Don’t You Remember?



You weren’t happy with me. We had only been at the party for an hour or so, and I had already snuck away to put my panties back on. I know, I know; you didn’t give me permission. The combination of my short skirt and the warehouse full of strangers made me uncomfortable though.

I stood next to you and felt your hand glide up my ass and to the band of my thong. You shot me a disappointed look that let me know you knew. I felt bad for putting it back on behind your back, but my pussy tingled thinking about the potential punishment later.

We were at the back of the building. I was smiling and nodding as you chatted with your friend about his DJ set. I looked up to see a new group of girls entering the party. A young brunette separated herself from her friends and made her way towards the back. She was curiously looking over the warehouse. Peeking into rooms, eyeballing the shelves…wait, did she just check me out? I brushed the idea out of my head. As she passed, we both gave her a light smile as you continued your chat and your hand continued to idle on my ass. As she walked away, I took her in. She was wearing a woven, bohemian-style coverup over a blue strapless bikini top. Through the openings in her shirt I admired her tan stomach that lead into her short-shorts, followed by her long tan legs. I quickly snapped myself out of it, shimmied closer to you, and tuned back into the conversation.

Not even five minutes passed before I noticed new-brunette making her way toward the back of the party, again. Less curious this time, she followed her original path at a quicker pace. This time, as she walked past you and I, an introduction was made. Through the loud music and my hard-cider-buzz, I caught “Amanda,” I think. Your hand was sliding up and down my back. We both exchanged small talk with our new acquaintance, and the interaction ended almost as soon as it began. As she walked away, she looked back and I caught her giving me an up-down glance. Okay, she was definitely checking me out. Your hand started down bursa escort my ass again and slid between my legs to graze my pussy a bit…had you seen it, too?

A couple more of your friends circled back to talk to the DJ. His set ended and he handed over the controls to a slightly irritating girl who had more complaints than skills. You and I headed back up toward the front of the warehouse. Upon my request, you led me to the bathroom. Amanda and her friends were sitting on a blanket giggling right outside of the door. I felt her eyes scan up my legs to where my skirt covered my ass as we walked past. As I was pulling my panties back on in the restroom, I couldn’t help but think about this cute, whimsy girl that might be checking me out. Naughty thoughts filled my head, and I decided to keep my panties off. I made my way back to you, slid them into your hand, and asked you to hold onto them.

Feeling the night air on my pussy again, thinking about Amanda, and feeling your hand roam my backside as we chatted in a circle of your friends was all making me wet. I smiled and giggled on cue as your friends made silly jokes about Taiwan and shitty hats. At times, you would boldly slide your hand between my legs again, and I would squirm a bit in response. A few times, I looked up to see Amanda staring at us. Did she know what you were doing? Did you know that she was watching? I was getting flustered. I whispered “I’ll be right back,” to you, as I took a walk to the car to get some fresh air. As I walked through the gravel lot, I saw Amanda and her friends dancing like goofballs in the moonlight. Amanda looked up and waved to me, excitedly. I gave a little nod and finished the short walk to the car. I reached in the passenger seat and grabbed my cell phone. I was scrolling through some missed texts when I noticed her standing next to me.

“You don’t remember me, do you?”

“Should I?” I replied weakly.

“We met last Friday downtown…” Jolts of embarrassment, fear, and excitement all ran through escort bursa my body at once.

“Oh jeez, that was a rough night for me. Where did we meet?” I tried to play it cool. She looked a little disappointed as she recapped for me.

“We met in the bathroom at the Library. We were wearing the same shoes and you tried to take a selfie with me but you couldn’t get your camera to work.”

“Ha, that sounds exactly like something I would do, I was just such a mess that night.” A breeze blew between us and raised my skirt a bit. I saw her eyes peek down and quickly back up, in hopes I wouldn’t notice.

“So wait, you really don’t remember what else happened that night?” she asked, stepping a little closer towards me.

“Uh oh…no, I don’t. Refresh my memory? I’m so sorry!” She was blushing at this point. My pussy was soaking wet; she was clearly checking me out, moving her body closer to mine, and seemed to have something naughty to share with me. I wondered if you could see me from the warehouse. I nervously shuffled my feet a bit as she grinned and explained.

“Well, while we were trying to take a selfie, you caught me checking out your boobs…and then you told me that your boyfriend loved that tank top. I’m pretty sure I asked if I could touch them…and then soon after we were kissing. I was pretty drunk, too.”

My cheeks were burning. I couldn’t form words. My mouth parted a little as she nervously giggled.

“It’s fine, I could tell you were drunk. I just thought maybe you’d remember a little or something.”

“Well, I’m sorry I don’t remember that…” I stumbled…”I mean, it’s not that I wouldn’t want to remember that…or…I mean…I’ve never even really done anything like that…but I guess Mike and I sometimes talk about things…so I mean…it kind of makes sense…” I realized I was rambling and shut myself up.

“Yeah, that’s what you were telling me at the bar! You were so right…he is really hot. You didn’t mention his beard though, I love beards!” Her bursa escort bayan beard comment provided a minor moment of relief for me. I laughed and told her that I loved them, too.

“So what else was I telling you?” I implored, now cautiously curious about what else I didn’t remember from last weekend. She went on to describe how I talked about your skilled tongue and rough hands. I apparently shared our fantasies of threesomes and how much I wanted to see you make another girl cum.

After she finished talking, I stood in silence for a moment, dumbfounded. How did I not remember any of this?

“I mean…it’s all true…I’m just shocked that I actually told you all of it, and that I don’t remember any of it.” She laughed, again, this time less embarrassed with a hint of deviousness.

“I guess you definitely don’t remember me sliding my hands into your pants in the back corner of the bar then, right?” As she finished speaking I felt her fingers slide up my skirt, between my legs and down my now-soaking-wet slit.

Startled, I gasped and took a step back. She giggled and apologized. “I guess you’re just not drunk enough, tonight.”

“I’m sorry…I just…I don’t…ugh…”

She smiled again.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s nice meeting you, again, Victoria.”

With that she turned and walked away. I was watching her intently, my pussy throbbing and my brain racing. About 20 feet from me, she turned back and caught me staring. She brought her 2 fingers to her mouth and sucked my pussy juices from them. So much for taking a walk to get fresh air.

I took a couple of minutes to regain composure. When I walked back into the party, I found you toward the front and nestled next to you again. You rested your hand on my back and I playfully reached behind me to move it lower several times.

The night winded down pretty rapidly. Before she left, I caught Amanda checking us out several times. I wondered if it was a coincidence that your hand got closer to my pussy every time she looked over at us. I wondered if you had seen us over by your car. I wondered if I should say anything to you, or her, before she left. The only thing I knew for sure was what I’d be thinking about the next time you were playing with my pussy.

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