Discovering My Little Sister Ch. 10



Author’s Note: This chapter may seem a bit anachronistic as I set the date in Chapter 1 but haven’t had reason to revisit in a realistic way. I realize the direction the world has gone, but this chapter was planned around the time I first started publishing; I just never thought writing would take me so long.

Joy and Payton eventually left and we had our separate Thanksgivings, but they were back after Thanksgiving dinner to re-start our party. There wasn’t really any more talk of mine and Payton’s relationship except for at one point when I caught Joy alone and asked for her thoughts and how she and Polly handled the semi-open relationship. Joy didn’t get off on Polly’s escapades with our mom, so she didn’t have much advice to give, but she didn’t think we had anything to worry about. I offered to eat her out as a thank-you, but she made me wait until our next orgy, which was only a half hour later. There wasn’t much alone time for those four days – at one point I had the idea for myself and Payton to go seduce Ms. Alstrom, but the sex in my own house was too good.

Things shifted quickly when I got back to school. Jessica called me our first day back, and like we frequently did we had an early lunch in the cafeteria. Like usual, Jessica was in baggy comfy clothes and I was hookered up – short and tight plaid skirt, knee-high boots, no stockings despite the cold, and a tight white long-sleeved shirt that fell off one shoulder to expose the bra I needed to accentuate my tits. We sat at an empty long table. Just a few minutes in, a girl walked up and said, “Hey Jessie, who’s your friend?” as she sat down next to Jessica.

“What’s up, Val?” Jessica answered, seeming none too pleased.

“Just wondering if this is your new girlfriend.”

“Could we have some privacy, please?”

“Oh come on, Jessie, I thought we’re still friends.”

“Please don’t call me Jessie.”

“You call me Val.”

“Everyone calls you Val. No one calls me Jessie, I didn’t like it when we were together, and I really don’t like it now.”

“Well aren’t you going to introduce me? I see you with her all the time.”

“Carly, this is my ex, Valerie,” Jessica said mechanically.

“Nice to meet you,” I said.

Valerie turned to me and looked at me with her bright blue eyes, accentuated by the tight ponytail she put her brown hair in. She seemed tall and somewhat thick, very pretty. Her breasts were almost as large as Jessica’s but on a much larger frame, though not as hidden. Her white t-shirt just exposed the top of her bust and I could just make out the shape of her bra. “So are you the new girlfriend yet?” she asked.


“No, I’m just her slut.”

Jessica gave me a “what the fuck” look and Valerie teased, “Jessie, finally getting a little adventurous.”

“No,” Jessica protested. “We’re just friends, Val, and in any case, it’s none of your business who my friends or dates are.”

“Come on,” Valerie said. “We’re still friends, don’t you share stuff with your friends?”

“We are not still friends, why do you think that?”

“Jessie, that hurts my feelings,” Valerie said with a hint of a mocking tone.

“Then start by calling me Jessica,” Jessica chided through her teeth.

Valerie turned to me and asked, “Is she this difficult with you?”

“Well, I call her Jessica and she usually leaves my place pretty happy, so no.”

Jessica pressed her fingers onto her face and grumbled “Oh my God.”

“Is that so, Jessica?” Valerie asked, emphasizing her name.

Jessica’s head snapped toward Valerie and she sharply answered, “Yes, she usually keeps me happy. Except,” and she turned to me, “when she forgets about boundaries.”

“If Payton dumped me, I’d want my FWB to rub it in her face.”

“Oh you’re kinda evil,” Valerie teased with a smile. I winked at her. “Wait, who’s Payton?”

“Her girlfriend,” Jessica almost shouted as she stood up. “I’m done eating, you two keep having your battle of mind games.”

“Wait,” I said. “I’m sorry, you want me to come with?”

“I really don’t.”

“Meet up later?”

“I’ll text you.”

Valerie and I watched her leave. For a moment I felt bad that I had gone too far for Jessica, but then Valerie’s bright blue eyes looked at me and she said, “She said she’d text you, so that means she just has to cool off.”

She may have aggravated my friend, but gosh her face was pretty. So I said, “Well you’ve scared off my hookup for the afternoon, so am I still getting laid?”

Those eyes went wide and a smile came across her face. “You mean…”

“Let’s go. But you disrespected my friend, so I’m gonna drive,” I told her as I stood.

Her eyes zeroed in on my skirt and she lowly said, “You take this slut thing seriously.”

