Dominating Amber



Disclaimer: This is fantasy. I have never met Amber Rose. I am a major fan of hers and I thought that it would cool to write a story like this because she is so beautiful. Thank you for reading this.


Hey, peeps! It’s weird to be on a site like this to tell this story. First off, my name is Amber Levonchuck but the world knows me as the sexy, voluptuous bad ass Amber Rose. I always carry myself with an air of confidence that the “streets” would expect a “Boss Bitch” that I portray myself to be. So I feel humiliated to come on Literotica to tell y’all this.

I keeps it 100 to the fullest, so let me tell y’all that I’ve always found females sex and hot. I even admitted that I am bi. That’s not fully true. I actually prefer chicks over dudes. More than them I should say. I am attracted. I know that I’ve had serious relationship with men and have even been married. I especially love Kanye and Wiz. Always will even though they’re bitch asses. Yeah they are. Still it’s my fault cause my truth is that if it wasn’t for my fame and status, I would easily be in a lesbian relationship. Celeb life and a full on lesbian relationship isn’t a good mix.

Yes, the LGBT community is a lifestyle. Any relationship IMO is and it’s all good. We should be able to love whoever we want to without prejudice and judgment. Sometimes I get criticized by the lesbian community for identifying myself as bi. The last community that should be judging and criticizing anyone should be the LGBT community. We get shade from all angles. I love my LGBT fam. We need to stick together.

Okay enough with that rant. So now you know that I like women very much. What you’re probably wondering is what kind of chick is attractive to Amber Rose? I love a confident woman who is a down “ride or die” girl. Alright, I will keep it 100 again: People expect me to be attracted to phat asses being that I got one. I can find a girl shaped like that sexy.

But nah, my peeps. My answer was in an interview a few months ago with my “girl” RuPaul. He’s been a bad ass “Boss Bitch” long before the world knew of Amber Rose. Hunny is fierce to the max and is the coolest. So in the interview, the topic shifted whether my body is 100% natural. It’s cray (crazy) that people think that I’ve had surgery on my boobs and ass. I’ve always had an ass since I was a young girl and having a child grew my tits. I had a lil’ sumptin (something) before my son was born but pregnancy is the ultimate “natural surgery”, you feel me?

So “Ru” asked me the question, I was straight up with “her” and let “her” cop a feel of my ass then I jiggled “her” (my ass) with pride. I’m more known for ass, but I got plenty of tits too (36H bra size). I told the show that they are real but if I could change ’em with implants, I would. The media focused on the implants but I said without saying it that big boobs are sexy, really big tits.

Yep. Your girl, Amber Rose, is a breast girl. That’s why I was geeked (excited) when mine got bigger after the birth of Bass (Sebastian). I do wish they were a little bigger but they are bigger than they were before and I love ’em. I am proud of “the twins” more than my ass. Another thing, I prefer all natural girls; naturally busty girls. I hate implants. That’s not throwing shade on chicks that got them. If it makes them feel like that bitch then it’s all lovely.

I just like what I like. As with bigger breasts that are natural: The bigger they are, the heavier they get, they’ll sag. That’s just real. They aren’t going to be perky sitting suspended in mid-air. That’s bullshit. Mine aren’t perky and I love ’em anyways. To me full pendulous breasts are beautiful and feminine. But celeb life is built on image, fake images to sell fantasy. I’m part of it, I guess. It sounds hypocritical to bash or rant against what I am part of. That much is true. I just wish there were more naturally busty women in the industry, at least at the mainstream level.

There is Christina Hendricks, who btw loves to wear too small for her bras to look bigger. Yeah she got tits. They’re beautiful but she does too much and besides, she’s a “token” in the industry. That means she, a naturally busty girl, is an exception. Kat Dennings, the actress from broke girls, come to mind. Sofia Vergera is another nice example. Then there are women like Queen Latifah and Sherri Shepherd who got reductions. Even Jill Scott lost a little weight even though she still got big ones.

Their bodies were beautiful. But they did it too look more “commercially appealing” and not be judged for having big boobs. You know, be known as sluts. That’s sad that slut-shamin’ especially when it comes to women with big boobs and ass. Curves are supposed to be “in” but that’s not true.

