Dick – The Teen Gym Stud Ch. 03



The next day I woke to find that I could barely walk from my workout. In particular, my thighs and ass were so sore and stiff so as to be almost immobile.

As I waddled around the kitchen, Carlie arrived home from work. Carlie worked as a night-shift nurse and we generally saw eachother only in the mornings on days of the week that we both worked.

“Hey Babe!” she said. I could not help but be reminded of Ryan’s nickname for me. “How was the gym last night? Building those muscles for me?”

“Definitely,” I grinned, flexing my arm in jest.

“You’ll get there, babe” she said encouragingly. She walked over and hugged me, jokingly (and painfully) squeezing my ass.

“Ouch!” I said. “Sorry, real sore this morning.”

“In your butt? You’re doing butt exercises?” She asked.

“Yeah, apparently it will help me trim down at first before moving on to muscle building.” I replied

“‘Apparently’? Did someone tell you this?”

“Umm…” I flushed a bit. “Yeah, it was that guy at the gym I told you about.”

“Dick? Big huge muscular Dick? He’s having you do butt exercises? And you’re listening to him?”

“His name’s Ryan. And not really. He just mentioned it in passing and I looked it up. A lot of articles recommend the same thing.”

“Ryan, huh? Sounds like you have a gym husband now!” Carlie was referring to the fact that we both had coworkers we jokingly called our work spouses. There was a Doctor she was friends with she called her “work husband” and there was another attorney she called my “work wife.”

“Just remember,” she continued, guiding her hands back to my butt, “no matter how many butt exercises you do for big Dick, you’re MY girl outside of the gym.” She squeeze my butt again when she said “girl” and started laughing.

“Ouch!” I said. But honestly her words had gotten me a bit hot and with her still squeezing my ass I leaned in for a kiss. She gave me a quick peck but then released and walked away. “Sorry babe, exhausted. I’m going to bed.”

Disappointed and feeling a bit horny, I waddled out of the house towards the bus stop.


I spent the day working distractedly, thinking about the fact that Ryan had my number. I still couldn’t believe I had given it to him. What was wrong with me, I asked myself. I don’t give my number out to people like that, especially not to some random teenage kid. I told myself that if he reached out to me that I’d ask him to delete my number.

The day dragged on. I was still very sore in my core, legs and butt. Even just sitting was somewhat painful. I distracted myself by visiting my coworker Katie – who was the one referred to by friends as my “work wife.” As usual we got along well, joking about our bosses and coworkers in hushed voices, giggling as we glanced furtively around. For whatever reason, I liked to think of this as flirting but I wasn’t sure Katie felt that way.

I was in the middle of telling Katie a story, my phone pinged. I stole a quick glance and saw it was a text form an unknown number. I trailed off mid-sentence and stood staring at my phone.

It read: “How you feeling, babe?

“Jerry?” Katie asked. “Everything alright.”

I stared at Katie momentarily, then bobbed my head quickly “Yep – all great, gotta go though – work calls.” And with that I walked as quickly as my sore ass could take me back to my office.

I stared at the phone. My heart rate had quickened for some reason.

“Who’s this?” I asked, trying to throw Ryan off and discourage him from the get go. It didn’t work.

“I think you know who this is babe – you were caught staring at his huge delicious cock just yesterday.”

I paused, the image of Ryan’s large cock draped over his leg, the outline clearly visible through the towel, filled my head.

“Hi Ryan…” I answered, feeling myself blush. I immediately realized my mistake. I had not only admitted that I was staring at his dick yesterday, but I also implied in my response that I thought it was huge and delicious. Shit! I didn’t think that! But it was too late.

“Ah hah! Figured that one out right away huh Babe? haha”

I started typing, “No, Ryan. I just..” but before I could get further, Ryan followed up: “I’m just kidding babe relax! How you feeling from your workout?’

“Really sore, I could barely walk today.”

“Haha ;). More of that to come I suppose babe. But sore is good! Means you accomplished something. And as I said, nothing is better for a post-workout routine than a deep tissue massage. Let’s hit the gym again today and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.”

I suddenly remembered what I had been intending to do. I slowly typed out a message and clicked send with trepidation.

“Ryan, I appreciate you reaching out to me. But I think it’s inappropriate for you to be texting me. It’s strange, given our age difference. I’m not sure we should be planning to go to the gym together or anything.”

