Earth, Wind , Fire



There are two main categories for this piece. Lesbian Sex and Fantasy (supernatural hero stuff). Enjoy.

There she was. My old high-school teacher, my first crush ever. Her green eyes sympathetically looking into mine. Her fingers brushing strands of hair out of my bloody face.

“Are you alright?” her lips form these words that don’t register in my ears, instead they are filled with silence.

A painful silence and around me there’s darkness and in the darkness there are three lights. I notice they’re not normal light sources, it’s three of my classmates on fire running over the beach towards the sea. My ears are slowly recovering from the explosion that deafened them and I can hear people shouting, screaming and crying. My eyes are recovering from the flash of bright, white light and the fire engulfing the three victims burns ever brighter.

However, we’re not on the beach, it isn’t dark, it’s broad daylight. That accident happened years ago. Right now I’ve landed right on my face on the concrete. I’ve scraped my chin with the landing, my cheeks covered in blood but what’s more important is that Mrs Hulsts hands are on my face.

“Sierra, are you conscious?” she asks.

I was so dazed by the flashback that it was hard for me to form a reply. “Yes, yes.. I am.” I try to shake my head to wake up, which I shouldn’t have done because that only hurts.

“Can you walk? If we go inside this bar we can ask for a First Aid Kit.” I manage to stand up with her supporting me. I stare into her beautiful green eyes. “This way” she says.

~, @ & ^

All I could do was to focus on my breathing while she patched me up. “You’re doing well, most people can’t stop themselves from hissing when it stings but you’re not even flinching.” Of course I’m not, not when I feel so numb. I wondered whether I was feeling numb from the flashback or if the crush I had on her was hitting me right in the face again. I looked at how her long, straight blonde hair draped elegantly over her shoulders, how her deliciously, full lips were slightly parted in concern over me giving me a peek at the tongue I’d love to have stroking mine. Yeah, it was the crush alright.

I told myself to get a grip. I’m finally at a very legal age to pretty much do whatever I want including hooking up with a former teacher. All I needed was to get my act together and try to flirt with her. I rubbed my hands along my black, wavy hair to tidy it up a bit. “Sheesh, what a smack” I laughed. “Thanks for helping me, can I offer you a drink out of gratitude Mrs Hulst?” I asked and put on my most beautiful smile with a hint of sexy toughness as I’d like to call it.

She giggled at my expression. “Well thanks dear. You’ve always been quite the tomboy. I thought you might have caught a concussion but I can see the old Sierra is back again. Call me Laura or if you insist on formalities it might as well be Miss Hulst.” I smile at her. Not only does she remember my name but also part of my personality. It feels like we’re off to a good start.

“Miss Hulst?” I curiously ask as I signal the bartender to come over.

“My husband died many years ago” Laura replied. “I’ve kept his name as my pupils know me by it but I’m no longer a wife.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, when did he d-” I quickly shut my mouth. “Sorry, that was so rude of-“

“It’s okay.” Laura smiles at me in a way that reassures me I haven’t offended her. “It happened just before the accident..” her voice got soft. I felt a sharp pain in my chest. I could barely believe it. Just after her husband died the accident happened. On a school trip a camp-fire got out of hand and she was the one held responsible. Realization hit me that she spent her mourning period serving out her community service sentence.

It all started out so innocent. We we’re ending a great day of many fun activities with a gathering around a big campfire on the beach. We had dug a deep hole in which the fire lay. However, the fire wouldn’t really start so our teacher bursa escort threw some methylated spirit on it. The fire burned big and bright and we had a great evening. Sometime later the fire shrank and Miss Hulst grabbed some of the liquid again but a methanol damp had spread and caused an explosion.

Tears welled up in my eyes and one escaped and rolled over my cheek. “I’m so sorry!” Laura panicked and held me in her arms. “I’ll go aw-“

“No!” I interrupted her. “No, I’m the one who’s sorry. That must have been a horrible experience” I cried out in her arms. I didn’t feel like I had the right to be the one crying, it should’ve been her in my arms but here I am, blabbering like a baby.

“We can be sorry for each other” she whispered in my ear and gently stroked my hair. After some time of silence Laura started talking again. “So you’re not mad at me for causing you that trauma?” she asked doubtfully.

“Of course not!” I exclaimed and held her tighter. I could feel her pressing me closer too. Maybe she felt that everyone would be mad at her for what happened. Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen her in all those years…

~, @ & ^

“We should get going” Laura says. I look at the clock, almost time for dinner. Time just flew by catching up on what we’ve been doing with our lives the past few years. It was mostly Laura listening intently to the course of my life or what I could comfortably tell about it at least. I felt fear creep up inside me. Fear that it would end here, that I would never see her again. What possible excuse could I make to ask for her number.

