Erica Pt. 02

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Big Tits

As you may recall if you read the first Erica, she had just turned eighteen an hour or so before and was hot for her daddy to play with and fuck her. Like the other women in my stories, she wears Directoire Knickers, abbreviated DK’s and has an abundant growth or hair around her pubic area, armpits, and on her legs.

No one in this story will be under the age of eighteen.


Erica had been curled up against her daddy’s back since he had fucked her earlier. It had been about three hours and now she had to piss again. He was sleeping soundly but she decided she wanted him to play with her cunt while she pissed, so she took hold of his cock and pulled it gently.

“Daddy. Wake up please. I need to pee pee and i want you to help me. I want you to play with my pussy while I pee.” Erica told him.

Christopher slowly turned over and said “What is it dear? What do you want?”

“I need to pee pee and I want you to play with my pussy while I go.” she replied. “Now feel the crotch of mt panties I put on a few hours ago..”

I put my hand in the crotch of her panties and found them to be extremely wet and slippery.

“You must have dribbled pee in the crotch of them.” I told her.

“No daddy. It’s all your baby batter that has leaked out of my cunt and has soaked my panties. If I didn’t have them on it would have leaked onto your sheets, down my thighs and gotten the tops of my stockings all wet too.” she said. “Now get up with me and help me as I go pee pee again.”

Not given any other choice, I rolled off the bed, took Erica’s hand and helped her to the bathroom.

“Slip my wet panties off me daddy, then stand in front of me so I can suck your cock while I pee. When I let go of your cock, I want you to put your hand between my legs and make my pee splash all over my hairy cunt and legs. You can even make it get my stockings wet if you want to. Then I’m going to suck your prick some more. When I finish pissing, I’m going to fuck your cock again and let you fill my cunt up with warm creamy semen. Then you are going to slip a pair of Directoire knickers on me and we’re going to sleep some more.” Erica told me.

She took my peter in her mouth and began sucking on it gently. Then I heard the faint hissing sound indicating she had started peeing, She let go of my peter and spread her legs. I quickly bent down and put my hand under her cunt and was greeted with a warm strea of pee.

I just did my best to make a complete mess of her lower region by causing it to splash all over her cunt, her thighs, her ass, and sending some to her stockings, getting the welts all soaking wet.

“Oh that’s it daddy.” she said. “That’s what I want you to do. Just make me all fucking wet down there because you’re going to eat my pussy when I’m finished pissing. Splash some more on my stockings. Get them good and wet.”

Then her stream ended and I wiped my hand through her very hairy cunt..

“Now bend down and as I stand up stick your face in my cunt and began licking the excess pee off my hairy pussy and legs. Then nibble on my clit and see if you can make me climax. Then we’re going back to bed so I can fuck your cock some more.” she said.

She stood up and I ran my tongue through her hairy wet cunt and thighs. Erica then pulled her cunt lips open and I found her erect clit and latched onto it, gently sucking it as I did so.

:Oh daddy. That feel so good when you suck my clit. Keep going because you’re going to make me climax big time.” Erica told me.

Thirty seconds later, she erupted as I sucked her little elongated fuck button.

“Keep sucking daddy. Don’t stop. I’m still in the midst of a huge orgasm and it feels so good. Just keep sucking my clit please.” she screamed.

Suddenly it was over and Erica told me we needed to get back to bed so she could get my now erect dick inside her soaking wet cunt so I could fill it up again with my sperm filled semen.

She took me by my dick and led me back to bed. She put a towel down on the sheets so they didn’t get all wet, then got onto the bed and spread her legs wide apart.

“Now get that long prick of yours all the way in my cunt and make me orgasm some more, then blast your nuts off in me filling me with your baby batter again. Your baby batter feels so nice and warm and creamy in my wet cunt. Then I’ll put on my black DK’s and we’ll sleep some more darling daddy.” she said.

