Diagnosis Murder Prequel: The Lovers


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I was recently asked to write a story of how Jesse and Steve met. For fans of DM, I have to confess I only started watching it after Jesse was already an established character and never saw how the series introduced him or how he and Steve first met. However I think there is a great chemistry between the characters and that they make a great couple. So this is my take on how they came to be lovers.


The sun was a bright gold in the cloudless turquoise sky. The sea was a shimmering azure with enough waves to make surfing enjoyable without being too challenging. However, the small, slim blond sat on his towel, his board at his side, unable to take pleasure in any of it.

He knew he should be happy. The move to Community General had been the best he had ever made. His learning had shot up in leaps and bounds thanks to the mentorship of Dr Mark Sloan. Mark was more than just his teacher. He had become the father he had never known and Mark’s approval was important to him. Mark was also one of his best friends, one he turned to again and again and yet, at this moment, Jesse felt more alone and isolated than ever before in his life. As open-minded, intelligent and sharp-witted as Mark was, this was one problem Jesse did not feel able to share.

Nor was it one he could share with Amanda, nor with Steve. Jesse knew it was eating at him and he had to do something, but there was no one in whom he felt he could confide.

He was in love.

He had been struck by the stunning blond from the moment they had first met. Each and every one of Jesse’s buttons had been pressed and pressed hard. They had become friends, good friends, but nothing more. There was no indication Jesse’s awkward advances would be appreciated and the slim, blond medic knew they would be awkward. He had never approached anyone for a date that he had fallen in love with before. He had simply selected someone who seemed receptive, gone out once or twice and then called a halt before things could get serious.

This time, there was so much to lose if he said or did the wrong thing. So many people’s friendships he valued were at stake. He was beginning to debate leaving the hospital, finding another internship, although he knew that was just running away. The more he had got to know the other blond, the deeper his feelings had become. Not just attractive on the outside, they were intelligent, compassionate, courageous and a trusted friend.

They were also a cop, male and the son of Mark Sloan.

Steve Sloan, the object of Jesse’s unrequited love. No one at Community General knew he was gay. He knew it did not always go down well and the blond wanted to build his reputation before his private life came under scrutiny. That was why he felt so isolated, so unable to go to any of the people he trusted most. As open-minded as Mark was, Jesse did not feel he could reveal his sexuality, much less that he was in love with the older man’s son.

He pressed the heels of his hands into sky blue eyes that filled with tears. He did not know how to move on. How to keep spending time in Steve’s company watching everything he said or did so as not to embarrass himself. It sometimes made him seem clumsier than he was and he knew it could only get worse. He scrubbed roughly at the tears before they could fall. He had to find a way of excising his feelings for Steve as anything more than just a friend, or move on from the hospital. He could see no other options.

“Hey, Jess, surf’s up, man.”

Jesse started as the object of his dreams came to stand before him. Where the slender medic wore baggy Bermudas, Steve had a pair of black ‘Speedos’ that hugged every contour of the impressive package Jesse desperately wanted to examine with all the skill and care of his doctor’s training. Instead, however, he immediately jumped to his feet, his trademark smile on his face, not letting Steve see his sadness.

“Just enjoying the rays, man,” he countered. “Day off?”

“Rescheduled one they owed me. Dad said you were here, so let’s get to it, surfer boy.”


Steve stared with confusion and affection at the small blond bundle curled trustingly beside him to lie with his head on Steve’s thigh.

“Something wrong, son?” Mark asked, watching with hidden amusement as Steve’s fingers played with Jesse’s hair.

“I think there is, Dad,” Steve replied. “Something’s bothering Jess, but he hasn’t confided in me or Amanda.” Unconsciously still stroking Jesse’s hair, Steve looked up at his father to see a sympathetic look on the older Sloan’s face.

“I’ve noticed, too,” Mark admitted. “But he hasn’t spoken to me either.”

“Did another nurse dump him?” Steve asked with a frown. Protectiveness washing over him for the small blond as always when he thought Jess could be hurt.

“I think you need to put those detective skills to better use if you think he is always dumped,” Mark said enigmatically. “I may be your father, and a tad biased, but I think you’re a good porno 64 detective. Put the clues together. Now why don’t you take sleeping beauty to bed?”

“What?” Steve gulped, his hand flying from its comfortable niche on Jesse’s shoulder where it had been gently massaging the younger man.

“Spare bedroom?” Mark said, hiding his laughter. “Put Jess in there as he won’t be going home tonight.”

