Dommy-Mommy Ch. 01

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Somewhere along the line my son Jason turned into an arrogant prick. I guess it started when he got onto the basketball team at his high school. He was pretty good looking and athletic I noticed he had lots of different girls around all the time. They called and texted his cell at all hours and sent him flirty messages on Facebook –I know because I monitored his Facebook account and cell phone. I’m a good mom and it’s my job to know what’s going on in his life.

The arrogance got really bad during his senior year after he turned eighteen. He started walking around our apartment like he owned the place, and giving me lip when I wanted to see his phone. At first I cut him some slack, I thought he was just going through a phase. His dad was not a part of his life, and I figured he just lacked positive male role models, but his swaggering macho bullshit was really getting under my skin.

I hadn’t realized how bad it had become until Cindy Jenkins paid me a visit one afternoon. Cindy is a meek little divorced woman who lives in our apartment building. She is childless and lives with her elderly mother, I guess she’s in her mid forties.

She knocked on my door out of the blue and said she needed to talk to me. We sat in my living room and I offered her coffee but she declined. She came right to the point and told me that Jason had used her for sex and discarded her like a piece of trash. Apparently it had been going on for months –he would go over to her apartment after school every day before he came home. She apologized profusely but insisted that he had initiated the relationship.

She said that he abruptly stopped coming over and when she confronted him about it he laughed in her face. She was crying as she told me all this, and I couldn’t help but feel pity for the poor woman. Since Jason’s father left us I’d had my heart broken twice by men who just wanted sex whenever they felt like it. I knew what she was going through.

“The reason I’m telling you all this is because I think he’s really messed up emotionally. I don’t think he ever saw me as a real person, we never really made love, it was like he was using me to masturbate. I was just a warm place for him to stick his thing. He’s cruel and cold, and I thought you, as his mother, should know.”

Her words echoed in my head long after she’d left. I knew what she’d said was true, I could see that my son was becoming the sort of man I despised with all my heart. When I was in college I was raped by a swaggering macho jock. He was a golden-boy on campus and I knew that no one would believe that he would come after the likes of me. He could’ve had any girl he wanted. When I look back on it I’m filled with burning rage, and I still harbor some pretty sick revenge fantasies.

My son would probably do the same thing to someone someday, if he hadn’t already. I couldn’t let that happen, I had to do something drastic. I’ll be honest and tell you that my first impulse was to kill him and make it look like an accident. I’d strangle him with a belt and then after he was dead, pull his pants down and put his dick in his hand to make it look like he was into auto-erotic asphyxiation. Then I wouldn’t be responsible for sending another raping asshole into the world.

But I knew I couldn’t do that. He’s my son and I loved him in spite of what he’d become. No, I decided to give him a chance. I’d see if I could re-educate him through extreme measures and I’d only kill him if he resisted too much.


“MOM!” I shouted coming in the door. I was so pissed off. She was sitting in the kitchen, looking at her laptop. “What the hell did you say to my coach? He sent me home from practice and said I wouldn’t be allowed to come back until I had your permission.” I could tell from the look on her face that she was in one of her moods. I was used to it, but taking me out of basketball was too much. Now the whole team would know my mom was a psycho bitch from hell. I looked around. “What’s with all these boxes?” I asked. “Are we moving?”

She shut her computer and looked at me. “It’s all the stuff that was in your room.” She said. “I’m getting rid of it all.”

“What? What the fuck are you talking about?” I turned and went to my room and found it completely empty. There was nothing, no bed, no clothes, no dresser, just an empty room. I was so mad I almost missed the fact that she had installed a sliding lock on the outside of the door to my room, and that wasn’t all, there was also a peephole, like we have on the front door of our apartment, installed so the person on the outside could see in.

I turned and she was right there behind me. “Well, what do you think?” She asked.

“Where’s my stuff?”

“Your stuff? You don’t have any.” She said. “All that crap in there belonged to me, I bought it, and I decided that I don’t want it anymore so I’m getting rid of it all. If you have a problem with that you know where the front door is, you can leave.”

“Mom, what’s going on? What’d I do?” I was trying hard not to cry.

