Erotic for her Husband



“Once I relaxed I had so much fun! You’ll never believe how liberating it is. Plus, Eric loves having the little mementos to look at when I’m not around.”

Cam was telling us about her recent foray into erotic pictures. She’d gotten the idea from one of those “Spice up your relationship” articles in Cosmo. They’d suggested a few tasteful shots in sexy lingerie and such, but Cam’s version sounded more like a Playboy centerfold shoot.

“I can give you guys the number to my photographer if you want. His work is AMAZING!!!”

I glanced toward Callie and shot her a look that said “yeah…I bet his photography wasn’t all Cam was impressed with.”

Cam is our group slut. If our lives were an episode of Sex in the City (which they definitely weren’t or I’d have had a way better apartment), she was our Samantha. Her husband Eric knew about her indiscretions and almost seemed to enjoy them. I could only imagine what mementos Eric loved more…the pictures of Cam or the idea of her screwing the photographer. Callie stifled a laugh.

“I don’t know Cam,” said Lisa living up to her role as the group’s Charlotte, “I don’t think I’d want my husband thinking of me in such a dirty fashion!”

“The pictures are only as dirty as you want them to be, Lisa.” Cam admonished, taking another sip of wine. “I didn’t intend for it to go as far as it did, but I’m so glad I did! I haven’t cum like that in AGES.”

We all laugh at that one as the waiter nearly dropped the bill he was coming to deliver.

“Ignore her,” I said to the waiter as I hand him my credit card, “she has sexual tourettes.”

We laugh again and the conversation moves on to the newest shoes that were in the Saks window and why we can never afford to live the lives we want. When lunch is over Lisa and Cam decide to partake in a little retail therapy. Callie and I decline, and jump in my car to head home. We drive in relative silence, having always had a comfortable friendship. Her house is on the outskirts of town, a drive I always loved making before but especially loved now that her and I have gotten so close.

As I pull onto her street she breaks the silence suddenly.

“Maybe it’s not such a bad idea…” she trails off.

“What’s that sweets?” I say.

“The picture thing…” she hesitates again, “maybe if it were someone you were really comfortable with, you know, if you knew they wouldn’t force you into anything you weren’t sure about…I don’t know…maybe it’d be a good idea.”

I pull into her driveway and kind of stare at her. The idea of her in nothing but a negligee is tantalizing. I want to respond, but don’t know how to say it in a way that won’t sound like I want to rip her clothes off.

“Derrik and I…” she give another false start, there’s a long silence before she starts again. “We haven’t been intimate in a while, with the kids and work, life just seems to get in the way. Maybe if I did something like that he’d think of me as sexy again…”

She looks like she might cry, or run and hide, or break out laughing and tell me it’s a joke. I have to say something…

“I know what you mean,” I blurt out, “Freddie hasn’t touched me in weeks and we used to hump like rabbits. I think now he’s afraid of one of the kids walking in or of them hearing…even when they’re in bed. The last time was a quickie in the dark at three in the morning…it left me feeling…I don’t know. Just wanting more I guess.”

Her eyes lock on to mine, studying me for a moment.

“We could do it for each other.” she says softly, almost a whisper. A blush spreads across her face.

My heart races and I lick my lips. Is she suggesting what I think she is? I see her again in my mind stripped down to just a few lacy things that leave little to the imagination. I break eye contact for just a second and glance at her beautiful breasts down the slightly open part in her shirt. It’s all I can do to not reach out and caress one, but if she’s inviting me to do so….

“You know…take the pictures.” she finishes. “You have all that old gear from when you wanted to be a photographer…so we could use that and never have to worry about anyone seeing them if they’re awful.”

My stomach sinks. Of course! The pictures. Callie has never shown the slightest interest in women. What made me think she was suddenly suggesting we dive into bed together.

I look away toward the front of her house, her oldest is peeking out the window. She’s always watching us. I think she just can’t wait to be like us when she grows up. Silly girl…doesn’t she know it just keeps getting more confusing?

“Yeah, sure.” I say non-noncommittally. I don’t want to seem too eager. “It’s a great idea. I know I’d be totally comfortable with you.”

“I feel the same way,” she says, shifting her weight to get out of the car. “Let’s look at our schedules and set something up, kay?”