“Oh, sure,” Steve nodded. He carefully scooped the slight body into his arms, an unconscious smile playing about his lips as Jesse nestled close. He was so engrossed in ensuring he did not bump his precious bundle, he did not see the look of fond exasperation on his father’s face.

Steve put Jesse in the guest bed and knelt alongside the smaller man.

“I wish you’d talk to me, Jess,” he murmured softly. He suppressed a gasp as sleepy, turquoise orbs briefly opened and a warm smile spread across Jesse’s face.

“Love you, Steve,” he muttered, before his eyes closed again.

Steve remained where he was for a moment before hurrying to his bedroom. His mind was in a whirl as he stripped and flopped onto his bed. He sat, propped against his pillows, fingering his shaft as he replayed Jesse’s words over and over.

Although Steve had married, it had been because he had been told he was to be a father. Unfortunately there had been no pregnancy, just a ‘late’ cycle. As a consequence, the marriage had failed and Steve had confessed all to his father. He smiled remembering Mark was proud Steve had taken his responsibilities seriously, but had advised against any similar action again. The marriage had made both of them unhappy because it was for the wrong reasons.

Steve had often tried to convince himself he was bi, liking women as much as men, but he knew he was just lying to himself. He preferred men. However, he was unsure how liberally minded his Dad would really be when it came to his own family. Mark was still quite a traditionalist in some ways and so and only his Captain knew he dated men as well as women. There was still a lot of intolerance in his line of work which made things even more difficult in regards being open. When the itch got too much, he told Mark he was going out of town and took off to indulge. It made for a lonely existence at times.

His thoughts returned to Jesse and to his father’s cryptic comments. Could Mark have guessed…? In a way the big blond would not be surprised, Mark Sloan had a quick eye and quicker mind. As for Jesse…? Did the younger man mean he loved Steve as a friend, a brother, or something more? His erection cheered for something more. Pre-come began leaking liberally as Steve indulged in a favourite Jesse fantasy: the slender blond astride his body, riding him to completion as Steve stroked the younger man to a mind-blowing climax. He gave a groan as his shaft throbbed appreciatively at the image.

Steve had not sought out a male companion since Jesse had arrived several months earlier. However, he had only seen the medic date female nurses, but it was a date or two and then goodbye. He pinched a nipple, his hips beginning to thrust into his hand. He had done the same on occasion. His eyes widened: he had done the same on occasion. His hand began to fly over prodigious flesh, Jesse’s name a soft whisper on his lips. He came over his stomach in pearly strands. He languidly reached for baby wipes and removed the evidence of his climax.

He was a good cop and perhaps he had missed subtle clues because he had purposely not looked for them. He grinned. He intended to investigate the possibility of Jesse as more-than-friend. A smile on his lips, he slipped into sleep, a nubile blond featuring prominently in his x-rated dreams.


Jesse did not know whether he was in Heaven or Hell, whether his dreams were coming true or he had lost his mind. For the last week Steve had been acting … differently…around him. He was still the same Steve Sloan to the eye, but a hand on Jess’s shoulder was accompanied by a squeeze and a thumb that rubbed, the action seemingly hot-wired to Jess’s groin. A large hand was often proprietarily in the small of his back as they walked together. Steve’s eyes, his smile, even his voice were different; warmer, more sensual, deeper. A part of Jesse was cheering energetically and feeling like the cat that got the cream with each lingering touch. The other was guilty about reading something into the actions of a friend that was not there.

He headed to the elevator only for Steve to appear and join him. Jesse knew Steve was standing closer than normal when the elevator shuddered to a halt between floors.

Steve made an impatient exclamation. He was pleased enough to be alone with Jesse, but not in a stuck elevator. He hit the emergency button and growled who he was, who was with him and their location. He then turned to Jesse and every protective instinct surged to the fore.

Jesse was white-faced, his eyes wide and frightened and he was huddled porno izle against the far wall.

“Jess,” Steve said softly. “It’s ok, Jess.” He moved slowly towards the terrified young man.

“I don’t like being in enclosed spaces,” Jesse whispered, his voice shaky.

“It’s ok, Jess,” Steve repeated, drawing the shivering form into a tight embrace. “I’ll look after you until they get this thing moving again, sweetheart.” The endearment had slipped out unthinkingly and Steve winced, hoping he had not gone too far.

“S…sweetheart?” Jesse asked, looking up with eyes filled with wonder into Steve’s oceanic eyes.

