Delia Pt. 01



I sat on the couch, legs crossed in a proper fashion, my martini glass resting on my knee. What number was that? Three? Four? Hell I couldn’t remember. My gaze was set on him, six-four, broad shoulders, brown shaggy hair, a smile that melted you, blue eyes that captivated you and those jeans that he wore a little too tight.

He was definitely the same stud of a man I’d married four years earlier. But on the inside he was nowhere near the same man I’d fallen for. The man who use to gaze into my eyes and see my soul now looked straight through me. The man who brought me flowers on my bad days was replaced with a man who never asked me how my day was. The man that could not keep his hands off of me…he faded into a man who seemed repulsed by the sight of me.

Looking around was our home, our immaculately decorated living room and gourmet kitchen, the dining room made of cherry, big enough to seat eight, although only two people lived there. I wondered when he fell out of love with me? When did I stop being the apple of his eye and all that mushy shit he always claimed. Where did our life go? The home we’d built together had become cold. Where were we?

I’m snapped back to reality by the shrill laughter of the only person who gets me. Her name is Delia, she and her husband had taken quite the liking to my husband and me. Our first ‘couple friends’ since we got married. I see my husband fist-pumping Jack and am compelled to ask what is going on.

“We are talking about a spouse swap!” Matthew says as he sloshes over to sit next to me, wrapping his arm around me for the first time in weeks. “What’d’ya say? Might be fun to swap for a day!” He says. He seems to be kidding, he seems to be drunk and hell who knows if he is kidding… But why the hell would you ever suggest that?? You just said hey I wanna fuck your best friend. I should just pour my martini down his polo and call it quits.

“Yeah, sure,” I say with a sly smile. “But, I’m taking this spouse.”

I giggle as I gently lay my free hand on Delia’s thigh. It definitely took them by surprise as I laid down my martini, grabbed Delia’s bursa escort hand and took off for the bedroom. The guys’ jaws were on the floor and it humored me to see that!

I’d always been attracted to women and my past three relationships before Matthew had been with ladies, but I was against labels, so when Matthew came into the picture I just rolled with it. The feelings never went away, though. Multiple ladies had drawn my attention and a few had come to the bed with Matthew and I. But I felt like a pig, objectifying women like that.

When we met Delia and Jack, though, I was instantly connected with Delia. She was Latina with beautiful, sun kissed skin. Around 5’2, which, compared to my 5’7, put her right at chest level. C cup breasts always revealing enough cleavage to keep you longing but not enough to be trashy. Her hair was beautiful, long, jet black and fell perfectly around her supple breasts just accenting them more.

For such a petite girl she seemed to have the longest legs, probably the way she dressed her self, always so amazingly. We’d had some sexual tension from the beginning.

I’d never made it a secret that I thought she was beautiful and knowingly or not she flirted all the time. Often in the kitchen making drinks my hand would brush up against her soft cheek or across her hand. Many times there were subtle, or not so subtle, hints dropped at how badly I’d love to take her to the bedroom.

Nothing sexual had happened between the two of us, probably out of respect for our pig husbands. However, she’d heard many of my stories and always seemed more than intrigued.

This was our chance, if our husbands wanted a swap then why not?? Delia’s hand in my own I stepped into the bedroom and locked the door behind me.

“A-are you serious?” she almost whispered.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t been thinking it,” I said softly as I planted my lips firmly on hers.

It was the first time we’d kissed. In our two and a half years of friendship, all the flirting, all the touching and this was the first time we’d kissed. It was like an electric shock through my escort bursa entire body. For the first time in a long time I felt alive. I was overwhelmed with excitement.

I stepped back to take a look at her reaction, although I just wanted to rip every shred of her clothing off at that moment. She was smiling and she leaned forward to kiss me again.

“So you liked that, huh?” I whispered in her ear, as my hands easily found their way over her beautiful curves and her breathing became heavy.

My hand found it’s way to the hem of her skirt and I slid them up to her cute little ass, no panties, Delia, really? Oh, well better for me! Grabbing her ass I remove the space between us, kissing her passionately. A hand still on her ass, the other one goes to her amazing breast.

I begin to kiss her neck, nibbling and breathing on it. Her back beginning to arch with my kisses, her breath now incredibly heavy…I begin to wonder where else she’s feeling the effects of our steamy session.

“Are you wet?” I whisper between kisses on her neck and cleavage.

A barely audible, breathy, “yes,” escapes her lips.

“What was that, I didn’t quite hear you…” She rolled her eyes, my playful banter was usually something she loved.

“Fine, I’ll see for myself,” I joked, looking into her eyes. I slid my hand from her ass to her wet pussy, teasing her lips with my fingers. Delia’s body pulsed with every stroke of my fingers.

“Mmm, you’re practically dripping… You should take care of that..”

She moaned.

“You bitch,” she said playfully.

“Bitch, huh?” I said playfully.

We hadn’t made it farther than the door so I picked her up, kissing her, carrying her to the bed and throwing her down like they do on the movies.

“So, if you think I’m such a bitch…I guess I shouldn’t lick your soaking, tight, wet, beautiful pussy, then. Huh?” With every adjective I used I stroked her wet vagina lips.

“Oh, god,” she whimpered between heavy breathes.

Slipping her dress over her head, I was pleased to see no bra too.

Breathily, I requested, bursa escort bayan “Tell me what you want me to do to you?”

Delia sighed, she knew I wouldn’t do anything unless she answered, “fuck me, baby!” Shockingly, she practically yelled.

I kissed her lips softly and worked my way down to her voluptuous boobs taking her nipples in my mouth. Every part of her body tasted sweet as honey. She let out a soft moan, arching her back as I flicked my tongue on her nipple. I loved watching her body pulse at my expense.

The anticipation was making me crazy, all I could think about was her wet pussy calling my name. I kissed all the way down to her crotch. I’d finally made it to my destination, a perfectly trimmed vagina, landing strip to the thing i’d been longing for soo long. I began to lick her lips still teasing. Her body was already grinding on my face, and I loved it.

Her clit was swollen and pulsing..I wrapped my lips around it and began to suck slowly, flicking my tongue. She was moaning now, maybe louder than any woman I’d fucked before. The thought crossed my mind that maybe she’d been wanting this as badly as I had. I took my focus off of her clit to focus on her vagina using my tongue to sop up some of that wetness… And I just thought that her breasts were sweet.

Finally, I slipped my fingers into her tight cunt. Her body thrust into my fingers with every push, my lips back focused on her clit. She was grinding, moaning and screaming my name. I brought my face up to hers, kissing her softly but finger fucking her. I could tell by her movement she was on the verge of orgasm.

I couldn’t wait for the moment. As I sucked her clit, again and pushed my fingers deep inside of her pussy she announced her eminent orgasm. She began to quake as her pussy let the juices flow and I found out that my best friend and current lover was a squirted. And god was that hot.

I left my fingers inside as she rode out her orgasm, her juices continuing to flow and her breathing turning into panting. I slipped my fingers out and thought about licking her sweetness off but stuck my fingers in her mouth first.

“That was hot!” I sighed, as I lay down next to her on the bed.

“Yeah, it was amazing,” she replied as she rolled over, kissing me and cuddling into my body.

“We aren’t finished, yet,” I said with a wink.

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