Dress You Up



(Pre-emptive apologies to anyone fluent in Italian who winces at any mistakes I’ve made with Bellissima’s Italian dialogue; your only consolation should be that there isn’t much of it.)

(Many thanks to Lady Ru’etha, whose podcast added verisimilitude and–always–inspiration.)


Sarah looked up at the dress, wondering exactly how much it cost. In a boutique like this, nobody put anything as gauche as a price tag on any of the outfits. You had to ask if you wanted to know the price, and frankly, the people who came here didn’t. They just charged it. Sarah didn’t even dare touch the clothing on display, for fear of going into a lifetime of debt.

Nita had wandered off with several of the slim, exotic beauties that populated the place, saying something about “going for a fitting.” That left Sarah on her own, with nothing to do but gaze up at the dresses and imagine herself in them, like Cinderella going to the ball. Of course, it’d take a lot more than a fairy godmother to buy her a $25,000 dress.

“Perfect!” The shout from behind her practically caused Sarah to jump out of her shoes. She spun around to find a tall, elegant-looking dark-haired woman in an ocean-blue silk dress staring at her with eyes that matched it perfectly. “Absolutely, positively perfect,” she said in a rich Italian accent, her full lips seeming to caress the words as they left her lips. “You, girl.” She pointed at Sarah with a cigarette holder. “Bellissima can make you a wonder!”

Sarah looked behind her reflexively, but no, clearly the woman was talking to her. “Um,” she said. “I, I’m just…” …a scholarship girl at the Academy, an orphan who’s way too poor to afford any of this, sort of friends with one of the richest girls on campus, tagging along because Nita insisted on company, feeling even more broke and more miserable and more sorry for myself than ever, and suspecting that Nita knows that and that’s the real reason she wanted me along, but even a mean friend is better than no friend at all, which is why instead of finding a spine and leaving, I’m… “…looking. I’m here with a friend.”

Bellissima waved the comment off with another gesture of her cigarette holder, leaving a trail of contemptuous smoke behind her. “That girl? She is a cow. An ox. A maiale in seta. The only thing Bellissima can do with a body like that is cover it. But you, my dear.” She strode over to Sarah and grabbed her by the shoulders, looking her up and down appraisingly. “Those eyes, green like emeralds! That hair, so fiery red! Those hips, those breasts, those legs. Just look at your skin, my dear! You were born to wear my designs. You were born to be one of Bellissima’s beauties.”

Sarah looked down at her feet and shook her head. Blushing, hating herself, she mumbled out, “I…I can’t afford…anything here.” She looked up into Bellissima’s big blue eyes. “Sorry to, um…waste your time.”

Instead of letting her go, Bellissima planted a kiss on each of her cheeks. “Pfah!” she said. “I insist. You must wear Bellissima’s clothing, my dear, and the price of it will be simply to see you in Bellissima’s outfits.” She grabbed Sarah’s hand and practically dragged her away. “Your friend, she will be left to Bellissima’s assistants. But you, my lovely, you demand Bellissima’s personal touch.”

A few moments later, still not sure entirely how she had stumbled through the last few seconds to wind up modeling outfits for Italy’s most talented fashion designer, Sarah stood in a private fitting room. Bellissima looked her up and down again, a wide, luscious smile on her face. “Strip, my treasure,” she said. “Take those…those mass-produced rags off and let me see that beautiful body.”

“I…” Sarah gulped. “It’s not that beautiful. I’m too skinny, and too pale, and–“

Bellissima clapped her hand over Sarah’s mouth. “You have been listening to the maiale again! You are skinny like all the good models are skinny, your skin is like alabaster, you deserve nothing but the most wonderful things touching such a body. Say that with me, my dear.”

Sarah blushed. “I…um…”

“So modest! Such a pretty blush! Say it, my dear. ‘I deserve nothing but wonderful things touching my pretty body.’”

“I, um…I deserve…nothingbutwonderfulthingstouchingmyprettybody.” Sarah kept her eyes pointed straight down at the floor. Any second now, she expected Nita and the other girls from school to come bursting into the room to laugh at her.

“No no no no no! Say it like you believe it! Look me in the eyes, and say, ‘I deserve nothing but wonderful things touching my pretty body.’”

Sarah looked up. Her voice seemed to have left her as she stared Bellissima in the eyes, knowing that she’d never be able to do this.

“‘I deserve…’” Bellissima gestured. “You can say it, my dear. Just look at me, and let the words speak themselves.”