I nod and wave out my open window as she walks up her front walk. I can’t help but watch her hips sway in bursa escort those perfect dark blue hip hugging jeans. You’d never know Callie was a mom, not if you were just watching her from afar. I mean sure, she was no size 0 runway model, but I liked that. She had curves in all the right places, the kids hadn’t “ruined” her body in the sense that she had gotten grossly fat. Her breasts were still perky, even though they’d swelled a bit after her son was born. She complained a lot that she hated going from a C to a D…but I loved them. My pussy spasmed slightly as I imagined cupping those breasts in my hands, teasing the nipples..or running my hands over the curves of her hips as I leaned in close to smell her…

A honking noise shook me from my thoughts. Derrik was home and I was blocking his spot in the drive way. I flipped my car into reverse and waved apologetically as I pulled out of his way. He grinned at me as he started to pull in, rolling down his window.

“House envy Kirsten?” He was always telling us to move out of our apartment. “You know I just had a beautiful 4 bedroom go up on the market one block over. I could show it to you…we could be neighbors!”

“You know how we feel about yard work Derrik…so unless you plan to come and mow my lawn every Sunday…”

“Yeah yeah, with the money I’d make on the sale of this one, that might actually be worth it!”

He laughs and pulls fully into his drive way, effectively ending the conversation. That’s how Derrik was; when he was done with something he was done. No questions. He was forceful like that about everything in his life, what he wanted on his terms and that was all. I began the 20 minute drive back to my home, thinking about everything that happened this afternoon. I wish I could be like Cam or Derrik, just taking what I wanted. Derrik was so strong and powerful, Cam was so brave, so free. If Cam wanted Callie she’d have already had her by now. Derrik too for that matter. Either one of them would have fingered her in the car on the drive home, making her cum just before pulling down her street. If I were brave like them I’d be licking Callie’s juices off my fingers right now as I drove home.

I sighed as I pulled into the parking garage under my complex. “If’s” were for teenagers in the backs of camaros, not for adults with lives. Of course…that didn’t stop me from telling Freddie about my fantasy. No names of course, just that I had gotten really excited imagining going down on another woman. He fucked me harder that night than he had in years, the whole time whispering things in my ear about what he wanted to see me do to another woman. I came multiple times, both on his dick that night…and on my fingers in the shower the next morning as I imagined what Callie might taste like.

Three days later I’ve moved on from my silly teenage girl fantasy. I’d just finished dropping my kids off at school when my phone rang. The caller ID showed Callie and I decide to have a little fun with her.

“Black and whites or full color spread” I say as my answer to the ringing, “emphasis on the spread!”

Callie laughs nervously, “How’d you know that’s why I was calling?”

My breath catches in my throat for a second. I quickly pull over into the empty parking lot of an abandoned JC Penny.

“We’re so in sync,” I say lightly though my heart is beating a samba, “I just know what you want when you want it!”

Good one Kirsten, I hide my face in shame even though she can’t see me, now she’s going to think you’re as bad as Cam. I think for a moment I hear her say something like “yes you do” but it’s so soft I figure I’ve just imagined it.

“You know that house Derrik mentioned to you?” she asks.

I sigh…homeownership. Ugh.

“Before you go on defense” she hurriedly adds “I was just thinking…he says it’s still fully furnished for showings. So I thought…if we were going to do a photo shoot…I don’t know, it’s just. Well….it might be the perfect place. Private, you know…because I’ll get him to give me the key. I’ll do it under the guise that you’re actually interested. We could have the whole afternoon if you wanted to do it today…the kids aren’t out of school until 4.”

My mind races…of course I want to! I know I’ll never be able to touch her, but the thought of just getting to see her. Not as a friend, or a mom, or even a sexy woman walking down the street…but as a lustful beauty. I know the lust wouldn’t be for me, but I’ll take what I can get.

I must have paused too long, because I hear Callie starting to back out.

“I mean…unless you were just joking. Because it really is silly…and I…”

“Yes!” I exclaim a little too eagerly…”Yes, today. I’ll have to run home and grab my stuff, then out to your place. Will an hour work?”

“Sure…that’ll give me time to find some sexy things to wear…”

I can tell she’s trying to make this happen fast so she won’t lose her nerve.