Okay, I like to show cleavage and even some under-boob. I am not bashin’ anyone who wants to show their curves because if you got it, flaunt it! It’s just all the necessary bullshit you have to do in order to fit bursa escort into this celeb life, man. You feel all kinds of pressure to change your bodies according to the shifting fads of what is considered hot at the moment. As a busty girl, you get pressure to “cut em down” to “normal” size so you’re not too threatening to “the streets” (the public). Again, that’s bullshit! I will never do it, get a reduction. I am not the biggest girl, but I’m proud of my H cups.

So here is another confession of mine: I watch porn and lots of it. Don’t judge*laughs*. There are some bomb ass chicks in that profession and all natural busty girls are killin’ da game. I especially love “soft-core porn” (faux lesbian scenes are the best) and webcam shows the most. Something about a confident naturally busty girl that stimulates my pussy.

I’ve become an expert on finding sites that features big boobs. September Carrino is a bad bitch “fo’ sho” (for sure). So is Antonella Kahla. Sarah Rae, who has a site that features busty women, can get this “cat” (pussy) anytime she likes. There is this Dominican named Miosotis who is HUGE. I would suck them boobs of hers like I was her firstborn. I am talkin’ all day long.

There is this site called Divine Breasts that is a personal favorite of mine. It features busty girls whether thin, thick or big girls. They are all represented to the fullest and there are black, white and Latinas on there, all kind of flavors of all natural busty girls. I like Scoreland and Pinup Files too. Another site that I think is a spin-off to Divine Breasts is Alice85JJ could get the cat anytime too. I like the big girls on there too, like Summer LaShay (yummy!), and there are older girls that have boobs that I want to get lost in, like Anika and Sabrina.

I have other favorite models like Jinxy XW. She’s hot with soft, saggy tits and her face is pretty to me. Poetry Travis isn’t a porn star, per se but she’s a “soft-core” model and her boobs are everything. She can smother me any day. I have fantasies of her doing that to me a lot. As I inferred I like big girls too. Cotton Candy comes to mind. So sexy and carries herself with a confidence that exudes how dominant she probably is. I like Miss Deja and Mz Diva.

There is also this older lady who is actually kind of famous for how big her breasts are named Norma Stitz. I have had many fantasies of humping one of her huge custom made bras while visiting her, and getting caught by me so she could “punish” me. It gets me wet every time. I guess it’s the inner-sub that’s in my subconscious. I like to dominate cause I love being in control when I am with women, but I have fantasized about what it is like to be dommed.

I know that sounds crazy, right? I told on myself. Y’all shocked, looking at me like I am this deviant perv? Oh well, there is more where that came from. Like I said, don’t judge me. So with that, let me tell my story. I was in downtown Philly, my city. I was there to visit “my peoples.” I didn’t come with an entourage or even a bodyguard. I did bring Sebastian with me and my nanny, but other than it was just me.

I’m a star so people expect an entourage from me with my diva image but I wanted to enjoy myself which isn’t easy these days. I asked for this life, dreamed of it, so no complaints from me. I just want moments where I’m a normal girl. Plus, to keep it 100, I went to The Gallery not only to shop and eat but to enjoy “girl-watching.” Yep, I was checking out hotties on the low like a major perv. I love to girl watch.

See “the streets” or the real world has more authenticity and realness than the world that I am a part of now could ever offer. That world is fantasy. I’m looking for reality as my fantasy. BTW, I do know most women aren’t as well-endowed as I like but “platinum” can be found and I like to be there when it does. I have seen my share but was too afraid to talk to ’em. Being a celeb you can get pics in uncompromising position. I’m not here for that and ruin my career and status. I worked too hard and did so many things to get there.

So I’m in The Gallery in Philly which is one of my favorite spots which at 9th and Market downtown. I sat at the table so that I could eat at where all of the eateries are. I was eating some fish and fries while girl watching. I could multi-task like that. Ha! I was bored with I saw. Some cute girls, I saw but nothing that has stimulated my pussy yet. As I was finishing my grub (my food), I saw HER. Before I get into this, I’m ready for the question: Where was my son? Sebastian was with family. I needed some “me time.” Every mother does. My son is taken care of and looked after. Trust! I love my child and I try to be the best mom I can be. Don’t ever get that twisted, my peeps.

