Eve and Lilith Find Delight



Eve and Lilith lay frolicking beside a stream on the meadows of Tigris . The Tree Of Knowledge looms over them from about ten to twelve feet away. It is springtime in Eden, with the petunias and hibiscus in full bloom. As they lay on the bed of lilies, Lilith is tender on Eve yet, the effect of her Sapphic touch is utterly overwhelming on Eve. She moves and squirms in sheer delight as the moans of her sweet throes echo through the gardens of Eden. In the midst of her tremors, she notices the Tree of Knowledge. It is blurred at first by her tears of exquisite pleasure. It still piques her interest even while her head is tilted back. She begs Lilith to stop . Lilith, turned on by Eve’s resistance ups the ante in her care giving making her swoon in delight, despite herself. She tries to break from her but her efforts are hampered by her weak legs due to the surges of pleasure coursing through her. Finally, she gets to it. She reaches out to touch it, but Lilith holds her back wary of the strangely shaped object. She stares at it while Lilith mumbles sweet and sexy nothings in her ear, while touch her ever-so-gently. She runs her hand though Eve’s hair; kissing her neck, face, ear, lips bordering on edification.

“Don’t do it”, she said, kissing her ear while she whispered gently to her. She slides her hand (all the way) down her back, beseechingly touching her little puckered hole. Eve’s knees buckled once more under Lilith deft touch and she falls. She looks up at it as its view becomes clearer. Lilith stood where she was still wary of the branch.

“This looks dangerous, like a ser-“

“Listen, Lilith. I think it speaks to me. I feel as though… I must …respond.” The serpent reared hardened, startling Eve and Lilith. Though Eve came out of it all the more intrigued, Lilith was scared and uncomfortable. She joins her and begs her once more, more fervently than she had before, afraid that Eve may have found a new fascination just like she had found Eve.

“Please, Eve. Do not go any closer.” Lilith urged. “It’s scary.”

Eve, persistent, edged closer and touched the head of the serpent with trembling fingers. The length of the branch throbbed as the Tree seemed to squirm slightly. Confident, she held it in her hand, constraining the throb that came from it once again.

Fascinated, Eve looked at it from all sides trying to take it all in.

“Come, Lilith. See.”

Lilith came closer despite herself, wanting to confront the other being beside herself who could intrigue Eve so much.

“Look, bursa escort Lilith, fruit. Do you think it will taste nice?”

Lilith was stunned as Eve began mouthing the apparition, licking it, trying to get it all into her mouth.

“Come hither, Lilith. It tastes…Hmm.” Eve wore a relaxed dreamy look as she savored the taste of this strange fruit.

Lilith stared at her for before kneeling across her; she had never seen Eve in such a light. In her puzzlement, she grabbed the serpent by the head and joined Eve in her little feast.

Eve was right. There wasn’t a particular taste but something from within that stirred something inside her. She too could hear a faint voice, however inaudible. Her ferocity grew as the feeling inside her grew stronger. Then she felt something on her hand. A strange liquid came forth, somewhat reminiscent of sap, but differently colored.

“Eve! Eve!!” Lilith panicked. “My hand, my ha-“

“What’s that?” Eve asked, seeing the transparent viscous liquid on her paramour’s fingers. Her eyes brightened suddenly. “It must be the nectar. Give it to me, Lilith, I want to taste it.”

She reached for Lilith’s hand, anticipating her, smirking in amusement at Lilith’s perplexed look.

“You know how much I love your fingers, Lilith.” She said, licking a finger. Her eyes twinkled.

“I know,” Lilith gasped. Eve had become hers once more. She felt so aroused by Eve’s lascivious behavior.

“How much I love it when you put them…” she said, sliding her fingers in and out of her mouth, “inside me”;

“Yes,” Lilith could barely sigh, overwhelming lust clouded her mind. She felt a sensation well up in her after which she felt her wetness slowly drip along her leg.

“Between my lips,” Eve flicked her fingers with her tongue, never taking her eyes of Lilith, who couldn’t stand the erotic ache.

