin pressed her ass against me, grinding my cock into her as her legs shook. Maybe she does mean it. I grabbed Erin’s hips again, before thrusting into her, making her squeal. As I looked up at Kim, my face froze as I saw my mother standing behind her, her cock laying flaccid over her balls, which even at rest were nearly the size of her head Lisa stood to the side of her, eying me before looking down at Erin with a pang of jealousy..

“Don’t worry Kim, Let your Aunt Aline have a go at her. Lisa, I’m going to have you play with Kim for now.” My mother said as she pulled Kim back, her cock popping free of Erin’s mouth with a wet slurp. Lisa looked down at Kim’s cock in disappointment before shrugging her shoulders, and pushing Kim back on the sofa. Erin froze as she looked at my mother, her cock stiffening in front of Erin’s face. After a moment, Erin looked up at the tower of cock in front of her, gulping audibly.

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