Back to my story, I will repeat myself: I saw HER sitting over 50 feet from me. What did she look like? She had short auburn red hair. Not nearly bald like my signature style but a short ‘fro that bursa escort bayan looked cute on her face. I think she has vitiligo so her face and hands was paler in places than others. She was still cute in the face with beautiful hazel eyes. She was short, definitely less than 5 feet. I could tell even as she was sitting down. What caught my eye was how much cleavage she was flauntin’ with her pink shirt that had the word, SEXY on it.

She was HUGE or at least it looked that way. You could be 1000 feet away from her and see how big she was. In fact, her boobs were plopped on the table she was sitting at, as if she was resting her back from the weight of them. She was eating and as she did, I noticed her cleavage was catching the crumbs that fell from her eating. Yeah, I was watching her that hard. She probably didn’t notice how hard I was watching her.

She would wipe the crumbs off her boobs (I know what that’s like btw) and her tits would effortlessly jiggle and wobble. Any movement, any little movement she made, they wobbled shamelessly. As if they knew that if their “owner” and “mama” didn’t notice me “violating” her with my eyes, “they” did and loved the attention my eyes was giving them. They were giving me quite a show.

She was so much bigger than me. She looked at least twice my size and I thought I was seein’ thangs. My fucking god, she’s HUGE, I was thinking to myself. I was scared of the thoughts in my head. I told myself to get it together, like I’ve never seen big boobs before. Then I realized thinking to myself, just enjoy myself. I am in voyeur heaven. After she finished eating and I was nursing my Coke as an excuse to stay where I was, she left. I was so sad and my pussy was “talking” to me. I had to obey “her” so I left also. I went to my car so I could go back to the hotel that I was staying. I decided to stay at the Meridien because I was going to South Street to have some fun.

I already had a room so I got to the hotel, gave my car to valet cause I was driving the Maybach. Then I get into my room, took off my clothes and get into the tub. I brought my Bath and Body Wash so that I could take a bubble bath. I love taking bubble baths. It relaxes me and I do naughty things when I am in them. I ran the water for my bath until it got hot. Then I got in it. It felt so good to be that hot water.

I thought of the woman that I saw earlier and I instinctively began to rub my nipples before pinching them. I put my right tit to my mouth and I blew on it. I licked my areola. I learned that from Juliesjuggs, an amateur webcam model star. I know that name gives you chuckles but she’s lives up to her name. She’s a big girl in the breast area and she’s thick all over too. I like her body though she don’t got a big ol’ booty. Her boobs are bigger than mine for sure. Not as big as the chick who was my new muse for the masturbation session that I was going to have.

Anyway, I was still blowing on my nipple before I lightly bit it. I pulled at it slowly then I sucked it. I twirled my mouth on it. Nice and slowly. Licking it some more, I bit on it gently again before I sucked it. I was taking my time like I would my mystery girl if I ever I saw her again. I did more soft-sucking of my right nipple. I got quite satisfied with what I did with it so I switch to the left one. I loved how heavy both of them felt in my hands as I was wondering just how heavy my mystery girl were. Probably much heavier than mine, I thought. I had my left boob, blowing on it like I did with the right one. Licked it before I decided to get adventurous and smack it with the other hand. I smacked it 3 times.

I put both nipples together and rubbed them against each other. The duelin’ friction was a great sensation and I moaned as I rubbed them together some more. I grabbed my nipples, lick the top of my breasts and pinched my nipples. I smacked my breasts together before I kissed both of them. At first I did the right one then the left one. Feelin’ all worked up and horny, I kissed them together one more time before I put my nipples together as I gave in to the temptation to suck both of them.

Again, I am a 36H so I can do this easily. I learned this trick from watching Sarah Rae videos. She’s another girl that has bigger tits than me so she does it easier than me but I was getting the job done. I took them out of my mouth, made them jiggle and wobble before I put my nipples together again to suck both of them again. Then I left my breasts feeling nice and relaxed. I love playing with my boobs when I masturbate. So I started to finger my “honeypot” as I was so wet down there and not just from the water.

I was daydreamin’ ’bout her danglin’ her juggs over my face as I continued. I went slow and easy. I was in no hurry. I knew that if I prolonged this for a good while, I was gonna “nut” really hard. My finger felt nice but my honeypot was hungry for another so I felt “her”. I was pumpin’ in and out in rhythm to escort bursa a beat that only I knew. I took my fingers out so I could smack my pussy. It wasn’t as hard as I wanted because of the water. I laughed to myself at my failed attempt but it did get “her” attention. I spread myself again to receive my two right fingers as I did more pumpin’ in rhythm, in and out.