“You alanya escort think you can treat another human being like trash?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Cindy Jenkins.” She said. I stared at her not knowing how to react. It was just like Cindy to come to my mother with a sob story. That was how she got me, telling me sob stories on the elevator. I just started fucking her because I felt bad for her. Jesus, try to do some people a favor…

“Mom, if you throw out all my clothes what am I supposed to wear to school tomorrow?” I asked.

“If you plan on staying in this house you wont be going to school tomorrow -and another thing, stop calling me mom. From now on you will address me as mommy. You stopped calling me mommy when you were twelve years old and that’s when the trouble began. Now give me the clothes you have on so I can put them out with the trash.”

“The clothes I have on?”

“NOW!” she shouted.

“But what am I supposed to wear?” I asked. In reply I got a hard smack across the face. Mom was a strong lady. Big and strong.

“What am I supposed to wear mommy.” She corrected.

My stomach turned and I thought I might puke. I looked at my mother and realized that she was getting off on this in a sexual way. “Wh-what am I supposed to wear mommy?” I said.

“That’s better,” she said, “and you’ll wear whatever the fuck I tell you to wear, and you’ll like it. Now take off all your clothes. Underwear too, I’m you mother you don’t have to be shy.”

I thought about pushing her out of the way and running. I was eighteen after all, legally an adult. I had a couple of different friends I could stay with, but what would I tell them? No, I knew my mom too well for that. This would all blow over in couple of days. I figured it was best just to humor her.

I pulled my shirt off and kicked off my shoes, quickly followed by my pants and underwear. I felt like I was calling her bluff. I stood there naked and defiant. “There.” I said. “Is this what you wanted you old pervert?”

This time I got a closed fist that landed just below my left eye. I stumbled and fell backwards landing hard on my ass. She had never hit me with a closed fist before. She was standing over me and she looked like she wanted to hit me again. “Take your socks off.” She commanded. I began to cry as I peeled them off and handed them to her. “There’s a new rule,” she said, “you will not speak unless spoken to. When I ask you a question it’s ‘yes mommy’ or ‘no mommy’ understood?”

“Y-Yes” I said. She lunged at me with a fist raised. “Yes mommy, yes mommy!” I said, cowering down.

“Good,” she said, “now get your sorry ass into your room you little wimp. There’s something for you to wear in the closet, mommy wants to see you put it on.”

I went in and she slammed the door shut behind me. I heard the lock slide closed and I wiped the tears from my cheeks. Why did my mom have to be so fucked up? I regretted not hitting her back when she punched me, but I realized that she could probably beat me in a fight. She was bigger than me, not fat, but she had wide hips and strong arms.

I went to the closet and opened the door and found, hanging on a hanger, a pink negligee. This was even more fucked up than I thought. I stood there looking at the negligee not knowing what to do. I could hear my mom on the other side of the door, probably looking in the peephole. “Jason put on the clothes that mommy left for you.” She said.

“Why do you want me to wear girl stuff –mommy?” I asked, almost forgetting to ad the ‘mommy’.

“Because you need a lesson in empathy.” She said. “Mommy’s going to show you what it’s like to be a girl so you wont treat them like shit anymore. In fact I don’t think I like having a boy, from now on you’re going to be mommy’s little girl. I’ll call you Jessica. Now put on the fucking nightie Jessica!” I stood there, running down my very short list of options, but my mom snapped me out of it. “What do you say when mommy tells you to do something?”

“Yes mommy.” I said. I took the negligee off of the hanger and pulled it on. It was a tight fit and it barely came down below my waist, leaving my cock and half of my ass exposed. It was satin with frilly lace bits on the straps and hemline.

“My, my,” she said sarcastically from the other side of the door, “don’t you make a pretty little girl? Now Jessica, you’re going to wait. Mommy has company coming over and after he leaves you and I are going to have a little talk. Until then I don’t want to hear a peep, understand?”

“Yes mommy.” I said.

“Good.” She said. I heard her walk away. I knew that I was totally at her mercy and that she was on a crazed, sexually perverse power trip. She’d had quite a few little bouts of weirdness with me over the years, but nothing like this. I knew I was fucked. I sat in the corner and concentrated on not crying.

I could hear the shower going, and then the hairdryer –mom getting ready for her company. An hour or so later I heard the phone ring and then the front door open and my mom talking to a man. They weren’t talking for very long before I heard them in my mom’s room, right next door. There was some groaning and the sound of the bed springs squeaking. Sitting there on my bare ass, in a negligee, listening to my mom get fucked, I guess I started getting a little turned on. I put my hands up to my ears and tried to think of something else, but I was getting hard despite my best efforts.