“Yeah,” I said. “And if you want to get fucked, stop gawking and start walking.”

She stood and followed me, presumably ignoring her tray wherever she had sat. She was indeed tall, towering over me despite my four-inch boots to her slippers. “I’ve done some crazy porno videolar things, but nothing like this,” she said to me.

I was tempted to point out that not everyone gets the chance to bed with someone they met five minutes before, but rather than show my own inexperience, I had the quick thinking to say, “I’d rather hear about what you have done than what you haven’t.”

“Well you might have heard rumors about the softball team.”

I looked her up and down and realized how she got her incredible figure. Probably five foot ten or eleven and thick, really thick thighs and a huge ass but perfectly shaped in the leggings she wore, which would have shown any ripple of fat or cellulite. The outline of her panties gave more shape, as if she could outdo Ashley Graham as a plus-size swimsuit model with an unachievably hot body. And no stomach. I didn’t know much about softball, but she looked looked like the specimen of a female power athlete. “I haven’t, but if you’re on the team, I’m guessing this isn’t the first home run you’ve hit.”

“I guess you’re right. Fourteen last year but hoping to lead the team this year.”

We were outside so I could speak a little more freely. “I wonder if I could take a bat in my pussy,” I mused.

She laughed as if trying to hold the laughter. “I can’t believe you’re fucking Jessica,” she said.

“My strap-on’s not much smaller than a baseball bat, so she could probably take one,” I said.

“So she’s not a total prude with you?”

“Deep down she’s a prude, but she also can’t resist me.”

“Damn. We’ve been done for a while, but that still feels like a punch to the stomach.”

“Oh you’re obviously not over each other. But I’ll do my best to fuck it out of both of you.”

I held the door to my suite open and as she slipped by me, she put her hands on my hips and whispered “Don’t worry, once I see your hot little body naked, I won’t be thinking of anything else.”

I grabbed her hip with the hand that wasn’t holding my phone and keycard and said sharply, “Mommy fucks with her clothes on until you earn her body.”

She pushed her forehead into mine and whispered, “Oh you’re going to be fun.”

I put two fingers on her lips before she could kiss me. “To my room,” I said. “It’s the single.”

She quietly obeyed, and I followed her before she let me pass to open my door. In my room she stepped out of her slippers and started to move towards me, but I again rebuffed her and said, “On my bed, honey,” as I tossed my phone onto the end of the mattress.

“You can’t say you’re going to fuck me but not let me kiss those sexy lips,” she responded.

I moved past her and went to my drawer for my strap-on. “You take the dildo right, you can kiss me and face sit me all you want. Now on the bed.”

“Holy shit,” she exclaimed as she started to crawl onto the bed, “that thing is almost the width of a softball bat.”

I ran my fingers along her leg as she got into position. “Sure helps me hit the kinds of home runs I prefer. Had a few more than fourteen this semester.”

“Mmm, I can’t wait to bring you to a softball party,” she groaned as she spread her legs.

I hid the fact that my pussy was clenching at the implication, but couldn’t resist giving a short rub to her legging-covered crotch. She groaned in satisfaction. Then I faced her to pull up my skirt and put my strap-on in place, and she groaned, “I can’t believe I’m going to take that whole thing. God, you put it on like a pro.”

“Just wait till you see how I fuck with it.”

I spun and went to the foot of the bed so that I could kneel between her legs. I rubbed at her crotch again, able to feel the contours of her pussy lips. “I’m going to like being inside this,” I growled.

“Just stop teasing,” Valerie moaned.

I bent over to kiss her still-covered pussy and smelled that familiar scent through the fabric. If she gone out in this state, people she passed would easily smell her through her clothes. After kissing her mons, I couldn’t resist trying to eat her through her leggings, eliciting guttural sounds of enjoyment from her. I knew something about her pussy would be amazing, and I couldn’t help but roughly lick, kiss, and even bite through the thin fabric, which provided enough protection that I could be a little rough with my teeth.

But I had to keep my promise and I couldn’t finish her that way. I pulled down her leggings and panties to reveal thick, meaty pussy lips that couldn’t be hidden by her untrimmed bush. “Fuck yes,” I groaned, and turned on my vibrator. “I need a picture of me entering this incredible flower, prove to Jessica that I dominated you.”

“Do it, bitch,” she answered. “No girl fucks me and forgets this pussy.”