Sarah took a deep breath, anchored herself to the other woman’s eyes, and said, “I…I deserve…”

“‘Nothing but bursa escort wonderful things…’”

“Nothing but wonderful things…” Sarah was even starting to believe it.

“‘Touching my pretty body.’”

“Touching your…my…um, pretty body.”

“Very good! Now, strip for me, my pretty.”

Sarah pulled her clothes off quickly and heaped them onto the floor, putting one hand between her legs and the other across her breasts. At least things couldn’t get any more embarrassing.

Bellissima picked up the clothes in one smooth gesture, tossed them into a metal barrel, pulled out a match, struck it on the side of the barrel, and tossed it in. The whole thing took less time than Sarah could spend saying “Aih!” Which was all she really managed to get out as Bellissima set fire to her outfit.

“Worthless! Such things should never touch a body like yours! When you leave, my dear, it will be as a beauty, remade by Bellissima!” She sized Sarah up with an expert’s eye, then tsked. “My dearest girl, stop hiding yourself! Bellissima has seen many women’s bodies–you are lovelier than most, but Bellissima sees nothing new. Pull your hands away. Remember, my dear, you are a thing of beauty.”

She cupped Sarah’s chin in her palm. Sarah felt exposed and vulnerable, standing nude in front of a clothed woman who had a good six inches of height on her. Bellissima said again, in a tone both gentle and commanding, “Move your hands, my dear. Let Bellissima see that body.” Slowly, almost as though they’d come free of her brain and were acting on their own, Sarah’s hands went behind her back and clasped to each other.

Bellissima clapped once, and her gaze traveled all the way up and down Sarah’s naked body. Then she headed over to a rack of clothes, and reached in for an outfit. “Now,” she said, “the fun can begin!”

She pulled out a satin dress, emerald-green in color, tailored with a business cut. It looked like the sort of thing Sarah could wear to a job interview, if she was going for the job of ‘CEO of a Fortune 500 company.’ Bellissima pressed it up against her. “Perfect for you, my precious girl! It brings out the green in your eyes, contrasts the red in your hair. Put it on, let Bellissima drink in your beauty!”

Sarah slipped the dress on and looked at herself in the three-way mirror. She had to admit, the suit fit her well, and made her look…wealthy, luxuriant, self-assured. All the things that Nita wished she was, but couldn’t quite carry off. Bellissima stepped up behind her, and took one of Sarah’s hands in her own. “Feel that satin,” Bellissima said, running Sarah’s hand along the outfit. “Hear the way it whispers under your touch.” Bellissima ran Sarah’s hand over her hips, over her buttocks, up along her breasts (which made Sarah blush again, but the effect looked strikingly beautiful against the green fabric.) “Bellissima’s girls always look so beautiful, don’t they, my lovely girl?”

Sarah nodded, almost lost in fascination at the transformation.

“Just look at yourself, my darling, see the change in you. Bellissima has already remolded you, yes?”

Sarah nodded again, almost not even noticing that Bellissima continued to roam Sarah’s hands over her own body. “I…yes…”

“And it is good, my little one?”


“And Bellissima will make it even better, my dear. Let us model another!” Bellissima shouted, startling Sarah out of her reverie. “Off with that, my dear, and we shall see another side of you!” Sarah carefully slid off the dress, returning it to the hanger. “That one is fit for business, but this one,” Bellissima pulled another outfit off the rack, “this one is fit for pleasure!”

Sarah slipped into the dress, a deep red velvet dress that made her pale skin seem even whiter against it. The skirt went all the way down to her ankles, hugging her hips and breasts in a way that seemed almost loving. “Feel the velvet, my darling!” Bellissima grabbed her hands again, running them all over the outfit, all over her body. “Feel how it caresses you, my lovely, how it holds you in its grip of passion. You cannot escape it, you cannot resist it, you must give in.” Bellissima let go of Sarah’s hands, and it took her a long moment to stop rubb–fond–touch–to pull them away from the velvet cloth. She wondered if she could call a quick break, slip away from Bellissima into a restroom and relieve a little of her tension, but Bellissima was still holding her.

She turned Sarah slightly so that the view of her changed in the mirror. “See, see the way the velvet caresses your ass!” Bellissima swatted Sarah lightly on the buttocks in an almost imperious gesture. “This is a dress that says, ‘I am a woman of passion, I am a woman with desires, I am a woman in love!’” Sarah nodded again, even as she squirmed just a little at hearing the words ‘passion’ and ‘desire’ declaimed so vehemently. Was she supposed to be feeling this excited by a game of dress-up?

