Empty Nest Cumback



This incident actually happened a couple of years ago in Houston, Texas. It totally changed my life.

Janis and I had been married over 30 years, raised three children and enjoyed a sizzling but opportunistic sex life. Now empty nesters we figured sex any time, any place!

Wrong, being totally free met less thrill, less chance taking and more routine lovemaking. We went from twice a week to maybe twice a month and it was very mechanical. Janis is well built (36D cup), with an alluring little tummy bulge, long blonde hair, and has the chemistry guys like (as others have told me).

I was getting hornier each day- wanting to return to our earlier wild fucking, getting a good blow job, and eating her always tasty pussy.

One night we were out for some Mexican food and margaritas. After a few to many I made my move. Now you’ve got to understand. Janis is a very conservative, loyal, and very straight laced wife.

Looking directly into her eyes I quietly said “let’s exchange fantasies.”

She looked off guard but the drinks worked and belatedly agreed. We both wrote one down on paper.

Janice went first saying she would like to be 25 years younger, with her tits not beginning to sag a little and no bulging tummy. I then purposely hesitated until she prodded me into revealing mine.

I started with a question. “Are you sure you want to know my inner thoughts?”

A quizzical look came over her face, she pondered briefly then nodded yes. Drinks working again. Janis was loosening up. So far so good.

“Well, I’d like us to make passionate love right after you fucked another man.”

“There is nothing more erotic then savoring and exploring the woman you know loves you who has just fucked another man.”

Total silence, then she said “we need to go home, it was getting late.”

All the way Janis was silent and avoided eye contact. Oh well, win some, lose some.

In our bedroom she slowly undressed down to her pink bikini panties and see through bra. What was she doing? Teasing me and showing how our love making can still be good one on one?

Janis began “I find your fantasy intriguing but not very practical.”

“What other man could we possibly find who would be discrete, is clean, and turns me on?”

I could not believe what I was hearing from this saint like woman. She is actually considering my fantasy. Then it came to me. “Honey you work with a bunch of visiting scientist from all over the world who are here for months.”

“They are also here without their women and must get lonely. Any of them turn you on?”

After much thought she smiled and casually mentioned Ted from England. “He’s in his 30s, married, obviously missing his wife, sexy, and likes to flirt.”

“The best part is he’s returning to England in a week, his lease is running out and he needs a place to stay for a few days.”

By now my heart was pounding and manhood was coming alive.

Janis slowly removed her bra exposing those luscious melons and pert nipples. On my knees I removed her now damp panties revealing her promised land.

“Are you sure you want to share this with another man” she said as she wantonly open her thighs for a great Ankara travesti view.

“Oh baby, what a turn on. This can improve our sex like it was when first married.”

“We both need to get out of this current boring rut. Let me show you just what the thought of this does to me.”

An animal like love making session followed.

At noon Janis called to say Ted was happy and appreciative to spend his last few days in the states with us.

The first night of his short stay we all sat around and watched some TV plus had a couple of drinks. When Janis left the room I asked Ted if he was lonely without his wife. He definitely was and added how lucky I was to have such an attractive wife.

I then told him about my fantasy. Ted took a deep breathe, smiled, and hesitantly nodded, wondering if this conversation was really happening.

“Look Ted, this is a win/win/win situation.”

“You are lonely and attracted to Janis. Janis is very interesred in you and wants to help me full fill my fantasy and I can’t think of anything more erotic.”

Janis reentered the room obviously feeling the effects of my home concocted “Purple Passion” drink, wearing her green silk pajamas and said she wanted some “down time” with me in our bedroom. We bade Ted goodnight.

As I walked out she was about to give Ted a little peck on the cheek. In his uninhibited condition he suddenly took her in his arms and passionately entered her mouth with his tongue.

Much to my surprise she responded with a tongue sucking of her own. As we walked towards our bedroom Ted mentioned that if she was a good hostess she would come up stairs and tuck him in…

“You’re a bad boy Teddy,” she giggled and joined me in our bedroom.

I told her Ted understood my fantasy and would love to “help out.”

With a smile and lustful look in her eyes, it was obvious she was too. Again I could not believe my straight wife was going along with this. Aren’t a few drinks wonderful?

“Are you absolutely sure you want Ted to fuck me,” she asked.

“Oh yes lover, look at my hardening cock.”

“Janis, are you okay with this?”

She smiled approvingly. Next she slipped off her pajamas and into her silky blue thigh length robe. I wanted to take her right then but knew it would be even better after her sex with Ted.

I told her to have fun up stairs but remember, when they’re done she is to come straight down stairs so I can devour her freshly fucked cum soaked pussy and add my contribution.

I pulled her close, leaning over to take one last whiff and taste of her already swollen pussy- the pre sex aroma was overpowering.

After a passionate tongue sucking, off she went up stairs to the waiting Ted, wanting to get “tucked in.”

Now one thing neither she nor Teddy knew. I would be up there taking it all in through the bedroom closet with its trapdoor to the hallway.

Talk about a show. Ted was holding Janis while they kissed passionately. His hands were cupping her buns and she was already groaning. He slowly undid her robe tie and feasted on her big tits and hardening nipples. His finger found her soaked pussy.

Janis began to rock uncontrollably in Antalya travesti his arms and her moaning became non stop.

“Do you want me to fuck that luscious cunt of yours?”

Her robe fell to the floor.

“Yes, yes, please fuck me, Teddy!”