There was a pause on the chain. For some reason my heart hammered inside of my xnxx chest. Then he answered.

“Babe, you’re making way too big of a deal over this. I just thought you could use a couple pointers. Listen, I’m heading to the gym tonight around 9:45. No pressure, but if you’re there I’ll give you a few pointers, that’s it!”

I thought about it for a few minutes. Carlie would be working tonight. But still, I was nervous for some reason and responded: “Thanks, Ryan. I think I’ll skip today – too sore.”

“Alright, but you’ll never develop muscles like these being lazy.”

I didn’t know what he meant until – ping. I looked at my phone. He’d sent me a picture.

I glanced around, making sure no one was coming in. Then opened the image.

The pic was of Ryan, lying on a couch. Taken from his perspective, the picture showed his view looking down his body, wearing only tight, white, calvin klein boxer shorts.

I swallowed hard.

Most prominent in the picture were his huge pecs, at the bottom of the screen, dark and strong. I followed his rippling muscles over his washboard abs to his legs. One was propped up, displaying his large ripped quads. Once again his cock was impossible to ignore, the outline of the behemoth clearly visible through the tight boxers, draped over his left leg.

Another message appeared at the top of my phone screen: “Don’t you want my muscles, babe?”

After a few more seconds of staring at the picture, I responded. “Yeah, okay. See you at 9:45.”


I arrived at the gym at 9:30. I had spent most of the day doubting myself. I alternated between strangely excited and angry about the fact that I had given in to Dick. He was such an arrogant prick, that was clear. But for some reason, I couldn’t shake the desire to impress him. Maybe it was because I wanted to build muscles like his, even at only eighteen years old.

I started my workout. As I had told myself I would do last time, I dumped Ryan’s recommended routine and went back to chest, biceps and back. How was I going to develop muscles like his otherwise?! My workout proceeded and I found myself repeatedly glancing at the door and at the clock. By 10:15, I was thoroughly annoyed, thought I couldn’t say surprised – he was such an arrogant Dick. As I worked through my exercises – push ups, lat pulldowns, shoulder raises – I found I was feeling pretty pumped. I felt that in the short time I had been exercising, I had made some real gains. As I looked at myself in the mirror doing bicep curls, my eyes caught movement in the mirror at the front door and I focused there. There he was. My god he was big. Even with his normal sweatshirt and sweat pants, he still struck an incredibly imposing figure. The thick sweatshirt was tight enough at the shoulders to hint at his size underneath.

I glanced at the clock – 10:25. He was 40 minutes late. Unbelievable. I continued my workout but noticed as Ryan walked over to me.

“Hey baby!” he said. “What’d we say about working those muscle groups? Those are man muscles. You’re not there yet.”

What an ass. “Hey Ryan. Please call me Jerry. I thought we were meeting here at 9:45?”

“I know, but I got tied up with a teacher at school. You’re not mad at me are you babe?” He winked at me and smiled.

Though I tried to stop it, in spite of myself, I gave a small smile back. It was hard to stay mad at him.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do babe. I’m gonna teach you a few heavy lifts, and then you’ll do a bunch of toning and tightening exercises. Heavy weights and low reps to build muscle, and low or no weights with high reps to tighten everything up.” As he said this he approached and ran his hand over my stomach and up my side, his hand picking up on the slight mushroom top there.

I stepped back, embarrassed. I was about to tell him off but of course, at that moment he chose to take off his clothes. First he pulled his pants down, revealing again those tight white shorts he wore so well. (Wore so well? What was I thinking?) He then stripped off his sweatshirt but as he did so, his usual muscle shirt rode up. Only a few feet from me, this displayed his tight, firm abs in better light than I had seen in the sauna. My breath caught.

I was careful to avert my gaze and look instead at his handsome boyish face once he had the sweater off.

“So – that sound like a plan?” He asked.

“I guess.” I answered reluctantly.

“Great – you can help me out on a few exercises today as well. Lets start with dead lifts for you though.”

Ryan brought me over to the free weights area. Momentarily, I realized I was quite lucky to have him as an instructor. He wasn’t even charging me!

“Let me show you how it’s done first.” Ryan loaded up a couple plates to each side of a barbell resting on the floor. He bent over and grabbed the weight. Then with a surprising quickness, straightened up backwards. “The key is to point your butt backwards, then bring it suddenly forward as you lift up.”

