Daryl is Home

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Daryl’s first day at college he finds himself alone on a path to the jogging track. He is lost in his own thought as he walks the narrow path. Daryl is not a big man, just average, but he has been well trained by his retired marine uncle. So when he hears a few load voices he turns off the path to see what is going. There in a small clearing is a small thin young oriental man. Three other men one black and two whites surround him. It looks to Daryl as if the three are going to hurt the young oriental so Daryl jumps in the clearing and come to the ad of the small man.

The fight that took place did not last but a few seconds but when it was over the three roughens were routed. Daryl and the young man were standing back-to-back watching the three run away. Daryl faces the young man and they start to laugh. From what Daryl saw this smallish man may not have needed any help after all. After self-introductions the two walked off laughing. Daryl jogged for an hour and was about to leave when he was approached by the young Oriental.

The man said, he was leaving that night to return to his home country and he wanted to give Daryl some thing for helping him. He pressed into Daryl’s hand a silver ring. On top there was a small face of a dragon. He was told to turn it into his palm whenever he wanted the magic of the ring to help him. Daryl thanks him and he was gone. Of course Daryl felt this was just a friendly gesture for his help. Thinking little more about it Daryl returned to his new apartment.

It was a small complex with only forty apartments. The next day Daryl was by the pool when a lovely girl came down and sat across the pool from him it was hard to not watch her for she was not only a lovely face but also a body that was perfect. Daryl was wondering if he would have a chance to meet this sweet thing. He held up his hand to cover his eyes from the sun. As he did he saw and remember the ring. Just for a laugh he turned the ring into his palm, closed his fist around it and said, “ I wish she would come over here and sit my me.”

Nothing happened so he lay back on his lounge chair and closed his eyes from the sun. Just then a shadow crossed his face and he opened his eyes to see this lovely girl standing there over him. He looked up as she said, “May I join you since we are the only two out here we may as well introduce ourselves.”

Daryl was stunned and joyfully so as he smiled an said,” Please do, my name is Daryl” she was a Judy from Miami. This was her first year as was Daryl. It was some time later when Daryl thought more about the ring. Of course it had nothing to do with her coming over to his side of the pool that was just a coincidence. But out of curiosity he turned it into his palm and thought it would be great if she wanted to come up to my apartment and screw me.

The girl stood and took Daryl by the hand and Avrupalı porno said, “Where is your apartment? I think we need a shower Don’t you?” It was two hours later when Daryl opened his door to let her out. She kissed him and walked slowly back to her own apartment. Daryl had been well fucked, sucked and royally laid by this wonderful beauty. This fucking ring had to be the sources of his magic this after noon.

He removed the ring and looked at it carefully under a bright light. It was just a plan silver ring except for the eyes of the dragon were tiny little blue stones. Nothing like he had ever seen before. Daryl was beginning to believe in magic. Or maybe it was just his magic that had won the affections of that little girl this afternoon. He had to try it out again but where and how. It was Friday afternoon and he did not have any classes till Tuesday. So the thought of going home sounded like a great idea. It was only a five-hour drive straight out the interstate.

He pulled into the driveway of his home just after midnight. There was a dim glow coming from the den. He guessed his mother was watching a late show. So he rang the doorbell before he opened the door just so his entering the house would not scare her. She was standing in the hall when he stepped in. ‘Hi Mom I just had to come home for the weekend. Not much to do till Tuesday.”

She said he was most welcome because she was not use to him being gone yet. They hugged and Daryl carried his small bag up to his room. Daryl sat on his bed thinking of his mother. She had been a single parent for the last ten years and she had given Daryl everything to help him get through school and into college. He loved his mother maybe a little more than most young men love there mothers Daryl had often gone to sleep thinking of how it would be if he was making love to his mother.
After all she was a very attractive lady, a pretty face with long dark hair and small breasts that were very pointed. Many times he had seen her nipples pointing through the thin silk rob she would wear sometimes. He wanted to see his mother naked and to kiss her body, to lick her clitoris and see her react to his advances. How would she feel if he stood naked in front of her? He thought of her and without thinking he turned the ring into his palm. He dropped his underwear on the floor and stood there naked as he said, “ Mother come up to my room and lay with me in bed.”

Daryl waited for a few minutes then he heard the sound of her feet on the stairs. His door opened and his mother entered. He said, “Mother come lay with me and take your rob and gown off. His mother stood there looking at his naked body. She was in some kind of daze; she was there but not there at the same time. He wanted her to be there but he wanted it to be her choice and he wanted her to love him Video porno the same way he wanted to love her. He watched as she dropped her gown on the floor. S

he was naked and Daryl thought she was beautiful He came to her and took her in his arms. He kissed her on the mouth. His hand cupped her breasts and caressed the nipples. Daryl felt her shiver and at first he though she was trying to get away from him. But he then felt her tongue dart into his mouth. She was kissing him back. He hugged her close feeling her breasts press tightly to his chest. He dropped a hand to her firm plump rear. He curled his fingers to the cheeks. He pulled her to him so his erection was pushed between her legs. He said, “Mother I love you and want you to love me, do you love me, do you want to make love to me?”