I got in bed between her legs and immediately slipped my turgid prick all the way inside her edirne escort very wet cunt. It went clear up to her cervix and Erica began wiggling around and said “Oh daddy. Your fucking prick feels so good again. I just want you to flood my cunt with your pollen. I love you not having to wear a rubber when you fuck me since I don’t have to worry about getting pregnant.”

I continued sliding my prick in and out of her slippery cunt until she must have sensed I was ready to blast the head off my cock.

“Hurry daddy and fill me up. I’m so fucking horny I want your cock to fill me up.” she screamed.

I erupted inside her feeling like I had blown the tip off of my cock when I did. I continued fucking her good and she had orgasm after orgasm until finally she quieted down and said. “Now let me clean your prick off with my mouth then get my black Directoire knickers out of my top dresser drawer and I’ll slip them on till we get up in the morning.”

“You’re just a cock whore.” I told her. “I didn’t realize you liked to fuck as much as you do. But you picked me to break your cherry.”

“Amy told me she had seen your cock and I would enjoy fucking it.” Erica said. “Now get my knickers so I don’t make a mess.”

I went to her dresser, found the black knickers she had gotten at my parents fiftieth wedding anniversary that had ‘Erica’s Cunt’ embroidered on the front right above her crotch. I took them to her, She slipped both feet into the leg openings and pulled them up. They were so sheer I could see her thatch of black pussy hair through the material.

“Curl up to me daddy and keep me warm while we go back to sleep. Then we’ll get up, have some breakfast and fuck some more.” she said.

I curled up behind her, reached over and held onto to one of her extended nipples, slipped one hand under the waistband Directoire Knickers to play with her pubic hair, and fell back asleep.

I woke up a few hours later desperately needing to piss. So bad in fact, I had a ‘woodie’.

Erica must have felt it because she turned toward me and took hold of it and said “Daddy. You’ve got a hard on. Do you need to piss or do you need to fuck me again?”

I told her I needed to piss and badly. She let go of my cock and got out of bed, took my hand, and led me toward the bathroom.

“I can’t hold your prick because it’s to hard for me to aim it. I’ll have piss all over the place if I try to hold it.” she said. “But please piss through your foreskin. It looks so different when you piss that way rather than pulling your foreskin back so the head is exposed and pissing.”

So I took hold of my cock, aimed it at the toilet bowl, and began pissing. It was simply a few dribbles at first. Then it erupted into a full blown stream and hit the water with great velocity making a lot of noise.

“Oh daddy. You really had to piss. You are making so much noise and lots of bubbles n the water in the toilet. When you’re finished, I’ll sit down and piss too. I might even leave my DK’s off because they are quite wet and I think I’ve leaked most of your pollen out of my cunt.” Erica said.

I finished pissing and pushed Erica’s DK’s down. She sat on the stool and I could hear the hissing sound that preceded her strong stream. Then the dam burst and her piss was hitting the water with great velocity. After about a minute it subsided then was quiet.

“I’m finished but you can wipe my pussy with your hand. I’m not going to put my DK’s back on because I may want your cock playing with me when we go back to bed.” she said.

I wiped Erica’s wet cunt with my hand and said “You’re becoming daddy’s whore. All you want to do is sleep with me and have me fuck you.”

“I like sleeping with you. You keep me nice and warm and I like having your cock inside my cunt and splashing it full of your warm semen.” Erica replied. “I know you like it when I wear stockings and a garter belt too. Now let’s get back in bed so I can play with your fat cock.”

“You and Amy wear nylons every day except Saturday. Do other girls at school wear stockings everyday too?” daddy asked.

“A lot of them wear stockings sometimes but not very many wear them everyday. I like wearing nylons and a garter belt. I don’t need a girdle although I have a couple. Most of the girls wear a panty girdle so when they dress for PE they don’t have to take it off. They just take their stockings off and put their PE clothes on. Some girls wear garter belts, then they have to take their panties or DK’s down to elazığ escort unhook their stockings so they can take their garter belts off.” Erica said. “A few of them even use roll garters to hold their nylons up, but that doesn’t always work out very well ass their stockings keep slipping down and they have to keep pulling them back up.”

