Exam Room Release

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Man, I was nervous. How many twenty-two year old guys would be nervous about jerking off? But this was different, I had been prescribed a fertility test by a doctor, and now I was standing in the doctor’s office in front of a very attractive mature nurse, trying to tell her in medical terms that I was there to go into one of the back rooms and rub one out, probably while thinking of her. I have always been attracted to older women, younger women too, but older women just have a certain beauty all their own, and I stared at this nurse’s beautiful face, with the slightest laugh wrinkles around her big brown eyes, her tan skin showing under the thin nurse’s scrubs that curved out with the bulges of her tits… I realized I was staring at them, and my eyes shot back up to hers. She had definitely caught me, but she had a crooked smile on her face that told me she wasn’t too offended.

“So, yeah, I’m here for… for, uh…” I had totally lost my train of thought.

“For the fertility test. Right. Well we need a sperm sample…” She swiveled in the chair and grabbed a few forms and a plastic jar. “…and your name and date of birth. I’ll take you to a room.”

I let her go first, not only because I didn’t know where to go, but because I didn’t want her to see the stiffy that was rising in my pants after the thoughts I’d had while staring at her body. I trailed behind her, watching her round butt push the panty-lines through her scrubs as her hips swayed back and forth. Jesus, it would be my ultimate fantasy to see under that outfit. In the room I sat on the examining table, and she took a chair, filling in my information.

“Ok, so here’s the sample cup, just… well… you know. Do you… um… do you need any magazines or something?”

I stared. “You have magazines?”

“I think so, we used to. I’ll go look, you go ahead and get undressed-“


“Yes, sometimes we have to worry about clothing fibers getting in the sample, so we ask that you undress. I’ll just crack the door open and slide the magazines to you.”

She left, and I was left with nothing to do but slip my shirt over my head and kick my shoes off. I was unbuttoning my pants when the door opened.

“Oh! I’m sorry!”

She didn’t sound very apologetic, but I was still PG, so it wasn’t like it was too embarrassing. The nurse closed the door behind her.

“I’m really sorry, I think we got Ankara travesti rid of the magazines! We don’t have anything, is that… is that going to be hard for you?”

I was already hard, my dick straining against the zipper, so I mumbled something like “It’s alright, I can…”

“You can think of something?”

Her tone made me look up, and she had that same crooked smile on her lips. She moved forward, her delicious breasts coming closer and closer to my face.

“I saw the way you were staring at me before,” she said, her voice lower than before. “I could practically feel you eye-fucking me. I know we couldn’t find any magazines for you, but… “

This was not happening. This nurse was not saying these things. Her chest was not inches away from my face, her hands were not taking mine, standing me up…

I was speechless, but she just giggled, her eyes crinkling at the corners, her white teeth standing out against her tan skin.

“I could show you something real…” Her lips came up to my ear, her teeth gently grabbing my earlobe, shooting twinges down my spine, her whispered voice making my head go blank. “I’ve always wanted to do this…”

Her hands moved skillfully down to my zipper, and in three seconds my pants were at my ankles. She was so close her leg brushed my erection, and I could feel a few drops already coming out of the end of it. She stepped back then, and lifted her shirt off. The way her tits jiggled when she threw her shirt onto the table was incredible, they were big, round, soft, slightly sagging, but not in a bad way, the darker nipples rising in the cold room.

“Do you want more?” she asked, her hands brushing down her bulging breasts, her fingers absently playing with the nipples. I just gulped, and she knew what I meant. She turned around, slowly lowering her pants as she bent over. Oh my god, her ass was amazing. I love older women’s asses, the round, voluptuous curves, the little crinkles under each cheek. She was wearing boyshorts, which just accentuated every curve, and made my cock stand up even straighter, pushing out against my boxers.

“Mmmm, look at you…” She whispered.

She reached into the cupboard and pulled out two plastic gloves, and after some searching, a medical looking bottle of lube. She pulled the gloves on, winking at me.

“We still have to be clean… Look at you, you’re so hard Antalya travesti for me. Mm that’s sexy, such a tight young body…”

Her hands were running down my chest, closer and closer to my boxers. Then they were on the floor, and she was on her knees, her eyes level with my standing cock.