We made our way outside and that is where I heard her gasp. “Oh no” she looked stunned at the spot where my bicycle was supposed to be. “I was so concerned with patching you up that I never locked your bicycle.” As she said that I realized my bike had been stolen. My mouth hung wide open. Just my luck! My eyes bore into the ground as I had no clue what to do. I looked up as I felt Laura’s hand on my shoulder.

“Let me drive you to my place and make it up to you. You can have my husband’s bicycle” Laura started.

“No Ma’am please, I don’t want to take your husband’s belongings” I sputtered.

“Please Sierra, his bicycle doesn’t mean much to me. Not in comparison to other memorial items I have left of him. Besides, I’m sure you need a way to get around town.”

I sighed. “Fine” I moodily agreed.

“I’m sooooryyy” Laura sang to me. I looked at her from the corner of my eyes, she gave me her most kind look back. I put my hands behind my head and stretched my upper body.

“I won’t be mad if you include diner.”

“It’s a deal if you never call me Ma’am again.”

We burst out into laughing at our crazy ordeal. It’s weird but suddenly I thanked the heavens for falling of my bike and having it stolen. Any other day I would have spontaneously had my period but today I was laughing out loud with my former teacher, my old and now renewed crush.

~, @ & ^

Her cooking smelled so delicious. It was just a regular chicken dish but hers just smelled special to me. “God, I can’t wait!” I exclaimed excitedly. Laura smiled at my expression when she served us dinner. “Just one minute!” she shouted as she exited the room. She reappeared with a golden candelabra holding 3 red candles and my heart sank to my stomach. “You’re not going to light that up are you?” I asked, my eyes wide in disbelief.

It happened again. Tears welled up in Laura’s face. She started panicking again over any pain she might have caused me because of the accident. I was freaking out, not because I was afraid of fire but ever since the accident fire has caused my body to respond in a supernatural way. The part of my life I wasn’t so comfortable telling about might be revealed at a simple dinner.

I just could not withstand Laura’s look of sadness. “What are you crying for? I just figured it looked like you were coming on to me or something, not a big deal” I shrugged. Tomboy Sierra has her act together escort bursa again. Laura’s expression changed like night and day.

“Well maybe I am” Laura spoke in a lusty voice. “You’ve always been my favorite pupil.” Her sultry gaze met my disbelieving one.

My jaw dropped to the floor. The heart in my stomach evolved into butterflies and any protests about the candles just melted away. Laura silently lit the candles. When she noted how nervous I had become she giggled and suddenly all the tension was gone again. Gears started turning in my head on how I could get that tension back again. I wondered if the candelabra really meant something romantic. This woman always left me speechless.

Miss Hulst wasn’t just that one extraordinary teacher that seemed beautiful. She was a fanatic sportswoman. I always admired how her toned body, which was still on the feminine side, fit her barbie face but what I liked about her most is how she could switch up character just like me. You know how you sometimes call out the wrong gender when asking for your teacher. It always happens sometimes, no matter with whom but with Miss Hulst it just felt a little more sensitive because she had such a strong looking body.

Like I said it always happened but the moment I accidentally called Laura Mister Hulst the entire class went silent. Back-stabbing mother… Anyways, she silently walks up to me and it wasn’t really helping that I was sitting in the back of the class. My heart was pounding in my chest for the entire duration of her walk, which seemed endless, and I was sure she would sent me out of class. She put her hand on my shoulder and as I looked up at her she replied “Yes, young man?” Everyone burst out into laughter and ever since then she was known for her good humor. My admiration for her only grew and I vividly remember to this day how hot she is when she turns silent.

“Bon appetit” Laura said waking me up from my daydream and winked at me as she took a piece of chicken in that delicious mouth of hers. For a moment I just stared at her delicate features before quickly feeding myself on her dish as not to cause any suspicion. If only she had been my french teacher too, high school would’ve been twice as good.

“When did you paint your nails? It doesn’t even smell. You should let me in on your nail polish secrets.” Oh God, it’s happening again. That familiar luxurious red color crept up. I could manage some excuse about some parts of my body but not all. I have to focus.


“Beauty secret for another beauty secret” I quickly stammered as Laura called onto me.

“Hmm, I have to think of a good one then” she said as she took another bite, lost in thought about what she might have for trade. I sighed, maybe that would keep her busy a bit so I could concentrate on stopping my partial transformation.