“Do you get to see a lot of pussy hair when they have to do that?” daddy asked.

“Some. I don’t go looking for it, but I do see a few with pubic hair. Not many have as much as Amy and I do though.” Erica continued. “Some of the girls are a little embarrassed by having it seen by others, but some don’t care if you see it or not. Amy and I don’t really care who sees our pit or pussy hair. Everybody knows we don’t shave out pits.”

“Do most girls wear garter belts or do they wear girdles?” daddy asked.

“Most of them wear garter belts because they don’t need to wear a girdle. But if they have an important meeting after school and need to look really sharp, they wear a girdle. A lot of them wear a panty girdle that goes down on their thighs and has six straps for their stockings.”Erica replied. “Now. Enough of this. Your cock is hard again from all this talk and my cunt needs to feel it inside me, so mount me and fill my cunt up with your baby batter again.”

Christopher crawled between Erica’s legs and she carefully guided his stiff cock into her wet cunt. He began fucking her for all he was worth and erupted inside her cunt in about two minutes.

“You must have been very horny daddy.” Erica told him. “It didn’t take yu long to blast off inside me again. I guess that was better than when you and mommy were going together and she had to teach you how to use your cock on her. Had you never fucked a woman before that?”

“No. Your mother was my first fuck and I really had to have her teach me how to slip my prick inside her cunt and fuck her good. When I blasted off inside her the first time I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. But thirty minutes later we were fucking again and the second time was a little more sedate.” Christopher replied.

“Aunt Becky told me that mommy didn’t realize you were a virgin when she let you fuck her the first time. She didn’t think she would have to teach you where to put your cock when you had sex. I can only picture mommy thinking what the fuck am I getting into if this man doesn’t know where to put his cock.” Erica said. “Now I need to slip my panties on so I don’t get the sheets wet by leaking semen on them. So get up and go to my dresser and pick a pair of briefs for me to slip on. Then we’ll get some more sleep, get up, give each other a golden shower, eat breakfast, and fuck some more.”

“By the way dear. Where do you get all your nylons? You surely don’t buy every pair you have, do you?” Christopher asked. “What is a golden shower? Am I going to piss all over you and you piss all over me?”

“Oh daddy. You are so naive. Yes. I’m going to stand over you and pee all over your cock and nuts. Then you are going to take your anteater cock and piss all over me except for my hair. Now, Amy and I get our stockings from Aunt Becky who gets them from grandma Emmy Lou who gets them from John’s daddy, Mac. In case you didn’t know it, Mac is also fucking grandma Emmy Lou as well as supplying her with lingerie. Aunt Becky says that your mother, Emmy Lou, loves the way Mac fucks her as well as the way he sucks her teats. Mac loves her huge nipples and loves sucking them.” Erica continued.

“Oh my God.” Christopher replied. “My mother is fucking John’s daddy and getting lingerie and stocking from him? Who else does he supply stockings for?”

“He gets them for a lot of women because he knows this lady in Princeton who owns a small fashion shop and she has access to a supplier that gets her very good seconds on nylons. Little flaws that don’t affect the wear ability of them. Flaws I don’t even see. So a lot of women get their stockings from Mac.” Erica responded. “Now quiet down and let’s get some more sleep then you can play with me some more.”

We slept util about eight o’clock when I really needed to piss again. I woke Erica up by tweaking her nipples and told her it was time to shower. She turned to face me and took her hands, held my face, and kissed me deeply. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and began French kissing me.

I broke the kiss and told her I needed to piss so if we were going to give each other a shower we needed to do it now..