The groans turned into moans and then a few screams of pleasure, and then it was over. After a minute it sounded like they were arguing and I heard the front door slam shut.

Almost immediately the lock on my door slid back and my mom opened the door. She was completely naked, a sight I had never seen before. I guess I always knew she had large tits, but seeing them there, completely exposed, was like a revelation. They were like two ripe cantaloupes with big pink nipples. Between her legs was a bush of brown curls. “Up.” She said.

When I got up I tried in vain to hide my erection. She flew at me and slapped me in the face. “How dare you point your little pecker at me!” She shouted. “I’m your mother you sick fuck.” The pain and embarrassment made my dick shrink a bit as my mother took me roughly by the wrist and led me to her bedroom. “Get on your knees.” She said. She made me kneel down beside the bed where she sat. The room smelled of sex and I couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful breasts. “Now I’m going to ask you a question and I want a truthful answer.” She said.

“Yes Mommy.”

“Did you make Cindy Jenkins suck your cock?”

“She wanted to…” I got another hard slap across the face.

“And did you make her eat your cum?” She asked.

“Yes mommy.” I said.

“And do you think women like that? Eating cum?”

“I-I don’t know mommy.” I said.

She moved one of her legs and I could see her pink slit. “You think cum tastes good? You think it’s nice to make someone eat cum?”

“No mommy.” I said.

She opened her legs further and I saw the white fluid leaking down her crack. She put her hand on my head and grabbed a handful of hair. “Well Jessica, you’re going to find out what it’s like,” she hissed, “cause mommy’s got a fresh batch for you!” She threw her leg over my shoulder and shoved my face into her gooey hot snatch. “Slurp it up Jessica! All good little girls eat cum. Get that tongue working you little bitch. You’re gonna lick mommy all clean.”

I started crying, which only made her shove my head harder between her legs. I did what she demanded and licked up the cum that had leaked out of her hairy pussy. It was sticky in my mouth and a bit salty. I was disgusted, but with her leg over my shoulder and her strong hand gripping my hair, I wasn’t going anywhere. What could I do? I slurped and sucked and licked at my mommy’s pussy and felt more cum enter my mouth. I swallowed it and continued licking.

My mom let out a groan of pleasure and started grinding into my face. I was afraid I would suffocate but found I could get a breath through my nose now and then. I started to taste my mom’s pussy juices mixed in with the semen and I knew she was close to coming. I was rock hard despite myself and I pressed my cock against the side of the bed as I licked at mommy’s hairy cunt.

She ordered me to stick my tongue out and then, using my hair, dragged my face up her snatch over and over. “That’s it, clean mommy up you little pig. Eat up all that cum!”

I felt her quiver a little and then grind my face into her open hole and upwards toward her clit. I sucked her protruding nub into my mouth, flicking the end with my tongue. She screamed and bucked her hips, then opened her legs wide and lay back on the bed. She grabbed onto the back of my head with both hands and held me in place as her juices ran down my neck.

When her orgasm subsided she yanked my head away and sat up. “Who asked you to suck my clit, you little slut? You think I want to do this? You think I’m doing it for pleasure? You make me sick! I’m your mother Jason, I’m doing this to teach you a lesson. I’m doing this for your own good.” She looked down and saw my hard on, arcing up from beneath the nightie. “Oh you little freak!” She said, jumping to her feet.

“Mommy, no please, I’m sorry.” I said, thinking she was going to hit me again.

“You liked eating that cum, didn’t you, you little faggot?”

“No mommy.” I said weakly.

“Oh, so you didn’t like eating the cum, just licking your own mother’s pussy?” I started to cry, which only made her madder. “Look at you crying like a little sissy. I’m only making you do what pigs like you make women do every day.” She stood up and went to her bathroom. I put my head on the bed and tried to stop crying. I decided that whatever else she told me to do, I would refuse. What could she do, hit me? She was doing that already.

When she emerged from the bathroom all my bravery evaporated and I knew things were about to get a lot worse for me. She had a thick, nine-inch dildo swinging between her legs. It was flesh-colored and had balls that were pressed against her bush, held in place by thick straps. Even though I was terrified, I have to admit, seeing my mom standing there, with her luscious pink titties and that long rubber cock strapped onto her wide hips, I was feeling something deep down. It’s not that I wanted it, but since I had no control over the situation anyway, it was okay to give in. I was going to get it either way.