Laura’s leg suddenly brushed mine and I jolted upright in my seat. “Don’t you like my food?” she asked, her voice barely more than a soft whisper.

I gulped. “No, no I do Miss Hulst, I-“

“I think it’s so funny how you keep calling me different names all the time…”

Butterflies again.

“And you haven’t even touched your wine…”

Her nylon clad leg brushed up my naked one while her words toyed with me. I already contemplated this morning whether I should even wear a skirt when I knew I had to take a long cycling trip back home and now my dress-wearing teacher had me in her grip. I wasn’t going to drink, I was already love drunk enough.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea when I still have to cycle home in the evening” I nervously replied as her foot climbed the inside of my leg.

“I can take you home darling, or…” I gasped as her foot reached my panties “you can stay here…”

I immediately grew wet, my nipples hard from arousal and I lunged myself at the wine to take a large gulp or courage.

“That’s a good girl” Laura purred. My cheeks grew red and my eyes-

“Your eyes!”

No, shit not my eyes.

“They’ve bursa escort bayan turned red!”

I stood up and rushed to her bathroom. I lent on the counter and confirmed in the mirror that my pupils had taken the same color as my finger and toe nails. The same color as my lips. That red luxurious color caused by the candlelight. Caused by Laura lowering my guard when she started seducing me. I felt trapped. I could make a run for it. Run out of the house and never see her again but my heart wouldn’t allow me. I sank to the floor and was about to cry when I heard her walking in.

“Fire walk with me? That’s you?”

I nodded. Yes, I was the anonymous, let’s call it ‘superhero’ working with the police force. It used to be the fire department but my ability came in handy with criminals as well. I used to quote that line of the tv-show Twin Peaks as the government wanted me to raise my image in a commercially viable way. I was very popular due to the element of fire. The popularity of the Hunger Games caused me to also be called ‘the Real girl on fire’. I didn’t really care for it but the job paid so ridiculously well.

“Sierra that’s wonderful!” Even though it was a compliment my heart sank to my stomach. I could hear it in her voice, the awe she had for me. I didn’t want her amazement, I wanted her seductions back and I want her to forget about me being a supposedly ‘super frigging hero’. I groaned.

I held my shoulders wanting to rock back and forth. “Can you bring me home please?” I asked. There was confusion in her expression but I really just wanted to go so I withstood any sad or dissapointed look she could throw at me. Finally she just nodded. I picked myself up and made my way to the exit of her apartment. I turned around to thank her for dinner when her lips pressed against mine.

My world stopped at the touch of her lips.

My hands instinctively roamed her sides as she had me cornered against the door. Her knee pressing up in between my legs causing me to slowly grow wet again. She forced my mouth open and as her tongue entered my mouth. I felt a waterfall of love crash down on my body. The feeling of finally getting what you’ve craved for so long is like a roller coaster ride only the seat belts feel like warm, tight hugs all the way. I moaned loudly as her tongue marked her territory in my mouth. I cringed at my arousal from having our bodies pressed together, her knee between my legs, her mouth devouring mine.

I grabbed the back of her head and started returning the kiss. My tongue tentatively exploring her soft, watery mouth. Then our tongues moved in unison and we moaned from passion. When we finally broke the kiss we were both panting and my panties were soaked. I turned my head to the side out of embarrassment. My face flustered.

Laura started kissing me in my neck and at some points my legs just gave up. The tall strong woman picked me up and brought me to her bedroom. No matter how much I had the ability to withstand fire she had the ability to make me melt.

She put me down on her bed, spread my legs and pulled my panties down. The act got me even wetter and my pussy ached to be touched. Even though maybe I should’ve put up a little resistance with things getting out of hand so soon the cravings in my body dominated the questions in my mind.

I felt a finger slip inside my wetness and moaned loudly. When another finger entered me my body tensed. My hole squeezed on Laura’s fingers. Finally I let go and relaxed and she started stroking me. Her thumb circled my clit and my breathing became heavier. Once again I felt like I was in a daze. I could barely contemplate what exactly had happened today as a pressure built up between my legs. Once again the silence of her actions left me speechless and all I could do was enjoy the sensations she was giving to me. Her fingers picked up pace and my moans grew loader until I was crying out. I felt my juices stream out of me and my body turning into jelly as the collected pressure in my clit exploded. I turned around to rest on my stomach as I pressed my wet, glistening thighs together. I tried to control my tensed abdomen as well as my breathing.

I felt Laura’s fingers tracing alongside my ass as I was trying to recover. Oh god…

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