We went erzincan escort into the bathroom and she told me to sit down on the shower floor. She stood in front of me, spread her cunt lips wide open and proceeded to piss all over my lower belly, cock, and nuts. It was nice warm pee and felt good. When she finished, we switched places.

But before I began she put her shower cap on and said “Now piss all over me except on my head. I’ll even have my mouth open so you can give me a drink. Don’t pull your foreskin back though as I want to watch your pee flow out your foreskin.”

I began peeing on her stockings down at the foot of them and worked my way up to her cunt. I was pissing a strong stream by the time I reached her cunt and lingered on it for about thirty seconds. Then I moved up and pissed all over her chest and teats until my stream began to slow down. About this time Erica grabbed my peter, opened her mouth, and stuffed it in her mouth and began sucking on it.

She was sucking me even though i was still dribbling pee and as she sucked me she pulled my long foreskin back and nibbled on the head of my cock. I began to get an erection and she continued sucking me. Finally, unable to restrain myself, I erupted in her mouth, spraying the back of her throat with four or five strings of creamy semen.

As she finally let go of my peter and it began to go limp she said “Oh daddy. Your pollen tastes so good. I just needed you to shoot off in my mouth. Now we are going to get a real shower as soon as I unfasten my stockings and slip them off my legs and take my garter belt off. You can soap my cunt and legs and I’ll wash your cock and nuts. Then we’ll dry off and get some breakfast in our tummies.

I unhooked her garters and she slipped her wet stockings off then slipped out of her garter belt. She turned the water on and adjusted the temperature and I began washing her back then her legs moving my hand up into her furry cunt/ I gave it a good soaping and scrubbed it with the washcloth then proceeded to soap her teats and play with her nipples. Erica took the washcloth from me and washed her face then began washing mine. She took the soap and washed my chest then moved down to wash my cock, pulling my foreskin back over the helmet. Next she gently washed my nuts playing with them for a minute or so.

When she finished washing me, we rinsed off good, shut off the water and began toweling each other off. Erica wiped between her toes and wiped her hairy cunt very dry then said “Let me get some clean stockings and a garter belt on then we’ll have some breakfast.”

She picked out a pair off sheer off black full fashioned stockings and a raspberry colored eight strap garter belt. She slipped the garter belt on and pulled it up, then folded one stocking and gently pulled it up her leg. She fastened the front garter then took the second stocking and did the same thing.

“Now daddy, you can help me by fastening the rear and side garters and I’ll take care of the other ones closest to the front. I’m not going to put any panties on since my pussy is nice and clean and won’t be leaking your baby batter.” Erica said. “You don’t need to put anything on so I can play with your cock when I want to.”

I put on a short robe as did Erica and we headed downstairs to fix a little breakfast. We were sitting at the table having coffee and toast when the front doorbell rang. Erica jumped up to answer it and I heard her say “Grandma Emmy Lou. What is wrong?”

She brought my mother into the kitchen and the first thing I noticed about her was her disheveled hair and her trademark grey nylons were bagging and bagging around her ankles and feet. She was wearing a knee length coat on and when she opened it i could see she was wearing a pair of red briefs that had ‘Emmy Lou’s cunt’ embroidered on the front of them right above her crotch. She had received those as part of her fiftieth wedding anniversary from my daddy.

“What is the matter mother?” I asked.

“Well, I was at a party last night and I got fucked by this young man who has a cock the thickness of a good sized cucumber. He fucked my with it about eleven o’clock and I didn’t think I was going to be able to get it all inside my cunt it was so thick.” Emmy Lou said. “But I managed to take all six or seven inches of it inside my cunt and he fucked me good with it then shot a huge load of pollen inside me. But he fucked me again and then a third time and my cunt is so sore I can’t sit down. His prick was so large and he fucked me so hard I just hurt. I’m also so full of semen my briefs are saturated from it leaking out.”

“Well come in and I’ll get you a cushion so you can sit on something soft. Then have a cup of coffee with Christopher and me.” Erica said.

To be continued

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