“But my girl is not merely a girl escort bursa of passion and desire, are you, my pretty?” Bellissima had already pulled another outfit off the rack. “That outfit is too…timid, too modest for my girl! She needs to be wild, to be uninhibited!” She handed Sarah the new top almost before she’d finished taking the old one off. “You are more than passion, you are wanton, you are inflamed, you are aroused!” Bellissima waited for a long moment before handing Sarah the matching skirt, and Sarah wondered if it was obvious just how inflamed she was right now.

Sarah put on the outfit, turned to the mirror, and turned quickly away again. She couldn’t even look at herself in that, let alone display herself to other people. The leather dress cut low, just above the aureolae of her nipples, and it gathered her breasts together in a way that made her look at least a cup size bigger than she was. And the skirt…it stopped a few inches above her knees. Calling it a mini-skirt was almost generous.

Bellissima caught her by the shoulders. “The vision surprises you, my treasure? You did not think you could be such a sexy girl?” Bellissima laughed musically. “Perhaps Bellissima must prepare you to become the woman in the mirror, eh, my lovely? Close your eyes.” Sarah closed them almost gratefully, embarrassed by her new ‘look’. “Now, I want for you to take three deep breaths, my dear. First, inhale deeply.” Sarah breathed in, feeling the leather constrict against her bosom. “Smell the leather, my dear. Smell the scent of wildness, of flesh.” Sarah just kept inhaling, practically feeling like she was going to hyperventilate. She did notice the leather scent, strong once she was looking for it.

“Good, now exhale, feel as though you are letting out the passion you cannot contain. More passion swirls in to replace it. And inhale again…” Sarah took a deep breath, suddenly very aware of the leather, and of other scents on the air…she could smell herself, she realized with a blush of embarrassment, and she could actually feel how close Bellissima was standing, Bellissima must smell it too… “The leather fills your lungs, the leather is all around you now both inside and out, it speaks of wildness, of a girl who wants sex and is not ashamed, yes my dear?”

Sarah just nodded, almost wanting to reach between her legs, but Bellissima was right there, but Sarah was just getting so horny…”and exhale, let those blushes out, they are for another girl, not my horny little girl, no?” Sarah almost gasped in instead of out at that. Bellissima knew. But she didn’t seem to mind. Maybe they just did things differently in Italy. “Now inhale one last time, breathe in those scents of sexual passion, of pure desire…”

Bellissima spun her around again. “Now, my dear. Look! Look at yourself!” Sarah opened her eyes, and blinked once or twice in confusion as she focused on the girl in the mirror. It took her a second to even realize it was her. “You are a vision of desire, my darling. The breasts,” she clapped her hands around Sarah’s cleavage and ran them over her bosom, perhaps just to demonstrate the way the outfit enhanced her boobs, but intensifying the awkward tingling between Sarah’s thighs, “see how they would drive any mad with lust. The thighs,” she slid her hands down over Sarah’s hips, brushing them all the way down the skirt and past it, over bare flesh all the way to her feet, “the legs, they speak of passion! When you dance with this on, my pretty girl, all the men will lust for you, all the women will envy you, even many of the women will lust for you!”

Before Sarah could even let that thought penetrate fully through the fog of arousal in her brain, Bellissima said, “Oh, but I can tell my hot little girl has never thought about a woman!” She straightened back up again. “But when you look in the mirror, you see such a sexy woman, you feel so sexy…it is only natural that it is the thought of sexy women making your body so hot, yes, my dear, no?”

“I…um…” Sarah couldn’t tell which was supposed to mean which, but she did know that she was so hot and bothered she was practically panting. She just wanted to…she looked at herself in the mirror, a vision of sex, and Bellissima’s words kept echoing through her hazy, aroused mind.

Bellissima laughed and placed a hand possessively on Sarah’s hip. “You can kick up your legs and flash them your pretty panties, even!” She darted a hand quickly under Sarah’s skirt, and Sarah got a quick and shocking reminder that right now, she wasn’t wearing panties at all.

Bellissima withdrew her hand quickly, but Sarah knew she’d felt moisture down there, and she looked down at the floor again in embarrassment. She almost wanted to ask Bellissima to put her hand back there, but it wouldn’t…she wouldn’t…she wouldn’t be thinking this way if she could just orgasm once or twice, relieve this sexual tension, but Bellissima just wouldn’t stop. Instead, her eyes sparkling with amusement, she bursa escort bayan said, “Ah, but Bellissima can see that you are already thinking ahead to the night of passion! Off with the dress, my girl! Bellissima shall show you a vision of that passion!”