“Sweetheart,” Steve confirmed and dropped his head to take possession of the lips he had coveted since first seeing the beautiful blond. A soft whimper meant the lips parted and Steve’s tongue swept inside. Slowly he mapped every nuance of Jesse’s warm, wet cavern before teasing Jesse’s shyer muscle into play. He tightened his grip as their tongues danced to music only they could hear. Slowly, he eased them to the floor, Jesse’s back against a wall, and continued his oral assault. Finally they had to part to breathe.

“Oh, Jesse,” Steve husked. “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

“I dreamt of you kissing me, but it was nothing like the real thing,” Jesse confessed quietly.

“We have a lot of wasted time to make up, angel,” Steve smiled, nibbling at kiss-swollen lips.

“I…I have a confession,” Jesse whispered, his voice so soft Steve could barely hear him. “I’ve, you know, I’ve never…all the way.” Jesse ducked his head shyly.

Steve’s half-hard shaft surged at the hesitant confession. He had never taken anyone’s virginity. He intended to be Jesse’s first and last lover. He tilted the exquisite face to look at him.

“I promise I’ll take good care of you, angel,” he vowed.

At that moment, the elevator lurched into life. With a cop’s pragmatism, Steve stood, pulling Jesse with him, manoeuvring the smaller man to stand buried against his side. The doors finally opened and Mark and Amanda stood there hovering anxiously.

“Jesse?” Mark asked, worry colouring his tone.

“If it’s ok with you, Dad, I’d like to get him home. He suffers from claustrophobia; he needs to get out of here.”

“I know,” Mark nodded. “I can get the necessary cover. Take it easy, Jess. Thanks, Steve.”

Part of Steve acknowledged he had taken advantage of his Dad’s good nature and concern for his surrogate son. But, more importantly, he knew it gave Jesse and him chance to be alone in comfort. From the way Jesse remained glued to his side, Steve decided it was worth the small deception.


Inside Jesse’s small apartment, the young doctor immediately disappeared into his kitchen to make coffee. Steve let him go, waiting a moment or two, and then went to join him. Jesse stood as if lost in the tiny space. Two empty coffee mugs on the counter the only signs he had done anything since taking refuge in there. Steve slid his arms around the slender blond’s waist, nuzzling into the vulnerable throat.

“Come and sit down,” he husked, urging a pliant Jesse into the living room.

Steve sat, pulling the medic onto his lap and arranging the smaller man to be able to look into the expressive blue eyes.

“It’s ok to be nervous, sweetheart,” he smiled. “It was hardly the hearts and roses build-up to a romantic declaration of love, but I do love you, Jesse.”

“You…you do?” Jesse asked, his eyes widening.

“I do,” Steve said, laying claim to Jesse’s lips. As they broke apart his tilted his head and raised his eyebrow. He was rewarded by a crimson stain on Jesse’s cheeks.

“I love you, too,” Jesse whispered before burying his face into Steve’s broad chest. “I’ve wanted to tell you for so long,” he added. “It’s like I’m in a dream. I’m afraid I fainted in the elevator and I’m going to wake up and find this is another fantasy.” His face lifted and turquoise orbs regarded Steve with a mix of love and uncertainty

“Does this feel like a fantasy?” Steve rumbled, his hand squeezing between Jesse’s legs, finding the half-hard shaft and encouraging it to fill further. He recognised the insecurity and wanted to banish it as quickly as possible. He needed Jesse to know this was no dream and not a once-only scenario. He leant the pliant body back to be able to use both hands to maximum effect.

“N…no, feels good,” Jesse moaned, his hips pushing into the much desired contact. The dexterity and speed of Steve’s free hand astounded the young doctor as his shirt fell open to a look of desire and longing in Steve’s darkened, cerulean eyes that rocked him to his core.

Both men had seen each other almost naked on the many occasions they had hit the beach together, but Steve had never looked at him *that* way before. It was a look filled with a potent mix of arousal, appreciation and yearning that left the smaller blond defenceless. He whimpered needily, reaching for the older man sex izle and immediately Steve responded to him. Their lips met once more, Jesse’s tongue sliding into Steve’s mouth for the agile muscles to dance to silent music and then Jesse yielded control to Steve.