Her answer came is a low steady voice. “Oh, Daryl I have wanted to love you for so long.”

They fell back on the bed and Daryl pulled her to him He just held her for a long time; no words were spoken yet both were screaming for the love of the other. Daryl had no need of a magic ring to make love to his mother. The mother he had wanted to make love to for so many years. In Daryl’s mind he wanted the feeling between he and his mother to be real not forced by what ever power the ring possesses. He had his mother in his arms there naked bodies were curled together. Daryl slipped the ring from his finger and put it on the night stand next to the bed.

He lifted her mouth to his they kissed again, he was so pleased because she reacted to him. Her tongue traced circles around inside his mouth. Daryl sucked on her tongue. is hand captured her small breast and the nipple was so erect. Daryl felt her move so she could reach between them and take his hard cock in her hand. The thrill as almost more than Daryl could stand. The love of his life, was feeling his cock, she as aroused as much as he was. His mother, in his mind he said, it over and over again. Mother, mother oh, my, my mother I am going to make love to my mother.

To the woman that gave me life. My cock is going into her cunt from whence I came. Daryl pulled his mother up and placed her over on her back. He moved so he was above her. He kissed her breasts, he kissed her belly, he parted her legs and let his tongue part her sweet pussy lips. He lick her up and down. he licked up and pressed the tip of his tongue hard to her clitoris. He felt her shiver. sliding his hands under her ass he lifted her up so he could lick her wet hot juicy cunt. He sucked her clitoris till she shook and shivered she dug her heels into he bed and jammed her pussy against his mouth. He tasted his mother cum for the first time hoping it would not be the last.

He pulled her pussy wide and ran his tongue in as far as it would reach licking her wetness. He heard her say. “ Oh, Daryl , my god, Oh my that was so extreme, so wonderful I have not cum like that for years.” Then she laughed at what they had done and she said, “ Daryl, My god, you licked your mother pussy and I was so aroused I cam for my son. My son, licked me to a climax. how wonderful. Can I do any less.”

She pushed Daryl over on his back and quickly move to get between his knees. On all four she lowered her mouth capturing his cock head between her lips. Daryl was so thrill at the sight of his loving mother’s mouth going down his cock he damn near came then. He said, “Mother suck my cock let me cum for you, let me cum in your mouth. Oh, mother , I want to fuck your mouth. you will be my cocksucker for ever and I will be your darling cunt licker. Are you going to be my cocksucker, mother?” She nodded and took his cock into her mouth all the way to his balls.

She was doing thing with her tongue he would not believe could be done. Then he felt her press a finger to his tight ass hole . that was so exciting he jerked and drove his cock into her throat. She gagged but recovered and sucked him some more. She felt his balls pull up tight under her throbbing cock and she knew he was about to cum of her. At the first spasm she rammed a finger into his ass the second shot of cum was like a blast from a fire hose. It filled her mouth full and she choked trying to swallow it all. Daryl was screaming at his mother to suck his fucking cock, Suck me mom, suck me off. “ He was crazy with love and lust the desire he felt filled him till he was spent.

Later as Daryl looked across the bed at his sleeping mother he reached for his magic ring and slipped it back on his finger. He wondered how far the magic would reach. He was thinking the lady next door should join them.
Even as Daryl was thinking of the lady next door little did he know she was engaged in a sexual party with the young couple next to her on the other side. Daryl turned the magic ring into his palm and thought I wonder what Ann is doing right now. For a few second nothing happened then as if Daryl was dreaming he saw her in bed with a young beautiful girl. Ann was licking her pussy the girl was reacting to her advances by bouncing her hips in delight. While at the same time a man a young man was behind Ann he was fucking her doggie style in rhythm with Ann’s licking the girl’s cunt.

This vision drove Daryl wild his cock began to throb and he trembled all over. Daryl was so excited he lifted his mother right leg and moved up under her so his cock would slip easily into her still wet cunt. Daryl started fucking his mother again. She came awake and reaching down grabbed his leg to help him get even tighter to her crotch. Daryl was ramming his cock into his lovely mother and he had visions of the lady next door in his mind. He would get to fuck her soon, maybe tomorrow, yes maybe tomorrow would be soon enough.

So there you have it my friends my story of “ The couple next door” and “Mother and the twins-III are coming together and if all goes well “Daryl is home “ Will join the party for one wild orgy.

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