Ryan did a few more, his leg muscles brazzers flaring. With every thrust forward I noticed a considerable impact in his crotch area as, presumably, his cock came flying forwards. I looked away as Ryan made eye contact and grinned. “Your turn, first we’ll work on form.”

He took the weights off completely and had me work with the empty bar. “Stand here and relax your body completely, I will show you the best form.” Ryan came up behind me and, while I looked on in the mirror, I again took in how his body outsized me from behind (on every side). My feeling of accomplishment about muscle growth from earlier shrinking fast, he gently placed his right hand on my lower back as he held my hips in place with his left hand on my left hip. I felt his fingers graze and apply pressure to the tip of my hip bone and then felt soft but firm pressure pushing forward on my lower back. I slowly bend over, submitting to his strength and allowing him to maneuver my body. I found my heart rate increasing.

“Good, now this is how you grip the bar.” I had a sharp intake of breath as he stepped right up into me from behind and bent his hard body over mine, pressing himself up against my back. He gripped the bar, one hand facing out and one facing in, bracketing my hands with his own. He paused, his mouth now beside my ear, speaking softly now. “That’s great baby, just adjust this hand a bit.”

With surprising gentleness, he peeled my right hand off the bar and turned it around, closing my hand around the bar with his own so I was switch gripped. After a moment, he moved his again to the side of mine.

“Now” he whispered in my ear. I could just barely feel his lips against the outside of my ear and I felt myself get light-headed. “I want you to pull up and thrust your hips forward, lets do it together, slowly.”

With that, Ryan started straightening up, pulling up the bar and slowly thrusting his hips forward, his pelvis pushing into my butt. I felt his large bulge pressing up against me. Once we were upright, I felt his muscular chest pressing into my back, hard as granite. “Now, as you go back down…” he continued, his lips still brushing my ear “…I want you to push your butt back into me, thrusting it backwards.”

Ryan began lowering the bar. I realized then just how little power I had compared to him. If I tried my hardest to stop the motion of the bar, I doubted I would have any impact. His quads pressed into my legs from behind, and it felt like tree trunks pressed up against a couple twigs. As we slowly lowered the bar to the ground, I thrust my hips backwards, grinding my ass into him.

“That’s great babe. Nice.” I felt a quick flush of pride that I suppressed, knowing it was silly. Still, we kept going with the deadlifts, with Ryan admittedly doing most of the work. He thrust into me and I grinded back into him. My head was swimming now and I watched our progress in the mirror. Ryan was grinning at me devilishly and I couldn’t help but let out a giggle as we proceeded, which I again tried to cover up.

“Great, you really feel great babe” he whispered in my ear. With that, he let go and stood up. I felt suddenly empty, exposed. I realized it had felt so safe with Ryan around me.

“Do a few more sets without me okay?” He turned and walked away, my eyes following his broad back, retreating. I did a few more sets and realized just how hard this exercise was, when I actually had to do the work.

Ryan wandered over. “Okay, that’s it for the heavy stuff for today. Now I want you to work on toning and balance. Here’s a 15 minute video, follow her instructions.”

‘Her?’ I thought. Ryan handed me his phone and on the screen was a youtube video entitled “Butt lift and slim thighs tone-up.” On screen was a thin but curvaceous white girl. Her booty was facing the camera in the screenshot, with one leg raised and her looking sexily over her shoulder. “Isn’t she hot?” Ryan said. “She’s got the best fucking ass.”

I tried to recover some of my seniority and professionalism. “Sure Ryan, but it’s not so appropriate to objectify her like that.”

“Ha, okay babe. Whatever you say – just work that ass!” And he gave me a quick soft tap on my butt. I glared at him.

Still, I pressed play. As I watched, I couldn’t help but agree with Ryan. She had an amazing butt and she was in great shape. I guess it couldn’t hurt to give her exercise a try. I proceeded to spend 15 minutes doing leg lifts (lying on my stomach and my side), lunges, and crunches.

Every time I glanced at Ryan, he was lifting heavy weights. Punching out reps with a look of grim determination on his face. He was somewhat intimidating when he was doing them. I noticed his muscles seemed to increase in size even more as he pumped up going through his routines.

As I neared the end of the video, I saw Ryan tying a weighted belt around his waist. He jumped up and grabbed the pull-up bar and proceeded to crank out rep after rep of pull-ups and chin-ups. His arm and shoulder muscles were sikiş izle on full and spectacular display as he continued his pull-ups, seemingly with little difficulty.