I lifted her legs so that I could penetrate her while kneeling straight up. Her ass was so thick and muscular that I only had to lift a little. I pushed the rounded front of the dildo in then snapped a picture of nothing but the tip of my strap-on inside porno video izle her petals and the length of the dildo. Maybe the hot pic would make up for the fact that I was once again treating Jessica like shit. Then I put my phone aside and bottomed out, Valerie letting out a groan that became a scream when I hit her cervix. I started rhythmically moving out then back to her cervix, slowly but methodically. Her eyes were closed but after a few thrusts she groaned, “You fuck so deep!”

“That’s right, bitch,” I growled. “This is what you need, isn’t it?”

“I’m so full!”

“That’s right, you make my friend uncomfortable, I split you open. You like how this feels?” I started pumping hard, holding her thighs to keep her legs up in the air. She responded to me by grunting and pulling her shirt up to expose her bra. “Oh yes!” I groaned. “Show me those tits, bitch.”

She gave a little moan that was almost a squeal and pulled her bra cups to expose her hard pink nipples. Despite our differences in weight, I started pounding even harder so that her amazing tits bounced like they were part of an expensive fucktoy. And as I got more aggressive, my body started taking over and I was ready to release. “Yeah, baby,” I cried. “You like being dominated? Dominating your thick pussy’s about to make me cum!”

“Yes,” she groaned. “Let’s cum!”

“You cum when I say, bitch,” I growled despite my own impending orgasm.

“Can’t help it,” she moaned. “I have to cum to your hot bo- bo-“

Our screams overtook us and our dominance game was lost to our orgasms. She was an amazing fuck and my body convulsed hard as I felt her smooth thighs in my hands and watched her tits continue to sway. Finally I lost all ability to control my movements and started to collapse forward, but her strong legs held me up as I rode out the flood of pleasure.

When I recovered, I lowered her legs around me and undid my strap-on while it was still inside her. “Still want that kiss?” I asked.

“Fuck yes,” she murmured.

I left the dildo inside of her, straddled her waist, and thrust my tongue between her lips. She was as good a kisser as she was a fucker. I wondered if her comment about softball parties held true.

* * *

I had sex with Valerie again that afternoon. Making out led to me tribbing myself on her waist, which led to her asking to eat me out, which led to a 69 where I pounded her with the dildo while licking her clit. Then we exchanged numbers and she left because we both had classes to get to, but as soon as the door closed, I realized that I was still really horny. So I texted Payton the picture of me entering Valerie and called her. She answered, “Hey, what’s up?”

“Did you get my text?”

“The one you sent literally as you called me? No, I answered the phone instead.”

“Well look at it.”


She was quiet for a moment and then sharply whispered, “Oh my God, Carly!”

“She just left but I’m still so fucking horny.”

“Shit, now I am too but I’m on campus.”

“Just go to the bathroom or something, I need to get off,” I groaned, slowly touching myself.

“Wow, that’s not Jessica.”

“No it’s her ex.”

“Oh my God, you are naughty.”

“And I think she’s kind of a freak.”

“Yet she dated Jessica?”

“And seemed sad that I can get her freaky.”


“Ugh, I’m trying to masturbate and you just want to chitchat.”

“I’m fascinated by,” her voice turned to a whisper, “by the fact that you got with the ex of the girl we had a three-way with.”

“She’s horny as fuck but a huge bitch. She and Jessica aren’t over each other but I don’t know how they ever worked.” I had stopped trying to masturbate.

“So she knows about you and Jessica?”

“Oh yeah. And that I have a girlfriend. She apparently has orgies with the softball team and I wouldn’t be surprised if she cheated on Jessica.”

“Tonight I want every detail.”

“And this weekend if I can work my way into a softball team orgy.”

“Think your mom can score me tickets down?”

“Hell, she might want us all to come. But for now I’m going to call Jessica and see if I can get off again.”

“Bye, love.”

“Love you.”

I texted Jessica “Can I make it up to you?” and she replied less than a minute later with “Not in the way you mean.” I told her “You don’t know what I mean” and she said “Then come to my room.” So I did. She brought me in and sat on her bed while I stood then asked, “So did you enjoy lunch with Valerie?”

I pulled out my phone and brought up the picture then held out the phone for her. “Well I’d know those things anywhere,” she lamented and laid back.

“I made her submit. I didn’t like the way she treated you but I wasn’t going to give up being a slut.”

“I’m not even mad. I know your natures.”

“So you forgive me?”