The friction was pleasurable and I felt myself getting there. So I went a little faster, stroking a little harder. I groan passionately and now I was in a zone to get myself off. I kept going with my small fingers going as deep as they could go. I tried to prolong my orgasm, but my pussy was on fire and I needed to put it out. I stroked faster and faster, chanting loudly, “Tits! Big fat fuckin’ tits! Huge fuckin’ boobs!” I chanted this over and over again, going out of my mind with lust and desire. I climaxed and with that, I screamed with a high pitched voice that I only recognize when I cum really hard like I did then.

My breathin’ was shaky. Finally, it slowed down to its normal rate. I smiled to myself feelin’ as good as I could be. I couldn’t wait to go out that night. Just me by myself and have whatever fun I wanted. I deserved it because I need to treat myself. Everything is work, work, and more work. Even when I “party” that’s just promotion and networking to stay relevant. I figured the paparazzi might be there and catch me at “Gayborhood” but so damn what! I was doing me for one of the few times since I became famous.

I got out of the tub and dried my body off. I debated within myself what I should wear. I’m usually styled by “professionals” so it was a treat dress myself to go clubbing. I decided to wear this purple dress that I got from Nicole Miller at the Bellevue. It hugs my more than ample curves just right and I love doing that. Yep, I was being “bad” this night. This I was sure of. I painted my nails, put my purple Steve Madden 4 inch heels because I like looking taller than my 5’9″ and I love to show my legs. And then I put on purple eye shadow and a little foundational makeup before checking myself in the mirror. Makeup on point: Check! Cleavage on fleek (standing out): Check! Ass on fleek: Check!

Feeling flawless, I was ready to go. As I said, I was going to “Gayborhood”. I got my keys, left my room, got on the elevator before leaving the hotel. The valet got my Maybach for me and I got in my car. I adjusted the front and side-view mirror before I put on my shades and drove. I looked like the “Boss Bitch” that I know that I am. I found my destination. I went to the Voyeur. It’s a great club with lot of famous DJs, great music and many times it is packed.

It was that night. I really love my LGBT family. I am not an activist but I always feel comfortable and a kinship when I am around the fam. I went into the club. I got checked out or rather felt up by a female bouncer. I winked at her when she was done. She was a cute lil’ butch so I didn’t mind what she did. I went in and claimed my spot. Everyone was already having a ball. I got there around 11pm. I like to get there a little late cause that’s when it goes down.

I didn’t even get recognized or at least have a crowd of people around me like I normally do. I didn’t mind. Not until I saw this sexy ass waitress with a nice cleavage, I think she was a DD cup at least, take my order. She recognized me and wanted my autograph. I gave it to her after she got my drink which was a Smirnoff Whipped Cream. I sipped in the scene seeing “queens,” “femmes” and even some “trade” and there were women there too gettin’ it in.

So I danced a little myself with some girls then with some “queens.” I got felt up with all the masses of bodies there. It was all good. I was having fun. I dance some more until I decided to cool off. I needed another drink so I got one. A few minutes later after sipping another round of Smirnoff Whipped Cream, the music shut off.

Of course, the DJ makes this announcement, “We have a celeb in da house! Show some love for that bad ass bald bitch…Philly’s own Amber Rose!!” The spotlight was at my seat. The last thing I wanted. I love attention. I get it all the time but I wanted a little normalcy.

Still I did what I did when I am always in these situations; I shown the love back. This is my home-town. I can’t ever forget where I came from. This city made me the woman that I am and I love being here. I signed some autographs including on some tits, got felt up by a few patrons which is something that makes me uncomfortable but it was all love and drinks were on the house all because I was in da building. Liquor was flowin’ everywhere and people dancing having the time of their lives. I was happy to see this.

Then I saw HER again, the chick from “The Gallery” wearing on a tight blue dress that her cleavage was puttin’ a hurt on. To be honest, I didn’t know how her tits were able to fit in that dress, they were ready to bust out. They were that packed in. Not that I didn’t appreciate the visual. She didn’t have an ass really but most girls built like her don’t. They call bodies like that in the Urban Community “bad bodies” which is stupid because this chick’s body definitely looked hot to me.

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