“I can bring some of my bursa escort bayan stuff too if you want, so that you can be wearing stuff Derrik’s never seen. And some wine maybe, if you want.”

“Wine would be great Kirst. See you in an hour.” She hangs up without saying goodbye. She must be really nervous.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten home so quickly. I race around the apartment, digging out my camera equipment (digital and film…and video too for good measure), then stuffing a bunch of teddies, negligees, and bra/panty sets into an over night bag. On a whim I throw in my husband and my box of sex toys. We haven’t used any of it in a long time, and I’m honestly not sure what’s in there…but I remember us having a few nice things like feather teasers and such that I think Callie could incorporate into her photo session. I drop my camera bags and the over stuffed suitcase by the door then head to the kitchen. I pull out four different bottles of red wines from our wine rack and stuff them into a recyclable grocery bag, unsure which pairs nicely with a highly sexual encounter. Chicken? White wine. Steak? Red. Pussy? Hm…I grab a couple white wines too. Six bottles is more than we’d ever need…but I want her to be able to choose. Besides, it’s not like I’ll get to taste anything but the wine, and though she prefers red I like white.

I sling my purse over my shoulder, grab the bags and race out the door. I’m halfway down the hall before I realize I have to double back and lock up the apartment. I slide the key out of the lock and lean against my front door. I remind myself to take deep calming breaths. This won’t work if she thinks I’m being weird about it. She trusts me to make her feel comfortable which means I need to slow down and stop thinking about what I want to do to her.

I have to force myself to go the speed limit the entire drive to her house. It’s agonizing, but I manage. A pillar of restraint, that’s me! When I pull into her driveway she’s already standing there, shifting her weight nervously from side to side. She has a small rolling carry on propped up next to her, it doesn’t look nearly as overstuffed as mine. She gives me an anxious grin as she slides into the passenger seat, tossing her bag into the back. The drive to the vacant house is quiet, aside from her directions…but this time it’s not our friendly comfortable silence. There’s electricity in the air, and something else I can’t quite place. Fear?

We unload our bags and carry them into the house. It’s beautiful, I can’t help but imagine how perfect it would be for my family. You know, if it weren’t for the lawn care, and fixing broken plumbing when it breaks, and loose shingles…and all that other homeowner crap I avoid by renting an apartment.

I drop my bags in the living room next to hers and we give ourselves a self guided tour of the house. She wasn’t kidding when she said it was fully furnished for showing. Derrk’s real estate company really went all out. If I didn’t know better I would have thought we’d broken in to someone’s actual home. The master bedroom is the most impressive, with a giant four poster bed and jacuzzi tub in the bath.

“Well,” I say after we’ve seen everything…”what room would you feel most comfortable doing this in?”

Callie hesitates, as if she’d almost forgotten why we were here. She wanders through the rooms in silence as she contemplates. I unpack my camera equipment, trying my best to be patient with her…when all I want to do is lay her spread eagle on the floor.

“The living room I think,” her voice startles me out of my dream land “it feels less….porno”

“Okay, dig through your bag, and mine too if you’d like and pick something out to wear.” I hope I sound as cool as I should, “I’ll get the cameras set up while you change.”

She unzips my bag first, setting aside the box of toys without looking inside. I guess she thought it was part of my camera stuff. She pulls a few things out of my bag, then a few more out of hers and disappears into a back bedroom. I busy myself setting up the tripods and lighting equipment. I take a few test shots of the empty couch for calibration, and then go pop the cork on a bottle of wine.

True to my theory, Derrik’s real estate company really did go all out, there were wine glasses hanging from a rack in the built in bar that adorned the living area. I filled two wine glasses with a dark red merlot…Callie’s favorite and set them out on the coffee table.

“I can’t do this!” I hear Callie cry from the back, “He’ll think I’m silly. You’ll think I’m silly! My body is ugly, and I look horrible!!!”

No no no no no…so close to having images to put to my imagination. I can’t let her chicken out now. I spend the next ten minutes talking through the bedroom door… I remind her how beautiful she is. How much Derrik loves her. How men leer at her at work. I assure her she’ll have full veto power on any and all photos, that I won’t keep any, she’ll have the only escort bursa copies. I swear at one point I nearly start begging her. I tell her I can’t do it if she can’t do it…she’s always been the prettier of the two of us, and if she’s not brave enough how could I ever be. She calms down a little at that. I’m starting to wear her down.