She sat up again to look at me. “There’s nothing to forgive except myself. Which I can’t do because I can’t stop.”

“Stop what?” porno video I asked, sitting down next to her.

“You literally just fucked my ex, but I’m still addicted to you.”

“I like to think that’s what’s addictive about me.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know that I’m a slave to sexual desire,” I said as I started to crawl over her. “That you can have me whenever you want and do whatever you want. And when you’re not taking me, you know I’m so horny that you don’t care that I might be getting some somewhere else. Because you know that only makes me hornier when you want me again.”

She pulled me back and I kissed her. We made out and I tried to me more affectionate and less sexual than usual. We kept going, me on top between her legs, for quite a while until her roommate walked in. She pushed me off when we heard the click of the door, but her roommate was well into the room before she realized what was going on. “Oh I’m sorry,” she said as she turned to leave again.

“No, stay,” Jessica said. “Carly was just leaving.”

Having already missed class, I didn’t really want to leave and I did want to see if we could get this girl in a threesome. But we were in Jessica’s room, so I agreed and went back to my room without a third orgasm. Jessica would have never gone further in her own room anyway.

In fact, she didn’t call me the next day, and late Wednesday morning I decided to go get some. I texted Valerie and asked, “So when’s the next softball party?” She replied that there wasn’t a set one but we could party any time. I said that if the partying doesn’t start Thursday night then they’re not doing it right, then I told her to set one up and I’d be the entertainment. She agreed.

Thursday night I showed up to the agreed-upon house as skanked out as I could be. My strappy stiletto heels were tall and my ruffled miniskirt was short. The only indications I wore of the weather being cold were all black and a jacket, which covered a tank top low cut enough to make my breasts as visible as possible without losing shape. As usual no panties, but a bra to give that last bit of roundness to my tits.

Valerie let me in and introduced me to the five other girls as she returned to her seat on the couch. I shed my jacket and purse while observing my fellow guests: two were thicker girls like Valerie and the other three were more my shape. I wondered if they paired off like that. It looked like a regular college party, girls mostly in yoga pants but one skinny one in shorts, red cups and liquor and chasers strewn about. “So what have we been doing tonight?” I asked as I followed Valerie and squeezed myself between her and a dirty blonde. She looked like an athletic version of Polly with long hair, but I had already forgotten her name. I crossed my leg so my foot pointed her direction, same direction hers was pointing but with her flexible athletic legs, her foot almost went straight down.

“Mostly waiting for you,” Valerie answered.

“And you thought you’d need this much booze to handle me?”

“Clara might,” Valerie said, looking past me at the girls whose space I was invading.

“Clara, you don’t like me?”

Clara just stammered, “Uh, it’s not…” before Valerie interrupted and said, “Clara says she’s straight, so she doesn’t really party until the alcohol is flowing.”

“But you’re here,” I said, kicking my my foot a bit to remind her of the smooth legs next to her.

“I mean, it can be fun,” she said.

“Is this fun?” I asked and pulled her in for a kiss.

She kissed back as I dug in with my tongue and some of the other girls hooted at us. She certainly didn’t seem reserved as her tongue pushed back against mine. Though just months ago I thought myself straight, something turned me on about taking this supposedly straight girl. Perhaps because, like me, she had experience with women despite her label.

I pulled off Clara and briefly turned away. “I think I might be in love with her, Valerie,” I said.

“She takes a while to warm up, but she’s great once she does.”

I turned back to Clara and put my hand high on her thigh. “May I continue warming you up?” I asked.

“Might as well,” she answered.

I straddled her and began making out again. She was just as enthusiastic as before and soon her hands were grasping my tits through my tank top and bra. “You’ll like ’em more with the bra off,” I told her, and no sooner had I put my lips back on hers than did I feel her pulling at my hooks.

Her smooth fingers slid over my hard nipples as we continued to display the talents of our tongues. We made out for quite a while, and for a straight girl she knew exactly what to do with her hands. Cupping my breast, pinching my nipples, and slowly rubbing with delicate fingers that moved seamlessly from one to another. I had to have those fingers inside my holes before the end of the night, but first I needed to reward her for the incredible arousal given to my nipples. I silently slid off the couch, pulling her yoga pants and panties with me. She dutifully lifted her ass enough that I could get her pants off without trouble, and so I knelt between her thin, athletic legs, completely exposed even as she still wore her sweatshirt. I put my hands on the backs of her knees to pull her forward, and again she knew exactly what I needed for full access.

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