Steve found Jesse’s responsiveness incredibly arousing. He was no Dom, but the older man did like being dominant in bed. Jesse exuded confidence as a doctor yet was often plagued by self-doubt outside that role. Here, in Steve’s arms, Jesse seemed able to let the bigger man know what he needed whilst remaining the more pliant partner. It was a heady combination that left Steve almost intoxicated with desire. He had wanted Jesse so very much for so very long. However, he kept reminding himself that his beautiful blond was still chaste, was yet to experience all the pleasures of lovemaking. The older man made a mental vow to make the night memorable for his new lover.

“Steve,” the low, wanton moan seemed hotwired to the bigger man’s already throbbing shaft.

As he deepened the kiss, he had deftly unfastened his nubile blond’s pants to tenderly stroke hard, damp flesh. Jesse’s hips were trying to buck in tempo to his masterful strokes.

“Feels so good, so different,” Jesse murmured. His previous encounters had always been with men of a similar, slight build to his own. He had never had a lover as big as Steve and the older man’s size and strength were a potent aphrodisiac. The sensation of his engorged shaft engulfed in Steve’s calloused paw was almost enough to make Jesse come on its own. When Steve’s thumb teased over the sensitive slit, Jesse lost all coherent thought. Lights danced before his eyes as he convulsed in his mate’s arms, his pearlescent crème adorning Steve’s gently pumping hand.

Steve had never seen anything as beautiful or erotic as Jesse in the throes of his climax. He expertly milked the smaller blond until Jesse was limp and sated. He gave a feral grin as half-lidded eyes gazed up at him and he slowly and deliberately licked his hand clean of Jesse’s release. At the soft whimper he bent to share a Jesse-flavoured kiss with his lover.

“Sweet, beautiful, just like you, Jess.” He husked.

“Love you, Steve,” Jesse murmured, reaching to twine his hands at the back of Steve’s neck. “Make love with me?”

Steve made a low rumbling groan of pleasure, sweeping Jesse into his arms and into the small bedroom. He laid his precious bundle on the bed, swiftly divesting the lithe body of the clothing hampering his appreciation of his beautiful blond mate.

“You, Steve,” Jesse moaned, his body writhing with need. “Wanna see you.”

“You will, angel,” Steve vowed. Steve stripped slowly, performing for his lover, hoping the tableau would arouse his smaller mate. He gave a feral grin as he saw Jesse’s sated sex begin to fill and re-harden. When they made love, he wanted Jesse to come with him. As soon as he threw the last of his clothing aside, he crawled between the slender legs spread wide in silent invitation.

He placed open-mouthed kisses from ankle to knee. His tongue licked up each satin thigh to allow the big male to nuzzle happily at Jesse’s sac.

“Gonna make you feel so good, babe,” Steve promise, rubbing his face into the curls at Jesse’s groin. He licked slowly along Jesse’s hardening length, savouring his lover’s scent, fulfilling a long-held desire to taste the younger man.

“Ohh!” Jesse moaned, arching his hips and instinctively spreading his legs wider still to give the older man better access.

Steve’s large hands held the smaller man’s hips, not wanting his lover to do any of the work as he pleasured Jesse. Settling in deeper between the outstretched legs, he began in earnest. Every inch of Jesse’s shaft was reverently explored. Delicate licks to the slick head and firmer mouthing and nibbling of its length were followed by a devout tongue bathing of Jesse’s sensitive testes.

“Good?” Steve asked, the glazed and desire-darkened eyes telling him more eloquently than any words.

“Wonderful,” Jesse panted. He groaned as the older man descended on his penis again, using both his hands and mouth. The previous exploration had been gentle and reverent, this time his lover’s caresses were firm and sure as Steve expertly pleasured him, more certain of how to handle Jesse’s endowments.

The experienced man engulfed Jesse’s leaking erection to its root and then carefully scraped along its length with his teeth. He was gentle around the sensitive sac and lightly grazed the skin of Jesse’s perineum, grinning at the deep groan which was his reward. He obeyed the insistent tugging at his hair to blanket the slighter form and gaze proprietarily down at Jesse’s flushed face.

“Make love with me, Steve,” Jesse pleaded.

“Lube, condoms?” Steve asked huskily, wanting nothing more than to bury himself in his mate’s body, the raw need in Jesse’s voice and eyes fuelling his own.

“Lube in the drawer,” Jesse whispered. “I don’t have condoms. I’ve never needed them. But I’m clean, Steve, I swear it and I know you are. I helped your Dad run your tests. I’ve waited so long for you, Steve. I’ve dreamt of feeling you inside me. Please?”

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