Sarah took off the dress, trying hard not to tremble, and Bellissima pressed another hanger to her. Sarah took it, and waited for the rest of the outfit for a moment before realizing that this was it. “Oh, but my lovely, Bellissima can sense that this is what you wish to wear! Put it on, put it on!”

Sarah slipped on the lavender silk bra and panties, and looked at herself in the mirror. Something about the expensive fabric, the cut of the clothes, the feel of the silk, made her feel actually more nude than she did when she was naked. “Sessuale, my sexy little girl, so very gorgeous. Silk is all about the feel, not just the look. You must close your eyes now, lose yourself in the feel of the silk.” Sarah closed her eyes, and just focused for a moment on the way the silk slid against her skin. “Yes, my dear, my beauty, my lovely, feel it. Lost in sensation, lost in emotion, feel the pleasure of the silk.” Sarah felt Bellissima’s hands rubbing at her breasts, causing the silk to rustle against her, and she let out a soft, involuntary moan. She wasn’t quite sure when she’d realized Bellissima was coming on to her, but when the rubbing became pinching and tweaking of her nipples, it became more than a little obvious. But it just felt so good, and Bellissima was being so nice to her, and…ohhh…

“Yes, my dear, my girl, my sexy girl, the silk rubbing over your arrapatissima pipa feels even better now, doesn’t it? You just want to melt into my hand, and let Bellissima take care of her pretty little girl, just let Bellissima take charge of you and pleasure you…” Sarah’s knees felt like rubber, the only thing that seemed worth paying attention to was the sensations in her pussy as Bellissima fondled her through the silk panties, and she gasped and whimpered as Bellissima slowly lowered her to her knees. Now it was even better, she didn’t have to focus on standing, didn’t have to focus on anything but the pleasure, and it felt so good to be rubbed and fondled. Something in her mind wanted to say that another woman wasn’t supposed to make her feel like this, but the pleasure smothered that voice, the pleasure and Bellissima’s whispers in her ear…

“That is right, my horny girl,” Bellissima whispered, “you want to feel like this, want to feel good, want to be Bellissima’s little beauty, yes…” Sarah did, but did she really? Was it really–she moaned. She didn’t know how she felt, but she knew she felt good, and it was so… “so hard to think, my horny girl…” Sarah gasped again, trembling under Bellissima’s touch. It was like Bellissima was reading her mind, reading her body, finding just the right spots to touch in both to melt her away to…to… “…a puddle of desire, that is all you are now, my needy girl, all you want to be, enfolded in Bellissima’s arms, enfolded in pleasure…”

“Open your eyes now, my horny girl, open them just a little for Bellissima, see yourself…” Sarah looked at the mirror, but barely recognized the girl she saw, a hot, sexy woman down on her knees with a glazed, unfocused look in her eyes, her mouth half-open and panting with pleasure. “See how beautiful giving yourself to Bellissima has made you, how glad you are to be my beauty, my sexy girl, my slutty girl…” Sarah grunted and whimpered, wanting to cum, feeling herself near the ragged edges of orgasm…

Bellissima pulled her hand away, leaving Sarah panting on the floor. “But my little slave needs to look her part, no?” Sarah didn’t even register the word ‘slave’. She just registered the ache in her pussy, almost insatiable now. She needed to cum so bad, but she couldn’t bring herself to just touch her cunt. Somewhere, without even realizing it, she’d given up control to Bellissima. “Strip one last time, my slut, Bellissima has the perfect outfit for you. You want to cum now, yes? All of Bellissima’s beauties wear this outfit when they need to cum.” She handed Sarah another outfit and Sarah pulled it on, desperate to please, desperate to orgasm.

The latex covered her like a second skin, so tight and form-fitting that she felt like it was making love to her all on its own. Bellissima pulled aside cunningly concealed flaps to slide her fingers easily into Sarah’s slick pussy, and as Sarah looked at herself in the mirror, she almost came just to see herself as a wanton, needy sex slave.

“You are Bellissima’s beauty, yes?”


“Bellissima’s darling girl, yes?”


“Bellissima’s little slut, yes?”


“Bellissima’s slave, yes?”

“Yes yes yes!”

“Cum for Bellissima, my good little slut, cum hard on Bellissima’s fingers.”

Sarah moaned with pure animal lust, feeling her orgasm overtake her and knowing she wanted more. She shook and shivered against Bellissima’s body, feeling the latex against her skin, seeing herself in the mirror and gasping as the tableau in front of her made the orgasm even better. She wanted this, she knew she wanted this, she never wanted it to stop…

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