“Oh, if I could take you in my mouth I would… I wish I could… But don’t worry, I’ll make you feel just as good…” Her husky voice was so sexy, every word was dripping with desire. I was so turned on, so hard, the muscles in my crotch pumping to make me as swollen and throbbing as I’d ever been. She stood up, popped the lube bottle open, and poured out a generous portion onto one hand. The other set the cup on the table behind me.

“Turn around… I’m going to stroke you right into the cup.” I was so in shock that she had to take me by the shoulders and turn me herself. She pressed her body into mine, her nipples tracing along my back, her hips pushing into mine. Her skin was hot against mine, its softness caressing against the muscles of my back. Her hands came around me and she slowly wrapped them around my cock, looking over my shoulder and whispering in my ear.

“Ohhh, you’re so hard. Oh my god, I can’t believe how hard that is. Mmm, is that good? Ohhh, yeah, let me stroke you, let me make you cum…” she was holding my hard-on with both hands, the lube letting her twist and stroke with a sloppy, noisy sound that got faster and faster as she increased her momentum. Her hips were pushing into mine with every stroke, guiding me and grinding me into her hands like they were a pussy, and they felt so good, so wet, so soft that it could’ve been, for all I could tell. She tightened her grip until it almost hurt, the pain blending with the pleasure of the squeezing, twisting motions.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, come on, let me stroke you, let me make you feel good!” Her words were so hot, so sexy that all I could do was throw my head back and moan.

“Not yet, baby, not yet, we need to let you build up a good cum!” She stopped stroking with both hands and instead pushed the fingers of one into the base of my shaft, massaging just slightly, trapping the blood in my cock so that it changed from a crimson red to a purple color. Her other hand slid to my tip, so wet and tight, and made short, twisting jerks on my already sensitive head. I gasped, and bucked my hips back in protest. İstanbul travesti She giggled, loving what she was doing to me, and pushed me right back into place with her hips, never stopping her hand from its rubbing, circular jacking. Every time her tight fingers slid over the ridge around the head of my cock a wave of pleasure exploded in my head and my groin tightened like it wanted to spew my sperm all the way across the room. I was in ecstasy and agony, grabbing the table and groaning, my fingers digging into the padding.

Her hands finally stopped, and the one resumed its long, slow stroke while the other played with my balls, which were drawn tight up against me, ready to explode.

“Do you like that, baby? Am I making you feel so, so good? Are you going to come for me? Can I make you come?”

I groaned the closest thing I could to a yes, and she released me. I was about to protest, I couldn’t stand the thought of her hands leaving my cock before I could release, but I shouldn’t have worried, she just lubed them up and wrapped them right back around my shaft.

“Hold the cup!” she ordered.

Her slick, gloved hands slid up and down, up and down on my cock, her hips behind me shoving me into them with each thrust, her arms holding my torso in place as I felt my orgasm rising, my cock throbbing, swelling, and then that final moment of no return as she shouted,

“Oh yes! yes! come for me baby! give me all of it, come on, come hard!!!”

I gave one big bellow and thrust my cock through her soft, lubed hands up to the hilt, the cum streaming out of my hard, purple dick in thick bursts, half into the cup, half over her hands. I was shuddering, shaking, my knees could barely support my weight, and she was milking the last drops out of me with smooth, strong strokes that made me shiver and shake, each stroke bringing more drops of cum into the cup, and sending shocks from the tip of my cock to the roots of my hair. She made a sound of contentment, her arms still wrapped around me, her hands holding my still-raging hard-on. I came back to myself as she reached for a towel to clean me up, and screwed the cap onto the cup. She held it up, and I was amazed to see that I had managed to fill almost the the whole thing with my sticky white cum. I leaned against the table, breathing heavily, as she pulled her pants and shirt back on, and gathered up the papers.

“That was so good, I love making a guy feel good like that. I need to take this in the back…” She scribbled her number on a pad of paper , “but take this, and if you ever need a release again….”

She winked, and left, and I was left alone in the room, my head swimming, my knees shaking….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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