She then dropped to her knees and slowly pulled down his jockey shorts revealing eight inches of throbbing hardness.

She licked off the pre come and then explored his shaft with her tongue. Next she licked his balls and gingerly took each one in her mouth.

My god, my ultra conservative sweetheart wife devouring this stranger. This made it even more stimulating. I had to look away or risk my load right then!

They fell back on the bed with Ted on top. He could no longer control himself, positioned his cock between her widely spread legs, and rammed it into her waiting love box.

He drove his body hard over and over. She responded by arching up to meet him.

This went on seemingly forever until suddenly he tensed, let out a groan and flooded her pussy with his hot cum.

Janis shuttered and also cried out as she totally climaxed like a virgin.

They now collapsed in each others arms for about 10 minutes.

Janice then purred “At you age you should be good for another round.”

He volunteered, “only with your help.”

She rolled him over on his back exposing his semi-limp cum covered manhood.

Janis gently massaged his meat, then began licking the shaft, taking it in her mouth and slowly sucking his awakening cock to attention while enjoying the taste of their love juices.

Ted’s hands were busy guiding her head to continue the sucking oral stimulation.

Suddenly Janis was straddling him and lowered her very ready pussy onto his eight inches.

It was now her turn to ride him for all she’s worth. The slurping noise created by her cum filled pussy banging against his hardness and stomach made it again difficult not to lose my load while just watching.

Suddenly Janis sped up even more, moaning with a far out lustful look on her face.

Faster , faster. “Oh Teddy I love this. Your cock is so big and hard.”

“I can’t get enough of it. Oh, I’m coming , ahh, oh yes baby, fuck me good. Pump your big cock up my hungry pussy.”

Then she shuttered, cried out,and wantonly climaxed.

He then stiffened and shot his 2nd load into her hot, waiting, cunt, moaning uncontrollably. They collapsed in ecstasy.

Janis was physically drained but obviously still hot to go. Ted looked like he was through for the night.

She lifted off his softening member, kissed him passionately, then in one final gesture, took his now soft, cum sticky penis into her mouth for a last dessert, licking his soft cock and savoring his gooey, honey cum with pleasure.

I hurried down stairs and waited. Janis entered our softly lit bedroom with her rob untied exposing her thoroughly fucked pussy and large pointed and swollen tits.

“Well how was it,” I asked.

She dreamily replied “Oh, it was so wonderful. Two parts of your fantasy have been full filled.”

“Yes, my, sexy lover, now for the third part.”

As I sat in a chair, nude, İstanbul travesti gripping my leaking, hardening manhood, she stood provacatively in front of me with legs spread and hands on hips.

Janice was so close I could smell and see Ted’s cum covering her well lubed slit.

I slowly gripped her ass checks and pulled her pussy to my face. Taking a deep breath, the aroma was so intoxicating, I again had to fight not to lose it all. I couldn’t wait to taste their love juices.

This was an unforgettable moment. I stood up, kissed Janice deeply and lowered her to the bed on her back with legs spread invitingly.

Slowly I licked and kissed around those fetching inner thighs avoiding her awaiting hot cum covered love hole.

This tease was always a turn on for her. Now I softly blew on those pouting pussy lips.

Finally I gingerly kissed her puffy sex lips as soaked pussy hairs tickled my face.

My tongue then began exploring her love tunnel.

I was devouring her cunt and inhaling the smell and taste of Ted’s cum. Another man’s cum was at first distasteful but soon became very intoxicating. Surprisingly, the more I tasted the more I liked.

Janis was now moaning, rocking, and encouraging by guiding my head to the hot core of her body.

Rolling over on my back, Janis immediately assumed our favorite her on top position.

Janis grabbed my very hard but about to burst cock and stuffed it into her sex box. She knew I couldn’t take much more so she really sped up, whacking hard against my stomach.

“Oh empty your sex seed ito me” she begged.

I suddenly felt the dam about to break, let out a yell, stiffened and emptied my full load into her demanding cunt.

It was easy to tell it wasn’t over for her as she kept grinding away on my shrinking cock without slowing down.

I then did the manly thing and encouraged her to move up, sit on my face and fuck away.

Her pussy worked against my open mouth and tongue. It was hard breathing but I sucked in the total load but did not swallow.

The tasty love cocktail consisting of Ted’s cum, my cum and Janis’s love juices was something I wish I could share with others. On second thought, no I don’t. Go concoct your own.

Well, I did do some sharing. Laying in each others arms we kissed wantonly and shared the saved “cumtail” back and forth savoring every drop.

It was a wild finale to the sexiest night of our life’s.

The next day Janis gained her senses back plus a pretty good hangover and was embarrassed about our last night’s sexual escapades.

It was obvious my purple passion drink had intoxicated Janis in more than one way. Fortunately she did not remember every detail…

Ted too, never brought the subject up and two days later he flew back to England and his wife, Clare.

Later one evening Janis curiosity got the best of her and finally decided to discuss our sexcapade. She asked if I had all my fantasies fulfilled.

“Oh yes,” I replied.

“It exceeded my expectations. You were absolutely wonderful.”

“Lets hope it peps our future sex life.” A penetrating French kiss followed. Things are looking up…

I did admit observing them through the double door closet.

She at first acted irritated but then that big sexy smile crossed her face.

“I was pretty sure you were there, hope we put on a good show. That made it even better for me”

I always like variety so we’ll see what the future brings.

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