She strode across the room and told me to kneel, pointing at a spot right in front of her. “Alright Jessica!” She said, savoring the female name. “You’ve already tasted cum, now it’s time that you tasted some cock. Now open that little piggy mouth and suck mommy’s cock.”

She put one hand on the back of my head and guided the rubber cock to my lips with her other hand I opened my mouth and took the head between my lips. I licked the underside as I felt my mom pushing on the back of my head. I didn’t resist and let her cock slide all the way in. I gagged as mommy playfully thrust her hips back and forth a bit. She began pumping the rubber cock in and out of my mouth, groaning and sighing as if she could feel the sensation. “Yeah, that’s my dirty little bitch, suck it.” She said. “Ooh, suck it good for mommy.”

Her stance was wide and I could smell her fragrant pussy as my mouth was rammed over and over by her enormous cock. She pulled it out and looked down at me over her titties, grinning. She took the cock, wet with my saliva, and smacked it against my face hard. She did it again and again, squealing with laughter, and then forced it back into my mouth and started pounding my face again.

My hand instinctively found my cock and I began rubbing it, hoping mommy wouldn’t notice. She did. She yanked her cock out of my mouth and slapped me again. “Get your hand off that you little cocksucker! You are not allowed to enjoy this, you sick little cunt, I’m trying to teach you a lesson.” She went to her nightstand and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. “Now get up on mommy’s bed and stick your little ass in the air, mommy’s going to pound your cunt-hole.”

“Yes mommy.” I said.

I climbed onto the bed and she stood behind me. She grabbed my thighs and pried them apart, lowering me to the right height. She smeared the cool lube up my crack and slipped two fingers into me. “This feels a little tight Jessica. We’re going to have to loosen you up. You want mommy to loosen you up?”

“Yes mommy.”

“Say please.”

“Please mommy.” I said. I felt the tip of the dildo pressing against my anus harder and harder until my asshole began to open. A whimper escaped my lips as I felt the head of the cock enter my butt. It felt huge and I really thought my ass might be ripping apart. Mommy grabbed my hips and shoved more of her big dick up into me. I screamed as sharp bolts of pain shot through my body. I really thought that I was going to get fucked to death by my own mother. “No mommy, it’s too big. Please! No, it’s too much”

“Shut the fuck up and take your medicine you little bitch.” She said, shoving deeper into me. In and in it went, until finally I felt the balls pressed against my taint. As she started pulling out, something strange and unexpected happened: I wanted it back in me. As bad as it hurt I wanted to feel that bulbous, rigid cockhead back up in my bowels. As if sensing it my mommy pounded it back into me, sending electric pleasure vibrations up my spine. She started pumping me now, to my delight, working it back and forth in me. “Oh yeah!” She shouted. “You’re mommy’s little faggot aren’t you?”

“Yes mommy.” I panted.

“Say it!”

“I’m mommy’s little faggot!” I screamed. She pounded me so hard I fell forward onto my belly. She stayed right on top of me and I felt her tits pressed against my back. It was too much. I humped my hard cock into the bed and came violently, shooting a huge load of semen onto my belly and the bed. It was barely over before mommy yanked her cock out of me.

“What the fuck did you do?” She asked.

“Mommy, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Roll over.” She said, pulling me onto my back. “Eew. You got your nasty juice all over the bedspread.”

“I’m sorry mommy.” I said.

“Well sorry’s not good enough Jessica. Get on your hands and knees and clean it up!”

I looked at her for some sign that maybe this was going to be the end of it, but it looked like she was just getting started. I was crying again as I did what I was told and licked my own cum off of mommy’s bedspread.


Before I went to bed that night I looked in the peephole at my son, sleeping on the floor in his new pink nightie. It had been a long day and I was tired. Being a good mother is hard, and drastic measures are sometimes necessary. He was still a long way from being cured of his macho bullshit, but it was a start. Get your beauty rest, I thought, tomorrow we’re having a little photo shoot just for you Jessica. You can’t have a new beginning without making a clean break from the past, and that’s what she intended to give her son, a clean break from the past.

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