“And,” Eve said, finally taking her hand out of her mouth and slowly slid it down her chin and between her breasts; Lilith felt Eve’s heartbeat resonate through her body, setting her ablaze. She could barely stand it. Eve edged closer to her as she slid her hand further down. Between my hips, Eve stayed Lilith’s hand at the part just over her lips, giving her the lower look. Her eyes teased Lilith as she slid her hand over her clit and further down. Her fingers moved on their own, they had been there so many times before. Her fingers swam effortlessly in the deep and shallow ends of Eve’s canal. It felt like it had been raining for days, Eve was escort bursa pouring. Lilith took her hand as they went back to lie among the lilies. Eve took the face of her lover in her hand caressed it as it came closer in a kiss deeper than Gijon. There was no spot within Lilith’s reach she didn’t hit. As she kissed her once more, Eve moaned with sheer delectation. Within Eve, Lilith felt a storm brewing, even before she did. Her heart pounded out of control and her twat tightened around Lilith’s fingers. Eve could only mumble meaningless encouragements as her body moved on its own. And she came, soaking Lilith’s fingers with the nectar of her lust. She breathed heavily as she lay, exhausted, trying to gather herself. She eventually came to, sitting up to lick her juices and letting her paramour taste them from her. As she went on to kiss and bite the neck of her lover, she saw the Serpent at the tree, throbbing steadily, but significantly harder than before. She got up and dragged a reluctant Lilith along with her. Lilith was fascinated despite herself to see the branch throb in such an ominous manner.

“Eve, cover its head with your mouth and lick it with your tongue.”


“I think,” she said approaching the branch tentatively and holding its midriff. “It needs to give “nectar.”

“You think it’s safe?”

“Just do it, Eve.”

“Why me,” she thought out loud as she fitted the head of the serpent in her mouth.

“I think I want some of it too. And you know,” she said edging sensually closer to her, “you’re the only one I can eat out of.” Lilith kissed her while she had the head in her mouth. It became more and more agitated as their tongues swirled in the wet darkness searching for each other. The branch became turgid and it expelled it Nectar in all its warmth into Eve’s mouth. Eve reeled, stunned at first but soothed into a satiated smile as she tasted of the Nectar of the Tree of Knowledge. Lilith held her close, searching for the Nectar but found none.

“You did not save some for me, Eve. We will have to wait till next spring for this tree to bloom like this.”

“In that case you will just have to punish me till then,” Eve said slyly.

“Very well then, I …”

“Come to me, Lilith,” she came to her, ran her tongue along the side of her face. “You know I want you to,” she whispered. She flicked her ear with her tongue. Lilith practically melted.

“Yes,” she said breathlessly.

She kissed her on her lips just as she spoke.


Eve bursa escort bayan deepened their kiss and touched her down there. Lilith’s knees buckled and dripped of her juices. She led Lilith back to the lilies, straddling her body with hers and kissing as she had never done before. She took her hand as she kissed her while toying with her. Lilith was putty beneath her.

“For me,” Eve said imploring in a sly manner; Lilith could handle it nomore.

“Anything, Eve. For you”

She spread Lilith to expose her tight little hole more.

Please, stop; what are you- ah

Are you alright?

It feels so painful, yet-.

Well then. Eve reached down Lilith’s body and slid her fingers up into her.

Eve, can I… taste you too? Lilith managed, between moans.

Eve sat over Lilith and eased her twat onto Lilith’s eager lips. Lilith would eat but would turn away in spasms of pain and pleasure. Lilith squirmed underneath her.

“Eve, Eve”

“Eat me, Lilith,” Eve commanded.

“Yeah,” she gasped

Eve swooned gently as her lips met hers, drenching her lips with her nectar. As she did, Lilith came onto her fingers in torrents, writhing and moaning. As she recovered, she placed her mouth over Eve’s puckered hole, licking it round and thrusting as far up into her as she could. Eve screamed as she covered Lilith with her nectar.

“Keep going,” Eve urged, “make me cum more — ah” she let out a moan as another orgasm welled up in her. Eve and Lilith toyed with each other ardently as their pleasures multiplied.

“Eve, I’m about to-“

Lilith could barely keep herself. Eve was the first to recover. She tasted it and savored its unique taste.

“Lilith, come and have some.”

Eve parted her legs slowly, and then kissed her inner thighs, licking her way towards her pussy. She sucked hard on Lilith’s throbbing clit, making her swoon in delight. She parted her lips and sucked her, thrusting her tongue deep into her, tickling her insides. Lilith’s pussy gushed juices and she moaned fervently. Eve went down to her puckered hole and licked it round in anticipation; then she covered it with her mouth and thrust her tongue in slowly, as though trying to loosen her up. It pulsed around her tongue and Lilith felt all the movement within her and was beside herself. Sensing Lilith’s agony, she sucked at it harder and harder. She withdrew reluctantly, seeing that she had found a new way to tease Lilith. Lilith came to her hungrily, savoring the taste of her lips before parting them with her tongue. . She went back to Eve, wanting her even more;. All she wanted was Eve; touching her, kissing her; feeling her was all she wanted.


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