I decide to get the wine. That should help too. I glance at my phone on the kitchen counter. 10:00…still plenty of time for pictures, if I can just get her out of that room! Then a thought occurs to me. I had some muscle relaxers in my purse from back when I pulled my neck at the gym. They knocked me loopy when I took them. I was so totally open to suggestion that it was the first time I let Freddie try anal, and he’d been begging me for years. I pulled the bottle out of my purse and hesitated at the warning label on the side about not combining with alcohol. I broke a pill in half and dropped in it one of the glasses, watching it dissolve into the rich red liquid. That’s when my phone rang.

“Like what you see so far?” It was Derrik.

“I haven’t seen anything yet…” I retorted, thinking of his half naked wife nervously pacing in the next room.

“Really? I thought you were supposed to meet Callie thirty minutes ago. Need me to come over?”

“No!” I exclaimed a little too forcefully. “No, we just got to talking…we’re pulling up to the house now. It’s pretty.”

“Well, let me know if you need anything,” he said obviously distracted. “I told Callie you could have the whole day to yourself to let it sink in. There’s a hot tub out back if you want to…you know…go skinny dipping.” He chuckled lewdly.

“Perv.” I teased, laughing.

He hung up without another word, done with the call, but he was laughing as he did so.

…if only he knew.

By then of course, I couldn’t remember which glass of wine I’d slipped the relaxer in to. I still had the other half in my hand, so I played eeny meany miney moe and dropped it into one of the glasses. I carried them both back and knocked softly on the door.

“Callie?” I called…”wine?”

The door cracked open and I caught the briefest glimpse of perfection as she opened the door. Callie quickly pulled a black silk robe around herself, covering whatever it was she was wearing. I hand her the glass I know for sure is spiked.

“Come out and sit down. We’ll just drink and talk. If you decide you really can’t do it, we’ll pack up and no harm done. We’ll just call it a day spent hanging out.”

She smiled at me, relieved. “I was afraid you’d be upset if I said no.”

“Don’t be silly sweets, you know this is just about the fun.” I smiled my most reassuring smile. “If you’re not having fun than we shouldn’t be doing it.”

We walked together out to the couch and sat down. She glanced around at the equipment I’d spread out throughout the room.

“All this?”

“It’s so I can have the best lighting…make you look as amazing on film as you do in person.” I grin again, hoping she takes that as a friend compliment.

She spots the video camera. “What’s that for?”

“I like to take video while I shoot…you never know when a still from the video will come out better than from the camera. Plus watching it helps me remember what pictures go in what order, and where to find a specific image I’m looking for. It helps a lot when I take thousands of pictures. The video can show me which camera I was holding and what the person was doing when I took it.”

“Makes sense…” she trails off, taking a huge gulp of wine. “This is good.” She says looking at her glass.

I notice it’s nearly empty. I take a few chugs off mine to catch up, not wanting her to be uncomfortable.

“Tell you what,” I say “Let me take a few of you just like that. No trying to be sexy, just you being you…you look so pretty sitting there.”

Callie smiles shyly, but nods. I drink quickly, finishing off my wine before standing up and grabbing one of my cameras. I walk to the video camera on the tripod and turn it on. With my back to the windows I start taking pictures.

“Tell me about the first time you met Derrik” I say.

She smiles slightly and takes another sip of wine before starting. “We were at a bar. He decided he wanted my number. You know how he is. Before I knew what was happening he had my number and we had plans for a date on Saturday. He was so charming and a little forceful. I just couldn’t tell him no.”

“And the first time you made love?” I snapped a few more pictures.

Callie adjusted, drinking more of her wine. “Again, charming and forceful. Not in a bad way mind you, not like rape or anything…he just takes what he wants when he wants it. You know how he is. I like that…” She’s looking away shyly again, having finished her wine. I grab the bottle and refill both our glasses.

“Tell me more…”

“I don’t even know how we ended up in my bedroom…one minute we were in the living room talking. The next I was pinned to the bed, my arms above my head, held down in his massive hand. He was sucking my breast and his other hand was working the button on my pants. I don’t think I could have stopped him if I wanted to….but I really didn’t want to.”

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