“Hey babe, I need your help.” He called to me. I walked over, wondering how I could help him.

“I need additional weight. Can you stand on my feet and hold on to me as I do some more pull-ups?”

“What – no way you can do that.” I said. “That’s another 170 lbs.”

“170 huh? Lets try to bring that down to the 145-150 area.” I blushed, embarrassed.

“Anyways,” he continued, “that’s not a problem.”

“Come off it,” I said, really not believing him now.

“You don’t believe I can do it? Fine, lets make a bet. If I can do 10 pull-ups with you hanging on, and I’ll leave the weight belt on, you give me a post-workout deep-tissue massage.”

I hesitated. “And if I win?”

He locked eyes with me and looked at me intensely. “I’ll let you suck my dick.”

My heart skipped a beat and I stared back at him, stunned. Then, he started laughing.

“I’m just kidding babe! Oh man you should see your face, it’s so cute.”

I flushed, my heart was beating again, hammering away. He continued, “if you win, I’ll buy you a workout outfit, how about that?”

“Sure, I guess.” I said

With that, he beckoned me over. I approached him, stepped onto his feet, and put my hands around his body. As I breathed in I could smell his masculine odor. My hands gripped onto his taught back muscles. I tried to hold only loosely but as soon as he began I realized I was very unstable. I also realized my head was about to hit the bar!

I bent over and held on tightly. I felt his back muscles contract and release as he went up and down. Every inch of his body was firm and hard. I also felt Dick’s huge dick pressing into my stomach.

I tried to put it all out of my mind, thinking about how inappropriate it was for me to be holding onto this eighteen year old adonis.

Of course, he easily made it to 10 reps and then threw in 10 more for good measure. I hopped off when he was done, embarrassed.

“Great, lets go get that massage.”

After a moment, I reluctantly replied, “Fine, but lets make it quick.”

“Whatever you say, babe. Let’s do it in the Sauna.”

Our lockers weren’t near one another and so we separated and planned to meet in the sauna. I took a few minutes getting ready. I knew I had to calm down. This teenager was walking all over me and I knew I was giving him too much leeway. I told myself I would give him a very quick massage and then leave. I put on my bathing suit and walk towards the sauna.

As I entered the sauna, these thoughts dissipated instantly. Ryan was lying down on one of the benches, only covered by a small towel draped across his lap. He already had a layer of perspiration over his body and his huge chest rose and fall gently. His eyes appeared closed but he grinned when he heard me come in.

“Glad you finally made it. Shall we get started.”

“…sure…” I answered quietly.

I walked over to him, staring down at his large frame, stretched out before me. “Why don’t you start with my shoulders and arms.”

I nodded absently (dumb as his eyes were closed) and brought my hands up. I rested them on his shoulder and ran them slowly down his arm, feeling the heavy and dense bicep and forearms. I ran my hands back up to his shoulder, feeling the ridge between bicep and shoulder. I gripped his arm firmer and ran my fingers down the inside.

I couldn’t believe the size of his arms. Wit two hands around his bicep, my fingers were still no where near touching each other.

“Don’t forget the other arm.” I moved over, stretching over his body and doing the same to the other arm. After a few minutes of this he asked me to start on his chest.

I brought my hands there and found they were trembling slightly. I rest them on his pecs and squeezed and pushed along the outside, then the middle. My fingers passed over his nipples. I did it again, pressing harder this time, my hands moving faster and faster.

“Lower” he ordered.

Without pausing, my hands dropped to his abs, his hard muscles pressing up into my fingers as I pressed my fingers back. My hands rand up and down his abs, squeezing and pressing. Ryan’s body barely yielded to my touch. Wherever muscle or skin would recede, it bounced back immediately.

At this point I was rubbing his lower abs, just below the belly button and up and down the “v” that led down…under the towel.

“Lower” he said again.

I paused, contemplating my next move. My hands passed slowly over the towel, not touching it, and came to rest on Ryan’s strong left leg. I glanced at his face, wanting to gauge his reaction. He only grinned.

I ran my hands along his legs, first one then both at the same time. His firm quads were huge under my fingertips. At this point, my eyes were locked on to Ryan’s package. As before, it was clearly outlined by the towel and draped over his right leg. I found that without thinking it, my left hand, sliding up and down his right leg, began to inch upward, even sliding up under the towel a couple times. I realized this at some point and stopped it’s progress.

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